Imagine your OTP at the beach at sunset watching the waves while contemplating life. (With the added bonus!)

Heat from the sun warmed Kaidan’s face pleasantly, a stark difference from the usual heat of battle that burned his face. He glanced down at Shepard, whose head was tilted back and eyes closed, soaking in the setting sun as they sat on the beach of the English Bay. The waves were calm, moving in a gentle lull and lapping at the ground. Kaidan sighed contently, and turned his head to press his lips against Shepard’s head, watching the small smile creep onto their face.

“This is the life, eh Shepard? Just what us old soldiers deserve”.

Shepard chuckled quietly, not wanting to disturb the calm of the evening. “Mmm, less of the old there Major. You might be getting old but I’m still young and good looking.”

It was Kaidan’s turn to let out a throaty chuckle and he turned to look back over the sunset and shifted uncomfortably. “Yeah ok, whatever you say. But we’ve had some good times, haven’t we Shepard? Comrades in arms, more than comrades in arms…”

“Yeah, its certainly been one hell of a ride. Eden Prime, Ilos, Noveria, Feros, Horizon, Earth… We’ve seen it all. But there’s no-one else I’d rather have at my side.” Shepard beamed up at him, eyes crinkled with love and happiness. Kaidan glanced down and trying to stop the silly grin from spreading on his face, butterflies shooting in his stomach, and shifting again. Shepard frowned slightly.

“Are you ok? You keep on wriggling about. Are you uncomfortable?”

Kaidan smiled softly and pressed his lips to Shepard’s, as gently and softly as he could muster. He mumbled, “No. I couldn’t be better.”

And he told the truth - there was nowhere Kaidan would rather be right now. No, after all they’d been through, all they’d seen, and all they’d faced, the thing that made him most anxious was the box sitting in his pocket.

After all, even the Reapers couldn’t compare to the prospect of proposing to Shepard - and making it absolutely perfect.


Five to one, baby, one in five
No one here gets out alive