mareel  asked:

Equal time for Dr. Albert Alenko! how about 5. 15.18 Thanks!

*fist pump*  HECK YEAH!!! I LOVE ALBIE!!

5. Guilty pleasures.  heh.  Kaidan put his hands over his ears, going, “LA LA LA!!”  I would say he doesn’t want to know certain things, so we’ll keep it kinda tame.  A good cigar and brandy or whiskey every once in a while.  Watching his wife ride the horses.  He and Shepard have similar thoughts about riding pants.  Let’s leave it at that… ;)

15, What makes them cry.  Eesh, um.  He’s pretty stoic.  He shed a tear or two when his father died and they inherited the orchard.  Seeing Kaidan suffer when he was younger was particularly awful, too.  Particularly what happened right before BAaT.  He was upset for a long time after Kaidan left for Jump Zero.

18. Things they’ll never admit. Geeeeeeez, lady, you’re not pulling your punches, lol.  *rubs back of neck*  That he may have contributed to the BAaT program in its infancy.  That destroys him.