Kallini: Ardat-Yakshi Monastery

HEY!!! you know what’s weird????? how the Asari at Kallini in ME3 dress the same as EVERY OTHER FUCKING ASARI IN THE GALAXY so i was like “thats dumb imma fix that”

so i did a lot of research about asari culture and religion and human cultures/religions where they have monastery’s and such so uh yeah

read about all the stuff i made!





Does anyone else ever think about how strange it is that a galactic community ruled by

  1. a monogendered race
  2. an asexual race organized by matriarchal clans
  3. an egalitarian race that doesn’t care if you’re male or female

supposedly came up with a very human-like misogynistic culture complete with gentlemen’s clubs and sexist comments (but only to Femshep) and rampant objectification of the asari? Like, isn’t it silly that the galaxy’s supposed culturally dominant race doesn’t actually dictate the cultural norms and instead is misunderstood and diminished for being more open about their sexuality? THAT’S NOT HOW CULTURAL IMPERIALISM WORKS GDI.

Asari attitudes towards sex (and most other things) should be the standard in Citadel space… but no, Bioware wanted sexy babes but also didn’t want to give them any actual power, so we get this weird universe with a race that’s simultaneously discriminated against while supposedly dominating in culture and philosophy. How even does that happen.