Hate that I’ve been skipping a few gym days this week, but I desperately need to rest 😴 Aiming to recover asapppp 💪🏼

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Quick update 13/12/2015

Ken ga Kimi: 116/122 scripts translated

                       108/122 scripts edited

                       52/122 scripts translation checked

Black Wolves Saga: 65/65 scripts translated (DONE)

                                  65/65 scripts edited (DONE)

                                 59/65 scripts translation checked

Starry☆Sky ~In Summer~: 177/177 scripts translated (DONE)

                                            177/177 scripts edited (DONE)

                                            137/177 scripts translation checked.


Okay it’s been one month haha… We’ve made some considerable progress xD I barely have time to ramble in the update post as always. End of semester exams are next week. I can barely stay in contact with my wonderful team members orz. Lemme just go cry in a corner.

Let’s hope for some good updates by New Year haha. Thanks for being with us and good luck with all your finals and schoolwork if you have any lol.

To my team members, no I AM NOT DEADDDD. I’ll try to reply all the emails asapppp.