asap revolution

omg i went through my video game drawer to look for something and i found my old code lyoko wii game and I WANT TO PLAY IT SO BADLY

iirc it was incredibly shitty and strangely difficult and it was something no one knew about so the internet did not help me at all but i love code lyoko so much these nerds were my first real fandom I WANT TO PLAY THIS GAME AND WATCH THE SERIES AGAIN AAAHHHH

PSA! This is the tracklist of the new Green Day album! The album is entitled Revolution Radio. “RevRad” from Billie’s recent setlist post on Instagram is the song “Revolution Radio.” “Ordinary World” is included which I was lucky enough to hear live at the premiere of Geezer.

The tracklist was leaked by Instagram user revradgd but the post was quickly deleted along with the account.

I have butterflies in my stomach. I’m on the edge of my seat. I need this album for my emotional well-being ASAP.