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bessibel  asked:

Hello! My dad's church is trying to make their space more accessible to disabled people, including autistic people. Do you have any thoughts on how they could do this, or where they could find resources to do this?


There are lots of resources out there about how to make spaces more accessible.

Since you are talking about a church, I do want to mention that some denominations have national level work groups who have developed guides to improve access within member’s faith communities. (Additionally if your dad’s hasn’t, it might be a good thing to push for.) I would check first- some of them might include how expanding accessibility ties into the principles of your faith. (This doesn’t just apply to Christian groups, by the way!) You can also have him look up the work of Ginny Thornburgh, who has worked on access and faith.

One thing that occurs to me is to make sure that the sound system is able to hook into AAC devices if you ever have events/services that have lay speakers. Usually a standard headphone jack compatibility will help, but if you have any AAC users check with them and make sure that you run a tech-rehearsal for your events.

There are a lot of event-specific guides that might still have some good tips and suggestions. I’m not saying that any of them are perfect, but you should be able to pull from them for ideas.  Autreat’s Policies | ASAN Gala 2013 interaction badges instructions (I’m checking if we can get this in a more easily usable format) 

Stuff for specific issues/disabilities: Peggy Munson’s Fragrance Free guide 

Some groups are looking at accessibility in different contexts. I mentioned above that different faith groups and denominations might have some suggestions but there are other places to look too. Composing Access from the Committee on Disability Issues in College Composition and the Computers and Composition Digital Press 

And here is an that might be useful: 8 Tips To Make Your Event Accessible For All 

Friends and Followers- do you have any more suggestions for our asker and others looking to expand accessibility? Let us know either via reblog or our ask/submit boxes so that we can share!