asami matsuda


セーラースターファイター/星野 光: 春川芽生
Sailor Star Fighter / Kou Seiya - Harukawa Meiku

セーラースターメイカ―/大気 光: 立道梨緒奈
Sailor Star Maker / Kou Taiki - Tatemichi Riona

セーラースターヒーラー/夜天 光: 松田彩希
Sailor Star Healer / Kou Yaten - Matsuda Saki 

火球皇女: 岡村麻未
Princess Kakyuu - Okamura Asami 

セーラーギャラクシア: 五十鈴ココ
Sailor Galaxia - Isuzu Coco


sailormoon_25th: It’s already the last day of Tokyo performances…! Today’s 12pm show will be the last in Tokyo to feature a sendoff from the cast! The 4 Outer Guardians will be waiting for you, so please look forward to it♪ We’ve got same-day tickets prepared!

KD_0223: Good morning! Today is the Tokyo finale✨ There are same-day tickets available for both shows, so please come to the theater! Michiru and I will be waiting. (*^^*)

hasegawa_rimo: Today is the Tokyo finale🎉 I’ll perform the last two shows with love and gratitude! 

miuasamiokamura: Good morning✨ I’m glad the sun is out! I’m grateful for the wonderful blue sky. 🌈  Today is the Tokyo finale✨✨ I’m waiting for you with all my heart!!  Here’s Hinari ChibiChibi💓 who had her own Tokyo finale the other day📷✨

takeuchiyume: Riona is tweeting. Tap, staaaaaaaare ❛ͬ˓˷❛ͬ It’s finally time for the last Tokyo performances!! We’ll be waiting for you. \❤︎/

riona_tatemichi: She stayed like this for about 5 minutes lol. Cute.

cocobell0105: The two soothing spirits. 


sailormoon_25th:  As of today’s matinee, Sera Myu has come to it’s 100th show over the past 5 years! Thank you very much to everyone who always supports the musicals! Please keep supporting them until the end!😊 Here are two photos overflowing with girlishness…💕 

KD_0223:   I’m full of gratitude to all of the people who came to see the show despite the bad weather.✨ Tomorrow is the Tokyo finale! Today’s photo is with Healer and Cosmos!

mirai0913_as:  Today was our 8th day of performances🌙💞Thank you very much🙇😊 Today’s photos are with Seiya😍 When I asked Meiku, who plays Star Fither/Seiya Kou, “What pose should we do?” she said “This, right?✨" and picked me up like princess! She’s super cool😳 Three shows left! I’ll do my best so that I have no regrets! 😊

miuasamiokamura:  Good morning! A typhoon is approaching. Everyone, please be careful. There are only 3 Tokyo performances left. I’m full of gratitude. I’ll keep doing my best.

sakii_matsuda: Thank you for coming to Sera Myu today! Only 3 Tokyo shows left! Thank you for your support! As for that lipstick… have you bought it yet?

sayak69himeka:   Good morning!! Today we only have a 12:00pm show. It’s raining☂️ so please be careful on your way to the theater. Thank you for your support. Here’s a photo with Saki, who plays Yaten Kou.


mikakodayo:  Sera Myu🌙 Last night, Nakagawa Shoko, who I’ve loved since I was in middle school, came to see Sera Myu! The fact that she was able to come… and wrote such nice things… my heart is screaming…! Thank you so much! After the show when I was still wrapped up in excitement, we took a picture doing Sailor Moon & Pluto poses!

stm_o_:  My Reconquista co-stars, Mayu, who played Kunzite, and Koro, who played Nephrite, came to see the show!!!✨✨ Pandemic 3( ✌︎'ω’)✌︎ It still is kind of rare, that Sera Myu co-stars are able to come see the show… it feels like having your parents come on parents day! lol That’s how much I love this family🌟

stm_o_:  We have two shows today! I’m receiving all of the presents and letters from you guys♪ Thank you so much for your love-filled gifts🎁💓 They’re all my treasures🌟

stm_o_:  The day is almost over, but apparently today, 9/14, is “Cosmos Day.”🌸
The meaning of the cosmos flower is different depending on the color, but mainly it means “a maiden’s devotion,” “harmony,” and “modesty.” White cosmos symbolize “purity, elegance, beauty.” Black cosmos symbolize “unwavering feelings.” There are are lots of different meanings. They all are very fitting for Sailor Cosmos. Today I really strongly wanted to become like Cosmos. 🌟
The picture is with my precious princess. Airi.💓

cocobell0105:   Because we’re friends off stage, I ended up smiling 👿🔥 I’m becoming too soft.

cocobell0105:  This face is too soft too. 👿🔥 Nyanko is super cute and super funny, she hits all of Galaxia’s weak spots…

jurijuri_pon:  My precious partner Seiren and I will be waiting for you at tonight’s 6pm show⭐

jurijuri_pon:  In the AiiA Theater Lobby with Shuu👀

mikamikamika417: Thank you very much for coming to today’s two shows!🌙✨ During the mini live show I saw people with both orange and purple penlights and others with orange lights held high, it made me very happy😊🌟 The photo is with Michiru~!  [TN: There was previous discussion on Mikako’s twitter about what color light people should use for Pluto. It seems by process of elimination the only color left on the official penlight was orange?? So she said she would look for orange or purple/burgundy.] 

mirai0913_as:  Thank you for coming to the 7th day of shows 🌙💞🙇 The other day the former Saturn, Karin, came to see the show😊 I was super nervous, but when I saw her she said “You got to do a lot, it was cool!” and that made me really happy.😢 When we took a photo, I was so happy that I started crying😭 I’ll take the baton with great responsibility!💜


riona_tatemichi: After the 6pm show today we have a sendoff with the starlights and our princess! Please come support us☺︎

sakii_matsuda: Thank you for coming to Sera Myu today! Today the first actress to play Yaten/Sailor Star Healer, Okuyama Momoko, came to see the show! I got to talk to her a lot and it made me want to work harder🌱 We’re doing an Inferno pose! lol

miuasamiokamura: I’m always full of gratitude. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your letters and presents and for coming to the theater✨ There are so many pictures I want to upload. The other day the first Healer, Okuyama Momoko came to the show✨  Momoko choreographed the play I was in staring Anza! I’m full of gratitude❣️

sailormoon_25th: Galaxia & the Animamates! This year’s villains songs🎶 are super cool…!!

takeuchiyume: The other day Bandai-era Mercury Akamine Hisano and her family came to see the show. ✩°。 ⸜(* ॑  ॑* )⸝ Her kids and their friend… they were all so cuuuute…\❤︎/ She said such nice things to me that I just floated around in happiness for a while (lol) We did a Mercury pose!! And took a photo with Saaton📸 💕

stm_o_: Also… Nakagawa Shoko came to see the show! Meeting her in person and telling her that I love Rapunzel… is this real life…???  She said such nice things to me, I feel like I’m in heaven. 👼✨ I’ll cheer her on forever!!!


mirai0913_as:  Good evening🤗 I’m sorry it’s late ate night😓 Today we had a full rehearsal! Today I was able to do my part correctly, I wanted to cry from happiness😂 The other outer guardians watched and praised me a lot😊 Next time I’ll aim to be perfect✨ The photo is with Chibimoon💞Airi✨ We’re the same age😚 *Mirai*

riona_tatemichi: With our princess. 

stm_o_:  With everyone’s beloved Shuu😚💓


cocobell0105:  Nice to meet you, Maana (^^) I’ve been told we look similar, so I’ve always wanted to talk to her 😍 Along with Saaton we’re the pink hair girls💕💕💕

cocobell0105:  I’m sorry I haven’t been able to reply at all lately. 😹🙏  I read all of your messages! They’re giving me strength as Galaxia. Thank you so much! I’m happy to receive your letters too. 😈 🙏🔥 I took this picture with the Takarazuka team when Rei came to see the show. One day I hope to get one with Yuuga and Sayaka too. Everyone is so cute, I love them all.

gyukag: Having fun #1

gyukag: Having fun #1. Madame Galaxia… (lol)

aoki_shion:   We have two shows today!!! Ganbari-mouse🐭 I’ll be waiting for you at the theater!

miyu426hsm:  One show today!🐱💓 I’ll do my best. I like this photo✨*Sparkle*!  

sailormoon_25th:  Shooting the cover for Usagi Band’s album 😆 ✨

NomotoHotaru: Hey, where’s Usagi?

sayaka69himeka:   Thank you for coming to the show today!! Yesterday the voice actresses for Uranus and Neptune in Crystal, Minagawa Junko and Ohara Sayaka came to see the show💙💚 I was so happy to hear all of their kind words. Tomorrow we have two shows. Thank you for your support.

stm_o_: Last night Micchan, who was in Petite with me, came to the afternoon show💓 Even after becoming a mom she’s just as pretty and cute as ever.(๑╹ω╹๑ ) I have to go meet her baby! Then voice actresses Minagawa Junko and Ohara Sayaka came to the evening show✨ I was so happy I was acting silly but…. this photo…. being in the middle of two UraNeps is like a dream(*⁰▿⁰*)✨ I’m really happy I got to meet them🙏💓 I’ll be waiting for you again today♪

riona_tatemichi: Only 5 Tokyo shows left! We’ll be waiting for you again tomorrow.


Hello, this is Harukawa and I can barely see out of my left eye🦑 lol
Be careful how you grow out your bangs!

Lately my time is mostly filled with rehearsals.
We’re working on various things at the same, so I feel like I’m trying out new jobs every day… (lol)

That’s proof that I’m not confident in any one area. I hope to put everything together as we continue.

We finally took pictures of the Princess with the Lights…🙏(Okamura Asami)

She has such a kind smile and a gentle manner… P-princess!! There’s no doubt she’s our princess. 

By the way, these photos were taken by Shuu, who plays Uranus😎

Even though I was able to say “Please take a picture of us!”
I’m still weirdly too chicken to ask “Please take a picture with me!” (lol)

I’ll be able to ask everyone🔥

The lights are the same as always (lol) 

Director Mr. Hiramitsu brought bread as presents🍙
It was delicious🙏 I’ve replenished my sugar levels.

By the way,  while I was grilling meat, I started thinking about the choreography in my head and burned the meat. (lol)

Oka~y, I’ll gain some confidence!😉☆

I’ll be Fighter again tomorrow! 🔥


sakii_matsuda:  Our princess invited me to see the Sailor Moon Classical Concert after rehearsal! I never thought I’d be able to go! They played a Lights medley and Ai no Starshine.  I had a wonderful time.🌱。゚

miuasamiokamura:  Thank you for a wonderful time, Sailor Moon Classical Concert✨ Ms. Kosaka wrote many of those famous songs✨We took a picture with ERI, who I’ve known for ages through Non Non Genre, and my beloved Saki-Healer, who came with me after rehearsal.📷😊


sailormoon_25th: ★Sailor Uranus/Tenou Haruka - Shiotsuki Shuu
To protect the peace of the galaxy and to bring you a splendid finale, we’ll overcome hardship together! I’ll protect our princess with my sword again for the finale!

sailormoon_25th: ★Sailor Venus/Aino Minako - Hasegawa Rimo
6 days left until the opening day❁.*・゚ We’ll protect Sailor Moon and this world without fail. My heart is full of gratitude. I absolutely won’t forgive evil! I shall deliver love’s divine punishment! (¨̮)❤️

sailormoon_25th:  9/1 is the birthday of Ms. Tatemichi, who plays Taiki and 9/3 is the birthday of Hinari, who plays ChibiChibi!🎂  So we had a customary surprise celebration. 🤗✨  Happy birthday to both of you!! It’s the last week before the show…! It’s a really wonderful culmination of Sera Myu. By all means, please come see it…!

sakii_matsuda: Happy birthday Rii! *Cling*

riona_tatemichi: Today, September 1st, I turned 23. At the Sera Myu rehearsal hall, they celebrated my birthday along with Hinari, who’s birthday is on the 3rd…! The Lights and our Princess surprised me with a celebration too. Sayaka gave me a present and Hinari wrote me a letter. ☺︎ I was so happy I couldn’t stop smiling!! Thank you very much. m(_ _)m