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If you haven't seen Shaman King yet

You should.
It’s a great story about spirits, fighting and everlasting friendship
The story is somewhat similar to FMA.

The main protagonist Yoh is a lovable fluffy marshmallow that will warm your heart.

His friends give you this feeling that no matter what everything will be fine as long as they have each other to rely on

His best friend Manta (Morty in english) is there for him every time

And Anna… Well Anna will either scare the shit outa you or you will love her forever as your queen


Asakura: “Why do I have to work so hard just because I was born first?! Huh?! Why?! Why?!”

Aki: “Hey, what’s all the–. Whoa! Ren! What are you doing to Ren?!

Asakura: “I…”

Aki: "Are you okay?”

Ren: “I’m fine…”

Aki: “You’re not fine!”

[Aki to Haru on the mobile phone]: "Bro! How could you leave Ren by himself? If one of your customers kills him, it’ll be your fault!”

[Haru thinks]: “I keep making the same mistakes over and over. I’m just an idiot.”

Character opinion: Yoh

raspberryjeshu asked: Asakura Yoh

(Going back to the good old times) NOW TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK


Yoh was such an important part of my childhood (AND adulthood) that I don’t think I’ll be able to measure it, but I’ll give it my best shot.

Yoh Asakura (14, You in japanese, but whatev) was a breath of fresh air in terms of male protagonists – or should I say, “smoke-y” air, lol. As the canon, he was impulsive, kind-hearted, weird, innocent, sort of clueless, and somewhat pure.

The thing is, he was… sad. But he didn’t show it because he didn’t want to. He had all the reasons to be depressed and blue and emo and pitiful, but he didn’t want to be seen like that. He wasn’t the one to wallow in his own misery. Okay, yes, he started avoiding his conflicts in order to live peacefully and we all know that’s not the solution, but it is a start, and, as he grew more and more mature, he realized it and changed his ways. He just didn’t get stuck in misery, and kept moving on. Sometimes learning from it, sometimes wanting to forget it ever happened. But he did, and that’s quite something.

To have that kind of resolute and self control at that short and complicated age can be psychologically explained in 2 edges: one, he had had a really rough past where whether he messed up quite a lot or everyone else around him didn’t take responsibility for their own mistakes, and two, someone else took his decisions for him, not even allowing him to voice/have an opinion or a say in the matter. Oh yeah, I thought like that when I was a kid.

And even with a tormented past, he still wanted to keep going, and, guess what his first objective in the series was? Making friends. How simple and lovely is that.

He was a character full of taken decisions, and I respect that a lot, mainly because when I watched the anime and met him, I wasn’t capable of choosing anything myself, much less facing the consequences of my actions, which was why I didn’t choose anything, actually. It was through him that I learnt that, no matter what you do, decisions have to be taken, whether there is or not a ‘win’ situation, and if you don’t make them yourself, someone else will take them for you – and you, only you, will be held responsible for the results. The thing is, it’s kind of better to choose your own path, because then, at least, you can grip control over your own actions, and, by taking responsibility for the good, the bad, the hard, and the wtf outcomes, your life becomes truly yours. And then, you can do whatever the hell you want with it. Thanks to him, I learnt so, so much about myself, it gets ridiculous.

He could be tainted, but he doesn’t want to be. He could live in the shadows, but he doesn’t. He could have stayed, but he didn’t.

Still, it’s not like he was the brightest spotlight ever. He was awfully quiet, especially around other humans, especially around people his age. His past dwelled on him as a shadowy reminder – he was not like the rest of them, and they would notice it sooner or later, and when they did, they would hurt him, as it always happened. His quietness was his mask, his loneliness was his shield.

He was searching for ghost friends. Not human friends, which was why his classmates’ rejection didn’t hurt as much as it did before, now that he had erased from his mind the illusion of that possibility. He was searching for friends who wouldn’t judge him for what he was able to do, nor for who he truly was. Who wouldn’t judge him for his past, nor for his family. Friends who wouldn’t be afraid of him. He… he really just wanted to have a nice time.

In fact, he knew exactly what he wanted. There was no doubt in his mind that he wanted peace, quiet and nice company. Also, some place he could relax and listen to music, maybe eat a few oranges, and just live a carefree life.

It sounded SOOOOOOOOOO vague the first time I watched the series. I just couldn’t get it – I was, and still am, the kind of girl who has big and pretty weird dreams for her future. So, why did this kid, who had such an amazing ability, want something so… dull?

It was the second time around that I understood and almost teared up a little: he wanted that as a contrast for all he had been through… And not only for him, but he desired a carefree life for Anna as well. And, later on, for his precious friends, too. And from the bottom of his cute heart. Because I’ve never seen someone cherish their loved ones as he did. And, sadly, there’s only few people who do.

I realized I took what I had for granted because of him. And never ever again forgot it.

He was a very wise – in his own way, of course –, honest and caring person. It was not that he was cool-headed, because when he got mad, ya-ouch, please run away. It was just that… he just knew everything was going to be O.K.

Because he had decided that he would do everything and anything to make sure he would get to have his carefree life, along with all his peeps.

I think that he was the reflection of what the Shaman King series wanted to clarify: the essence of a person, or thing, is what defines him/her/it. Not what they look like physically, nor even how you act, but who you are on the true, true inside. Forget the social rules, self-imposed filters, and… just be.

…I really, really enjoy writing about him, specially imagining his actions and reactions to the most random scenarios.

OH, OH, OH, AND, HIS SMILE. I think that was what defeated everyone’s defenses, even in combat. Besides, he’s so cute, and omg open shirt all the time? Me approves.

I could start analyzing his relationship with every character, because he’s one of those people who touches you and gets you impregnated with that light, the kind that never goes out. He changes people. Darn, he changed me, through the fourth wall and everything. But this was about Yoh. Ask about Anna and I’ll talk about how Yoh constructs and deconstructs her. As well as Manta. Or Amidamaru. Even Hao. Or the X-Laws. Whoever. He’s the kind of main character that drives the story so naturally that you really GET how and why everyone changes after meeting him.

I don’t know, people. I owe him my silly side, for god’s sake. I could do a fucking essay about him, about his philosophy, about his relationships, about his vision of the afterworld and the spirits, about good and evil and morals and dreams… I would. But it’s really, really late, I’m sick, and I’m hoping that, this way, I’ll get more questions so I can develop more aspects through them. Ihihi~

…Though, frankly, I don’t know what the hell happened in those 5 (I think) years where he and Anna LEFT POOR HANA ALONE. I understand it wasn’t a journey fit for a newborn, but, JESUS CHRIST, YOH, THEN COME BACK QUICKLY. NO WONDER HANA KICKED YOU IN THE BALLS, YOU DESERVED IT. And probably Anna, too, but, who would dare hit her?

So, that. I would say more, but this sums it up: He’s love.