That time when AsaKiri visited Hofburg Palace for research...

Hofburg Palace Attendant: Nihonjin? (Japanese?)
AsaKiri: (Nods in affirmation)
Palace Attendant: Dondake...
Asako: Hahahahahahaha! Dondake! (does *Ikko finger wag)

*Japanese TV personality Ikko, popularised the catchphrase ‘Dondake’, which has several meanings depending on context.  In this case, it probably means “Wow really?” because the guy was guessing at AsaKiri’s ethnicity/nationality and sounded surprised that he was right.

Georges (Yuuhi): Hey look Armand, isn’t that you as a woman?
Armand (Asako): Holy shit! I didn’t know I could look so beautiful “in drag” *whistles*.
Gustave (Kiriyan): Huh??? Pretty lady? Where? Where?
Chihiro (Lady Asako): Kyaa! Go away you three lechers!

I’m bored and I amuse easily.  Too easily maybe.  Or maybe I’m just ultra bored.