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Things You May Not Have Noticed: England and the Japanese Spirits

The episode where England visits Japan is one of my favorites, probably because we get to see your poor Englishman’s playful and gentle side, and not to mention the huge Brotp that a lot of people see with England and Japan thanks to this episode (and HetaOni). But, the episode does take a turn half way through.

As we know, England is sensitive to spirits and fairytale creatures, and while at Japan’s house, he immediately picks up on the local spirits, hearing a ghost girl laughing, and even waving to a “mountain god” as Japan put it. But, even though it is his country, Japan doesn’t notice them.

This is explained to England later, when he goes to take a relaxing bath after the long trip, where he finds the two Japanese spirits sitting in the water. As we know from the episode, England talks to them, and the spirits explain the Japan used to be able to see them a long time ago, but in time, their existence became “nothing but a silly superstition”, and now, Japan no longer believes in them, therefore, doesn’t see them.

England, obviously, seems to feel bad for them, but I really think this must have been a scary wake-up call for him.

England sees his fairytale creatures, ghosts ad spirits all the time, even in episodes and comics that are centered around modern day. It is an everyday thing for him, and he clearly enjoys their company more than most humans, and even most nations. These aren’t just creatures, these are his close friends.

And there, right in front of him, is a nation who is thousands of years older than him who had stopped believing in his friends, showing England that this might happen to him if he doesn’t pay attention.

Gee, I wonder why England gets so frustrated when other nations tease him for believing in his “imaginary friends”.

AsaKiku #1
  • England: I don't like him, okay!
  • Scotland: And I suppose that's why you were blushing when he was around?
  • England: I had a fever! I don't like him!
  • Ireland: And I suppose that's why you started watching anime?
  • England: I-it was a dare from America and Japan!
  • Scotland: And that's why you always go to Japan?
  • England: That's because he's sane and not overbearing like the lot of you are!
  • Sealand: And that's why you were talking about him in a dreamy voice?
  • Scotland and Ireland: Wait, for real?
  • Sealand: Yep! He didn't pay attention to me, and started raving about him.
  • England: Wait, how? And-And-And you must have misheard, it was about someone else!
  • Ireland: Who?
  • England: It was... it was... Oh, screw you guys, I'm going to Japa- to somewhere else!
  • Scotland: We were wrong you don't like him.
  • England: About time you realized!
  • Scotland: No, you LOVE him!
  • England: Ahh! You stupid piece of *censored*!
A list of nicknames aph England could call his partner

• Teacup
• Sugar cube
• Love
• Darling
• Babe
• Gorgeous
• Sweet pea/Sweetie pie
• Beautiful
• Buttercup
• Cupcake
• Cutie
• Cutie Pie
• Handsome
• Honey Bee
• Pumpkin
• Snowflake
• Sugarplum
• Sunshine
• Sweet Cheeks
• Sweet lips

Because I’m sure we’re all sick of having little to no pet names he can use and these are really cute \(^ o ^)/

(though let’s be real he’d probably use pet names like dick-cheese or douche canoe)

AsaKiku Headcanons

-Comfortable silences are golden and sweet to both of them.

-They are both hesitant and slow in the relationship.

-On a date, you can usually find them at the back of the restaurant, sitting close and leaning towards each other and giggling.

-They always watch and laugh at terrible, B-rated horror films together.

-Because Kiku is more hesitant than him, Arthur sometimes worries that he doesn’t express his love enough, so he says “I love you” the most.

-America likes to call them the “Not-So-Scared-of-Russia” couple. Kiku had to show Arthur “The History of Japan” video for him to get the joke.

-They always keep the others’ feelings in mind. Kiku is pretty accurate about predicting Arthur’s reactions, but Arthur tends to overthink and mull over the worst case scenario. 

-Arthur rarely calls Kiku by his name. Usually it’s “Love” or “Sweetie”. If Arthur does call him “Kiku” then it’s a serious matter or argument.

-Arthur makes a conscious effort not to raise his voice in an argument because he has seen Kiku visibly flinch at the volume in the past.

-Kiku hates it when Arthur is really pessimistic. For one, the negativity irritates him, but the worst part is that he is very awkward when comforting, so his reassuring and positive words tend to come off as insincere.

-“Don’t be silly. You’re the nicest, sweetest person I have ever met. Sometimes I think that I don’t deserve you.” This is what Arthur tells him when Kiku says something too self-critical. It’s ironic because Arthur criticizes himself in the process.

-They like to read a book together. They’ll switch off a turn every night before bed. They also like to switch the language between English and Japanese so they both get some good practice. The only rule: No horrors.

-Kiku likes to doddle little chibi versions of him and Arthur with hearts around them. Kiku is embarrassed by them and doesn’t show them to his boyfriend, but Arthur does occasionally stumble across them, and they always make him smile.

  • what ships will I do?

almost everything except for german//cest, ita//cest, can//ame, nor//ice (its incest, duh) us//uk, fr//uk (personal preference) and any ship that involves a child and an adult (common sense)

  • what AUs do i accept?

all of them, go crazy.

  • 2p! and nyo! ?

sure, however I don’t know a lot about the 2p!s but I’ll try.

  • Will I write NSFW?


  • Why?

I am basically a nun when it comes to sexual stuff.

  • Will this FAQ be updated in the future?

I believe so.

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As a multi-shipper it's hard to really have an OTP, but I have to say I'm really fond of Asakiku! And a headcanon I have (in an Islandol AU) is that when they create their dances and songs England creates the clothes and does the music writing while Japan creates the dances and designs the clothes. Although, they both contribute to what the other usually does sometimes too and will make the lyrics together. <3

I didn’t even know about Islandol until now, but them working together on an intense project like that is very sweet!

F!England: Stealer of Shirts

Fem!England (and let’s face it, regular England) is a veteran stealer of boyfriend shirts. And girlfriend shirts, if they’re the right size. She mends enough of the damn things for various lovers, friends and family she feels entitled to run off with the clothes, especially if they’ve just been abandoned on her furniture or floor.

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AsaKiku Headcanon

One time, when Kiku went to the dentist, he was put on nitrous oxide. Arthur went with him just so he could drive him home and such, but one time when the dentist left for a moment, Kiku started telling Arthur about all of the fairies he saw flying around near the ceiling. Arthur chuckled, smiling, because he could see them, too.

Asakiku headcanon that Kiku always has a hard time falling asleep. To help him, Arthur would sing old nursery rhymes like Hush-a-bye Baby to Kiku. Oddly enough, it soothes Kiku to sleep. Arthur always sings to Kiku every night and sometimes he purposefully “forgets” just to see Kiku shyly ask Arthur to sing for him again. Sometimes he playfully refuses, but of course he’d still sing for him.