New Releases for later half of February for Brothers Conflict 

<3 Love the artwork for Brothers Conflict feat. Natsume <3 So cute

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Brothers Conflict 13 Bros. Maniax
Brothers Conflict Season 2 Volume 5
Brothers Conflict feat. Natsume Vol. 2


Brothers Conflict Feat. Tsubaki & Azusa / Yusuke & Futo : Character Rough Gallery.

Hello Nuggets! Seems like our last gallery post was a nice hit so here’s another one ;)
(Note: BroCon ft. Yusuke&Futo is by the same author so there is only 1 gallery.)


Some images from the lovely artbook! The sleeve jacket sparkles lol. Artbook has 2 fold out sleeves (first two pics after the cover) from there, its cover arts from the novel. Novel covers are next so vol 1-7, s2 v1-5, afterwards a section on art used for drama cds n character discs after that its a tiny section of unused (which ill post later curse tumblr for having 10 pics per post lol)