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How would the triplets react to finding out Ema has a older half-American sister who has lots of tattoos and is curvy?

If you don’t mind, this isn’t going to be a scenario.

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Tsubaki would definitely find her interesting and would probably stare at her a lot. He would also want to know all about her tattoos and America and the occasional asking about how Ema was as a child. Which would get pretty annoying. However, without realizing it, his attention would soon drift away from Ema and more to her sister’s awesome curves!

Azusa would most likely like to hear about her life in America. He would definitely be more interested in her as a person than anything else, but I don’t see much of anything happening with this.

Natsume would be very similar to Azusa; however, I think he would be a little indifferent to her.

Name: 朝日奈棗 (Asahina Natsume)

Birthday: 1986-1-1

Blood Type: A

Job: Salaryman

H/W: 176cm/60kg


2004 | 3 | Graduated from Higashiyama Private High School

2008 | 3 | Graduated from Chuou University Economic Faculty and Department

                Start to work at Eden Games Public Company


2004 | 3 | Normal Driving License

2004 | 7 | Permit to drive large size automatic two wheeled vehicles


Hobby: Driving

Favorite Book: Monthly Basket

Best Subject: PE

Best Sport: Sprint, Marathon

Favorite Foods: Omelet, Sukiyaki

Hated Foods: Nothing special

Childhood Dream: Pro Sport Athlete

Favorite Motto: He that is too secure is not safe/Unpreparedness is one’s greatest enemy.


Brothers Comment-

Tsubaki: Uwa…… Natsume, you are getting fat?

Natsume: Ha?

Azusa: Previously your weight was the same as mine and Tsubaki’s after all.

Natsume: I-is that so? Well, maybe because my muscle portion is heavier than you guys.

Azusa: Excess flesh, right? (laugh)

Natsume: Muscle!

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How do the triplets handle someone who is complaining about the heat? Bonus if they don't really like wearing clothes.

It was exactly the 5th remark she made on how hot it was in Natsume’s place where Tsubaki caught the hint; he drew closer, caressing her soft hair with a sly grin. 

“Do you feel warm because I’m here?” He said with a low gruff tone, never losing his smile. The girl blushed scarlet red and looked to the side. There was no way she’d straight out answer him. 

“Tsubaki, don’t be so annoying.” Natsume moved closer to them, looking at his twin with a small frown. Though he smiled soon after while offering his hand to his guest. “If you want to take off your coat, I’ll take care of it.” Azusa and Tsubaki both laughed at that, and the girl was quite shocked by the sudden brash statement. “You’re so bold, Natsume. I never thought you could say something like that.” 

“E-Eh?” Natsume was surprised, but Azusa walked closer to him with a ribald smirk, patting his brother’s shoulder. “It’s okay, we wanted them too…” Tsubaki didn’t wait any further as his hands fumbled trying to take off their coat while Azusa moved to the other side, caressing their cheek. “If it’s so hot, why don’t you take off your shirt too? You’ll feel better.” Tsubaki chuckled.“No, we’ll make you feel better.” 

Much to the twins’ surprise, the girl reached out to Natsume inviting him over. With such a cute invitation, how could he refuse? And, much to the twins’ chagrin, Natsume removed the last bit of her clothing and stole the first kiss of the night.

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