Some images from the lovely artbook! The sleeve jacket sparkles lol. Artbook has 2 fold out sleeves (first two pics after the cover) from there, its cover arts from the novel. Novel covers are next so vol 1-7, s2 v1-5, afterwards a section on art used for drama cds n character discs after that its a tiny section of unused (which ill post later curse tumblr for having 10 pics per post lol)

Name: 朝日奈棗 (Asahina Natsume)

Birthday: 1986-1-1

Blood Type: A

Job: Salaryman

H/W: 176cm/60kg


2004 | 3 | Graduated from Higashiyama Private High School

2008 | 3 | Graduated from Chuou University Economic Faculty and Department

                Start to work at Eden Games Public Company


2004 | 3 | Normal Driving License

2004 | 7 | Permit to drive large size automatic two wheeled vehicles


Hobby: Driving

Favorite Book: Monthly Basket

Best Subject: PE

Best Sport: Sprint, Marathon

Favorite Foods: Omelet, Sukiyaki

Hated Foods: Nothing special

Childhood Dream: Pro Sport Athlete

Favorite Motto: He that is too secure is not safe/Unpreparedness is one’s greatest enemy.


Brothers Comment-

Tsubaki: Uwa…… Natsume, you are getting fat?

Natsume: Ha?

Azusa: Previously your weight was the same as mine and Tsubaki’s after all.

Natsume: I-is that so? Well, maybe because my muscle portion is heavier than you guys.

Azusa: Excess flesh, right? (laugh)

Natsume: Muscle!

I Love You Kikoenai 
Asahina Brothers + Juli