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Brothers conflict mbti please ?

(Do not take my word for this. These are fast typings that I am guessing because the characters are pretty flat even with the games.) 

Wataru Asahina: ESFP

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Louis Asahina: ISFP

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Masaomi Asahina: ESFJ

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Hikaru Asahina: ENTP 

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Natsume Asahina: ESTJ

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Fuuto Asahina: ESTP

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Ukyo Asahina: ISTJ

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Yuusuke Asahina: ESFP

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Tsubaki Asahina: ENFP

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Azusa Asahina: INFP

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Iori Asahina: INFJ

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Subaru Asahina: ISFJ

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Kaname Asahina: ENFJ

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~Miss ENFP


(Images scanned & translated from: Brothers Conflict feat. Yusuke&Futo, Brothers Conflict feat. Tsubaki&Azusa, Brothers Conflict Second Season 2)

Do you ever have those characters you really don’t want to like, but you end up reluctantly loving them anyway? That’s pretty much how I feel about Fuuto (and Tsubaki sort of). I tried so hard not to like him…

(Brothers Conflict 7)
Fuuto: “Sis, congrats on your graduation. I’m going to give you the present of even more exciting days in the future; you can expect that.”
Tsubaki: “…Hmph.”
Fuuto: “Oh and-”
Fuuto: “I also have something to say to those idiot guys who are trying to make a pass at you. Did you really think you could get her? You weren’t even in the running from the start. You know that, right?”

Yusuke: “This nonsense!”
Ukyo: “Foolishness.”
Natsume: “Honestly.”
Masaomi: “…Haah.”
Louis: “Fuuto…”
Tsubaki: “Annoying!”
Azusa: “…”
Wataru: “Nnnnh!!”
Hikaru: “…Hehehe.”

Brothers Conflict - Gestures of Affection

Masaomi – head ruffles and little gifts like bags of candy and little bouquets

Ukyo – quick little hand squeezes and nice dinners, subtle but romantic

Kaname – hand-written poetry in calligraphy and nicknames

Hikaru – hand holding on walks, just staying up late, talking into the night

Tsubaki – flashy dates and kisses to the back of the neck

Azusa – cuddling and quiet talks

Natsume – watching movies and a kiss to the forehead, long text conversations

Louis – playing with each other hair, surprise flowers and pieces of jewelry

Subaru – a surprise hug from behind, straightforward compliments

Iori – picnics on the roof under the stars, sitting together just reading

Yusuke – shoulders brushing as you run errands together, those comfortable silences where no one feels the need to talk

Fuuto – dedicated songs and expensive gifts

Wataru – big hugs that last forever and words of affection