asahina hiyori

Jin had this all planned actually

Not only was the gang tricked, but us too, dammit. We all screamed Kurori when we should have known something was off about how she acted after Kano and the others found her with Kido.

This is her when spotted with Kido’s body. Note how her Eyes are red and how expressionless she is after the so called kill.

Now what do we know about Kuroha during his killings? To sum it up…

Enjoys the blood and have a huge grin on his damn face. Okay there was one point in time his Eyes were red in the PV but really how often do we see Kuroha with Red Eyes?

Now noting this, if the Clearing Eyes Snake was in Hiyori to begin with, she would have grinned in that sick way too before trolling the remaining gang and disappear.

Which she didn’t.

Instead we were all tricked with the gang and the Snake finally shows that well known psychopathic grin in Hibiya.