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Hey Aoi, can you tell us how long you've been swimming? Did you start at a young age? :)

Wow, that’s a good question… I’ve been swimming for fun as long as I remember! 

This is me getting ready to train the day after my first competitive meet when I was eight years old. Ever since then, I’ve been hooked on swimming!

I don’t either…I know something is bound to happen. 

But we need to take that thing out one way or another.

Watch yourselves, everyone. I’ll take care of this.

*He begins climbing the radio tower*


Are you worried about Kyouko and Mukuro….?

Are you implying that you are not concerned for them?

I mean…..of course I’m worried….but it’s Kyouko and Mukuro, you know?

You’re right. It’s Yokozawa-kun that you have to worry about.

That idiot better not have gotten them all in some kinda deep shit.

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Asahina-chan, what's your favorite swimming stroke?

Um… I’d have to pick freestyle!

It’s definitely the most versatile stroke. You can put all the speed you have into it, or you can just leisurely swim along. You don’t have to put much variation into it, and it’s the stroke where you can really put a lot of speed into it if you want. 

Backstroke and breaststroke are fun, too. backstroke’s more difficult because it’s harder to tell how far away from the wall you are. I have scrapes on my hands from hitting the wall… Breaststroke is slower because you have to come up for air every time. It just seems like you don’t get anywhere fast, you know? 

I’ve… never been really good at butterfly. It’s difficult to get the arm stroke and leg stroke down at the same time. Plus, I have shorter arms than most people, which makes it harder for me to pull myself out of the water for the arm stroke. It’s really tiring!

But freestyle is the stroke that got me qualified for Japan’s Olympic team, so that’s the only one that I have to worry about!

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14 for the captivies

14. What’s your idea of a perfect date?

Wine at my place, naturally. Watch one the good movies I got in my collection.

Maybe like….a movie date? Then we could grab something to eat afterwards….

Date….? I guess just going to a sports game or something. Its the place I have most fun.

D…date….? I don’t really think about that kind of stuff….

I’ve always wanted to go out in one of those swan boats with someone! It would be kinda cool, don’t you think Yukimaru-kun?

W…well, Chihiro’s mother and I always enjoyed going to museums for dates….but….you know, that was a long time ago.

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Ok so who's all with me here above ground? -Sly

Let’s see…..if those five are going underground…I think that leaves 22 of us up here. We should split into two groups of five and two groups of six.

Alright, uh….Yukimaru-kun! Asahina-kun! Fujisaki-kun! Let’s all go with Sly-kun!

Well…..alright, I guess.

Alright! Let’s do our best to find those three!

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Let's have Hina, Kyoko, Taka, and Fuyuhiko answer #14

14. What’s your idea of a perfect date?

Uh… that wouldn’t involve some kind of fight. Trust me, when you live my life, your standards are pretty low.

Oh! A beachcdate! That would be the best!

W-well, nothing too extravagant. I’d want something simple that we could enjoy as ourselves…..

Well, in this situation the perfect date would be any date. Don’t exactly have a lot of time for that kind of stuff right now.

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I really have no idea. I don't remember much about what happened after the Hope's Peak disaster, but I do remember waking up in a warehouse in some random city. I managed to escape the place, but holy hell it was freaky. Those black and white bear things were roaming around, and they were attacking anyone they saw. I literally saw one swallow a woman whole.-Akagawa

Whoa, seriously? What the hell…

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Do you have any other useful information before we head off? -Sly

Sora: Uh…I guess as a head’s up for future reference. Some of my class is under control from the despairs…two of ‘em are really itching to fight you, Sly.

Huh….? Why him specifically….?

Sora: If I had to guess? Because he’s the Ultimate Assassin. Shin and Kotone are the Ultimate Spy and Bounty Hunter…..respectively….