asagi shougo

Yuuko investigates! If you could make [any of the characters] your sibling? Best 5 [Tsubasa Caractere Chronicle]

[page 140]

The gap is fascinating!!
[The person] who won everybody’s heart!?

Representing a younger brother
1st place: Syaoran
Native country: ???

The 1st place character who feels like a younger brother to everybody, the protagonist of this work, Syaoran, [attained] an imposing victory! Equipped with strength as well as cuteness, his charm is beyond compare!!

[He is] not only gallant, sometimes he tries depending [on others], too.

Representing a younger brother
2nd place: Ryuu-ou
Native country: Edonis Country

Ryuu-ou [is] full of energy and sincere. Don’t you just want to take care of him!?

Representing a younger sister
3rd place: Sakura
Native country: Clow Country/???

That appearance is exactly, in one word, lovely… Everybody, regardless of gender, [is] guaranteed to want to make her their younger sister!

Representing an older brother
4th place: Asagi Shougo
Native country: Hanshin Republic

He’s warlike, but Asagi might be warmhearted and easy to yearn for.

Representing an older sister
5th place: Nekoi Yuzuriha
Native country: Edonis Country

She seems like a helpful, reliable older sister!

Starting to want to protect: The princesses of the different countries

[There is] a difference between a younger sibling [and this], but the popularity of that charm that seems fleeting concentrates in Tomoyo-hime. [Does] Himegami [have] a mysterious [kind of] charm, too?