Asad and Zoya’s love just gets more and more beautiful with every episode. Their banter today was adorable. Him apologising, her just being content with knowing her dad truly does exist (now she has quite solid proof)… Her flirting with him!!! Zoya was just so happy, finding the other music box, that she couldn’t hold back her happiness… she’s so full of life.. Just like Asad, I too would say to Zoya, “I wish sab aapki tarah hote.. Always positive, always hopeful.”

My favourite moment between them today was undoubtedly her pulling him back by holding onto his hand. Oye hoyee, Zoya <3

The episode ended on a crazy, unfair cliffhanger.. I just can’t seem to get enough of this couple..well, I just can’t get enough of the show on a whole.

The starting of today’s episode was a little fillerish but it was still a fun and wonderful episode all in all. Cannot wait for tomorrow’s episode now - story of my life these days!!!!

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-Khuda Jaane Qubool Hai

Meh… I don’t think this is good… But it’s better than my artwork…

To all the other people who gave suggestions, I will try to make vms from the songs suggested :) And I’m going to do Jeene Laga Hoon next, for whenever I have time…

The scene where Asad reaches towards Zoya and she flinches back, was amazing, especially the acting, because even though Asad looked remorseful, I think he also looked a bit hurt, which just made me want to cry, but when Zoya flinched it made me want to cry even more!

Also like many other people are saying, I’m glad they haven’t just forgotten about the slap scene.

And I loooooved the dance sequence! Even though I’m not that keen on the song, I still loved it!!



This is admittedly one of the best tv shows ever! It’s got an amazing cast and I love the fact that it has a bit of everything in- happiness, sadness, family stuff, community stuff, love and romance, hatred, unsolved issues…. I could go on forever but basically I love it😘😘😘

Miss Farooqui’s reaction to her Mr Khan fulfilling yet another teenage wish of hers… ahh they are just so, so, so cute!

I’m reading a few comments where people are complaining about Asad dancing the way he did…some saying KSG shouldn’t dance or blah blah blah… well hey, you really don’t get their love story if you don’t understand why he did this!! He did it for her and only for her.. Yes, he was uncomfortable but he still did it.. He may not be the best dancer but that made it all the more cute!