all this asac talk has me thinking about beijing but honest to god, if shawn and nastia hadnt been so immensely talented as individual gymnasts in their own rights, team usa would have been SO fucked lmao. sam was injured. chellsie too. bridget sloan was a toddler frankly, AND she was coming off an injury earlier in the season iirc?? asac imploded, we all remember that. like i know ive complained about beijing being the Shawn and Nastia show before (and thats why its one of my least faves to watch) but man they REALLY carried that team, even more than everyone was already expecting them to.

this is a callout post for Van “@drgears-site-19“ Voreman, (Past urls include “Keterisfake” “682fangirl” and “godimtootiredtocomeupwithanotherurl”)

they’re OBVIOUSLY objectclassest, even going so far as saying thaumiel isn’t a real object class. they have repeatedly misclassified me and my friends, saying we aren’t real keters and euclids just because our containment procedures say differently?? 

Im asac (assigned safe at containment) and just because of that they refuse to call me keter! You Don’t Have To Kill To Be a Real Keter. anyone who says otherwise is being classest uwu.

they repeatedly try and call mtf crews on us, I’m uncontained! get over it, this isn’t ok. they’ve shown to be apollyonphobic MANY times, saying that that’s not a real object class?? that we aren’t REAL SCiPs

they said this to my friend, a keter, after they were talking about smooching their dino lover. 

and heres what they said when i was talking about my struggles of being a safe to keter :(

so watch out, this person is obviously objectclassest, and all around mean. 

please know its all screencapped and emailed to my lawyer . She will have filed charges  by tomorrow afternoon . By law We must allow you 48 hours to remove the offending material.


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Lmao remember when Marta, Mihai, and all the US judges never realized that Asac didn't have a leap series in her 2006 floor routine and were giving her credit and then at Worlds she got -0.5 for the composition requirement and didn't make floor finals.

omg wait for real


One of my biggest pet peeves in gymnastics is when a gymnast doesn’t do a skill in exact positions - for instance, Asac’s full in starts tucked and ends piked. I’m not sure if this is a deduction, but it should be. Shawn Johnson did something similar on her beam dismount, though not quite as bad. 



Maybe Not As His Partner, 2/2

Part 1 is here


“Coffee, then? There’s a place at the end of the block there.”

“We could get married. County clerk’s office is in the same building.”

“Oh, OK, let’s get right on that,” she says mildly.

That odd word he’d introduced between the two of them some weeks earlier — “marriage.”  Somehow, of all the fantastic things they’ve seen and done together, that word is the strangest, the X-est of files. She’ll go days without thinking of it, then spend an entire weekend goofily pondering the fact that technically they were engaged, she was his fiancee — he’d asked, she’d said yes. Never mind that the deed could never be done — the words had been spoken and it was a fact between them. An incredibly loaded and bizarre fact, but a fact nonetheless.

She knew he was thinking of it, too — she’d be absorbed in work, deep in concentration, and when she looked up, he’d be staring at her, mouth just slightly open, a dreamy look in his eyes. Maybe he was just thinking about what they’d done the night (or morning) before, or what he wanted to do next — he did tend to stare at her at those times, too … but she had a sense, she could tell there was a different quality to his dreaminess when he was thinking of that conversation.

Nothing had changed, and yet.

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Aly Raisman, Simone Biles

Aly Raisman:

First impression - An Asac capable of more difficulty
Impression now - Please for the love of god straighten your knees
Favorite moment - I actually liked her bronze medal on floor in Tokyo, and I liked that podium in general. I also liked that one time she was judged fairly in Glasgow lmao
Unpopular opinion - Her beam is even more overscored than her vault and bars

Simone Biles:

First impression - Powerful but will never put together a decent bar set
Impression now - lmao I was so so so wrong
Favorite moment - 2015 FX EF. I love that routine.
Unpopular opinion - Bai Yawen should have won gold in 2014 on beam

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aly, madison, mckayla, asac

Mckayla done

First impression: badass tumbling, impression now: queen and sentimental fave, favorite moment: when she won aa silver, unpopular opinion: not a fan of bb aside from the patterson

First impression: badass, impression now: pretty indifferent tbh, favorite moment: when she did triple twists on fx bc AHHHHH, unpopular opinion: almost seems like her down to the bb part was so iconic but i hated it

First impression: i liked her bars i guess, impression now: i like her bars and floor, favorite moment: idk im not such a fan, unopular opinion: not such a fan of her beam

Better Call Saul season 3: Did Hank Schrader just make a very subtle return?

*This article contains spoilers for Better Call Saul season 3 episode 4, ‘Sabrohito’*

If there are two things Better Call Saul loves, it’s tiny, blink-and-you-miss-it details, and bringing back characters from Breaking Bad in subtle ways.

This tends to lead to the fan pursuit of numerous red herrings, but this latest might just be a real a one, a bonafide, 200-pound beauty, yee-haw!, as the character it concerns would say.

The opening of S03E03, 'Sabrohito’, picks up where the last episode left off - one of Hector’s distribution trucks getting pounced on by the DEA as Mike, who engineered the bust, watches from a nearby parking lot.

Who works for the DEA? None other than ASAC Hank Schrader.

At around 8:10 in the episode, if you’re watching on Netflix, an agent is heard saying something along the lines of “Did he get out the truck yet?”, and that agent sounds a hell of a lot like Hank.

First off, it would make total sense for Hank to be present at the bust, and we have no reason to believe he wasn’t working at the agency at the time Better Call Saul is set.

Second, it would have been very easy for actor Dean Norris to make the cameo, as his line would have been ADR added remotely in post.

Unlike Gus Fring’s dramatic windshield post-it note return, this return wouldn’t add anything to the plot, but does it sound like the kind of thing creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould would do just for fun and to be authentic with their universe? Absolutely.

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Asac >:)

First impression - Powerful and clean
Impression now - Overrated, incapable of upgrading, entitled brat
Favorite moment - When her ass hit the floor in TF on a skill she’s done for 9 years
Unpopular opinion - Her floor choreo was never sassy, it was always awkward, forced, and lazy.