Okay so what if they spend the 4 episodes in the middle on cases and by the end Skinner has overhauled the basement and the final scene of the revival is the reveal of this giant area downstairs and they are ASACs of The X-Files with a couple agents underneath them maybe with Miller, Einstein and Reyes and someone asks Mulder what the division is all about and he says the the truth and trusting your partner and gives Scully a squeeze and the door shuts and their names are on it and oh my god please kill me

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why didn't Asac medal in vault finals at the Olympics ?

Lower difficulty. Still makes me want to stab 1000 people. When they proposed the new vault scoring system for 2013 if you used that for 2008, Alicia would’ve gotten bronze because it accounted for execution more than chucking high difficulty. Asac’s DTY and Rudi were near-perfect and she’s TWO HUNDREDTHS from the podium and yet the girl who gets bronze (goddamn you CHENG FEI I LOVE YOU BUT GODDAMN YOU) put her knee to the mat on her EPONYMOUS VAULT. Again, goddamn you Cheng Fei. The whole thing about judges supposed to rank event finalists from best to worst with scores not really mattering as long as the ranking is correct? They made a HUGE mistake that day. And they will pay. With GOD AS MY WITNESS, THE 2008 VAULT JUDGES WILL PAY.

Hey guys, this is a friendly reminder that even if Asac hadn’t fallen in 2008 Olympic team finals, USA still wouldn’t have won gold. Okay, go on with your day now

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So I stumbled on this interview of Asac from post 2007 worlds, but pre-Beijing, and yet, she's training bars? So weird. I guess that wasn't a question, but it's a funny gym anecdote. www(.)youtube(.)com/watch?v=DCsF_e2nwPw

Hahaha I always have my mind blown whenever I see Alicia near bars. So funny.

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Asac's double Arabian or Anna Myzdrikova's double Arabian?

aww crap. They both get such amazing height, don’t cowboy, and are ready to land it. ughhhh. ASac because I love ASac


I think Anna Myzdrikova has this amazing ability to punch the floor. I feel like no one punches like she does. She works those springs! (x)

Also, I ended up in my asac tag to try and compare and i felt like half of it was asac’s face or asac doing crazy things hahahahaha. go adventure. i dare you. (x)

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Why do you think ASac's comeback worked (barring that ACL tear) better than any of the other '08ers? Is it just because she came back the soonest? Like, I've never been her biggest fan but there is no denying that her comeback was LEGIT and I think if she hadn't gotten hurt at Worlds she would've been at least an alternate for London. Is it a Mihai thing, or a time thing, or a mix of both?

I think she came back the smartest, not necessarily the soonest. Because she came back and was basically one of the best in the country despite taking a year off. She only had a few months going into that comeback but because she really budgeted her time in the gym and made conditioning a huge part of it (she was in better shape in 2010 than she was in 2008 tbh) it just worked for her. I mean, I guess Chellsie was always injured, Bridget was always injured, and then Shawn and Nastia were splitting gym time with big public lives…had Alicia come back in 2011 or 2012 the way she came back in 2010, she still basically would’ve had the best comeback out of all of them because in 2010 she was pretty much already at a high level. So I think it’s a Mihai thing, and just really pushing conditioning…which I think is why Aly’s comeback is also incredible.

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3 9 13 16

3. Which elite gymnast do you think you’d most be like?

I think Maggie or Giulia. I smile a lot. I guess Simone too haha. I like chilling with my friends. I like laughing. I didn’t pick ASac because I think she takes less shit than I do if that makes sense haha. I make occasional bitch faces. So yeah.

9. What do you want to do/be when you grow up? (it’s a pretty open-ended question, please interpret freely)

Be a doctor? I’m very curious/hopeful if I can tie blogging/my love of gymnastics into something long term. We’ll see.

13. Who is the unluckiest gymnast of all time?

I saw this question when I reblogged and was already trying to think. The first that popped into my mind was Anna Pavlova but she’s actually very decorated. I just think to her ‘08 0 on VT… Currently, I think Brenna. :x Just never picked. Picked and then not chosen. Or too injured to be picked. Or not enough time. Always something and it breaks my heart.

16. Should gymnasts be modest?

Funny. So I’m not sure if this questions was meant modest like appearance or modest like humble? I think it’s because of the Farah Ann Abdul Hadi. Do I think gymnasts should be modest in appearance? Yes in the sense that I really hate high cut leos. Even if watching synchronized swim I get uncomfortable. It’s like half underwear width. Is it necessary? I think not. I think that the code should allow for gymnasts to be more covered if they so desired. Whether it’s sleeves or shorts/pants. Then the “humble” part. I actually think no. In all these talks about feminism, there’s a lot of talk about women being as assertive as men and not shying away from your accomplishments. Like it’s totally fine to say yes I won and I’m so glad. You worked for it! Be proud. There’s no sense in running away from what makes you special and what makes you you!

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So in 2008, if everyone had been 100% healthy, who would have competed what? VT: Sloan, Asac, Johnson; UB: Shawn, Nastia, Memmel; BB: Shawn, Nastia, Memmel ( or Asac?) FX: Shawn, Nastia, Memmel or Asac? Would Sam have done anything? She was sort of like 4th best everywhere. Maybe Vault? Wasn't Sloan also supposed to do UB too? They really only needed 4 members.

Ummm…I feel like back in the day I would’ve said Sam on vault but nothing else. But Bridget’s vault by the time they got to the Olympics was better than Sam’s, something I only know in retrospect, so knowing that I prob wouldn’t have used her anywhere in TFs, just quals. Otherwise that’s pretty accurate I’d say? 



This seniors’ centre required a simple logo for use throughout promotional materials and apparel. They needed to maintain the existing ASAC 55+ name; the numerical component was designed as a “jumping figure” icon, which appears somewhat separate from the four letters.


Ta cột tóc dài với hình xăm…vẻ ngoài và tâm tư đối lập
Đau thương họ cứ bới sâu…bi ai cố với tới nhau
Ta mang mặt nạ cốt để giấu…nụ cười để ẩn về nơi đâu ..