10 things i love

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  1.  my family, my cat, my dog and my duck…
  2. To draw.
  3. series or movies that make me cry of emotion…  :’D
  4. day dreaming, (most of the day i’m on my thoughs and imaginations lol)
  5.  listen to music while being alone so nobody interrupts me…. i love sweet cute sounding Chiptune, piano or violin melodic tunes, or epic music from videogames.. stuff that motivates and spires  me :D
  6. The Rain, i love it because when it rains a lot, i used to stay at home and don’t go to school or the institute XD…
  7. clouds after rain.. i love watching them.
  8.  eat cakes, speccially apple with cinamon ones..
  9. to see how people improves at drawing ^_^ 
  10.  Sonic the hedgehog games!!

i also love other things XD but there is 10 of them..

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and anyone that wants to do this…

also, if you don’t want to do this meme feel free to not do it  X3