Full name: Kyara Grey (alias) Adinah Asaad (birth name)
Pronouns: She/Her
Gender & Sexuality: Female / Homosexual
Ethnicity & Species: Human, Tanari
Birthplace & Birthdate: Tanaris, February 11th

//Guilty Pleasures: Teasing, trickery, giving and receiving affection, romantic clichés

//Fears/Phobias: Failure, letting others down, causing harm to those she cares about, heavy commitment

//What they would be infamous for: Thieving, petty crime, cheeky attitudes, drinking

//What have they / would they get arrested for: Ky has never gotten caught, though if she did it would likely either be for murder from her assassin days, or theft

//Character you ship them with: @patiencekindnesscourage ❤️

//Character most likely to murder them: There are a few in game, but @itsbruceyy very well may if she pushed his buttons enough, hah

//Talents & Powers: Kyara is highly proficient in shadowmancy, physical combat, and prowess in using gadgets (such as explosives) and daggers

//Why someone might love them: Ky is a coconut. To those she doesn’t know well, she may come off as cocky, sly, and a bit abrasive. Underneath the exterior though, she is very protective, caring, and affectionate

//Why someone might hate them: Kyara can truly be an asshole if she wants to, and is not afraid to speak what’s on her mind most of the time. If she doesn’t like you, chances are, she’ll let you know. She is also very quick to anger and violence

//How they’ve changed: Over time, through rp, she had gotten much less stoic and easygoing as she battled through many of her own demons. Though, she can still be two very different people, depending on whether or not she’s fond of you

//Why you love them: Why I love her is pretty much the exact reason why others might that I listed above! I think she’s gotten awesome development and I have my rp partners to thank. She is very fun to play, in general.

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Meet 82 year-old Khaled al-Asaad, a hero. 

ISIS militants beheaded and hung his body in the square because he refused to reveal where they had hidden Palmyra Antiques. 

In Arabic, Khaled means “eternal.” How fitting a name for a man who gave his life to preserve history. Keep him in your thoughts.

This news story is a month old but you can read it by clicking here.

8 Facts - Kyara

1. Kyara was not born with the ability to use the shadows. In fact, she was pretty tactless with them in her youth. The only reason she is skilled with them at this point is because they were forced into her by her father during her training as a teenager, and training she has received from others.

2. Kyara Grey is an alias she made for herself using the name of the main character from an adventure novel she read in her youth. She shed her birth name, Adinah Asaad, so her father wouldn’t be able to track her whereabouts, and so it would not reveal her origin to others. To this day, only one person besides those she grew up with know her real name.

3. Kyara’s first kill was her mother–She died during childbirth. A friend of her father’s, a witch and oracle, prophesied to him that the event would determine the rest of her future. This is why she was trained so vigorously by her father. He saw killing and shadowmancy as something she was meant to do from birth. Later, when Kyara fled her homeland of Tanaris and made her way to Stormwind, she encountered the witch once more and faced further manipulation.

4. Kyara was actually rather slim and scrawny in her youth. Her father’s training stuck with her as a bit of a mental scar, making her very paranoid about keeping herself in shape. She has been toned and muscular all of her adult life.

5. Kyara’s fatal flaw has always been that she cares for others a lot more than she lets on…Fiercely, even, if they gain her trust, and she is not as stoic as she leads others to believe. She vigorously worked to extinguish this trait in her early twenties, thinking it a weakness, and even thought she had. But now, she has come to accept it.

6. Even as an assassin, Kyara refused to excessively torture. If it was required for a job, she would typically kill them quickly and said she did, or simply turn it down. She took no pleasure in her work and wanted it over with quickly, not a process that was long and drawn out, as such would haunt her.

7. Her real hair color is jet black, not the silver it is dyed. It served as a way to conceal her identity at first, and eventually grew on her.

8. She has a secret passion for reading and writing, and taught herself the majority of both, along with how to speak and write Common. She grew up speaking Tol'vir, the language used by Titan beings like the Ramkahen, and still has a slight accent. However, it’s a lot more faint than it was when she first arrived in Stormwind.

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Islam Nasser Asaad

Art & Music, are evidence of life. And my life revolves around art & music. It is a cycle, that allows me to wake up everyday. “WeAre Alive!” will be a podcast series that I share with you. You’ll get a glimpse and listen to the art & music that inspires me to live and progress, in hopes that we can all inspire each other to do the same, as art & music should. - Steve-Ography

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5. Jesse Boykins III  - Amorous (Full Crate Remix)
6. Vic Mensa - Suitcase feat. Chance The Rapper
7. Disclosure - Second Chance
8. MeLo-X - Too Far
9. Mapei -  Don’t Wait
10. King Krule - Foreign 2
11. The Internet -  Shadow Dance
12. Like Of Pac Div - SÃO PAULO
13. Asaad - Jumanji Flow
14. MoRuf - Reminisce
15. Jhene Aiko - What A Life
16. Childish Gambino - What Kind Of Love
17. Laura Mvula - She
18. Smoke DZA - Just My Thoughts (Prod. By Flying Lotus)
19. Christión - Full Of Smoke

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Beheaded Syrian scholar refused to lead Isis to hidden Palmyra antiquities
Khaled al-Asaad, 82, interrogated by militants for a month before he was murdered in the ancient city of Palmyra
By Ian Black

Islamic State militants beheaded a renowned antiquities scholar in the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra and hung his mutilated body on a column in a main square of the historic site because he apparently refused to reveal where valuable artefacts had been moved for safekeeping. 

This is just incredible. What a hero, giving his life to protect what could never be replaced. Enormous respect.