April 28, 2017
  1. Aquarius

  2. Libra
     Business card case

  3. Aries

  4. Virgo

  5. Leo
     Salad bowl

  6. Sagittarius
     Tarot cards

  7. Taurus
     Western-style utensils

  8. Scorpio
     Sewing set

  9. Capricorn

  10. Gemini

  11. Pisces
     Afternoon nap

  12. Cancer
     Japanese pattern
@dodieandtessa birthday post!

Hey lea! I saw that it was your birthday yesterday so wanted to do something nice for you so here is a post from a few blogs to show you how much you are cared for and appreciated! Happy birthday! Xx

@dodieandthediamonds : she has a seriously gorg theme going on like 10/10 blog and she seems like a really lovely person in general


: her blog is beautiful and very aesthetic

@fangirlinaonesie : happy birthday Lea! I hope your day was wonderful! xx

@dodiedodiedodie : Happy Birthday Lea!! Just wanted you to know that I always see your posts on my dash and they’re always so lovely! I hope you have an amazing day, you really deserve it!

@dodiescupoftea : happy birthday lea!! you deserve a day as brilliant as you, dodie and tessa love you so much! xx

@n-asa : happy birthday!! seeing a post from you always makes me happy and you seem like an incredibly nice person. i hope you’ve had a great day x

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“toxic” with the dear evan hansen cast. i’m sorry this is so low quality omg