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Sam + Max + tattoos, bc of course

“I meant to say,” Sam says. “That is. I should have said, at the house, at Asa’s place, before we left. I think you and Alicia should get tattoos." 

Max’s eyes narrow for a second before his face relaxes into a smile. “Oh yeah?” he says. “Anything particular you had in mind?” 

Sam isn’t the bumbling romantic embarrassment that Dean seems to think him but there’s something about this guy which makes him feel teenage, stupid and clumsy and too big for his skin. Which is dumb as fuck, considering that Max is like, what, must be coming on for ten years younger than him. Eight years, maybe. Regardless, Sam should be cooler than this. 

He should be, but he isn’t, so when Max asks about the tattoo he doesn’t produce the smooth line that he’ll no doubt think of in the shower in two days’ time. Instead, he blushes and stammers and scratches the back of his head, and answers Max’s joking question with a straight response. “Yeah,” he says, and he slides a napkin towards him over the table and digs a ballpoint pen from his jacket pocket. “Something like this.” 

Seeing Sam’s seriousness, Max frowns, and watches as he sketches a wonky approximation of the symbol that he first drew out for Dean, in a bar not dissimilar to this one, almost ten years ago. 

“It’s not, uh, it’s not fancy,” Sam says. “But it works.” 

Max puts his fingertips to the edge of the napkin, just brushing Sam’s. They linger there a moment before Sam moves his hand, allowing Max to take hold of the napkin. Max picks it up and holds it in front of him, rotates it, takes a look. 

“Yeah,” he says. “Yeah, I can see that it would.” He looks at Sam over the folded paper, not kidding now but earnest. “You have this?” 

Good question. 

It’s the first thing that Sam would ask, himself, the obvious thing and he knew Max would say it but he still finds himself lost for words. He looks down at the symbol, blue lines curving familiar, looks at Max’s elegant fingers framing the shape. He takes a breath, looks up again to meet Max’s eyes. 

“Dean has it,” he says. “I, uh. I lost mine.” 

Max’s eyebrows draw together in a frown. He’s not stupid. Sam can see him considering the implications; can see him choosing not to ask. This is one of the things Sam likes about Max. It’s refreshing to be around somebody who doesn’t take it personally when Sam has secrets. Perversely, it makes him more inclined to share. He wonders. Could he tell Max about Gadreel? The thought tightens his chest, makes his thoughts swim dizzy. He hasn’t really ever explained it, not to anybody. Charlie picked up bits of it, but not enough to understand. At least. Sam hopes that was it. He remembers again Max and Alicia frowning up at Elvis, after he asked about Lucifer; their instant, easy intervention in Sam’s defence. “Seriously, dude,” Max had told the guy. “Back off.” 

Jeez. No wonder Sam feels like a teenager. Fucking… damsel in distress. But. 

“You gonna get it redone?” Max asks, interrupting Sam’s fantasies. 

“Uh,” says Sam. He’s been meaning to. He has. But it’s so bound up with all the shit that surrounded its removal that he hasn’t been able to bring himself to do it; finds himself both perversely anxious of going under the needle (the needles in his brain and Crowley twisting them, clinical) and absolutely unwilling to mention it to Dean. If he said something now then Dean would probably lay into him for not having fixed the thing fricking two and a half years ago. “Christ, Sammy,” he’d say, the kind of angry that he gets when Sam puts himself in jeopardy. “Christ, Sammy, what the fuck did you think you were playing at?” Sam’s on a good run, lately, of not disappointing. He’d really like not to rock the boat. 

Max is studying him, a focused golden-green gaze that doesn’t help Sam’s thought process. As Sam stutters and chokes, he shakes his head a little, grins easy, breaks the tension. “I just have some suggestions for improvement,” he says. 

“Oh yeah?” says Sam. 

“Yeah,” says Max, and he reaches for the pen.

The House of Tomorrow

16 year old Sebastian has spent most of his life with his Nana in their geodesic dome home tourist attraction where she home schools him on the teachings of her former mentor Buckminster Fuller in hopes that one day Sebastian will carry Fuller’s torch and make the world a better place.

But when a stroke sidelines Nana, Sebastian is taken in by a bible-banging single father from the suburbs who’s struggling to raise his sexually charged teenage daughter Meredith and son Jared, a chain-smoking, porn-obsessed, punk-loving 16 year old with a heart transplant. A shared desire to escape their respective bubbles leads Sebastian and Jared to form a punk band and soon Sebastian experiences all the sex, drugs, and rock and roll he’d been sheltered from.

With his Nana’s dreams, his first real friendship, and a church talent show at stake, this coming of age dramedy asks Sebastian to decide if he wants to become the next Buckminster Fuller, the next Sid Vicious, or something else entirely.
San Francisco Film Festival Unveils Competitive Lineup
Ten narrative films and 10 documentaries will compete at the fest, which is set to run April 5-19.

San Francisco Film Festival’s competitive lineup for 2017 GGA NEW DIRECTORS (NARRATIVE FEATURE) COMPETITION includes Asa’s upcoming movie The House of Tomorrow, featuring Alex Wolff, Maude Apatow, Nick Offerman and Ellen Burstyn.

at dahil may sakit ako.. here’s an AZ!PBB AU for you guys

sinulat ko ‘to kanina sa may chatime gateway. ano bang meron sa coffee milk tea nila at kung anu-ano ang nagawa sa’kin kaloka

sa confession room…

Big Brother: Zade.. may napansin ako sa ‘yo kanina.

Zade: Ano po yun, Kuya?

BB: Yung reaction mo sa sorpresa ko sa inyo kanina.

Z: *blushes; napasandal sa upuan* Kuya naman oh! Walang ganyanan!

BB: Bakit.. parang kinikilig ka ata, Zade?

Z: Kuya hindi po ako kinikilig! Promise?

BB: Eh bakit ka nagbublush?

Z: Hindi po kuya!! Rosy cheeks po talaga ako!!

BB: Ano nga ba ang sorpresa ko sa inyo kanina, Zade?

Z: *nangingiti* Bagong housemate po..

BB: Sino ang bagong housemate na kasama niyo?

Z: *mas nagblush* Kuya naman eh!!!

BB: Tinanong ko lang naman ang pangalan niya ah.

Z: Si.. Andreau Cortez po! *grins*

BB: O, ba’t parang kinikilig ka ata? Akala ko ba hindi ka kinikilig?

Z: Kuyaaaa!!! Tama na!!

BB: Dahil ba kay Andreau kaya ka tahimik kanina?

Z: Kuya naman eh… crush na crush ko po si Andreau. Seryoso po. As in big time crush. Lahat po ng shows at movies niya napanood ko po. Grabe yung feeling ko po kanina parang *mas kinilig* boom peynz puso ko po non-existent na.

BB: Siya lang pala ang magpapatahimik sa ‘yo, ano?

Z: Ayoko na ngang magsalita, Kuya!! Nakakahiya. Baka isipin pa niya na weirdo ako. Tsaka feeling ko hihimatayin ako kanina!

BB: Zade?

Z: Po, kuya?

BB: Gwapo ba sa personal si Andreau?

Z: *blushes again; nods enthusiatically* Aaghhh kuya ano ba!!! Pinagtitripan niyo lang ata ako eh!

BB: Nagtatanong lang naman ako. Ingat ka ha? Baka bigla ka na lang himatayin sa sobrang kilig.



i might write some more… might.

I hate how much we miss. Christina Jackson said there are other cut Sasil scenes. They better ALL be on the blu ray.

Hasil told Asa about that house and they made plans to meet there. 

Hasil has probably been spending the night there since Sally Ann went missing. It could be where he was on his way to when the 3 idiots kidnapped him.

There may or may not have been a scene with Sasil planning to move away together. Really not sure about this one. With Sally Ann’s home situation being so tumultuous it makes sense that she would have been planning to move away. She’s probably been planning since before she met Hasil.

Still bitter about missing the scene where they planned for their date.

One thing pissed me off though. 

Asa insinuating that Sally Ann is with Hasil for money. ???

I won’t hold it against him because he’s looking out for Hasil and he may have just been gauging her response to see what kind of person she is.