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Asa Butterfield Learns About Alex Wolff in 'House of Tomorrow' Clip (Exclusive Video)
"Isn't your life like an experiment? Well, that's what this is. This is an experiment."

The first movie clip from The House of Tomorrow.

The movie’s premiere is going to happen this weekend, April 8th, at the San Francisco Film Festival.

Asa Butterfield, Alex Wolff, Ellen Burstyn, Maude Apatow and Peter Livolsi are expected to attend the event.

Hunters Gathering

Characters: Sam, Dean, reader, Jody

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: arguing, swearing, angst

Word count: 2557

Summary: When you go to pay respects to your dead friend, Asa Fox, you run in to someone that you never thought you’d see again.

A/N: this is based on last nights episode (Celebrating The Life Of Asa Fox)

Asa Fox. What an amazing hunter he was, you’d worked so many cases with him in the past and to find out he was dead was heart breaking.

You were sitting in a motel, looking for another case after you’d just finished one when you got a phone call from his mother. When she told you the heartbreaking news, she told you there would be a gathering for hunters that were friends of Asa’s and she wanted you to be there. After putting on a ‘I’m fine’ act while on the phone to him mom, you hung up the phone and started to cry. Asa was a good friend of yours, you’d worked a few cases together in the past and he wasn’t just an amazing hunter, he was a good person. You had a lot of memories with him, he always made you laugh when you were upset about something silly, or when someone would turn him down at the bar he would joke around saying ’she couldn’t handle this dick anyway’, which would have you laughing so hard tears would form in your eyes.

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I hate how much we miss. Christina Jackson said there are other cut Sasil scenes. They better ALL be on the blu ray.

Hasil told Asa about that house and they made plans to meet there. 

Hasil has probably been spending the night there since Sally Ann went missing. It could be where he was on his way to when the 3 idiots kidnapped him.

There may or may not have been a scene with Sasil planning to move away together. Really not sure about this one. With Sally Ann’s home situation being so tumultuous it makes sense that she would have been planning to move away. She’s probably been planning since before she met Hasil.

Still bitter about missing the scene where they planned for their date.

One thing pissed me off though. 

Asa insinuating that Sally Ann is with Hasil for money. ???

I won’t hold it against him because he’s looking out for Hasil and he may have just been gauging her response to see what kind of person she is.

The House of Tomorrow

16 year old Sebastian has spent most of his life with his Nana in their geodesic dome home tourist attraction where she home schools him on the teachings of her former mentor Buckminster Fuller in hopes that one day Sebastian will carry Fuller’s torch and make the world a better place.

But when a stroke sidelines Nana, Sebastian is taken in by a bible-banging single father from the suburbs who’s struggling to raise his sexually charged teenage daughter Meredith and son Jared, a chain-smoking, porn-obsessed, punk-loving 16 year old with a heart transplant. A shared desire to escape their respective bubbles leads Sebastian and Jared to form a punk band and soon Sebastian experiences all the sex, drugs, and rock and roll he’d been sheltered from.

With his Nana’s dreams, his first real friendship, and a church talent show at stake, this coming of age dramedy asks Sebastian to decide if he wants to become the next Buckminster Fuller, the next Sid Vicious, or something else entirely.

Poor Nico di Angelo. The god’s voice was tinged with disappointment. Do you know what you want, much less what I want? My beloved Psyche risked everything in the name of Love. It was the only way for her to atone for her lack of faith. And you- what have you risked in my name?

“I’ve been to Tartarus and back,” Nico snarled. “You don’t scare me.”

I scare you very, very much. Face me. Be honest.

at dahil may sakit ako.. here’s an AZ!PBB AU for you guys

sinulat ko ‘to kanina sa may chatime gateway. ano bang meron sa coffee milk tea nila at kung anu-ano ang nagawa sa’kin kaloka

sa confession room…

Big Brother: Zade.. may napansin ako sa ‘yo kanina.

Zade: Ano po yun, Kuya?

BB: Yung reaction mo sa sorpresa ko sa inyo kanina.

Z: *blushes; napasandal sa upuan* Kuya naman oh! Walang ganyanan!

BB: Bakit.. parang kinikilig ka ata, Zade?

Z: Kuya hindi po ako kinikilig! Promise?

BB: Eh bakit ka nagbublush?

Z: Hindi po kuya!! Rosy cheeks po talaga ako!!

BB: Ano nga ba ang sorpresa ko sa inyo kanina, Zade?

Z: *nangingiti* Bagong housemate po..

BB: Sino ang bagong housemate na kasama niyo?

Z: *mas nagblush* Kuya naman eh!!!

BB: Tinanong ko lang naman ang pangalan niya ah.

Z: Si.. Andreau Cortez po! *grins*

BB: O, ba’t parang kinikilig ka ata? Akala ko ba hindi ka kinikilig?

Z: Kuyaaaa!!! Tama na!!

BB: Dahil ba kay Andreau kaya ka tahimik kanina?

Z: Kuya naman eh… crush na crush ko po si Andreau. Seryoso po. As in big time crush. Lahat po ng shows at movies niya napanood ko po. Grabe yung feeling ko po kanina parang *mas kinilig* boom peynz puso ko po non-existent na.

BB: Siya lang pala ang magpapatahimik sa ‘yo, ano?

Z: Ayoko na ngang magsalita, Kuya!! Nakakahiya. Baka isipin pa niya na weirdo ako. Tsaka feeling ko hihimatayin ako kanina!

BB: Zade?

Z: Po, kuya?

BB: Gwapo ba sa personal si Andreau?

Z: *blushes again; nods enthusiatically* Aaghhh kuya ano ba!!! Pinagtitripan niyo lang ata ako eh!

BB: Nagtatanong lang naman ako. Ingat ka ha? Baka bigla ka na lang himatayin sa sobrang kilig.



i might write some more… might.

Hasil Farrell: Outsider

We’ve seen Hasil Farrell show us a lot of different pieces of his personality so far in Season 1. We know that he’s inquisitive and open-minded, that he can handle himself in a fight – against an armed deputy, no less – and we know how deep his feelings for Sally Ann go, as seen in his willingness to take multiple trips down the mountain, get his fingers chopped off, get tazed, etc. And then in Episode 10, we learned about how he grew up, with no parents, being raised by “everybody” and “nobody.” 

What I think is really interesting is that, even before that episode, they already hinted at Hasil’s separateness from the other members of the clan. In the first few episodes – before Big Foster becomes Bren’in and Hasil strategically goes AWOL – he’s subtly shown to be somehow apart from the others, often still involved in the activities, but never an active member. When he’s in a scene, he’s often by himself, and even in a group (like the circle around the fire after the Firstnight celebration), he doesn’t talk.  

It’s only at the wedding in Episode 3 that he actively seeks out Asa (in my opinion, I think he was going to ask Asa to teach him how to read; that’s what their whole conversation had been aiming at before Krake showed up), but he leaves quickly after, and he doesn’t sit at a table with anyone else, nor is he with the young men who form the gauntlet for the groom. (The fact that nobody asks why he wasn’t at the Pit Fight, which apparently everyone else showed up for, is also really telling.)

He clearly has friends and people who care about him – Krake (who he must have told about Sally Ann before her arrival on the mountain) and G’win (she gave him medicine for his fingers, and he’s helping her with the tomato trellis at the beginning of Episode 7) – but there’s nobody he seems to be very close to. He is, not to put too fine a point on it, an outsider, even among his own clan. 

That is, of course, until he meets Sally Ann. 

Around her, Hasil almost becomes a different person, much more relaxed, expressive, and – for the most part – happy. In fact, the only times he seems to even smile when he’s up on the mountain are at the wedding (when he’s talking about “the world down there”) and when Asa teaches him how to spell Sally Ann’s name. I also keep thinking back to that scene at the home improvement store – the second time he waits for her after work – and how even as she’s walking past him, he just keeps smiling at her and talking, like he doesn’t know how to stop. It’s a little heart-breaking in a way, just because it makes you wonder how long he’s been waiting to really talk to somebody. 

With Sally Ann, Hasil just keeps talking, whether it’s to ask what a date is, or explain how they’re not different (they’re “both people”), or confess how he saw their first time together as being under a tree, or tell her what he loves about the mountain, or share with her his experience of growing up with no parents. It’s as if, suddenly, he finally feels comfortable being himself. 

The question, of course, is: why her? Of all the people he could have seen as a potential romantic parter and confidante, why did he focus on this one girl? 

I think that Hasil already thought of himself as apart from everyone up on the mountain – he lived with them, and they were his clan, deserving of his loyalty, but he didn’t really feel like he belonged to them (and vice-versa) – and so it would make sense for him to be very intrigued by life down below, because there he might not be so isolated and different. (You can see how wrong he is on that count the minute he goes in the bar in Episode 1; he couldn’t stand out more if he tried, and the first thing the bartender does is reach for a baseball bat.) 

So Hasil was already primed to take an interest in someone from below the mountain, and then he meets Sally Ann, and even as they are robbing her store, she’s half-flirting (”I never seen… one of y’all before”) and even smiling at him, and that’s before he gives her the carved bird. (Of course, it also helps that she’s beautiful and her hair makes him think she’s “got a light coming off of” her.) For Hasil, this must be altogether astonishing: here’s this girl – who he would expect to be frightened and meek – and she’s lovely and she’s talking back to him and smiling and she sees him, as a person, as a man, and not as some soulless barbarian from a story. In all honesty, who wouldn’t instantly fall for that?

And I think that really explains so much of what we see from him in the first half of the season: he pursues her so desperately because with her, he doesn’t feel like an outsider, he doesn’t feel different. (Which is also why he spends so much time trying to emphasize to her why they’re not that different: he just wants her to see the two of them the way he does.) 

It’ll be interesting to see if this dynamic changes during the last episode, with Hasil being back on the mountain as a clear member of Team Asa. Now that Asa’s relying on him (and had been ever since they joined forces in Episode 9), it certainly could change how Hasil sees himself within the group. We’ve also seen how this new alliance might tear Hasil away from Sally Ann, now that she’s obviously ready for their mountain sojourn to be finished. (Please don’t let them break up, though – I’m begging you!)

Coda: After the finale airs, I also want to write a post about Sally Ann and her character development over the course of the season, but, honestly, it’s going to be harder, given that they show so little of her when she’s not with Hasil. (I can only think of the convenience store/Asa shoplifting scene, the scene with James after she comes home after being with Hasil, and the scene with Asa in Naomi’s house.) It’s really a shame, because she’s such a fascinating character in her own right and her experience of growing up in an economically-depressed town with so few black residents, along with all of her family background and dynamics, would make for some really interesting television. (I will admit that the costuming department has done a great job displaying her transformation from Episode 9 onward as she frees herself from her old life with James. I would also say kudos to the hair department, but from what Christina’s posted, I think it consists mostly of her… So kudos to her!) I can only hope that Season 2 will give us a chance to fully delve into Sally Ann’s character and see what really drives and motivates her. Crossing my fingers!