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Asa Butterfield Learns About Alex Wolff in 'House of Tomorrow' Clip (Exclusive Video)
"Isn't your life like an experiment? Well, that's what this is. This is an experiment."

The first movie clip from The House of Tomorrow.

The movie’s premiere is going to happen this weekend, April 8th, at the San Francisco Film Festival.

Asa Butterfield, Alex Wolff, Ellen Burstyn, Maude Apatow and Peter Livolsi are expected to attend the event.

Hunters Gathering

Characters: Sam, Dean, reader, Jody

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: arguing, swearing, angst

Word count: 2557

Summary: When you go to pay respects to your dead friend, Asa Fox, you run in to someone that you never thought you’d see again.

A/N: this is based on last nights episode (Celebrating The Life Of Asa Fox)

Asa Fox. What an amazing hunter he was, you’d worked so many cases with him in the past and to find out he was dead was heart breaking.

You were sitting in a motel, looking for another case after you’d just finished one when you got a phone call from his mother. When she told you the heartbreaking news, she told you there would be a gathering for hunters that were friends of Asa’s and she wanted you to be there. After putting on a ‘I’m fine’ act while on the phone to him mom, you hung up the phone and started to cry. Asa was a good friend of yours, you’d worked a few cases together in the past and he wasn’t just an amazing hunter, he was a good person. You had a lot of memories with him, he always made you laugh when you were upset about something silly, or when someone would turn him down at the bar he would joke around saying ’she couldn’t handle this dick anyway’, which would have you laughing so hard tears would form in your eyes.

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via Twitter // Asa Butterfield (aka Sebastien Prendergast) & Maude Apatow (aka Meredith Whitcomb) in the film “The House of Tomorrow”!
+ Director, Peter Livolsi informs an audience that there are only a few tickets left to see the #HouseOfTomorrowFilm @ the Woods Hole Film Festival!

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Seen a lot about 12.06 & the angel blade & Cas. I just think it's interesting that for Asa & the other hunters, it's is a special object, something to be used in rare occasions & otherwise put on display and preserved. Yet Dean & Sam see angel blades as completely functional & have a few lying around. I dunno if this is a metaphor for Cas being just another tool (god I hope not - we're so past that) or just another reminder of how Cas is more human & "normal" to the Winchesters now.

Yeah, I kinda saw it as the opposite, though. Proof that Cas isn’t just a tool.

To a house full of hunters that only know Sam and Dean through “friend of a friend of Garth” type stories, who practically idolize them, Asa had a mystique of his own. That was partially due to his incredible story about killing five wendigos (*takes a shot*) in one night, but also due to the fact that out of that entire group, Asa was the ONLY one with his very own angel blade.

Those hunters turned his most stunning brag into a drinking game, but when it came to the angel blade, they all seemed solemnly reverent about it. Not one of them offered up the story of how Asa came to possess such a rare and powerful weapon. A weapon he kept on velvet, under glass, in a place of honor.

Did he somehow ~overpower~ and angel? Did he manage to steal an angel’s blade? HOW THE HECK DID HE MANAGE THAT?! That must truly be some story. Even after 8.23, the fallen angels retained a lot of their powers. Yes, they were killing each other off, and yes Crowley and his minions managed to scavenge a few blades for their own use, and so did Sam and Dean, for that matter. By and large, though? We’ve never seen a single other hunter show up with his very own angel blade. Really, however Asa came to be in possession of it would likely be a story of legend.

So why weren’t those hunters regaling Dean with THAT tale? Could be that Asa himself was so shaken by however he’d come across it that even HE refused to tell the story. Could be that it’s simply not the kind of story that made for a raucous drinking game.

But to Sam and Dean? They’ve got a half dozen of the things lying around. Dean’s got a few spares in the trunk. The stories Dean could tell would curl the hair on every last one of those other hunters’ heads.

Possibly quite like Asa’s story of how he came to own that blade.

To Dean, Cas is family. Cas isn’t a story to be shared around. He isn’t something reverently kept in a box until it’s needed. Just like in 12.01 when Cas first learned Dean was alive and Dean first introduces Mary to him by explaining that he is a friend. *koala hugs* *stumbling explanation that Cas is an angel* *nbd face*

When Dean walked into the study where Asa kept the blade in its box, Dean’s first instinct is to OPEN THE BOX AND PICK UP THE BLADE. He casually twirls it around like he always does with his own. It’s not something he would keep under glass. It’s something he’s comfortable and familiar with.

Unlike every other hunter in that house, including Asa himself.

Asa, who I’ll remind everyone again, was a mighty Dean mirror.

This was the decisive difference between Asa and Dean.

Asa treated it like a tool. A prized and valuable tool, to be sure, but something that was only brought out when it was needed.

To Dean, it’s not a tool. It’s not something he’s got framed in a shadowbox and set out on display. It’s something that’s practically a part of himself.

*insert flippy-flippy angel blade spinning gifset*

The House of Tomorrow

16 year old Sebastian has spent most of his life with his Nana in their geodesic dome home tourist attraction where she home schools him on the teachings of her former mentor Buckminster Fuller in hopes that one day Sebastian will carry Fuller’s torch and make the world a better place.

But when a stroke sidelines Nana, Sebastian is taken in by a bible-banging single father from the suburbs who’s struggling to raise his sexually charged teenage daughter Meredith and son Jared, a chain-smoking, porn-obsessed, punk-loving 16 year old with a heart transplant. A shared desire to escape their respective bubbles leads Sebastian and Jared to form a punk band and soon Sebastian experiences all the sex, drugs, and rock and roll he’d been sheltered from.

With his Nana’s dreams, his first real friendship, and a church talent show at stake, this coming of age dramedy asks Sebastian to decide if he wants to become the next Buckminster Fuller, the next Sid Vicious, or something else entirely.