in my buss comms class we have a lot of projects and, since it’s a summer semester, we have to get them done in a short amount of time. these past two have been group projects and we vigorously worked on them because our professor emphasizes on making our reports as thorough and detailed as possible
we just turned that in this past monday and have individual projects we need done by tomorrow. on top of that we have a final project which has the most work and research to be done and we literally already started it this past wednesday when we still had our individual projects to work on. this past weekend i had plans with family and friends because i need a breather and this is getting longer than i planned but long story short it’d be nice if we had more time to get these done because i’ve learned that i could only afford little time to relax but i am pushing through

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Back To December.

sorry, i was alspeep.  if i could go back in time where would i go>

honestly… i don’t want to go back in time.  i guess maybe when i was a child and my grandmoaother was still alive… so i could sit down and show her the adult i become and we could talk… i miss her so much.  but other than that… the past is really not… good?  i don’t like it.  So… yeah… when my grandmother was still alive.