Marilah join textiler semua!!! Btw, the date has been change to this ahad 14 december klau x salah.. bersama kita saling mengenali antara textiler semua barulah bond kita ummmphhh.. hahaha.. sape ckassmate saya yg nak join kasitau lah ye!! #AS228 #AS248

Food hunting this afternoon. So sad a group of food hunter without transport.. huhu.. but.. we dont care much coz we walk together.. need to go again.. so today, here we were at foodsburry.. happy tummy just now.. but a little bit dissappointmnt due to normal cliche taste of the food.. luckily they have a superb crepe cake and a nice deco to calm my lust.. lol.. swallow down the foods due to extreme hungry n have paid it.. hahahah… #foodsburry #foodhunt #AS228 #lefoodhunter