the last poster I designed this year!

it turned out so differently from the original sketch. I like the freedom of doing whatever I feel like to do, but sometimes I do feel like I have no idea of where it’s going. 

I do enjoy collaborating with my friends. it’s a rare chance to be feel less frightened to show my work to people. I also like the feeling of contributing to each other’s growth.  

This poster will be screen printed by amazing printer Simon Slowinski, and will be available for sale at the show.!


Queer/Trans Zinefest

Hey friends!  I’m going to be tabling at the Queer/Trans Zinefest this Saturday, June 17th in Providence, RI!  And I’ll be bringing a brand new mini with me, even though the universe conspired against me all week >:O  Suspension is a sci-fi one shot comic about four construction workers in an environmentally-friendly corporate dystopia, which I originally wrote for Symbolia magazine in 2015.  Now after some editing and design work(and several fun car breakdowns), Suspension is finally in print for the first time ever!

Come to town for Providence Pride, and come on upstairs to say hello to me and all the fantastic local and visiting artists in the show C:  Check out  @qtzfest​ for the full list and surrounding events. I’ll be there with free Sasha Velour postcards and showing off my wooden stands my dad made for me!  Suspension will be up on my online store for purchase after the show. 


  • AS220 on 95 Empire Street, Providence RI 02903 (downtown), in the Psychic Readings and the Aborn Gallery.

Some Things

A few weeks ago, I rode the Amtrak to Providence and read at Publicly Complex, Kate Schapira’s reading series at Ada Books. K.S. McKinan read from his debut novel, Mind Villain, and Shey Rivera Ríos read from a selection of essays that are soon to be a book. That’s the view from my seat on the train, drifting out of New York City. Those are Kate’s pink tights on the left, then Shey in the middle and K.S. on the right. I met poet and editor Patrick Riedy and poet and editor Erica Mena at the reading, too, which was wonderful, also because I saw Patrick again at a coffee shop downtown and Erica again at another reading on Sunday. I was in Providence for a few days on arts council business (Rhode Island’s, not Brooklyn’s) and was lucky to have time on Sunday for eating pastries at Seven Stars and for a backstage tour of AS220 with Shey. The rhododendrons in Providence are out of control. It was good to come home, though, as much I love traveling, I also love my bed. That’s my reflection in Jeff Chien-Hsing Liao’s photograph “Coney Island Fog” at the new DUMBO annex of Brooklyn Historical Society. If you’re interested in Brooklyn history, I recommend the photo exhibit. John Matturi’s photos from his waterfront walk from Greenpoint to Coney Island are striking - they remind me of the Aughts, the way we would cut holes in chain link fences to access the East River, or follow a cement wall until it dead-ended over the water. Go find them.



This lovely, talented, gorgeous girl will be at AS220 in Providence, Rhode Island next Thursday at the Poetry Slam. (3/1).