as...furries.........because i can't

  • Cartoonz: you fucking furry
  • Delirious: I didn't come here to be slandered like this

Felt like getting everything online quick. First off, I have two headshots completed by request. Then a waist-ish-up of my Crux Ombro, because I felt like redesigning him, and drew the head thinking I’d change it, then I didn’t, and just went on there and it sorta spiraled out of control.

BONUS: During my sociology exam I was allowed to sketch on a piece of lined paper, so I did a bunch of thumbnail doodles, and this one of Gregg from Night in the Woods stood out to me, so I decided to bring it to my sketchpad too. I cannot do leather jackets for shit


After having this lil bobcat guy for quite a while, I think I’ve decided to officially make them my sona. It just kinda feels right, better than any other one I’ve tried on for size even though I do love them all! No name yet, but I’m thinking real hard about the best name for them!!

anonymous asked:

I drew Fanart for this but it was in Furry style because I can't draw humans ;u; would you still wanna see it or should I keep it locked away-

(( i dont care if it’s pony, furry, alien, fuck even building styled, it’s art! And you actually spent time and effort into it! SHOW ME!