BOLSHOI BALLERINAS (no… that’s not right…) /// for a little girl being trained to fight in a war she doesn’t know is going on, for brainwashing and handcuffs on beds and trying desperately to remember

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dont reblog but

dont reblog but okay so ya know like twins that 1 is black and 1 is white and they have same features but they look completely diff??? like i want to know what my black twin would look like bc they would b exactly the same as me just black and i cant picture it it’s v weird to try to picture

tandess i hate to say this but i think it’s the bad haircut and the fact that my leather jacket has become markedly shabbier as of late

Cooking Prompt

Living by himself in an apartment, Ciel thinks that living on take outs and fast food isn’t a good thing so he decides to join cooking lessons. Sebastian Michealis have taught lots and LOTS of people how to cook but he honestly have never seen a failure such as his new student, Ciel. Noticing that he wasn’t doimg pretty well, Ciel asks Sebastian if he could private tutor him and Sebastian agrees after finding that it’ll give him loads of money. What started out as simple cooking lessons turned into more as both males became entranced by the other. Either by the adorable personality or the confident aura, it didn’t matter, not for either of them.

And a couple of months later, Ciel quits those lessons finding that he got his own personal chef, or should I say, lover, to satisfy not only his hunger but… Something else too.

In prep for The #blackout (damn it sounds so cool) gym selfie cause it’s been a while lol.
Thanks to all my followers who’ve watched me go from a pure fitblr to an activist feminist self love and positivity blog. Y’all are the real MVPs.


You might have to wait till next season of Orange is the New Black to get Flaca’s backstory, but in the meantime, here’s some backstory on Jackie Cruz, the actress portraying Flaca! Cruz originally moved to Miami to pursue a singing career; she instead ended up jumpstarting her acting career with a stint on Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami, Season 1 (2010)!

Jackie meets Kourtney in an art class, where they bond over their lack of art skills. They have lunch together, where Jackie reveals she left NY to get away from her boyfriend and that since coming to Miami, she has been dating girls. Jackie takes Kourtney and Khloe to a lesbian club, where Jackie and Kourtney share a brief kiss. The three go out again, and Jackie and Kourtney make out; Kourtney later feels guilty for leading Jackie on, and tells her she doesn’t want to date.


i am one of 28 young ballerinas with the Bolshoi. Training is hard, but the glory of the soviet culture, and the warmth of my parents… my… parents… makes up for….

no… that’s not right…

I am one of the 28 Black Widow agents with the Red Room. Training is hard, but the glory of the soviet supremacy, and the warmth of my parents…. all my parents…. makes up for… You’ll have to excuse me…