School! I missed Rose Valley a lot more than I thought I would while I was at home, but I’m back now. No more parties for me. Erm… unless I get dragged out for New Years Eve, but I hope not.


Good god this is hilarious. I didn’t “harass” anyone. What someone posts on twitter is public. The artist flipped out on me and basically told me to shut up or else she’d cancel my commission if I didn’t. I couldn’t believe it because I honestly didn’t think I’d done a damn thing wrong. If you want to go see “the harassment :’( buuhuu” go look on my twitter:

I don’t think I said anything wrong at all and i still stand by what I said.

Ah, also, it was her idea to forcefully ram a refund down my throat. I’ve commissioned over 100 plush dolls before and I’ve NEVER had a problem before. Ever. I know there is a deposit on materials but in a rude email she sent to me she insisted I’d ask paypal for a refund…. without even bothering to say shit to me about it. Like that’s cool for assuming I’m a cock but I know artists aren’t machines dude. I also make crafts but is cool if u wanna paint urself to look like a massive victim.

She also left out how she began crowing to her twitter followers how she would sell my commission to someone else for more money, so if I wanted it I’d have to pay more. Because clearly I want to give dollars to someone who is this rude? The entitlement is off the charts!

Honestly even if she hadn’t refunded me I wouldn’t have liked it anymore anyway due to this kerfuffle. It’s pretty easy for stuff to get ruined for me, so this kind of saved me from that. I never cancel commissions though, even when I’m having trouble. you know, because I know artists are people? You know. Because I am one too?

Also forgot to mention her friend began accusing me on an alt account of mine that I was a tumblrite because I briefly mentioned this in a previous post. Yeah. At least I talk for myself also. What’s that about not being immature that you also accused me of being?

Whatever. I didn’t do anything wrong despite how hard you wanted me to.

I have waited up to two years for commissions to be done before. I’m patient and I give people time and space they need. I’ve done this over 100 times and never had a problem until I ran into someone with a victim complex. Apparently I just need to not commission people off tumble. Or vet them better. Or both.