Ok so you’ve seen tabletop hamlet but may I propose: tabletop macbeth 

The players are doing their best to ruin the campaign but the dm spent MONTHS working on it and they’re not going to let them do this shit like

  • “Duncan congratulates you on your great work in battle, and -” “I start scheming to murder him” “You can’t just do that he’s essential to this quest” “I rolled a nat 20 on scheming”
  • “I kill banquo” “HES A PLAYER CHARACTER HOW DO YOU THINK HIS PLAYER FEELS ABOUT BEING MURDERED” “actually I don’t mind I’ll just come back as a ghost and haunt his ass”
  • dm staying up all night to rework Banquo’s character sheet so that his stats work as a ghost only for him to come in next session and say “actually um I have to go home early so just pretend my character’s there the whole time”
  • King “I dumped all my stats in charisma and then only used it to do a completely unnecessary deception check on a member of my own party” Malcom 
  • Donalbain is late to the big final-battle session and the dm’s just so tired at this point they just go fuck it and start without him 
  • “See you can’t actually defeat Macbeth because of the prophecy - you’re born of woman and no one born of woman can defeat him.” “Actually my character’s mom had a c-section so he wasn’t born exactly…” 
  • Macduff wins the game using an obscure loophole and the dm has given up on humanity 
  • “Hey dm can I make everyone earls since I’m king now?” “I honestly don’t give a fuck anymore do what you want”

Some pictures from Tabletop Tuesday this week.  

Lots of games hit the table yesterday: Dead of Winter, Room 25, Doomtown: Reloaded, Skull, Cards Against Humanity, Sky Runner, Lords of Waterdeep, Dixit, Red Dragon Inn, Rise of Augustus, Dominant Species, Red November, Lost Legacy, Myth Fortunes, Five Tribes, Magic: The Gathering, Flash Point, and plenty of others that I’m forgetting.

A special thanks to Erik the Blue for taking some pictures!

Ode To A Dead Game

I have been playing Heroscape since 2005. My first National Heroscape Day tournament was in 2008. I placed 7th out of 32 participants and I haven’t missed that event since.

In the fall of 2010, Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast discontinued Heroscape. Though sad, that didn’t feel like the end. People still played. The customs community was thriving. And at the 2011 National Heroscape Day we still had an impressive turnout. 

This last year has not been so kind to my favorite game however. The websites have been less active, the customs community is slowing down, and the final straw in my mind, the piece that finally convinced me that the game I adore is dead has occurred. The 2012 National Heroscape day has three RSVPs.

This game meant a lot to me. Not only was it the most entertaining, original, and well-paced war game I’ve played. It was also the source of great bonding, with my gaming group, with the Heroscape community at large, and with my father. We discovered the game at the same time and would play it constantly, always waiting with baited breath for the newest wave of reinforcement figures to arrive. We finished with the exact same record and strength of schedule at our first NHSD back in ‘08. We were only 21 points apart. And, while we still get together for a pick up game here and there, it saddens me to have lost the rest of what made that game so great: the community and the sense of constant wonder at what new anachronistic fantasy unit we’d be breaking out of its box a few months down the line. 

Goodbye Heroscape. You are dearly missed.

Game Night!
  • So, I finally got enough people over to have a real game night where I'm not just gming our Numenera campaign. This made me happy cause I've really been wanting a big game day for a while, we mostly played lighter games but that's ok too.
  • Love Letter: Played a game of this with my girlfriend Jesse and my friend Dan while we were waiting for other people. Jesse managed to seduce the princess this time and we all agreed that this is almost the perfect game to bring around to conventions.
  • Pandemic: The other two hadn't arrived yet so we played a 3 person game of Pandemic and just got completely on all fronts. Still a lot of fun and we almost set up for a second game but people arrived and brought the player count to 5.
  • Say Anything: 2 plays of this one and it was a little 'meh'? It was our first time playing and my friend Chris brought his girlfriend Emily who's a bit new to the group so she didn't know what to write most the time. We tried playing with the normal scoring rules the first game and the Tabletop variant the second but neither felt right. I might need to try this again as a closer instead of an opener and have some drinks with it. I won the first game and Emily won the second.
  • King of Tokyo: 2 plays of this one without the expansion as to not overly confuse the non-gamer Emily. It was a lot of fun which is pretty standard for KoT. I won the first and Emily the second, again.
  • Lords of Waterdeep: We ended our night on this one as I figured it was one of the easier games to teach that I could consider a bit heavier. Jesse almost always wins this one which makes me happy to say I managed to steal the win even though it was close!
  • I wish I would have been able to play Kemet since that's my new big game or even Power Grid or Yedo but I knew Emily would be a bit overwhelmed by those and Dan had to leave around the same time the couple left so I wasn't able to force him into playing.
  • Ah well, I'll lure people into playing again soon... Yes... Sooon.

After seeing #Takenoko on #Tabletop I decided to buy the game. I’ve played it around 10 times with my brother, the first two times with the normal rules, and all the other times with the modified rules that fix the only problem we’ve encountered with the game rules: panda cards are the easiest cards to complete. The variants we used were that you cannot complete two objective cards one after the other, and that every set of three different objectives complete give you an extra 3 points in the end. The game is gorgeous, lots of fun, really well made (the bamboo pieces are made from wood, the panda and gardener figurines are detailed and well painted, there is a little comic book that describes the rules, and the cards and tiles are beautifully illustrated). It takes 5 minutes to setup, and around 45 minutes to play, with great replayability, and really is a joy to play. 


Tsuro of the Seas!

I played with the normal Tsuro rules. I played earlier in the week with the sea monsters. Basically you make a path and try to stay on the board and away from the sea monsters.

How muck luck 2
How much strategy 3
How much talking 2
How much thinking 2
How nerd friendly 2
How geek friendly 2
How kid friendly 4
How much fun 3

This game is a good start up game to get the ball rolling on a game night. I put this in my simple strategy games.


My Friends and I playing LAST NIGHT ON EARTH

Game 1 - Objective: Get to the Truck with a can of gas and the keys….

This was a lot of fun and all our survivors made it out of town before dawn :D


Kelly as Sally the High School Sweetheart
Mike as Johnny the Quarterback
Sheri as Father Joseph
Ian as Jenny the Farmers Daughter
Chris as THE ZOMBIES Game 2 - Objective: Save 4 town folk  by dawn - If 2 survivors die you lose.

We lost only one Survivor (Johnny) and all of us ended up in the Gun Store battling waves of zombies until the sun came up…. We are an AWESOME Zombie fighting team!

Kelly as Sally The High School Sweetheart
Nigel as Johnny (RIP) and Father Joseph
Jeremy as Becky the Nurse
Mike as Sheriff Taylor
Chris as male ZOMBIES
Ian as female ZOMBIES   
Side note: These game pieces are modified Horror/Sports/Hero Clix minis.
BIS Dragon*Con 2012 survival guide

Dragon*Con comes up next week. And we all know that cons aren’t for sissies. There are still some good rules, or guidelines as it were, for surviving at Dragon*Con (or any other convention).

5-3-1 Rule: 5 hours of sleep, 3 meals, 1 shower
This should be the minimum mandatory for us all especially concerning the shower. 40k+ people packed into that small a space requires good hygiene habits.

Hygiene rule: Cleanliness is next to Wheatoness.
Wash your hands frequently and before you put anything in your mouth. If you’re not near a sink, use hand sanitizer. Con crud sucks and you don’t want to pass it on to anyone else. And if you see me on Sunday, you might want to run away screaming or put on a hazmat suit. That’s usually when my con crud kicks in.

Elevator rule: You will have a hellacious wait.
If there’s space on the elevator, get on it. It doesn’t matter if it’s going the direction you want. It’ll go that way soon enough. Of course, I don’t know why you’re bothering to try to take the elevator. Just take the stairs.

Corollary to the Elevator rule: Pointy costumes on the elevator, wait for the next.
Trust me, I’ve gotten poked in the face/back of the head/tit too many times while pressed back against the glass in an elevator at the Hyatt.

2nd Corollary to the Elevator rule: Be prepared to get up close and personal with strangers.
I swear, dude, I did not mean to grab your ass. I got bumped by Chewbacca. Okay, the first time, I got bumped by Chewy. The second time was an ass grab. Sorry. Nice top hat, by the by.

3rd Corollary to the Elevator rule: The Stair rule: The stairs can be your friend.
BISis has no patience with waiting for things. She also doesn’t understand any of the DC elevator rules. I’m prepared to take the stairs most of the time. I’ve requested again that we be on the 10th floor or below. I can do 10 flights a couple times a day. Two years ago, the 16th floor almost killed me. By the by, the stairwells are gross by the end of the con.

Line rule: Talk to people.
I’ve always had great conversations with complete strangers while waiting in line for my badge (really, with as long as that wait is, you might as well enjoy it) and for panels. Dragon*Con is filled with people just like you. You never know, you could make life long friends, or at least, a weekend drinking buddy. If you’re near me in a panel line, ask to join in a game. I’ll have Zombie Dice and Cthulhu Dice with me this year. I’ll also be taking photos of any game of them I play to submit to the As Seen On Tabletop tumblr.

Costumes rule: Be prepared.
Have a sewing kit. Always change your underwear. Or possibly don’t plan on wearing the same costume/outfit everyday. Also consider how difficult it will be to navigate stairs, rows between chairs, and the bathroom in the costume. Also be prepared for the heat. Atlanta is called Hotlanta for a reason.

Corollary to the Costume rule: Don’t stand too close.
I love steampunk outfits. They are fantastic. They also frequently have sharp, and pointy edges especially if they have steampunk fairy wings. Don’t walk too closely. Pointy hurts. (Pardon my Willow moment.) This goes for costumes with weapons as well. It’s all fun and games til someone gets an eye put out and most people don’t look good in an eyepatch. They’re also hard to game in, eyepatches that is.

Mary Poppins rule: Be prepared.
There’s a reason I carry a Bag of Holding to D*C. I have cameras, wallets, OTC meds, snacks, drinks, sweaters, notebooks, pens, tissues, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, clorox wipes, face wipes, and who knows what else.

Second most important con rule, (i.e. The Wheaton Rule): Don’t be a dick!
Listen to the wise and all knowing (or mostly knowing anyway) Wil Wheaton. He know of which he speaks.

And above all else, Most Important Con Rule: Have fun!

As usual, I’m forgetting a few here. Feel free to add more to the comments.