Aaah, I am quite surprised that I even got this far with this blog, since I have rebooted Shuu quite a few times && well, I would have thought you guys would have gotten bored of someone who takes so many Hiatus-es? But thank you so much, my dears, for staying with this meme or even just recently following.

I wish I could put everyone here since dealing with me in your dash is enough to deserve my admiration, but alas, I shall write the people I- yes.

Primarily, I would like to thank dennys for their food.

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  • Me:What are we eating for game night?
  • Sister:Pizza, burgers, maybe nachos.
  • Me:Oh, nachos would be great! Just make mine without cheese--
  • Nephew:Without cheese? -starts laughing and has to leave the room because he finds that too much-
  • Sister:That would make them chips.
  • Me:You didn't let me finish: I would just make them with vegan cheese.
  • Nephew:-still laughing in the other room-

It’s weird to have my name be Terra bc I’ll be minding my business when I see my name. It’s like it’s shouting TERRA at me and I get confused for a sec haha

dominam-mali ; mama

the woman pauses for a moment, but soon enough a smile comes
to rest against her features, going to her knees as she bundles her
small child close, placing her upon her lap and pressing a kiss to the
top of the young girls head. She was not, primarily, a caring sort of
woman; cold and harsh when push came to shove– but her daughter
was an entirely different situation, and Maleficent could not help the
way she practically melted for the child.

                        ❝—the scariest dragon I have ever seen.❞

░▒▓ — ✖✖ ℳ ; ✿

           ❛❛ it okay mama i won’t burn you wi’ff my fire ! i protect you fw’om the mean nasty people ! cause tha’s what we do right ? we keep each’wother safe ❜❜ the child assures her MOTHER , snuggling close to her . the energetic child soon tires of her mother’s embrace , wiggling out so she can run around the room ; flapping her pretend wings & growling at imaginary villagers ; but ends up tripping over her own feet in her haste & falling down . of course , she’s not seriously hurt but she still cries out loudly for her mother .

i have this cute headcanon about the x files. i’ve always felt kinda inspired by the way mulder write his reports. so i imagine if skinner sometimes sits in his chair, in the late evening and read it and gets so fascinated by mulder’s way to explain things, the passion in which he talks about all those x files cases, that when he closes the report he smiles and wonder if that’s why he cannot fire mulder. because after all, he’s a good agent (at least he seems to be trying to be one… not so hard at all) and his faith in the truth is what gives him determination to never give up on saving people’s lives, on spreading the truth because deep within his heart, skinner also wants to help mulder and to know the truth.

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I've seen your ff on my dash a gajillion times in the past hour and realised I got left out lol don't worry about it babe, congrats on your 500!!! :))) <3

Aha, sorry to be so annoying. AND NO I WILL WORRY ABOUT IT MESSAGE ME OFF OF ANON! If I’ve left you out I’m so, so, SO sorry, I didn’t mean to! I follow over 1,000 blogs, and I’d try following less but I just can’t unfollow any of you. This means that a) I couldn’t fit everyone in, b) I definitely have forgetten some people (e.g. lovely you), and c) EVERYONE I FOLLOW IS SO FABULOUSLY AMAZING THAT I CAN’T BEAR TO BE WITHOUT YOU. So yeah, please let me know and I’ll add you <3