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  • you log in to check the reviews on your most recent story. 1 new review. you click on it. the only thing written is a string of strange symbols. you stare at it, but it makes no sense. but the more you stare, the more you understand, the more you know, until finally it makes perfect sense. everything makes perfect sense.
  • you finish the last posted chapter of your favorite fic and check the date it was updated to see when you might get the next one. the date reads 4-2-1778. you suppose you can forgive the author for not updating recently. after all, the revolutionary war was a busy time for us all.
  • your beta messages you. she wants you to fix a few mistakes. she wants to you to fix her mistakes. she wants you to fix her.
  • it’s time to change your profile image. you scan your files for a new one, settling on a picture that purrs when you crop it. as you import the new one, you hear your old profile pic whisper please don’t send me back.
  • you promised an update by midnight. your readers are waiting and it’s 11:30. your fingers fly over the keys. it’s 11:45. you just need to finish this page. it’s 11:52. no time to check spelling or grammar-but wait a second. you look at the clock. it’s been 3 am all along. all the keys on your keyboard are spiders. they skitter away.
Never Seen Anything (Quite Like You)

Captain Swan fic because of this:
Well I’ve seen you in jeans, with no make-up on
and I’ve stood there in awe as your date for the prom
I’m blessed as a man, to have seen you in white
But I’ve never seen anything quite like you tonight.

She walks into the room in sparkling silver heels, elegant and graceful. Dressed in a beautiful emerald gown, Emma was finally ready for the first ‘Royal Ball of Storybrooke’.  

“So, what do you think?”

A little twirl as her long curled hair bounced on her shoulders and Emma’s smile was brighter than he’d ever seen.


He stood there, breathless and fascinated by the mesmerizing woman that stood in front of him. Killian knew how beautiful Emma looked in a ball gown after their little adventure to the past, but now that they were together he could fully appreciate the woman he loved. He took her hands, placed them on his heart and kissed her.

“I have never seen a more magnificent sight. I feel honoured to have you by my side – for tonight and always.” 

“For a man who was a pirate for one thousand years, you’re developing quite the charming personality… You are the only man to ever escort me to a Royal Ball after all.” Emma softly teased.

With that, (and another long, drawn out kiss of course) Killian escorted Emma towards the town hall. 

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anonymous asked:

What if: Seahorse mer with big belly full of eggs and other mer have to push them around places because they just kinda float in place otherwise.

That is officially too fucking adorable for words.


I can imagine that this would make a subunit and close social bonds REALLY important for Seahorse mer as well as ocotmer.

nirdian asked:

I saw you wrote a lil' thing about Found Footage films, and wondered: have you seen Chronicle? It's one of my faves and does the FF in a really clever way I think.

yea i love chronicle!! its on my list of recommended movies thats floating around here somewhere