grohlin asked:

3, 10, 11, 19 and 20. :*

Favorite you’ve ever seen?
Though the FF show in November slayed me, my favorite show ever is probably QOTSA at this gorgeous theater in town. It was seated which is always weird but they were so on and it was so magical. Ugh it was amazing. And I took my dad who had just kinda fallen in love with them and I always love bringing people to shows of amazing bands for the first time so it was special. The Garbage/Screaming Females show was a close second though I loved that night so much.

General admission or seated?
Okay okay okay so, I love GA because you can be up close and personal and in the thick of things but it also adds HUGE amounts of stress to me most shows. I basically am on the verge of puking due to anxiety until I’m inside the venue and on the barrier. That stress just fucks me up and I know I do it to myself but w/e. Also seated shows mean you don’t have to get there super early or worry about parking for like 12 hours. It’s easy. Still, I do prefer GA but I appreciate seated shows when they come. 

Do you like a band playing mostly new or old stuff?
Deep cuts. I’m that girl at the show, I know. New stuff is great when you really connect with the new album, but let’s be real, the connection you have with track 2 of 2015′s release aint the same as track 7 from 2001 you know? I like to have a good amount of oldies sprinkled in to soak it all in.

What’s one band you’d love to see live?
Now that I’ve seen FF, I can actually answer this with someone else wow. That’s a big deal. I still have yet to see Beck and that kills me because Beck has been my boy since Odelay and that’s like as old as me so what the fuck?

Also Jeff if you pull a bendis and fucking kill Clint I will be so pissed

Have them fight or have it like Hawkeye vs dead pool where they never actually really faught each other (but not where Clint gets mind controlled. Fuck that bs) but DO NOT kill my boy

I’ve seen him die enough ffs while I put up with multiple Tony Starks