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Hiya! I once saw a gif that showed Harry saying "I'm not even sure I wrote that line" about the line in Perfect "If you're looking for someone to write your break up songs about" Have you seen the video? I'm not sure if it was legit or made up


It’s legit, Miya doesn’t make up subtitles for her gifs without clarifying it’s a joke, for one.

Also, you can read Harry’s lips, you can tell he’s saying ‘wrote that line’. So, yeah, 100% real.

Here’s the video. Third one on the list. Aarround 1.30 minutes.

so i just watched the Steven Universe episode “Mr. Greg” and.

Holy. Shit.

i was out camping when it came out, so the first i saw of it was a gif set from Pearl’s solo, “It’s Over, Isn’t It?” and. i honestly cannot explain how much i love this episode. now, i’m not a huge fan of SU. i watch it when it’s on and reblog cute fanart, but i…don’t really follow it. i haven’t seen probably a third of the episodes and the episodes i have seen have been out of order, but “Mr. Greg” gave me everything i’ve wanted from this show(i’m gonna put this under a cut cause it got bigger than i expected whoOPS)

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@fitzsimmonsiess replied to your photoset “(almost) every frame of The Scene (2 / 3) ”

IS THAT A TEAR IN THE THIRD GIF!!!!??????????!!!!!!!!! IS JEMMA CRYING?????!?????????!!!!!!! OMG THAT’S A TEAR SHE’S CRYING


it’s a loose hair that catches the light when she tilts her head down. :-)

(trust me, I’ve giffed that scene like a hundred times, and squinted at that hair when I thought my file of the episode had something wrong with it, lmao. since then, I’ve seen it in other peoples’ gifsets too, and it’s def a hair.)

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Do you know how to make those gifs with song lyrics overlaid on top? I've seen you post some DA and MA pics with Hamilton lyrics. I really want to put some Trespasser/Epilogue screencaps with lyrics from "One Last Time"

I’m not sure how others do it, but I just use instagiffer like I do for all my gifs because I’m basic like that? It’s a third party software, yeah, but it’s compact, free, easy to use, and the text function is nothing to shake a stick at. It can’t do lower text opacity, but otherwise, it’s really quite decent. :)

I mean, I’m borderline technologically illiterate, so the fact that I can do this…

is as roaring an endorsement as I can give it. :)