ON HIATUS - JULY 30, 2013 // 1:18am

LAHAT ng inquiries na pinadala gamit ang form ay nasagutan. Ang mga inquiries sa form lang ang pinapansin namin, no personal message—sa form lang. Huwag makulit.

PERO NASAAN ANG FORM?! WALA PO. HIATUS KAMI. Hindi kami tumatanggap sa ngayon. Balik ka na lang sa susunod.

Sobrang nabaon ng inquiries ang ramdam kita team ngayong July at talagang nahihiya kami dahil ang tagal naming nagreply. Napunta kami sa desisyong mag hiatus muna, titigil muna ang operasyon ng ramdam kita… HINDI KAMI AALIS, babalik kami pero sa ngayon ay aalahanin muna namin ang mga kanya-kanyang buhay namin sa labas.

Habang wala kami ay sana huwag kayong panghinaan ng loob. Laging tandaan na hindi kayo nag iisa—kung sa tingin niyo iniwan na kayo ng lahat, NANDYAN PA RIN SIYA. SI GOD. Kausapin mo Sya, makikinig Siya sa`yo. Tiwala.

Some quotes to live by:

  • “Kaya ka lang naman mahuhulog sa kanya kasi wala kang ginagawa sa buhay mo at ang dami mong time para isipin siya. Magpakabusy ka. Try mo.”

  • “Magtanong  sa taong involved para malaman ang sagot dahil hindi mo makukuha ang sagot sa akin, opinyon lang ang binibigay ko.”

  • “Paano niya malalaman na may problema pala kung hindi mo sinasabi na may problema?”

  • “Crush lang `yan, huwag ka mag level up porke`t uso eh makiki “love” ka rin.“

  • "Make that person an inspiration, not a distraction.”
  • “Alamin mo muna ang lahat bago ka magdesisyon.”

  • “Mag aral ka ng mabuti.”

Goodluck and smile always! See you soon :]


Okay so I was asleep and just woke up thinking. This isn’t very serious thinking and please I also have a fever (yay). But Velvet!!

I have been just waiting for her to show us her semblance, we all have, and considering she is The Velveteen Rabbit and… A rabbit in general (you know like the ones you make appear out of hats). So I’m assuming she can summon copies and make them REAL. At least real enough.

But the thing with the Velveteen Rabbit is… You have to LOVE it enough. The Velveteen Rabbit becomes REAL at the end of the story because it has had so much love put into it.
The weapons… Ruby loves Crescent Rose. She even says it is like meeting new people. The other characters value their weapons too. Giving them names! So maybe Velvet can’t just take a still picture of the weapons. She could just ask her friends if that was the case. But no. She has to “build up” her collection. She has to take snapshots of their lives. Their has to be emotion behind it.

And speaking of emotions…. Maybe it isn’t just the weapons she can copy. She snapped that picture of pensive/serious RWBY with no weapon.

What attract the Grimm? Negative emotion. Can other feelings have an opposite affect? At least make them fight less viciously?

Can we really defeat Grimm with the power of love and friendship?

She has been building this up all year. Think of all the JOY we have seen. You may not remember it after these last few episodes, maybe the characters don’t themselves, but there really was two whole volumes of happiness!!!

If Velvet’s semblance does follow the above… In some way… It really wont be A hero who will rise about… It’ll be all of them.

anonymous asked:

i noticed you started tagging more lately what tags do you use?

I have!

I sort using:

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I think that’s about it, if there’s anything else you’d like for me to tag. I’d be more than happy to help. I didn’t tag NSFW before someone asked me to so just ask and I’ll try and deliver.