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Neil: I’m such a fake bitch

Andrew: I’m going to kill someone

Dan: I’m the fucking boss

Allison: I’m mean but at least I have killer eyeliner

Renee: I’m like so fucking pure

Matt: I’m confused but I support you

Kevin: I’m an anxiety-vodka mess

Nicky: I’m gay da ba dee da ba dai

Aaron: I’m wasting my time here I should just log out

Seth: I’m dead

there are some people in the fandom that are convinced that neil is gay (like homosexual gay, not just umbrella term gay) and that saying otherwise would be homophobic because yes, gay men can have monogamous relationships too. and like, well, that’s. sorta incorrect but due to different reasons. 

and due to that, we got to talking about this scene with nicky and neil in the library.

well, to think abt this scene in context, technically neil wasn’t even interested in anything apart from exy and surviving, much less a relationship with the guy that has cost him multiple emotional breakdowns before that conversation with nicky.

he explicitly said he didnt swing. at the start of the series. but lo and behold he actually ends up trusting andrew minyard because andrew’s Got Him. 

and can i just say,,, andreil happened bc andrew initiated and neil thought long and hard before going “that was nice. we should try kissing again.” and they had the whole “you’re the only one i’m interested in. no one else is appealing to me” scene afterwards, remember? there was ice cream.

now, as a demigirl who is in the ace-spectrum but prefers women, i can’t speak for everyone’s experience but ths is how i see it: 

if you are gay, like solid in your belief that you’re definitely interested in same-sex relationships, you would know through personal experience that being exclusive to someone does not bar your attraction to other people. that’s just how it works. otherwise, you’re dependent on the person you’re latching onto.

being demisexual means that you’re interested in the person you’ve made an incredibly strong bond with. meaning that neil, as a demisexual man, was interested in andrew because he trusted andrew. does that make him gay? no. it does put him in a same-sex relationship he’s exclusive to due to the fact that neil trusts literally no one else.

now if you disagree with that, i do Not know what book series you read. but this is the reality, the way i see it.


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