So imagine Harry is only a few days old and he is so tiny and new and James and Lily are just sitting there beaming, Sirius is crying happy tears and holding him so gently and is just perfect, then they look at Remus and ask if he wants to hold him

and one part of Remus is like “Oh Merlin yes please let me hold him I love him so much” and another part of him is like “I can’t hold him, I can never hold him, please don’t let him near me I don’t want to hurt him” And so he just moves back slightly trying to wipe his smile away cause of course he can’t hold a baby, let alone lily or james’ baby how dare he even think that he could ever

Lily just knows whats going through his head and she gently forces him to hold harry. He soon gives in and he’s holding harry, james and lily’s son, for the first time and he’s in tears cause this little boy is just their little ray of sunshine admist the darkest time in their lives.

Then Harry starts crying and Remus is freaking out cause this is all his fault he’s hurt harry somehow and now lily and james will never let him hold harry ever again and then Sirius comes ever and just whispers to harry, gently touches his head and harry calms down. Then Remus just looks at Sirius and remembers how much he loves him

and meanwhile lily and james are standing there like in tears cause remus and sirius just look so perfect standing there together and in love and with their baby

but then… well you know the rest…


thank u so much for these messages oh my god. okay so I have lipsticks and I have lipglosses.

the first arm is my lipsticks, some cheap, some expensive, all loved by me. the brands I own are NYC, e.l.f., kleancolor(?), LA Colors, Maybelline, Merle Norman(???) and Sephora.

the second arm is my glosses. the brands are MAC, Shiro, e.l.f., and Avon.

my tops from left to right are NYC in 320 Mahogany, e.l.f. Matte Lip Color in Cranberry, Sephora Rouge in R21 Ingenuous, and this LA Colors “All-in-One” stick that doesn’t have a color on it?? it’s so sparkly. The glosses are “Red In My Ledger” by Shiro Cosmetics and e.l.f.’s shimmering facial whip in Pink Lemonade (it’s really lemonade-y!)

I loved making this post thank you so much for letting me ramble on like this im really bad at makeup but I love it so much