Dear Elise,

I wish you all the success in this upcoming year and receive many more opportunities.  We’re happy to be able to witness your growth as a person and in your art and enjoy seeing you excel in it.  You are one of the most humble and kindest human and we’re proud to call you a role model and inspiration.

Happy Birthday!  Have an amazing day!  You deserve the world! 🎉 🎂 🎈

I Think You Forgot (Deaf Lance)

Well starlings~ You asked, and I made~ Enjoy my first one-shot in forever!

           Lance never thought one stupid accident would change his life so dramatically, he never thought all it would take was one little mistake. One fall and he would lose something so important. Lance still remember everything before it. How loud the cars were in the street, how quiet the breeze was, how chilly it was. He wasn’t wearing a jacket. Yet, he couldn’t remember anything during it. The doctor’s said it was his brain protecting him from trauma. Lance called it his brain stealing even his last few painful moments of still being able to hear completely.

           Now the world was just so dim.

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Happy 100th Birthday Joan Fontaine [Oct 22nd 1917 - Dec 15th 2013]

- You know, I’ve had a hell of a  life. Not just the acting part. I’ve flown in an international balloon race. I’ve piloted my own plane. I’ve ridden to the hounds. I’ve done a lot of exciting things.

anonymous asked:

Hi wifu! I’ve been following your blog for a while and I really love your work! How did you get so popular?

This is…a very wide topic to discuss!

I feel like it’s really easy to forget that having ‘appealing’ art and being a very skilled artist are two different things. Why did that sketch by that popular artist get thousand of notes but my full illustration with background only got 5 notes? That’s very discouraging. Does that mean my drawing was worse? Not really, at least not in terms of execution.

It’s a little harsh to put it this way, but think of it as if we were on Tinder. It only takes two second to swipe left if your artwork doesn’t catch the viewer’s attention.

There’s a huge difference between being skilled and knowing how to present your art, and blaming others for not getting notes is a detrimental way of thinking that will only slow you down!

This is not just some anti-negativity bullshit. It’s practical. It’s not the average viewer’s fault if he ignored or “just liked” your piece without reblogging. Blaming external causes for your own lack of popularity just makes it so you keep doing what you do blindly, holding yourself back from improving.

I recommend checking this post by tamberella out for a much better understanding (and more insightful tips) on the topic of appealing art.

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strive for popularity (after all, especially if art’s gonna be your job, it’s important to understand what works and what doesn’t, in a field in which communication is key), but make sure you do it with understanding instead of blaming others or guilt tripping them into reblogging your art. (I made a comic about this a while ago)

Back to your question…there’s not a specific way to become popular.  I can only offer a few tips on attitude / blog management / drawing:

  • Practicing by drawing a lot is important but practicing by observing a lot is the key to improvement! Being exclusively self-referential leads to stagnation.
  • Observe what other people do, understand why certain things work more than others do. This doesn’t mean you should copy specific pieces. Just take the overall vibe of something and rework it. See what people like!
  • Find popular artists who do something you feel is similiar to what you do. Understand what is it that makes their art so appealing.
  • Artstyles work as a the sum of their parts. There are so many parameters when ‘rating’ a drawing. Anatomy, lineart, coloring, composition, style, perspective, posing etc. are just a few of them, and just because you have an understanding of some it doesn’t mean you got it all figured out. For example, realistic shading might not be the best choice with very cartoony proportions, but might work in some cases. Analyze single pieces instead of a whole gallery!
  • Make separate folders for the art you like solely for its content (as in fandom/character depicted), and the art you like for how it’s made. Name the folders accordingly, such as concept, composition, coloring, poses, etc. You’ll need these more than you realize.
  • Tag your drawings in the right way. The first 5 tags are the only ones showing up in the tumblr /tagged/ (and the first 20 tags are ones showing up in /search/), so use them carefully instead of filling them up with #this sucks i know im sorry, #i did this very quickly, #im so tired, and so on.
  • Be consistent! You won’t get much of a following if you post a sketch once every six months.
  • It’s ok to reblog your own art once or twice but filling your followers’ dash with the same drawing over and over again won’t make it suddenly go viral, so finding a good balance might be useful
  • Negativity can be very heavy to handle sometimes, and people who don’t know you just wanna have a good time looking at your art, without the angry/sad stuff. Getting an art-only blog might be a good idea - this is especially true if you’re not ranting about your personal life, but about the lack of attention your art gets. Be nice to your followers, blaming them for not reblogging your art is counterproductive!
  • Give it time! Regardless of your skill, it’s gonna take a while to gain an audience.

On a final note, I would like to clarify that at the end of the day you’re free to draw whatever you want, these are just tips for a better understanding of how visual impact affects the amount of visibility you get. As long as you’re having fun, keep drawing whatever it is that you’re drawing!

I hope this was somewhat helpful. Take care!


Armie & Timmy cute moments (Part 1) (Part 2)

SW Request for @solohux of Hux and Techie in matching shirts that say “Big brother” and “little brother”.

Hope you don’t mind me making Techie just a bit shorter ;v;…went with the “new” techie style…lol.