rebuilding genji’s body

mercy: alright these are all the organs we could salvage
genji: cool thanks
genji: dr. ziegler i need you to do me a favour
mercy: of course genji, what is it?
genji: ok can you go find my brother hanzo
genji: you dont have to bring him in or kill him or anything just find him
genji: find him and find out how tall he is
genji: keep it in mind when you make my legs
genji: because i need you to make me one inch taller than him
genji: exactly ONE inch taller
genji: just barely enough so you can TELL im taller than him
genji: no more no less
mercy, who has been working for 10 hours straight:
 [inhales deeply]
mercy: [exhales slowly]
mercy: [pinches bridge of nose]
mercy: …aight dude

People tend to judge mental disorders too harshly,
So i ask you this:
Dont judge too quickly,
Keep your mean words til the end,
Yes, we have flaws
Sometimes more than others
But just put down your opinion for awhile

Youll see that the boy with deep scars up his forehand
will always be there for you,
Sometimes youll wonder how hes still alive with such a gash down his arm
He jokes and tells us that he got it during a war,
And ill tell you,
Youll laugh at the horrifying joke and wonder how such a boy can joke about this,
Youll become fond of him,
I promise you.
You cant get enough of his disturbing jokes and youll wonder about the boy with the war scar that needed stiches from his elbow, up.

Youll see that the girl who barely eats will draw the most breathtaking pictures
Youll stare at her while she draws and realize that theyre about monsters,
Dont get her wrong, ocasionally she’ll draw a rainbow and you cant help but laugh,
Ill tell you,
Youll find yourself thinking about her more than you should.

Youll find that the boy who has difficulty staying alive
is the life of the party and everyones
best friend but not his own,
Youll grow fond of his pointless conversions and jokes
but find yourself searching for jokes to tell him
Then youll wonder if he made it til today
But the next day, he’ll buy you a drink
Youll grow fond of the boy that is the ultimate winner of the game
‘Ways to die with things in this room’
Youll adore him for it
Youll laugh as he says he could use floss as a noose and
hope he never does.

Youll fall in love with the girl in the back of the room
Who takes a little more effort to be noticed,
Youll talk to her and get attached
Even when you talk about the colour of bedsheets,
Youll be scared to death when she starts to shake uncontrollably and become non-existant to the world for awhile,
Youll grow fond of her worn out grey eyes and smile when you ask about the weather,
I promise,
Youll do anything to stop her panic attacks

So i ask if you have any mean words to exachange,
Even after meeting
The war scarred boy,
The too skinny painter,
The floss noose boy
and lastly
The grey eyes girl.
We arent monsters,
We’re just different.”

Lydia Martin is important. She has lost her best friend and both of her boyfriends. She went through hell and back while keeping her makeup intact. Her eyeliner so perfect that it will cut anyone who tries to mess with her. Lydia Martin is a strong female character and if you try to tell me otherwise, I will look at you like you are nuts.

random bios

c stewrtz 

  • do not be worried about what people think of you
  • when it’s over, leave.
  • im such a sarcastic bitch
  • go ahead. do your worst.
  • im senseless
  • too fucking cute for this
  • enjoy the silence
  • everytime you smile at me i fall in love over and over again
  • it’s awful to want to go away
  • no words can explain the way i miss you
  • my heart talks about nothing but you
  • i cant and i dont to want see another thing
  • millions of stars in the sky, but all i wanna do is stare into your eyes
  • is there no way out of the mind?
  • they say i act like i dont give a fuck, i tell them im not acting
  • if you think of pulling the trigger, keep in mind that I could still shoot first
  • three word story: pain changes people
  • i don’t need a Valentine, i need Valentino
  • i’m all yours i got no control
  • lets do what we love and do a lot of it
  • have the courage to follow your heart
  • i’ll never be good enough at anything
  • i like the storms, they let me know that even the sky scream sometimes
  • you can dye your hair, buy new clothes, you can change your shoes, rearrange your nose but it don’t change the fact that you’re ugly on the inside
  • i don’t wanna be your friend, i wanna kiss your neck
  • if you never shoot i’ll never know
this is something i like to call stage ashton masterpost

i feel like we dont talk about stage ashton enough so yo ho here we go

External image

orgasm face 


External image

everything about this picture is amazing ok fight me

bang me like those drums pl s

this gif gives me physical pain

1) arms 2) arMs 3) grunt 4) hair flip 5) a RM S this isn’t stage ashton but i love this gif so shut up

cant tell if porn or stage ashton

can this be considered illegal i think this should be considered illegal

External image

concentrated fa CE MY BODY IS READY

External image

fuck off m8

a wild luke appeared

it looks like you and him just got into a huge fight before the show gOO DBYE

tank tops on ashton got me feeling something

ok thats it goodfuckingbye maddie out

so in conclusion stage ashton is underrated and is considered illegal porn thank you for joining me on this special episode of fuck off ashton irwin


Well. I have been sitting here over the past few hours, seeing you guys send me messages like.

Simply because I was not ready. I did not expect the reaction I got, but enough of my anxiety. Time for the important stuff.

You dont need to ask to be in the video - all you need to do is follow the instructions below!

What is this video?

I see this video as a PSA for Markipliers Heroes. I see it as a way of the fans telling the world who we are, and basically why we are so awesome. Why this community is so amazing. Its your chance to shine.

Whats it called?

Heroes without capes 

yes I am prepared for all the incredibles gifs I may receive.

What do you need to do?

Its so simple. All you guys need to do is stand, or sit directly in front of your camera and record yourself reading the script which will be under the ‘Keep Reading’ I will probably make a page on the blog which has it on for you guys too. I would like you to be holding a sign which has 'I am a hero’ written on it. It can be written and designed however you want. Simple or fancy. Express yourself. You can be wearing whatever you want to. Want to cosplay? do it. Want to be wearing your Warfstache shirt fine. No nudity. 

My idea is to seamlessly edit between everyone as they read the same script. To show that although we may look and sounds different, underneath we are all the same. We are all heroes. 

Smile, laugh, have fun. Be silly. Enjoy yourself. I want people to smile when they see this as well as feel empowered.

Where do you send your videos?

Send them to

If you can make the format MP4 as my MAC is fussy.

Any questions email or send me a message.

Here is the script!

Oosh out
Thank you for existing

Keep reading

  • Golden
  • The Vamps
  • Meet the Vamps

Golden - Lyrics
↳ 17/18

I’ve been fooled too many times,
Always hear the little black and white lies,
I’ve had enough, and off the line
Told myself that I would get it right this time.

Then you walk in through the door,
I couldn’t want you more,
When you let your hair down, hair down.
So tell what to say,
I wanna play your game,
Here me callin head now

The way you movin, got me losing it,
Dont you know that you are Golden, Golden,
No matter where we go, you keep me on my toes,
Don’t you know that you are Golden, Golden

I’m so hung off, just chasing tracks
Can’t disconnect my heart, and there’s no turning back
Your close enough, close enough to touch
And yes you ride my sides and i’m not giving up
You had me from day one
Pulled the trigger, now i’m done
Got my heart on lock down, lock down
We’re playing cat and mouse
I tried to work you out
How I can move your way now

The way you movin, got me losing it,
Dont you know that you are Golden, Golden,
No matter where we go, you keep me on my toes,
Don’t you know that you are Golden, Golden

And i don’t think you know how lovely you are
Yeah hiding your head woah-oh
Keep doing what you do
Cause i’m a fool for you
Don’t you know that you are Golden, Golden

I don’t know
What you’re running from
Where you headed to (no-o-oh)
I don’t know
What you’re running from
Where you headed to (no-o-oh)

The way you move it, got me losing it,
Dont you know that you are Golden, Golden,
No matter where we go, you keep me on my toes,
Don’t you know that you are Golden, Golden

And i don’t think you know how lovely you are
Yeah hiding ahead woah-oh
Keep doing what you do
Cause i’m a fool for you
Don’t you know that you are Golden, Golden

why i hate the signs

aries always obsessed with they ugly ass overpriced shoes that glo in the dark when you turn the lights off

tauruses try to cuddle with you when they know youre in a relationship

geminis keep using big words i dont understand in casual conversations. makin me have to use the dictionary in the middle of a discussion

cancers keep usin the uwu face when we text but i cant tell them that that trend died in 2014 because theyll start crying if i do and im not mean enough for that

leos r not allowed to talk to me because i want to be the only leo in my life

virgos use really complicated phrases to describe very basic lipstick colors. pink lipstick becomes “peachy nudey rosey mauvey cool-toned terra-cotta corally nude lip”

libras always dye their hair that very yellow toned shade of blonde after being naturally brunette all their life then tell ppl at school that its naturally blonde

scorpios are the worst at roasting and still think vaporwave aesthetic is cool

sagittariuses constantly break up and get back together with their significant other but still say “one year wiff bae 💋” in their instagram bios as if no ones noticed they werent talking for three months straight

capricorns get the most worked up abt you destroying their creations on minecraft. they also still play minecraft

aquariuses still think veganism and manbuns are cool

pisces never fuckin TEXT BACK

SeSoo Spam

anon: hi can you make a sesoo spam please? i dont think enough people ship this cute couple

Hello! thank you for telling me this ^^ I already made a post about them a few months ago with a caption “We all know that Sehun has a special place in Kyungsoo’s heart.” For sure Sehun has a place in his other hyungs’ hearts, but for me, SeSoo’s way way different. They’re very endearing and sweet for me ❤

(ccto to the owners of the gifs and pictures used here :>) (ps. long post)

Hairdresser Kyungsoo styling the maknae’s hair~

Look at Sehun always clinging to Kyungsoo like a koala

ohhh yaaass

Remember Sehun checking out Kyungsoo’s underwear?? Yes, he allowed the maknae to look at his underwear.

And what are those whispers??


“I reject you rejecting my love.”

Also, one of the moments I like was when Sehun suprised Kyungsoo in his film, and Kyungsoo sending a Churro truck to Sehun’s filming site :>

Look at his reaction!! It’s priceless!!

When Kyungsoo misses him


watch this too

And there are more more things to love about SeSoo ❤ I hope you enjoyed reading this :>

Bonus: smol and tol

You can’t tell someone who self harms ‘Don’t do this again.’ because its useless.

You can’t tell someone with an eating disorder 'Just eat. You are skinny enough.’ Because its useless.

You can’t tell someone with depression 'Just get over it and be happy. We only live once.’ Because it’s useless.

You can’t tell someone with schizophrenia 'Ignore it.’ Because its useless.

You can’t tell someone with insomnia 'Just sleep’ because its useless.

Do you really think you can help us with that? No, because what you say is for us useless.


no matter what decision she makes, please don’t give her hate for it. she’s received enough hate before, during, and after her hiatus. she doesn’t need more people telling her that “f(x) is better of without you” ok protect her please say you’re happy for her and that we’ll still support her. if we can still love old members of exo and jessica, we can still love her.

Your blackness is not predicated on fitting into narrow constructs created by others. Black women; y'all don’t have to all have fat asses or big breasts in order to be built like a black woman, don’t think you have to look a certain way to be you. Black men; we dont have to have an eight pack or be hung like a horse in order to be valued as men, we define what we are for ourselves.

Don’t let someone tell you that you aren’t black enough or dont act black; don’t let reduce all that you are into something so pedestrian as a stereotype.

Dear SPN Fandom

and by fandom i mean family.  

i myself have not received any hate from anons, but i have heard all about it and i cant even believe this is happening… or why such hate exists.  

without dragging on, i just want to remind you of a couple of things about our little silly family, things you shouldn’t forget.  

i made a post like this once before but… i think you all need to see it again.

besides the love that we all share in our fandom between each other and the people we meet because of it…












THEY ADORE US ALL!  This fact alone is enough to prove that YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!! To the cast, to our fandom, to yourself!



BUT I KNEW HIM; A mix for two friends / lovers / enemies / strangers / what are you to me?

o1. KVÄLLENS SISTA CIGARRETT - veronica maggio
      ( For several hours we’ve / admitted every weakness / it became a strange night )
o2. BUZZCUT SEASON - lorde
I’m the one you tell your fears to / there’ll never be enough of us )
o3. FLAWS - bastille
There’s a hole in my soul / can you fill it? )
o4. KILL! KILL! KILL! - the pierces
      ( W
ell you could wash my brain / you could tear out my heart / but I would never forget you )
o5. DEVIL MAY CRY - the weeknd
And home will feel like home again / corruption will fill your brain )
o6. END OF THE LINE (PIANO) - henry jackman
      ( Instrumental )
o7. HEAVY IN YOUR ARMS - florence + the machine
Whispering like it’s a secret / only to condemn the one who hears it / with a heavy heart )
o8. A LITTLE DEATH - the neighbourhood
Make me feel like I am breathing / feel like I am human / again )
RUN - daughter
      ( So we lay in the dark / ‘cause we’ve got nothing to say / just the beating of hearts / like two drums in the gray )

Picture credit

Congrats if you’ve seen enough depictions of happy & stable romantic relationships you can identify with, that you find them ‘boring’ now.

No, seriously, congratulations.

I literally can barely even imagine what that must be like.

I’m sorry, but queer people like me dont have the luxury of safety & long track records of success that allow us to get bored by that.

Don’t pretend we have the same leeway to comfortably revel in ‘dramatic tension’, because we know things will turn out well for us.

Don’t come tell me that a queer pairing ending in death or painful ugly breakups, is just 'more interesting’, or would 'make for a better story’.

Dont tell me how cool it would be if the main pairing, which is for ONCE canonically queer, should break up so they can mayyyybeee get back together later, because then they’d 'grow as people more’, rather than letting them stay together.

Don’t tell me they should break up over being closeted because you think that would somehow be a more unique storytelling experience than actually letting queer people be happy and work through obstacles.

Don’t tell me they should go and date someone of the opposite gender instead & end up with them because 'it’s bisexual representation’, like the most common narrative bi characters get is their SGA being footnotes in a traditional romance narrative of a guy and a girl.

Don’t tell me to settle for caveats, for asterixes, for blink-and-miss-it, for 'they were totally canon we just never mentioned it’ after the fact.

Don’t tell me how their deaths were 'realistic & so gripping’, or 'gave you feels’, or because it just feels like you’re telling me our pain is more entertaining than our happiness, and therefore more worthwhile.

Dont tell me how us dying would be 'needed for the story’, because it just tells me 'this story isnt about you’ when we wanted so badly, just this once, for it TO be about us.

Let us have some goshdarned happy endings, the way straight people get all the time, because SOMETHING MOST OF US HAVE BARELY SEEN A HANDFUL OF TIMES IN OUR LIVES ISNT BORING, IT’s VITAL.

Exo will arrive in NA in a few hours so here is a nice little reminder :)

So for any one greeting them or thinking about it, please dont lose your mind and do anything irrational, illogical, and hurtful to anyone!

Please be on your best behavior!

Please control yourself!

Please refrain from tugging, pushing, pulling, screaming bloody murder, causing a mosh pit (its a long flight its the last thing they want to have to deal with), hitting, obscene gestures, rude language, inappropriate language and/or gifts, enforcing delusional otp bullshit (im sorry but telling ur otp to “just fuck already” is so delu and ridiculous and you will probably make them feel very uncomfortable), making fun of them in any kind of way (please dont! I cannot stress enough…just dont like we get it they arent fluent in English and sehun has a lisp like let them live!), etc!

Dont follow them!!

Dont chase them!!

Dont sit outside of their hotel/hotel room!!

Dont be a crazy fan ok! They dont need that!

Its ok to show them that you love them but please dont do anything weird or anything to make them uncomfortable!

You have to remember that they are human too! They have feelings, emotions, etc. When they get off the plane they will most likely be jet lagged like a mofo! Its a 15 hour flight! Please dont be insensitive. Screaming and yelling and pushing and pulling is the last thing they want to have to deal with! Please, dont make them uncomfortable.

Remember to set a good example!


They are ppl and right now they are so far from home, just try to put them at ease! Theyve come so far to visit us and perform for us! Dont make them hate their trip and wish to go home!

If you want to give them gifts! Maybe even gifts that will aid them on their trip! (If gifts are allowed to be received ofc)
— heat packs for muscles, energy drinks or gatorade, hand warmer packets, blankets, small travel pillows, gloves/mittens, scarves, socks, (they will need warmth in chicago, toronto, and newark ok!), phone chargers (i believe our power plugs are different so if they dont have an adapter they are screwed :/) gift cards/coupons for food, snacks, city maps, all this may sound silly but its just some ideas to help ease their trip bc maybe they want to get out and explore?
— but remember that they have to continuously travel by plane which means luggage costs… If too many gifts are given then some things may be left behind thats why gifts that can be at least tucked in a corner of a bag or disposed of after use would be a great idea! :)

If you want to show your love!
— make a fan sign! Let them know that they are welcomed, loved, and appreciated! Try to keep them at a decent size to avoid causing issues for others :)

I dont know about yall but im so excited to see them! So lets try to make the stresses of their jobs a bit easier!


GOT7 made me cry.

I swear I wasnt expecting anything from MAMA. I even expected the short stage but I know other IGOT7s wished for a tiny bit of justice….

Then GOT7 just knows how fans feel because they immediately took to their SNS and gave comforting messages like
“You’ve worked hard” “We enjoyed MAMA” “thank you ahgase” “we love you ahgase”

And everything is in reverse, shouldnt we be the ones telling GOT7 these things?! Why are they the ones comforting us?!

I legit cried. Because the boys get to put up with so much shit that they dont deserve yet they still have the courage to smile and move on and tell us they’re okay.

GOT7 if i could hand you all the awards in the world i would.

But there’s no award for the strongest of heart and that would go to you guys. Almost 2 years guys, you’ve put up with so much. Dont ever feel like you’re not good enough, because you are.

Don’t ever break GOT7. We’ll climb this mountain together

Love me,
The cheesy girl who writes essays about her feelings in tumblr

i dont have anything against straight white cis guys in movies and getting awards and stuff but like i’m tired of political correctness like really we have to see another character who’s a white guy? this is the real world, stop catering just to sell tickets and forcing diversity, white guys just aren’t that common. so like it’s cool for them to have their movies or whatever but it’s unrealistic to have them in EVERY movie, you know? like i guess i’m just not politically correct,lol, but like only put a white guy in there if it makes sense otherwise just give the roles to ppl who are best for it you know, its just my opinion. but like i’m not racist or sexist or anything im all for white mens rights and stuff but i’m tired of them like being all in my face about it in movies you know js js