I want to let little kids know that no matter what situation they come up in, that they’re not exempt from success. All I ever wanted was for people to believe in me and just recognize my potential. I came, I struggled, I made it, I conquered.
—  Nayvadius Cash

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Why don't you like Frank's transformation??

1. you can’t use magic to transform a character and take away all their insecurities and call it character development

2. frank’s chubbiness was never a problem. it hindered nothing. there was no reason for it to be written out, other than ~character development~, but it wasn’t.

3. stopped a legitimate character arc about loving yourself and learning to be comfortable in your own skin dead in its tracks by magically erasing the conflict out of the narrative (with literal magic as a plot device).

4. frank losing weight in an unnatural way and having everyone comment on how much better he is for it? like wow way to send a message to kids that nothing matters but how thin you are, you don’t have to be mentally or physically healthy because nobody cares. just. lose weight. like seriously what the fuck is that.

5. frank losing weight as a setup for him becoming a Leader. like just. why. (we all know why.)

6. insecurities don’t just magically vanish even when you use magic to alter your physical appearance. like i’m not going to go around saying that you shouldn’t alter your appearance in ways that make you happy but. frank basically views himself as a clumsy fuckup, and that problem is not going to go away because he lost weight and grew a foot. with that kind of self-image, you gotta deal with the underlying cause or no aesthetic changes will ever be good enough to make you feel better.

7. nobody reading this series has the option of magically losing weight and growing a foot, so it just makes everybody feel like shit. instead of utilizing a gigantic platform to teach kids about body acceptance, we get yet ANOTHER character with virtually (in this case, literally, because it’s LITERAL MAGIC) unattainable body expectations. as if there weren’t enough in this series alone, not to mention all of fiction and the media.

I want to let little kids know that no matter what situation they come up in, that they’re not exempt from success. All I ever wanted was for people to believe in me and just recognize my potential. I came, I struggled, I made it, I conquered.
—  Nayvadius Cash

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I'm shocked how fast the German media turned this into "a raged bullied kid" thing. It's like they prayed to find out he was at least half German so they could blame "not the Muslim" side. this was an attack by a lone wolf. he didn't pledged to Isis but why does it matter? the guy screamed alluah akbar, murdered kids, and the west still spin it as a "not terror attack" for lack of evidence/PC. cowards. this pathetic attitude pretty much guarantee more terror attacks in Germany



What really and truly bugged me about the most recent revelations from Leaves Eyes is that they dragged Alex and Liv’s son into the mess. You NEVER drag the kid into the conflict. No matter what is happening with the band, bringing up their son in a conflict free environment is the most important thing for them to do! At least it should be. I’m pretty sure the kid is old enough to live with whoever he wants anyway. Man,they made Liv out to be a slutty negligent mom. I highly doubt this is true, and I hate the word slut period, but they made a damn strong effort in using anti-feminism to tear her down. They used some hateful terms to get the fans on their side. I hope no one buys it… but in a world where gamergate is a thing, I doubt that my hopes will come true. There’s a lot of hate out there.
I mean, it’s possible that Liv did make a bunch of mistakes, and I’m sure at least some of what the guys say is true. No one sets out to be the bad guy, after all. They have reasons for everything they do. But they lost any respect I could ever have had for them when they used “The sins of a woman” to try to bring her down. Truly sickening.


We can’t say black lives matter. And then treat black girls like shit. How are gonna expect people to respect our lives… When we don’t even respect the women who may have brought us into the world??? And niggas be swift as hell to say that “I’m not like those niggas”… Well what are we doing to change these perceptions ??

i was just thinking about how special rowan is and how lucky we are to have someone like her to look up to, so i decided to write a list of reasons why we should all love rowan blanchard:

  • she speaks up about gender equality
  • she doesn’t believe in labels
  • she “sticks with just existing
  • she supports black lives matter
  • she is interested in politics 
  • and this helps kids be informed about what’s going on in the world
  • she believes education should always come first because
  • at the end of the day, acting is great, but school’s the thing that’s going to be with you forever
  • she never misses a moment to thank her parents and say how grateful she is to them
  • she has the beST MUSIC TASTE (ex: david bowie and BLOOD ORANGE!!!!!!!!!!! HE!!!! IS!!!! THE SUN!!!!!)
  • she is fighting any kind of stereotypes
  • she is speaking up about gun violence
  • she. is. so. polite.
  • she obviously supports marriage equality
  • and #ProtectTransLives and #SayHerName
  • she has been brave enough to openly speak about her depression in an instagram post that i know by heart because it is so important (at least to me)
  • she said she wants to major in journalism because that’s what she wants to do in life
  • she is so down to earth i don’t even have words to explain it
  • she is using her popularity to actually make a change 
  • she has been named feminist celebrity of the year (along with amandla stenberg)
  • she spoke about gender equality at un women us national committee conference
  • she wants teenagers to form THEIR OWN opinion about anything, no matter if she disagrees with them because
  • at least they’re forming them by themselves
  • she likes when people use just their voice to achieve something
  • i’m just going to quote her because her words are very strong “in order to actually spend the rest of your life with yourself contently, you must truthfully fall in love with yourself.”
  • she’s turning 15 in three months????????
  • and she is so wise??????
  • i could go on and tell you other reasons why she’s amazing but the actual list would be endless so i will stop right now because i know you think i’m boring but i just wanted to remind you how important rowan blanchard is

Y'all I live for Jack holding babies. I live for Jack Laurent Zimmermann of the NHL’s Providence Falconers holding a smiley slobbery baby and cooing at them. I live for him wearing one of those baby slings and talking to paparazzi like it’s nothing. I live for them hounding Jack to show the baby and he just smiles down at them and makes sure their little face is covered with his big hands. I live for him taking endless photos of his kid and his husband no matter where they are. I live for him being Bitty’s trophy husband. I live for him being in “behind the scenes” action by bringing Bitty lunch in one arm and a sweet little Bittlemann baby in the other. I could keep going but I might upset myself.

can you imagine nct as teens in the 80′s riding bikes down the street like neighborhood kids, playing with ouija boards in cemeteries at midnight, buying soda glasses with a few coins and chilling under the shade of a big oak tree, flashing the light from flashlights into each others’ windows to wake up in the middle of the night, dirty scuffed up sneakers and taking trips down to the lake for a dip in the summer