Peter Pan Imagine/Jealous

You get very jealous over a new lost girl! 

Everything seemed to be going great you really liked Peter, like really liked him but you weren’t sure where your friendship was going, I mean you guys spent a lot of time together and never left each others site, but this all changed when she arrived.

This new girl Olivia, nobody knew where she came from or how she got there, but Pan seemed to think she needed his help, which you didn’t mind at all until she started taking your place.

“Y/n?” sitting on a rock far away from camp.

“Oh hey Felix.”

You and Felix were best friends you told him everything and he gave some amazing advice.

“What’s wrong bud?”

(Sigh) “You know me too well, I just miss him. I miss making him laugh, staring into his eyes, taking long walks together, holding hands-”

“You guys held hands? Oh I knew it ! You guys totally have the hots for each other!”

“Then why is he all the way over there with Olivia?”

“Oh come on! He is helping her out you know that.”

“I haven’t talked to him in 2 days.”

“Then go talk to him duh!”

Felix was right just because he was with Olivia didn’t mean you couldn’t talk to him.

You spotted them at the river he was teaching her how to catch a fish.

“Hey Peter!” you yelled waving.

He saw you and waved back happily. You walked to him and her.

“Hey guys whats up?”

“Oh nothing I’m teaching  Olivia here how to catch a fish!”

Olivia looked at you up and down and all around, then after smiled, “Hi , yeah so Peter tell me again how she got on here too.”

Uhh why did she need to know and why does she care? You thought.

Interrupting what Peter was gonna say “So Peter, I really miss our walks, can we start that again? I know you’ve been busy and all but-”

“Oh y/n I am terribly sorry, I miss them too.” he grabs your hand and you look at him.

“How about tomorrow?” you suggest.

Olivia interrupts “You’re supposed to teach me how to pick out wood for the fire tomorrow Peter!”

You give her a look, not a mean one, but a confused sad one.You didn’t have the heart to be mean.

“Oh yeah sorry love, i did tell her.” 

Olivia interrupts again “Love? You guys dating?”

Peter turns bright red and you’re shocked.

“What? Oh no uhh no we I mean I mean uh…”

“No we aren’t.” You say. You turn around and walk away.

“Wait y/n maybe we can take a walk some other time?” Peter says.

“I doubt it.” you don’t turn back.

The next day you wake up super early to get to Peter but Olivia is already with him, and she is hanging on his arm laughing and clearly flirting, you ignore it and make breakfast.

She comes up to you “Mmmm this smells yummy.”

“Yup.” you try not to smack her in the face you were so angry.

“So uhm that Peter guy is a real treat huh?” hoping to get an answer out of you.

“I guess.”

“so I think he is into me.”

You turn to him “Peter is into himself , his lost boys, and his neverland, if you aren’t one of those I guess you’re out of luck, now excuse me.”

She goes up to you once more. “Listen Peter likes me so like stay away okay?”

“I’m going to do whatever i wanna like do okay?” 

She rolls her eyes but quickly sees Peter and smiles “Oh Peter!”

Ever since then you and Peter became more and more distance, You weren’t the type to chase after a guy, even though Peter was your friend you just didn’t want to waste your time.

Months went by and you decided you were gonna leave. You walked up to Peter who was with Olivia OF COURSE!

“Peter I need to talk to you in private.”

“Anything you have to say you can say it in front of me right Peter?” Olivia said in confidence.

Peter grabbed my hand and took me away flying on the highest mountain.

“what is it love?” He said. His eyes made you want to melt in his arms but you had to remain calm.

“I want your permission to leave.”

That’s when he lost it.

“what?” His smirky little confident smile went into a frown. “why would you leave ?” 

“Because, Peter I have no reason to be here, and i miss my home.”


Peter has never yelled t you, but he has also never felt this feeling before.

“Peter stop..”

“NO! You don’t get it, without you what am i ?”

“You seem to be doing just fine with Olivia.”

“Olivia?” Love she needs my help.”

“she told me to back off because you were interested in her.”

Peter got very angry. “Sh-sh-she told you that?”

“yes why would i lie?”

“I told her that i was interested in YOU and she told me you weren’t..”

“She lied to both of us Peter.. wait you like me?”

Peter head shot up “Uh well uh well uh yeah love.”

“Awe Peter..”

He smiled and just looked down.

You guys went back down to camp, it was dinner but you and Peter already ate.

You both held hands and walked into Peter tent. Felix winks at you and you wink back and whisper thank you.

Olivia yells for Peter and he turns around “Where are you going ?”

Peter smiles, “To sleep I’m tired.”

“What about HER?” she points to you.

You grab onto Peter, “I’m tired too, come on babe.” you kiss him on the lips and both walk into the tent.

Olivia leaves Neverland and was never heard of again.