callout post: @allosplaining

[Image: @allosplaining’s header image + bio]

1. url is a homophobic slur (obvi)

2. admits to wrongfully invading the lgbt community

3. mocks lgbt terminology and engages in erasure of the gay and lesbian community

4. says q*eer isn’t a slur and people who are actually lgbt shouldn’t be allowed to use it

5. this biphobic comment

6. belittles the impact of homophobia + advocates the stealing of gay representation

7. actively spreads misinformation about asexuality to harm minors and further their point

8. believes cishet is a slur, but q*eer isn’t

9. mocks lgbt people who have different opinions

10. is ableist, an ableism apologist, and a general obnoxious piece of shit 

11. advocates for the silencing of lgbt people

12. makes light of using reclaimed homophobic slurs (q slur tw)

13. this absolute fucking mess of a post 

14. believes bisexuals can be non-sga

There’s more to come, but I don’t have sources for that, so this is basically my source post. She has a history of being extremely lesbophobic, and she is not  as harmless as she may appear. I’m going to expose her for the toxic person she really is. 

Don’t believe anything she says!!!

LITERALLY The only bad thing about Prentiss being Unit Chief now is that she’ll be in formal attire all the time meaning no more cargo pants and combat boots that’s literally the only one (1) bad thing tho so