only angel literally belongs in a fucking 80′s movie like it’s the song that plays in the background where the main character is going through this fucking epiphany in her life where she realizes who she is at that moment is not who she really wants to be and she shows up to school the next day and fucking walks down the hallway with an entire new mindset and ideals and everyone’s heads turn and she could give a fuck what anyone else thinks of her because she finally found who she is and she’s confident, happy, proud, and fucking badass

Dishonored/Syndicate AU Masterpost

links to all of the Emily Kaldwin/Evie Frye work that I’ve done, including fic and artwork as below. This will be udpated as more content is created.

to the devil in his own way (fic series)

  1. The Strange Case of the Headhunter and Human Head
  2. the hearts that whisper on our sleeves
  3. out with the lanters
  4. the anger that language shelters

misc. artwork:

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[part 10] [part 11]