I didnt get to finish during the stream because it turned WAY MORE ELABORATE than planned! So!! HERE’S A WIP!!!! OF THE BIG DUMB EPISODE 11 ART!!!!!!!

It was fun thanks for coming to the stream!!! Coloring this is rly weird and experimental but im having So much fun so <3

I’ll finish this as soon as I can hopefully. RN its very late and i must sleep<3


Stupid dumb babies in love 

(sort of requested by @nilo2207)

maroontails73 asked:

Can you like give me a list of all your headcanon a for clone!Arin AU? Like each Clone's name and how they act? (And streak color)


Big Cat- I imagine he was the first clone out of the machine, clone leader/clone Daddy grump in a sense, his streak is blue, he’s kind and friendly and pretty mild-mannered

Baby Bear- really silly, goofy, can come off sort of dumb, pretty naive his streak is purple

Baby Girl- Really flirty, kinda a diva, dramatic as hell, lil bit slutty, utterly shameless, his streak is pink

Ar- Sassy, snarky, somewhat mean, is dommy and bossy and sexually is the only one that wants to top Dan instead of bottoming for him. His streak is black.

Hope that helps!

anonymous asked:

Thank you for the answer you said in my question about bobby Joe long, when i meant changed, I meant is he still sexual in his letters. And when I say I'm 17 now, I will be 18 in a couple if weeks, so by the time I finished writing the letter,I would be 18. What sort of mind games does he play with people? (Particularly girls) I'm sorry if I seem stupid and dumb, I know I shoudnt have asked, but thank you for the reply anyway

Why would he suddenly stop being sexual in his letters when he’s a rapist and a sexual predator?  I really don’t think you understand what you’re doing.  I would suggest you hold off.  You don’t come off as stupid or dumb (please don’t say things like that about yourself), but you have all the facts laid out in front of you and you’re still questioning them.  I mean, I’m not your mom and I won’t tell you what to do.  Write him if that’s what your heart really desires.  I just don’t really understand why you’d willingly put yourself in that situation.  Some people in prison are dangerous, and while they can’t do anything physically they will do all they can emotionally/mentally to hurt you.  Read this, maybe buy a book that displays his letters.


jack: not to boast or anything but i am literally too smart for school. honestly, i would just skip all of this elementary stuff and enroll in college, but i’m afraid that it wouldn’t be nearly intellectually stimulating enough.

game: jack is a bitch-ass liar who is failing all of his classes. get ready for the social worker to come and take his dumb self to baby jail


“That’s riiiight, that dumb day humans call Valentine’s Day is coming up, which means free candy, chocolate, and devotion and adoration. Sooooo….”

“Who wants to adore me and give me free stuff and all their devotion. I mean I’m cute and small, you can’t resist me.~”

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I'm 14 and transfem, and my mother is forcing me into the closet. When I came out to her I told her that I needed my gender expression to match my identity to be comfortable, showed her the clothes I wanted to wear, and explained how anxious and depressed I was feeling having to go out in public not looking like me. She blew it off, telling me I couldn't and coming up with dumb unrelated excuses. She forces me to dress and look like a boy and the dysphoria is awful. What can I do so I can be me?

Try being low key about it. Instead of wearing dresses wear blouses. Get some rly short heels. Try to transition slowly. And if she calls you out, tell her that this is who you are and you need to be accepted for you.
Honestly the more you bother her about it the more likely she is to ignore it. But the more you do things without her know leg the more likely she’ll take you seriously.
Best of luck!
- Andy

|| unexpected guests

@tophattailsandteeth [x]

Horst blinked.

“what am I-? what are YOU doing he-?” he was dumb founded, standing at the top of the stairs having, just come home from a little trip away, to be confronted by a woman- a mostly naked woman- a mostly naked woman vampire- just outside his brother’s bedroom.

“JOHANNES?!” He bellowed, praying his brother was still alive. If he was, than baby brother had some serious explaining to do…

    {ƒ}– - “Wait– you know him? Who are you?”

Alarmed at how the much taller vampire was 
bellowing and advancing upon her, Laurelai 
backed away towards the bedroom door in 
the hope that she could buy Johannes time
to get his gun. In a fight, she would be hard
pressed to beat the much stronger vampire.

     “Wait- oh merde are you his dead brother?!” 

anonymous asked:

Do you paint things that are in front of you or out of imagination?

in front, painting out my head is so hard i always come out with some dumb shit lol that’s one my wishes to like be able to paint outa my head

Some days I lay in bed
Watching the clock do its thing
Wondering what the hell
You’re doing
Wishing that it was easy to
Talk to you
Cause once I see those eyes
My tongue swells up
Like a balloon
And the words
Coming out of my mouth
Are things that make me
Look like a giant douche

So I shut up for awhile
Shut down my whole system
Hoping that when I reboot
I dont make the same mistakes
But what do you know
You walk up to me
Body screaming of confidence
And I act like a damn fool
Thinking that what I’m doing
Is totally working

And when I lay down in bed
Watching the clock do
It’s thing and I replay
My actions of that day
Realize how dumb I was
I come to the conclusion
That I will always fuck it up
When it comes down
To convincing someone
That I’m the real deal

anonymous asked:

I might come off sounding really dumb because I haven't really ever watched the show but I've seen the pics n gifs for the ship on my feed. What's the issue? If you don't mind explaining...

Hi anon, not dumb at all. I don’t mind explaining. The 100 is based off of a series of YA books. In the books the main guy is romantically involved with the main girl. When the show was sold to the CW and Jason Rothenberg took over the development, he eventually decided that that’s not where he wanted to take the story. Instead, he made the lead girl bisexual and then introduced a young lesbian warrior commander. Eventually, these two became canon. This upset the shippers who wanted the main guy to be with the main girl. That’s understandable. We all want our ships to be real. That’s not the problem. 

For many months, Jason kept tweeting back at them and letting them know that if that’s the ship they wanted, they could just read the books. He wasn’t going to take it there and that he had other plans. This made them even more bitter. So, in their frustration that their ship wasn’t going to happen, they began erasing Clarke’s bisexuality and poising the same-sex ship. It got so bad that Jason, upon reading these tweets about Clarke not being bisexual, specifically wrote in Clarke sleeping with another woman in the season 3 premiere to put those lies to bed. He declared it several times online and in interviews and so did the actress who plays Clarke. But that still wasn’t enough for the shippers who wanted to erase Clarke’s bisexuality because it got in the way of their “straight” ship.

The ship war eventually turned ugly and Jason started tweeting that there would be hope for the opposite-sex ship and maybe it could happen and never say never. Personally, I think he’s doing this so he doesn’t lose any viewers who might get discouraged. He has made it clear time and time again that he’s going to do the story he wants to do and not the one the fans want. But I also think he’s understanding how this shipping thing works and wants to leave everyone feeling hopeful so they don’t change the channel. So, that’s the back story. Now let’s get to the part where it got even uglier. 

What really sent those shippers over the edge was when pictures and video got leaked of the girls filming the finale together with the male lead no where in sight. It looked romantic, sweet, and very much canon. This made some very bitter shippers send the actress who plays the commander some ugly tweets including, “you’re a terrible actress and I can’t wait until Lexa dies” and shit like that.

Now here’s the thing anon, I get it. I’ve spent my whole life shipping two females together who, most of the time, did not end up together. I’m used it. I’m respectful of the actors and the writers. Sometimes, that’s just not the story they want to tell. I get it. It hurts to be told it’s all in your head. That it’s not real. That it’s never going to happen. I get all that. But to tweet to the actors playing these roles and saying ugly nasty things because you’re a bitter entitled brat is not okay. These girls are doing their job and saying whatever is on the paper for them. They don’t deserve to be targeted by these entitled assholes. (P.S. I would like to make clear that this is not a general statement made to the whole group of shippers, just the specific assholes who keep making this nasty.)

It does damage to the queer community to erase visible well-written bisexuality or to imply that it wasn’t real because “it was just a kiss.” This type of representation is rare and it should be praised, acknowledged, and supported. The 100 is rare in its depiction of queer characters because there aren’t many sci-fi YA stories where the main girl actually ends up with another woman. This is a big moment for the queer community and once again it’s being shitted on by people who need to see for the five millionth time how the main guy gets the main girl. 

Again, that’s their prerogative. Ship who you want to ship but don’t shit on the one in a million ship that doesn’t come along very often. Everyone needs to be able to see themselves represented in a strong and positive way on TV. Clarke and Lexa are doing a great job of that and there’s no reason to try and poison the whole thing for other people just because you don’t like it. For once, accept that it’s not about you. It’s not something we see every day or decade. It’s needed. The queer community actually NEEDS this ship. It’s changing the face of television, it’s making it more okay for leads to be sexually fluid. And nothing says that more than a successful teen show having a well-written queer ship. The 100 does that and it does it well. 

What sent me over the edge was the tweets I saw attacking Alycia Debnam-Carey personally because these shippers think she’s in the way of their ship. It’s disgusting, nasty, and really immature. Life is under no obligation to give you what you want. Neither are writers, actors, or anyone else around. You can throw a fit like a child, you can call people nasty names, and you can show everyone what a dick you are, but you’re never going to get everything you want. 

The queer community has been patently waiting to be represented on TV for decades. We’ve been imaging ships since the dawn of TV. Jason has written a very beautiful, powerful, and mesmerizing ship that has young women all over the world swooning. Why shit on other people’s progress? Why shit on other people’s happiness? You don’t like it? Fine. You don’t have to like it. I don’t like a lot of things on TV but I don’t throw fits about them and do potentially damaging things for the community it represents. Let us have our damn ship. We have been waiting forever for it. 

So that, anon, is it in a nutshell.  

  • Jared Leto:hey david ayer it's me jared leto. boy fuck you david ayer you fucking dumb stupid idiot.
  • David Ayer:Come on, Jared Leto, go easy on me, huh? We're trying for a PG-13 rating here.
  • Jared Leto:you stupid, dumb, weak, pathetic, white...white...guilt...white guilt...milquetoast piece of human garbage.
  • David Ayer:Jeez, Jared Leto, that' know, it's pretty difficult to tell where the Joker ends and you begin, but that takes the cake.
  • Jared Leto:you think i give a fuck? i'm jared fucking leto bitch. now get me my fucking...enchiladas...

Tbh when Gina Linetti finally got home from Jake Peralta’s bar mitzvah (and the two hours afterward they spent in Jake’s bedroom, with Gina attempting to console her miserable, puffy-eyed best friend) she probably dragged her mom’s vanity stool into their cramped apartment bathroom, stood on top of it - still in her dress and with bits of glitter on her face - looked into the mirror, and made a solemn vow to herself, out loud, that she would protect Jake’s too-big squishy heart ‘til the end of her days (may God and Cher Horowitz be her witness)

(Jake doesn’t know)

(Amy does)