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Were you surprised to hear Hayley actually took nudes

Brendon Urie posts topless pictures and is shown in the media in nothing but underwear that doesn’t hide anything.

Pete Wentz and Jinxx (BVB) have a pictures of their dicks out there.

Justin Bieber posts full nudes online.

5SOS and All Time Low have both done photoshoots wearing just their underwear/ naked only hiding their dicks with their hands.

Blink 182 did a full music video running around the streets naked.

People call them funny, or sexy, or cheeky, or cool. The media shows it as boys being boys and having a laugh. They’re not shamed for it. Even when pictures are leaked it’s way less harmful for guys than it is for girls. 

Tell me why people should treat Hayley differently than than these men. Tell me why it’s not surprising that they can do this, while she took one picture, had her privacy invaded, and then had that image leaked and she was shamed for it. How about before coming here with your dumb, sexist, disrespectful questions, you think about how unfair it is to bring this up years after it happened, and how shitty it is that people still use this horrible picture to make Hayley feel ashamed of doing something that guys do all the time?

In honor of Vette coming back TOMORROW (I will probably not be able to get to SW:tOR until fairly late tomorrow evening, but at least it’s still tomorrow), have a picture of normalbuild! and from the look of it young! and probably-still-has-most-of-his-limbs! Kallten I made using a dude dollmaker.

sorry your in-game husband is built like a topheavy freight train, Vette. >.>

I will forever be baffled by high school aus in fandom. Who wants to read about teenagers? Also, school? Eugh, don’t make me think about school ever again. Also I think I’m too old to enjoy stories about people considerably younger than me. It just feels wrong.

Anyway, I would read the heck out of a sort of school/growing up -fic set in space. Just as long as the story ends with the characters as adults because yeah no thanks teenagers boning no no nope.

Tbh most aus would be better in space.

I will continue to thank god and also jesus for Kylo/Ben Amidala aus and also the variation of it where Hux wears cool dresses. Because. Dudes. In Dresses. Yes.

I mean come on, it’s space, our dumb social norms shouldn’t exist. Have everyone wear cool shit please. 

(I’m not gonna touch the asian/mostly mongolian origins of padme’s outfits but I gotta say as much as I love the aus it kiinda makes me uncomfortable to see yet another white person in asian getup when the franchise + fandom has virtually no asians in it. I mean yeah people like to have Ben/Kylo wear stuff that’s derivative of his grandmother’s stuff but it’s that kind of stuff that keeps cultural appropriation a problem in fandom. I love love loooove him in dresses and elaborate make-up but like, we could, maybe, try not being shitty as a fandom??)

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I’ve had this post saved up for days, waiting to release it when I ran out of other posts, because this is easily the greatest thing I have ever voiced, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to top it

but people keep sending me stuff, and I keep finding stuff on my own, so here it is! based on this hilarious comic by @liberlibelulaart

please do keep sending me stuff! I’ve really enjoyed doing this the last couple of months, and even though there’s still more to come, it’s mostly down to dumb luck, and the well is going to dry up real soon

more reasons to love amber liu:
  • “I actually am scared to act because I can maybe do those facial expressions and whatever but then when I open my mouth, it’s just, everything’s dead. I sound really dumb. Just picture… I’m being really cool and the dramatic music comes on. Then right when I open my mouth, I’m like, “Cheeseburger.“”
  • loves to indulge in science videos on youtube… science channels… history channels…
  • wants to study environmental science - “Gotta take care of the earth. Save the penguins.”
  • “You got to look at hardships as your trainer. Whatever hardship you’re given it’s only going to make you stronger. You just have to find the will to get over it and find a solution.”
  • “Whoever’s going through depression right now, who’s having those types of thoughts, just know that I thought I was alone at that time. But now that I kinda shared what I was going through and have this tremendous response, I just want those people to know too that I thought I was alone but I’m actually not. So you’re not alone either.”
  • “I learned the word ‘arvo’ a couple days ago. One of my mentors texted me “Yo i’ll meet you in the arvo.” I’m like, WHAT IS AN ARVO. I went on urbandictionary and I was like, “Oh… It means afternoon. I thought it meant armadillo." 
  • advice for people who feel like they don’t fit in with the societal gender norms: “Whatever I like to do it’s not because it’s based on my gender, but because it’s based on my taste. And if someone wants to hate on that or whatever, if all that hate just starts coming in, just be like, "Dude, chill. Just chill. I just like it.” That’s the only reason why you should be doing what you want to do.”
  • “I like wearing pants because it’s comfortable. The reason why I don’t wear skirts is because it’s uncomfortable. I look sexy in one but you know, I have to save my sexiness… ‘cause it’s gonna be too sexy for people. So.. you know…. *awkward silence* Riiiiiight… Cheeseburger. Cheeseburger. Double that cheeseburger!”


How to Be a Woman

In the 1800’s
Press whalebones to your ribs
and carry a parasol. Don’t let the sun
kiss your ivory skin—death
is the perfect complexion.
Balance a book on your head,
climb the Eiffel Tower with a straight
back and high bust.
Pluck songs from the piano, paint sunshine
and weave daisies into a tapestry.
In the presence of men, be flirty, comely,
and dumb—no man claims a bride
for her intelligence.
Give birth to monarchs since you can’t
become one yourself.

In the 1930’s
Freud says all you want is a penis
so your opinion will matter,
so your role will be bigger
than the baby clamped to your breast.
Hold your tongue when your boss
gives your butt a good morning pat—
he pays the meager wages your husband
makes in an hour.
Take pride in the silly little movements
sprouting up around you: it’s cute
your friends think you can handle the right
to vote.
When your man returns from war,
be his pearl-clad June Cleaver:
your trim figure forever adorned
in apron, roast in the oven and children at play.
Dote on him, slippers and pipe, a fire
to warm his feet.

In the 1960’s
In an era of free love, your pockets stuffed
with birth control, head bumping the glass ceiling,
it’s advised you don’t question the status quo.
America is in turmoil because your kind
is dissatisfied with the pittance you’ve been given.
The echoes of your war cries can be heard
by suits in D.C., and they fear you.
While you’re at it, show a little skin!
Raise the hemline of your skirt to match
the plunging neckline of your blouse.
You mother may be appalled, but at least
you’re not a pin-up girl.

In the 2000’s
The definition of “woman”
is a crooked fence around a storied past.
In one breath society tells you “thin is in,”
and in another, “big is beautiful.”
There is no singular meaning to the word,
no cookie-cutter pattern to follow.
Some of the most gorgeous girls are born
with a bat and balls. Some lose their breasts
to cancer, and some simply bind them
for a night.
Maybe she was born that way,
or maybe it’s Maybelline. Maybe she’s keeping
Victoria’s little secret.

A woman is not a slut for the men who’ve
made her bed their burrow, nor a prude
for the brilliance of her untouched chastity.
She can wear her hem as high or low as she chooses,
can loosen or tighten her stays at will.
She is not a toy to be played with, but she
can play the game as well as any man.

A woman has the right to speak
her mind, and the ability to decide
when, or if she’ll speak.
Her place is not the home—it’s wherever
she feels most at home.

Because a woman is the apple and the tree
that bears the fruit. She is as useful
as she is lovely, as hardened as she is soft.
A woman has skin all the colors of the rainbow,
but never assume you are entitled to her
pot of gold.

Ask any female how to be a woman
and she will tell you: a woman is whatever
she designs herself to be.

I wish you life. You gave me so much of it, I wish you will find the same exact thing you gave me. I hope if you find someone else’s heart, that you will believe they love you no matter what. That they’ll be your best friend and support you. I hope you find sunshine in them. Then I wish they’d break your heart. I hope they break you so much and leave you for dead. As much joy as you feel, you shall match it with despair. That’s the never ending cycle you’ll find. Live your fucking pathetic life the same way you left me.
—  what goes around comes around

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What are your thoughts on how Hange knows of the stories of Sawney Bean, Albert Fish, and Andrei Chikatilo? These people existed between the 15th/16th century up until 1994. If the SNK universe were to be taken place in the future of our world in our universe, how could Hange legally know of these stories? All memories of humanity before the walls were meant to be erased. The few bloodlines that weren't affected (besides Asians & Ackermans) obeyed to be silenced. History wasn't to be passed down

//quickly slides laptop over to @inelegantalligator​ because she’s been complaining to me about this very thing for 80 long years…

Hello @pride-hope-rage​! This is @inelegantalligator​, resident Hange enthusiast and world-building critic. I’m interrupting your regularly scheduled programming because @momtaku​ has no thoughts on this. She is boring. But YOU… YOU POSSESS A SINGULARLY CURIOUS MIND, DON’T YOU??

My real theory here is that while Isayama’s ability to spin a compelling plot is undeniable, his world building leaves something to be desired. (Why, for example does humanity possess the technology to build the 3DMG, while ground transportation seems to rely entirely on horses? What about Annie’s hoodie? Are they manufacturing polyester somehow?* Does the Beast Titan get baseball on ESPN?) So probably, Isayama wanted Hange to give cool names to the titans she was examining (which gives us insight into her character) and like lots of authors do, drew inspiration from real-world and other fictional sources. He may not have considered the tremendous implications it would have on his walled world if Hange strutted back and forth for a while recounting the Horrifying Culinary Adventures of Sawney Bean and Friends.

But that’s a little dissatisfying. Let’s imagine, just for fun, that it was not simply an oversight. The fact is, you’re totally right. There’s no way Hange could legally have information about serial killers (I looked Chikatilo and Albert up a while ago, because like you, I was curious… I wish I could un-read those articles) or Scottish folklore (according to Wikipedia, Sawney Bean is likely just a legend) if the collective memory of humanity was effectively wiped out.

And yet… she does. So, what? Is there a library somewhere that only Hange has access to that contains info about 20th century American murderers? What other information must be contained in that library? What does Hange know? Who else has access to this information? I’d like to think that the Hanges have been compiling forbidden knowledge for generations. Maybe the Ackermans and the Hanges have had some kind of trade going on ever since the walls went up–isolating and researching certain genetic anomalies in exchange for knowledge about the world that was.

Really, I don’t know what could be in the basement that’s more interesting than what’s in the Hange Private Historical Library.

*This is how polyester is made. It doesn’t seem to me like all that could be accomplished without electricity. Annie’s hoodie could be made entirely of cotton, but you still won’t convince me that someone achieved that tight of a jersey knit by hand.