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Deadpool was one of the corniest pieces of shit to ever come out of the comcibook movie genre. I hope the sequel is never made

What is this sad trend people have of going on others personal blogs and putting down something they love. Like, I have friends that don’t like Deadpool and they don’t feel the need to remind me about it and I really don’t care if THEY do or not- so believe me when I say some faceless stranger on the Internet that feels the need to send out negs is 100% irrelevant to me. I’m also willing to bet you would never go up to a stranger in public and say anything like this to their face. So -I guess- congrats to you for expressing your distaste in something no one asked you about. I don’t know what exactly you wanted to accomplish here. My only guess would be you needed a little attention- so here are your 5 seconds of fame *slow claps*.

  • Montparnasse:If I could write you poetry I would. But I can't. So here, have this 16th century leather bound handwritten book by a bunch of dead poets instead
  • Jehan:This is so romantic and beautiful. I'm going to show it off to everybody!
  • Montparnasse:Yeah don't do that I stole it from a museum and for some reason they're pretty pissed about it.

*Immediately draws fanart of @nerdgasrnzSun/Sage/Neptune fusion design because it’s just. So good?? Oh my god??*

(I might draw the other two at some point if that’s cool but for now I rlly oughtta sleep cause it’s like 20 past midnight oops)


Disney basically has a new movie in theaters coming out Each Month. I’m now just finding out about BFG coming this July and it’s not about Doom.

I’m worried we’re heading towards the Wall-E future where everything will be owned by Disney / Walmart.

Not Just Pretending

Summary: Nat, Clint and Sam won’t stop teasing the Reader about her crush on Bucky so Bucky comes up with an idea to make them shut up. 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1,813

Warnings: while writing it I kinda thought it was angsty but when I read it it kinda was really funny? so idk

A/N: I really hope you guys like this one. It was so much fun writing it :)

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In short, it was all Natasha’s fault. 

A few weeks ago she’d started talking about that fact that it was “so obvious” that you and Bucky were in love and that the two of you should admit it already and tell each other about your feelings. In her opinion it would do everyone a favor because the sexual tension between you and Barnes was getting out of hand and the dumb bet between Steve and Sam would finally come to an end. You didn’t knew exactly what the bet had been about but they were probably both wrong. You and Bucky were just friends.

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