Consuming Passion (Victor Zsasz x Reader) - Part 2

Anon asked; Can I have a fic with Victor stealing (From the day he first sees her and how he stalks her till he is kidnapping her) the girlfriend from Gordon? + Would you plan on writing a Victor Zsasz fanfiction inspired by the chain you down tie you up story that you wrote for Edward Nygma? 

A/N: There will be a third and final part. This chapter got rather lengthy, so I decided to stop and make the third part. (Hope you will like this part as much as the first one ^w^)

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Warnings: SMUT, Angst, Dub-Con, Death threats, Kidnapping, Restraints, Fingering.

~ ~ ~

The street leading to Jim’s place had never felt so dark before, so unsafe and anxiety twirled around you upon taking another glance behind you. For the past week, you had walked around with the eeriest sensation inside of you. Like you were being watched. But how much you tried to find a reason for your feelings, you never found a source for it.

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“Teddy! Come here, mon biquet, so I can apply your sunscreen.” Fleur rummages through the beach bag on her shoulder. “Nym, where is the sunscreen? I thought I placed it in the side pocket?”

“Sorry, love, I moved it to Remus’ bag. There’s two bottles in there, mum owled over an extra one this morning in case we’d forgotten to buy some.” Nym grins as she fishes through Remus’ bag, holding up two bottles triumphantly.

Fleur rolls her eyes. “Of course she did. How thoughtful of your mother. So nice of her to always be second guessing me.”

Nym snickers, dropping a kiss to Fleur’s shoulder as she hands over the bottles. “I sent a note back saying that we were taking Teddy to a nude beach. That’ll rile her up good.”

“Oi! I said that we should have gone to a nude beach, but you lot are a bunch of prudes.” Sirius is setting up five beach chairs, kicking sand everywhere in the process.

“Speak for yourself, Sirius. You English are the prude ones. The human body is a natural, beautiful thing. No one back home would blink an eye at nude sunbathing.” Fleur kneels down and begins dabbing sunscreen on Teddy’s nose.

“There’d be plenty of blinking with you there, love. Straight-up heart attacks, more likely.” Nym ruffles Teddy’s blue curls as he squirms uncomfortably, showing great restraint as he holds out his arms for Fleur to coat with lotion. Fleur rolls her eyes, but not before letting her gaze drift up and down Nym’s fitted rashguard and board shorts slung low around her hips.

“It’s not a matter of prudishness, it’s a matter of self preservation. You’d all get nice and tan while poor Teddy and I would turn into lobsters.” Remus is settling himself on a chair and pulling out a book, swathed in long sleeves, linen trousers, and a horrid straw hat that’s pulled tightly over his curls.

“I want to turn into a lobster, Dad! Lobsters don’t have to wear sunscreen.” Teddy shuffles his feet impatiently as Fleur finishes up. “Lobsters don’t have to wear water wings, either, so I shouldn’t have to wear mine today.”

“Of course you don’t need to wear your water wings, pup. You’re six now, practically an adult.” Sirius grabs Teddy, tossing him in the air and catching him as he bursts into giggles. “Don’t know why your dad insisted on packing them. He’s a such a worrier.”

“I just brought them along in case they were needed. He doesn’t have to wear them.” Remus’ tone is mild as he turns the page in his book.

“Too right he doesn’t have to wear them! No one wears water wings to the beach, Moony. Besides, we’re in training, aren’t we pup?” Sirius places Teddy back on the ground, tickling him quickly before letting him go.

“Yeah!” Teddy pumps a small fist in the air before running over to Nym. “Mum, where’s my boogie board? Padfoots’ gonna take me out in the water, he promised, and I’m going to stand up on my board this year like the girls in that muggle movie.”

“Here you go, mon biquet, I’ve got it here.” Fleur holds out the boogie board to Teddy. “Is that what you are in training for? To be a surfer like the ladies in Blue Crush?” She smiles indulgently as Teddy takes the board from her with a sunny grin.

“Thanks maman! No, we’re training on how to hold our breaths for a long time so we can swim with the sharks.”

“Sharks? There are no sharks here, I hope.” Fleur sits in the chair next to Remus, smiling as Nym drops herself into the sand between her legs, leaning back so that Fleur can run her fingers through Nym’s pink pixie cut.

“Not here, in South Africa. Uncle Bill says you can go in a cage there, and then the cage goes in the water, and the sharks come to the cage, and Padfoot is going to take me, and probably mum too, but not dad because he doesn’t like the water. You can come too if you like, maman, or you can mind dad while we play with the sharks.”

“Thank you for thinking of my well-being, Teddy. Someone’s got to.” Remus’ tone is grave, but there’s a small smile on his face as he turns another page.

“Oh please, Moony, I’m always thinking about your well-being. All I do all day is cater to your every whim.  Come on, pup, let’s go down to the water and leave your boring parents here to mind the picnic basket. You coming, Nym?”

“Oh, so Nym is not boring, but Remus and I are?” Fleur raises one eyebrow skeptically at Sirius.

“He has a point, Fleur. The werewolf and the Triwizard champion are clearly the most boring of Teddy’s parents.” Remus keeps his eyes on his book, not looking over to see the hideous face Sirius is giving him.

“Don’t be like that, Moony. You two just don’t have the mad Black blood running through your veins. We crave adventure, excitement, danger! Come on pup, grab your board and let’s get out there. Don’t fuss, Moony, I’ve been working on my wandless balancing charms.” Sirius grins as he bends down to kiss Remus on the tip of the nose before starting off towards the water with Teddy in tow.

He stops suddenly, gripping Teddy’s hand a bit tighter. “Waves are awfully rough today… look at that one, almost toppled over that bloke and he’s got two stone of muscle on me…” He looks down at Teddy, then back out at the water, rubbing his neck and biting on his lower lip.

“You know what, pup, who don’t you put your water wings on. Just to humour your dad, yeah?” Sirius drags Teddy back to the chairs, not looking at the others as he fits Teddy with the water wings, as well as a life preserver and goggles that are packed alongside them.

“There you go, pup, all set. All the best adventurers have gear, you know. You look like a professional thrill-seeker now.”

Teddy blinks through his goggles, his arms sticking out slightly thanks to the water wings. “I do?”

“Of course you do! Now, let’s head out and catch some waves, yeah? Not too deep, now. And don’t swim out past that buoy. Always stay where the lifeguard can see you. You know what, how about you hold onto my hand the whole time, alright? All the best adventurers hold hands with their partners-in-crime.”

Sirius and Teddy head down towards the water. Nym leans her head back to wink at Fleur, before pulling her in for an upside-down kiss.

“Good call on bringing that safety gear, Remus. I told you I didn’t think we’d need it, but I guess I was wrong.”

“You weren’t wrong Nym. You said that you didn’t think Teddy would need it, and you were absolutely correct on that point.” Remus is smiling to himself as he turns another page in his book.

her wings cast shadows 
her blessed blood runs black
she taints the battlefield
with darkness and crimson 

our phantom queen 
the crow’s nightmare
with teeth of eels
with claws of wolves

she wails warning
in the houses of warriors
washes their armour in blood;
she screams she cries

and when they pass into death
she stands tall
and orders their vengeance
crafts revenge for them all

—  she will bathe in battlefield blood // a.j.b

misakikinomoto  asked:

tag update +insecure stiles? Thank you!

Flesh Mechanic by Aris (3/? | 3,232 | Rated T)

Maybe you notice the sky is a little bleaker and the days are a bit longer, and maybe you want to ignore it. Your blood runs black and your heart is autumn leaves, and then you have to stop and acknowledge the yellowing tint to your skin as you die from the inside out.

Password by Alexlovesdestiel (complete | 778 | Rated G)

Stiles has to get into Derek’s laptop and is surprised to find his name is the password.

We Prefer Good Love to Gold by i_am_girlfriday (8/9 | 59,656 | Rated E)

This week on Millionaire Matchmaker: Supernatural Edition - Derek Hale, a thirty-year-old millionaire venture capitalist and beta werewolf, finally gives into his sisters’ pressures to start dating again and reluctantly agrees to use the services of a supernatural matchmaker. Stiles Stilinski, at age twenty-five, just sold his start-up to Google for undisclosed millions, and ends up on a reality dating show when his true alpha best friend tries to help him get over his broken heart.
The last thing anyone expects is for the two eligible bachelors to fall in love with each other behind the scenes.

How To Make a Werewolf not Hate You (side affects may include love). by Alexlovesdestiel (complete | 3,056 | Rated E)

Derek is trying to hold out for his soul mate Genim and refuses to fall for Stiles and his cute moles. Stiles thinks Derek hates him.

Levels of attraction by Nival_Vixen (complete | 2,115 | Rated M)

Derek and Stiles have been dating for five months, but they haven’t had sex yet. Stiles is used to guys undressing him within five dates (sometimes five minutes), but Derek hasn’t, despite some hot ‘n heavy making out.
He’s a little desperate, and since Derek runs away when he tries to talk about it, Stiles resorts to sending a sexy photo of himself to Derek and hopes that will prompt some sort of response from his boyfriend.

You make me want to be better.
You make me want to be
brighter, and sweeter;
you make me want to laugh more,
because once you told me
you loved the sound.

But I’m scared for you,
because you don’t hesitate,
because you don’t give a damn
about how much you bleed,
and I’m damned to give my all to you
so you’ll see that Brooklyn sunrise again.

Tonight, you’ll scrub me clean with a glance.
Tomorrow, I’ll take the poison again,
and I’ll erode, watch my blood run black
into the dirt on my skin,
but it’s okay. It’s fine.
My star is falling,
but the light’ll make new ones
in the facets of your eye.

—  The irony is that you’re saving me, but I’ll destroy myself to save you. – s.s.
Realm of Eternity: Part 10

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The pain was almost unbearable. The gashes that had opened upon her back thanks to Cairn’s whipping stung and burned, as only human healing had begun to affect them. They were scabbed and tight and itching, just as she remembered her scars from Endovier had been. But the slightest shift of her body sent lashes of pain through her limbs and brought hot tears to the corners of her eyes.

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I am awake at 3am
The poet’s time
The artist’s time
You never see anyone create art before dark
During the day there are too many people too many bright mouth and watchful eyes
Bleaching out the color’s
I am awake at 3am
Words buzzing in my head and singing in my veins
My blood runs black with ink unshed
You never see a poet writing in the day
Because the day bleaches the riot of color from our words
At night they shine like supernovas and galaxies
I am awake at 3am
Because that’s when the words sing to me
—  A poet can only write in the night // j.c