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nekonotaishou  asked:

Breed analysis request: I'd love to know what sort of health issues can be expected in a saber-tooth cat. I've been thinking of adopting a Smilodon, and want to be prepared. (Gosh it seems that not a lot of people send faux breed requests...)

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The Smilodon is a large exotic feline gaining increasing popularity as a pet in North America since its extinction reversal. These powerful, temperamental felines are an unwelcome addition to the list of species an exotic veterinarian must treat.

The most distinctive feature of this species is its elongated canines. While these teeth are certainly dramatic and add to the feline’s rustic charm, they are surprisingly fragile in the modern world and significant effort must be made to prevent these pets from chewing on plastic, wire and metal, which will wear down and fracture the teeth.

In the unfortunate event of a canine fracture, removal is extremely difficult due to the large tooth root, and the patient may benefit from being referred for a tooth capping instead of extraction if the root is intact. Standard dental implements are often puny and inadequate for slimodon canine extraction.
This species has evolved with a high high protein diet, and subsequently is highly dependent on dietary taurine and carnitine, otherwise they typically develop dilated cardiomyopathy and retinal degeneration.

Their metabolism is also not at all adapted to handling saturated fats. This is particularly important because Smilodons have demonstrated a consistent proclivity for cheeseburgers, to an extreme extent that their reanimators did not expect. Case in point was the escapee which broke into a Mc Donalds, and was only subdued after quick thinking staff churned out the fastest 150 cheeseburgers they’d ever made in their careers.

This species has a strong pounce and must be contained in a roofed enclosure, and significant thought should go into what sort of harness or halti-collar you intend to walk them on.


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i did some bio notes on the history of genetics and I love how they turned out! i have a physics test tomorrow so idk why on earth I’m doing bio xD

on a more positive note, some of you may remember when I was cramming for my English mock a little while ago- and I guess something good came out of it because I got an A! It must’ve been from all of you guys wishing me luck :’D
NEVER CRAM guys it’s unhealthy and silly

anyways, I have some 6th form meetings to attend, so I’ll be back a bit later to answer some asks when I get back- so get asking! :))

acemindbreaker  asked:

Fantasy creature question! Are centaurs precocial like horses or altricial like humans?

As something of a necessity the centaur needs to be more on the altricial side. The human head can’t be allowed to be too developed for a natural birth, and if the foal half looks relatively underdeveloped compared to a horse foal, it’s less of an issue because a centaur can be expected to have the intelligence to sit down and help her foal nurse.

Horse foals have to be precocial (well developed and ready to up and go) as soon as they are born because the horse has to be ready to up and go at a moments notice. Centaur have arms, they can afford to carry their new foals.

The centaur foal might be somewhat joey-like in appearance, as its development needs to prioritize lungs, neck muscles and gastrointestinal system, with other features able to develop after birth.

The formation in geological time of the human body by the laws of physics (or any other laws of similar nature), starting from a random distribution of elementary particles and the field is as unlikely as the separation of the atmosphere into its components. The complexity of the living things has to be present within the material [from which they are derived] or in the laws [governing their formation]
—  Kurt Gödel

A Week In The Life: Thursday 1PM-2PM // 3PM-4PM: Immunology

Today has been gooood! I broke my personal record time getting to the science site when I accidentally spent so long in the shower that I had 16 minutes to get to lecture, but I made it! Today’s lectures, the last in the series before lecturer switch next week, were on central and peripheral tolerance which was so interesting; all the mechanisms for self tolerance are so intricate but things can go catastrophically wrong if they fail.

I spent the 1 hour gap between in the library and I took a THICC book out that I think will come in handy when we are set our first summative of the year next week. I’m really nervous about the summative because I haven’t submitted one since April so I’m worried I might not be in the swing of it when I do it, but I really want a First so I am going to give it my best shot!! On the way to the second lecture I saw a double rainbow over the science site, and after the second lecture I got myself a lovely soy gingerbread latte; I made all my lectures this week and have been generally pretty productive so thought I deserved it. Now I’m just relaxing a bit at home before heading to pick up my wages from Klute, yay!

I go home for the weekend tomorrow; I can’t wait to see my cats <3

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Honestly though the most unrealistic thing about Ultra Beasts is that there aren’t huge internal debates within the Pokémon scientist community about how to reclassify non-human creatures.

“What the fuck are you guys even talking about there are literally no biological consistencies between Pokémon, we have everything from housecats to molecular jello to fucking sentient keychains, what does it even mean to say Ultra Beasts are a separate category of creature when Pokémon was never a coherent concept to begin with?!”

“You’re overthinking this. "Pokémon” is just our shorthand for “nonhuman.” Of course Ultra Beasts are Pokémon, everything nonhuman is. Therefore, the Ultra Recon Squad are also Pokémon.“

"Excuse you, but for a long time we have been able to make accurate descriptions of creature’s behavior by classifying them as Pokémon. If it fits in a pokeball, eats poffins, learns moves as expected, and even has the same type rules as the creatures on our planet, there is no reason not to call it a Pokémon”

“Bullshit. Ultra Beasts behaviors towards humans and wormholes are completely different than those of Pokémon, so we can define Ultra Beasts as a different set of behavioral traits.”

“You are all wrong. "Ultra Beast” is a term used to describe the origin of the creature. Pokémon live with us while Ultra Beasts came from beyond, there for they are a different thing"

“Wait but there *are* Pokémon from other planets and dimensions now”

“Exactly: we misclassified them. Clefairy, minior, lunatone, solrock, and similar creatures should properly be called Ultra Beasts”

“Fools. "Ultra Beasts” clearly only applies to extradimensional creatures, Pokémon were extraterrestrial from this planet in the first place. No, only Pokémon like Giratina should be reclassified as Ultra Beasts"

“Does the "spirit world” and other similar references count as a separate dimensional plane? Does this mean Ghost-Type is a type solely for Ultra Beasts?“

"Guys look you are missing the very important distinction between the two: aesthetic. Pokémon make you want to hug them with their cuteness, Ultra Beasts look like twisted abominations from someone’s nightmares. Therefore: we need to reclassify creatures based on how cute they are”

“Ultra Beasts are cute too what the hell are you talking about”