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Roman x Reader

Requested By Anon

Warnings: smut, sex

“Don’t we look cute.” Roman called across the corridor, whistling at you as you walked past.

“What do you want Roman?” You mumbled shyly, not looking him in the eye.

“Well, can I, have you?” He asked and smiled when he saw you blushing. “I know a little private place we could skip class…”

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here’s something i never posted here! this was a lil short animation i made last year - as a class we were given a bunch of newspaper articles as a prompt and mine was about two boys who went to go hunting in the desert but were found at the beach and brought safely home. this ended up: boys want to take a picture of a mythical beast but end up just taking a picture of water.

christmas wrapping ▶ tommy shelby

summary; tommy offers to wrap the christmas presents but gets all stressed when he can’t. him and reader have some harmless banter that turns into flirting. over dramatic tommy and a kid that likes to inflict pain on his dad. based off prompts 3 and 5 from this prompt list. REQUESTS ARE OPEN.

authors note; feedback in nice, ya know.

The sound of Tommy sighing multiple times as he struggled to wrap a present for Charlie came to your attention and from your spot on the lounger, you looked over at your husband who was sat cross-legged on the floor looking very stressed. You watched as he tried to hold one of the corners in place while he grabbed another piece of sticky tape but when he failed for the third time, you couldn’t help but let out a loud laugh. Tommy rolled his eyes and looked at you before throwing the present on the floor.

“People tend to rip bits of sticky tape off and then wrap the present, it’s a lot easier and saves you having to struggle every time you want stick a bit down,” you commented, placing the newspaper you were reading down and leaning over to grab the half-wrapped present that had been discarded on the floor. “You’ve done a good job so far,” you lied, examining the gift. You did your best to keep your laughter controlled but it was physically impossible and when it finally erupted from your body, Tommy groaned and rubbed his hand over his face.

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But I like you

Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Fluff, fluff and nothing but fluff

Word Count: 500

Request: No. I just got the feels bc of the video of Tae sleeping so I wrote this little drabble to keep my own sanity.

A/N: This is not my gif, I took it from this post. All credits to its owner.

His eyes remained shut as his face was facing yours, allowing you to admire every single inch of his breathtaking factions. You took in as much as you could of him, wondering how could he be doing nothing but lie next to you with his eyes closed and still make your heartbeats uncontrollably speed up.

Your eyes scanned his eyebrows first, those powerful ones that could make him either look like an innocent angel whenever he let his hair down to cover them, or hot as hell when he did not. They travelled later to his currently closed eyes, which made you get so flustered every single time they stared at you; Taehyung not minding at all if you caught him doing so or not – even more, loving when you did catch him because he then got to see you become a blushy mess. Your eyes went then to his nose, appreciating the mole on the tip of it you always made sure to kiss during your cuddle sessions or when you just felt like it, finding it the cutest and one of his most unique features.

Finally, you posed them on his plump, soft lips that would allow you to see his gorgeous smile as soon as they parted – those beautiful lips that fit so perfectly against yours and that not once had failed at letting you know how much he loved you; either through words being spoken or by pressing them on different spots of your skin.

“Close your eyes” he mumbled in a breathy voice, letting you know he was still half asleep.

Had he felt you stare the whole time? Yes. Was it bothering him? Not in the slightest.

You smiled softly, getting closer to him and placing one of your arms around his waist – your face close enough to his so that your lips were lightly brushing against his chin as you looked up at him.

“But I like you” you pouted, pressing a kiss against his jawline. “I like all of you quite a lot, actually”.

His lips curved up, and the crimson colour covering his chubby cheeks gave away the overwhelming wave of butterflies he had felt because of your simple words – not thoroughly used to the feeling even after all the time the two of you had been together.

“Yah, it’s too late to make me this flustered, jagiya” although he whined, you could tell how much he liked the attention; especially when it came from you.

“What if I like making you feel like that?” you teased him.

“You’re evil” he accused you, playfully turning around; somehow accomplishing to be his bubbly self even though he was about to drift to sleep any moment.

A small giggle escaped your mouth before you moved once again closer to him, pressing your body against his; taking place as the big spoon. “And I like you” you repeated, planting gentle a kiss to his shoulder, finally closing your eyes after feeling your boyfriend sigh in content.

anonymous asked:

"are you going to kiss me now? you are so incredibly predictable." Klance

“You are so predictable.” Lance teased.

“Shut up, Lance.” Keith said, rolling his eyes at his boyfriend. “It wasn’t my idea to shove us in a closet.”

Which by the way, not as nice as the movies make it out to be. They could barely move without bumping into each other or a wall. And there was no way they could sit in here.

Oh Hunk and Pidge were so gonna get it when they got out of here.

“No, but I did predict something like this would happen when you said you didn’t want to tell the team about us yet. I knew they’d try to set us up, and I knew when they did you’d go along with it cause you’re kinda the king of bad decisions-”

“It’s not a mullet.” Keith cut him off.

Ok so maybe it wasn’t entirely their fault. Keith was the one who said he wanted to keep to themselves for now. He had hoped to keep the attention off of their relationship, and thus him, but it seemed Hunk and Pidge were a little too tired of the quote ‘sexual tension’ whatever the quiznak that meant.

“ I guess I’m getting too predictable now too.”

“I think that’s supposed to happen when you live with someone so long. Especially when you’re dating them.”

“At least we aren’t as predictable as punk. If we were, they’d have figured us out by now.” Lance said, annoyance slipping into his tone.


“Pidge and Hunk. They chose the name a little while ago.” 

Code for ‘happened when you were away but I don’t wanna talk about it can we change the subject please?’

“Well, they’ll know when we get out of here.” Keith obliged.

“Why, you planning a make out session like they’re hoping?” Lance raised his eyebrow suggestively.

There wasn’t much light, but Lance could still see the colour tinting his cheeks.

“I meant we should tell him after this…. I mean… they could come in anytime, Lance.”

“So you want to kiss me right now.” Lance grinned flirtatiously.

“I didn’t- shut up, Lance.”

“Rude.” He stuck his tongue out, and Keith’s eyes automatically followed. ”So, are you gonna kiss me now? Keith gave a barely perceptible nod. “You are so incredibly predictable. I told you so.” Lance grinned, settling his arms around Keith’s neck, inching closer to him so their chests were touching.

“Stop babbling.” Keith whispered, closing the distance. It started out slow, soft, but soon turned fast, almost harsh, as their bodies pressed together in the small closet.

Lance walked forward until Keith’s back hit the wall, pulling away for a moment only to trail more kisses across his face.

Finally he broke away, both gasping for breath.

“Maybe I should babble more often.” Lance chuckled.

“You’d never get anything done.” Keith replied flatly. At least, he meant to say it flatly, it may have come out a tad more lewd than intended. Cut him a break ok?  His boyfriend had a habit of muddling up his thoughts.

(He really liked being able to call him boyfriend. Don’t tell him.)

Lance only raised an eyebrow as he waited for Keith to realize how dirty he actually sounded.

“I- I didn’t mean it like that. I mean you already babble all the time-”

“You’re cute when you’re flustered,”

“I am not cute-” Suddenly they were interrupted by a knock on the door as it opened.

“Figured we better knock just in case.” Pidge said, looking the boys up and down, taking in their ruffled appearences.

 “I think we had the right idea.” Hunk said.

Both boys blushed as Pidge and Hunk snickered.

Lance side eyed Keith, wondering if he would speak up. 

Keith grabbed Lance’s hand. “Well if you’re done, I’m gonna go make out with my boyfriend somewhere more comfortable.” At that he pulled Lance along ignoring the fact that his face was red as a tomato, as Lance grinned and winked cheekily at Hunk and Pidge.

“I told you they were already together, Hunk. Pay up.”

Hunk sighed as he walked toward the kitchen. “How did you know?”

“Isn’t it obvious? They are so predictable.”

Things I love about Yoongi

-he’s so kind hearted
-he takes care of everybody
-the most talented music producer!!
-he has so much love to give always
-he literally suits every single hair colour how does he do that
-his passion for things he loves is so admirable
-photography king!
-the way he bared his all to us in Agust D and you could tell how much of a weight was lifted off his shoulders afterwards
-he always puts others before himself
-role model material
-he never once gave up on his dreams after being told so many times he wouldn’t ever make it, look at him now
-his smile, the small shy one and the big gummy one, all of them, I love his smile
-when he gets shy and lowers his head and smiles
-he teases the members but it’s all full of love<3
-when he used to do his album reviews, even though he’s too busy for them now you can see just how passionate he is towards his music
-he’s never afraid to speak his mind
-sense of style, he always pulls through with Looks
-that time when for his birthday he prepared gifts for the fans, and he’s been doing it ever since
-king of bubble baths
-he cares for everyone around him so much he has so much love in his heart
-basketball king
-I’m the hyung so I have to pay!
-his eyes, yes boi
-I love everything

SanversWeek Day 4- Hogwarts AU

This is for my wonderful HP anon. You are a joy and I have thoroughly enjoyed inserting these characters into the HP universe. This piece slots in with the rest of the pieces I’ve written which can be found under the ‘hogwarts au’ tag on my blog.

The Great Hall was a buzz with excitement; the Quidditch Cup match between Gryffindor and Slytherin was taking place later. Cheers rang out every time a member of one of the teams walked in for breakfast, a mixture of exhilaration and nausea written on their faces.

The Slytherin table erupted into a cacophony of noise when their fearless Beater, Alex Danvers walked in. She looked every part the confident Team Captain as she walked to sit with the rest of her team, her fellow Slytherins patting her on the back and wishing her luck as she passed.

Not to be outdone, the Gryffindor table hollerred as loud as they could when star Chaser, Maggie Sawyer entered the Great Hall. No one but Lena seemed to notice Maggie straightening up her robes.

‘Morning pep talk before the big match Danvers?’ Lena drawled as Alex sat down next to her.

‘Oh shush’ Alex shot back, but the colour creeping up her cheeks gave her away.

‘At least tell me you managed to find all of your underwear this time, not that I didn’t appreciate finding your knickers on my pillow…’

‘One time!’

Lena smirked and handed Alex a goblet of pumpkin juice.

‘Oh like you never tease me about the time I was congratulating Kara in the showers after her first Quidditch match-’

‘Nope!’ Alex interrupted, holding up a finger, ‘no more about what you and my baby sister get up to.’

‘Oh, is because I’m a Luthor?’ Lena pouted teasingly.

Alex chuckled, so proud that Lena could now joke about her last name, even if she couldn’t forget the atrocities Lex was committing in Voldemort’s name.

‘No it’s because you’ve been a pain in my arse for the last seven years, but for some reason my sister finds your infuriating wit and sarcasm adorable.’

Lena just raised an eyebrow and slid some toast towards Alex.

‘You need to eat. Your final Quidditch cup at Hogwarts? I know how much you want to win…’

Alex nodded and took a nibble of the toast.

‘That’s if you can keep your eyes off Maggie long enough…’


‘Strong come back there…’


Alex turned to see her girlfriend waving at her from across the Great Hall. Maggie inclined her head towards the door, indicating that they needed to head down to the pitch.

Alex swiped her half eaten piece of toast and stood up.

‘Good luck’ Lena smiled.

Alex winked and walked towards Maggie, leaning down to kiss her much to the enjoyment of the surrounding students.

They barely made it to the bottom of the staircase before Maggie pulled Alex into a semi private nook to deepen the kiss that had started in the Great Hall.

‘For luck’ Maggie murmured, her hands roaming gently under Alex’s robes.

‘I don’t need luck’ Alex gasped as Maggie’s fingertips ghosted the ticklish spot on her hip, ‘you’re going down…’

‘Oh no, when Gryffindor wins, you’ll definitely be the one going down tonight’ Maggie teased, unable to resist.

The sound of a throat clearing made the two girls jump abruptly apart.

‘Miss Danvers, Miss Sawyer…’ Snape drawled, ‘shouldn’t you be down at the pitch by now?’

‘Sorry Professor’ both girls murmured as Alex tucked her shirt back in and started heading in the direction of the Quidditch stands.

‘Oh and Miss Danvers?’ Snape intoned, ‘try not to let your girlfriend distract you too much. I want the trophy back in my room this year…’

‘Yes Professor’ Alex blushed as Maggie took her hand.

They walked hand in hand in a comfortable silence along the path content to drink in the final peaceful moment before the match.

‘Why does everyone think I’m going to go easy on you?’ Alex finally broke the silence.

‘When was the last time you sent a bludger towards me with the intention of actually knocking me off my broom instead of just making me veer off course?’

Alex didn’t reply, but pursed her lips.

‘Exactly! You just don’t want to admit that badass Alex Danvers has a soft spot-’

Maggie was cut off by Alex placing her lips against hers.

They finally made it to the changing rooms and split to join their respective teams, the nervous excitement building. Five minutes before the match was due to start, they filtered out onto the pitch to thunderous applause.

Madame Hooch reminded them to play a fair, clean game and blew sharply on her whistle. Simultaneously, all fourteen students kicked off of the ground, racing into the air.

Maggie was first to grab the Quaffle, zig zagging effortlessly around the Slytherin Chasers. She zoomed towards the end of the pitch and made her first goal within moments of the match starting.

The Gryffindor spectators were delighted, screaming and stomping their feet in the stands.

Kara sat in the stands wearing a garish clashing mixture of her usual Hufflepuff robes, Slytherin scarf she had borrowed from Lena and the Gryffindor colours painted on her cheeks.

‘No red and gold?’ Kara questioned upon seeing Lena in just her usual green and silver robes.

‘House pride!’ Lena chuckled, ‘plus, you’re decked out enough for the both of us…’

Lena cheered at the Slytherin Keeper stopping another goal, but found herself giving a smaller cheer when in the next moment, Maggie was able to get the Quaffle past him.

It was a close match; 80-70 to Gryffindor and still no sign of the snitch. Over the next ten minutes, Maggie lived up to her reputation as the fastest Chaser in Gryffindor history, scoring three more goals.

Alex zoomed past the three Slytherin Chasers and yelled out a few choice words; there was no way they were losing the match, not in her final year.

She saw Maggie making another break towards the hoops with the Quaffle securely tucked under her arm. Alex swung her bat and sent the bludger towards Maggie with all the strength she could muster.

Maggie saw the bludger careering towards her and had to roll upside down on her broom to stop herself from being knocked off. She dropped the Quaffle and it was picked up by Flint who managed to score for Slytherin.

110-80 to Gryffindor.

‘Is that how we’re playing today Danvers?’ Maggie yelled as she passed by Alex.

‘Everyone was accusing me of going soft on you!’

Maggie winked and zoomed off to take a pass from Katie Bell to score again.

120-80 to Gryffindor.

The whistle was blown for half time and the players crashed back into the changing rooms to re-cooperate.

Two pep talks later; a slightly intimidating one given by Alex and a much more relaxed one from the Gryffindor Team Captain, both teams were back up in the air, determined to bring home the trophy.

In an incredibly fast paced fifteen minutes that Winn has trouble keeping track of from his commentary box, points are scored, bludgers fly and in one heart stopping moment, the Gryffindor Seeker nose dives towards the ground. With the help of Professor J’onzz, the score is tallied to 180-180.

The crowd gasps as both Seekers take off in the same direction; the Golden Snitch in their sight. This time it’s not a false alarm.

Alex felt as though time was slowing down as she watched Malfoy jostle against Potter to get ahead. Malfoy stretched his arm out, his finger grazing the wings of the Snitch, before he manages to grasp it in his hand.

‘SLYTHERIN WIN!’ Winn boomed from the commentary box.

Alex punched the air in celebration and looped in the air on her broom; she had done it. Head Girl, Captain of the winning Quidditch team and a straight ‘Outstanding’ student. She zoomed towards the ground pulling off the nose dive that had got her onto the team as a first year and landed back on the ground to her team celebrating.

Maggie was in her arms immediately, kissing her soundly, sending the crowd into a frenzy. Alex picked Maggie up and Maggie wrapped her legs around Alex’s hips, her fingers tangled in Alex’s hair.

‘You did it Danvers!’ Maggie breathed out between kisses.

‘You’re not mad?’

‘We played a good match, but the better team won’ Maggie conceded, ‘plus my girlfriend happens to be the hottest Quidditch player in Hogwarts history…’

They lose themselves in each other eyes and lips as the noise of the crowd fades to nothing behind them.  

They lose themselves entwined in each others arms, not caring who sees, not giving a thought to the  impending war that was brewing, or the choices they will have to make.

The lose themselves in thoughts of their future; that they may only been seventeen and eighteen years old, but damn it, this relationship was built to go the distance, they were built to stumble through life together, built to support each other, built to love each other.

So they do.

anonymous asked:

s/o who paints 2D's nails and toenails Fluff please !

“Your nails are all chipped D.” You and 2D were just chilling out on the couch, fucking around on your phones. 2D had his arm wrapped around you and whilst his hand lay on your outer thigh you notice that most of his nail polish had chipped off. You couldn’t even tell what colours they originally were.

“I know , I should probably get Noodle to redo them.”

“I’ll do em if you want.” He gave a small laugh.

“I mean, sure if you want.” You dart up to your room to fetch some discarded bottles of nail polish. Without looking you grabbed some bottles off your dresser. Crashing down on the couch and grabbing 2D’s hand, you started chirping away to him.

“Okay so do you want red, blue or this weird pus yellow that looks about seven years old?” When you looked up at him you could tell he wasn’t paying attention. Sighing you chucked a bottle at him and it hit his chest.


“What colour do you want?”

“Dunno, it’s your choice.”

“You’re the worst, I’m just going to do all three.”

“Do your thing love.” You laugh at his disinterest and start on your little project. He kept his hands surprisingly still whilst you worked away on them. He glanced up from his screen every now and then, quietly humming to himself. When you finished his left hand you didn’t even have to say anything before he switched them immediately. Even though you weren’t too careful you didn’t want them to look shabby. Sure they were going to get chipped within a day but it was a simple pleasure. Whilst you were waiting for the polish to dry 2D looked up and laughed to himself.

“Looks good Y/N, want to start working on the toes know?”

“Eurgh, no thanks, not planning on catching anything.” You shot back at him. He laughed at your remarking kissing you on the cheek and raising his arm so you could cuddle into him, only when his nails were dry though.

The Late Night Hot Chocolate Mishap

Enjoy, @magnusragnor!

The apartment was silent as Alec sighed, rubbing his hand over his face and noticing the thin layer of stubble that was slowly taking over. He had been sat reading the same paragraph for the last hour and hadn’t made any progress with his essay in even longer. With a loud thunk Alec’s head hit his desk as he groaned in frustration. He was getting nowhere.

What felt like only a few moments later Alec was startled by a light touch on his shoulder. Jumping up from his chair, Alec somehow managed to headbutt his surprise attacker.

“Alexander!” A silvery, albeit pained, voice came from behind him. Alec quickly turned to see his roommate holding his head and frowning.

“Shit! I’m so sorry Magnus! You just, you startled me.” Alec’s face heated up as he quickly looked away from his closest friend. “No harm done dear, just a mild concussion from that pretty little head of yours.” Magnus teased, smirking at the playful glare he got in return. “I did call your name a couple times before you so rudely assaulted me,” Alec rolled his eyes, “It appears your brain finally decided to let you take a break from all that studying.” Magnus chuckled at the small confused frown that took over Alec’s face, “You fell asleep Alexander.” He explained, smiling at the younger boy.

“I wasn’t asleep! I was just…resting my eyes.” Alec’s sentence drifted off sounding more like a question. He groaned loudly, “I have to have this done by the end of the week and I’m getting nowhere Mags”

“Come now, you need a proper break love.” Flushing at the pet name Alec looked down as Magnus softly placed his hand on the boy’s arm, leading him away from his books.

The two boys had been close friends since the start of their college life after being assigned together in the dorms. Now, living together off campus, Magnus and Alec were in their final year at Idris University. Alec wouldn’t admit to anyone how much he longed to be more than Magnus’ friend. What had started as a simple crush when they first met had only ignited further the more Alec got to know him; the way he crinkled his nose when he yawned, how one day he came home with a tiny kitten and always referred to himself and Alec as his fathers, even the way Magnus tried incessantly to sneak some colour into Alec’s wardrobe. His sister Isabelle, of course, had soon realised his crush and tried to tell him many times that he simply needed to tell Magnus about his feelings so that they could live ‘happily ever after’, Alec scoffed at her every time this subject was brought up.

“Fine,” Alec huffed, “I’m pretty sure my brain turned off hours ago anyway.” He gave Magnus a small smile. “How about I make us some hot chocolate? We can sit and watch one of your ridiculous runway shows if you want?”

“They are not ridiculous Alexander, they are highly entertaining and of course educational! How else do you think I learnt to dress this fabulously?” Alec rolled his eyes as Magnus did a twirl in his royal blue silk pyjamas.

Entering the kitchen, Magnus gracefully sat himself on the counter watching Alec begin to prepare their hot chocolate. He watched the way Alec’s shirt rode up showing his toned stomach, and just a hint of his V line, as he reached for the saucepan. How the muscles on his arm flexed slightly when he got the milk. He really couldn’t help but stare, and who could blame him, as Alec bent over to rummage in the cupboard for the missing cocoa powder. Magnus was so lost in thoughts of what he wished he was doing with Alec in that position that he didn’t notice how Alec was now standing right in front of him, looking at him in a way that meant he had obviously just asked a question.

“I’m sorry dear, what did you say?” Magnus flushed just slightly at being caught staring,

“I was asking if you could pass me the cocoa powder.” Alec smiled shyly, a similar flush on his cheeks. Magnus’ heart began to race as Alec leant around him to get the box that was sat behind him. He shivered as he felt Alec’s breath on the base of his neck and fought the urge to moan. As Alec slowly moved back Magnus couldn’t pull his eyes away from his lips; the need to kiss him overwhelming. Magnus didn’t know who started to lean in first but soon they were mere inches apart. Unconsciously, Magnus licked his lips. He looked up into Alec’s eyes seeing the same hunger, and just a hint of nerves, that he felt.

Just as their noses touched gently, a cloud of cocoa powder erupted in between the pair. Alec backed up suddenly, coughing as he inhaled sharply. Once the coughing fit ended and the cloud settled Alec forced his eyes down, finding the floor very interesting all of a sudden. Anything so that he wouldn’t have to look at Magnus and face his humiliation.

“I’m sorry.” He muttered quietly, cursing his perpetual awkwardness. He heard a small laugh and couldn’t help but look up at the man in question. Magnus was covered in the light brown powder, it had settled in his hair and on the front of his pyjamas. What started as a small laugh was now Magnus crying and holding his stomach as he laughed so hard Alec thought he might fall off the counter. Calming down for a moment Magnus looked at Alec and smiled,

“I’m sorry Alexander, I’m not laughing at you. It’s just…I’ve been wanting to do this for so long and we’re finally about to and then…” Magnus starts laughing again, not able to control himself. Alec, however, stood there with his eyes wide, staring at the older boy in front of him. Without even a second of thought Alec had crossed the kitchen and pressed himself between Magnus’ legs. He grasped the back of Magnus’ neck and pulled him forwards to kiss him hard, swallowing the moan that escaped Magnus’ lips. Magnus froze for a second before relaxing into the kiss, his arms circling Alec’s hips pulling him closer. Running his tongue over Magnus’ bottom lip, Alec deepened the kiss and let his hand play with the hair at the nape of Magnus’ neck.

They were kissing for what could have minutes or hours before they separated, resting their foreheads together. They were both catching their breath, enjoying being close to one another, neither knowing what to say and scared of breaking the moment.

Magnus pulled away just slightly, still close enough that their noses were almost touching. He opened this mouth to speak but nothing came out. Smiling softly he gave Alec a small kiss on the tip of his nose and rested his head on the taller boy’s shoulder, his arms still circling his hips, Alec’s hand still playing with his hair.

We are very proud to present to you our 10,000th Post, in the form of an Exclusive interview with Gary MSK.I can only really describe his graffiti as shockingly good. Gary Paint’s Mind bendingly precise and exquisitely executed pieces, over and over, all over the place. Having moved through many different styles over the years, he has never stagnated. From earlier incarnations to the present day he pushes out some of the most aesthetically pleasing and interesting graffiti any where in the world. All of this with one of my favourite ‘names’ out there. 

Please Introduce yourself:  

Gary Stranger MSK HA   

Could you tell us how and when did you got in to graffiti? 

I started noticing graffiti in the early-mid nineties while riding the train to school. At the time there were new, colour pieces and silvers popping up all the time. That gave me the inspiration to pick it up and then it was a trip to San Francisco in 1996/97 that sealed the deal for me. It was crushed with good graffiti.   

Your Sign writing/font style pieces are always so immaculately pulled off, have you had any formal training? 

No. I guess if you do anything often enough, you’ll become competent. I only really have a passion for type or regular looking letters which is why I’ve pursued that aesthetic. I do appreciate good, stylish and traditional graffiti, but it’s not what I’m about.    

You’ve been doing some really nice studio work recently, have you got plans to start moving more towards gallery work? 

Yes, I see it as a natural progression. I produce art, whether it’s on a wall or canvas is neither here nor there. If you come from a graffiti background then you paint for it to be seen and it’s just a continuation of that.

Which writers have been most inspirational to you over the years? 

There’s way too many to mention, but I’d say there almost all people in our crew or close friends. Trying to list them risks me forgetting someone.    

Is there any chance of a Gary Typeface? 

When I find the time to finish it, yes.    

What would you be doing if you didn’t have graffiti? 

God knows. I’d still be painting something, but maybe not letters.    

Your favourite letter?

Errr… a G i guess.    

One spray can/cap combo? 

Ironlak and a NY fat cap for everything.    

What city have you had the Best/Worst time in? 

That’s tough. I have a great time in Copenhagen, that’s probably my favourite place. I wasn’t taken with Dubai, I don’t feel the need to go back there. I could rant about that place but a friend of mine summed it up perfectly as a ‘cultural wasteland’   

If you could go back and see one concert/gig in history what would it be? 

I never got to see Pantera before Diamond Darrell was killed, I’d like to have done.    

One thing we didn’t know about Gary? 

It’s not my name.    

Can you draw/spray a perfect circle? 

Absolutely not.   

and finally, can we have a list of your top three Gary’s 

  1. Numan
  2. Numan
  3. Numan 
Psychotic Break (Soulmate!Michael AU - Part 4)

Originally posted by popecalum

Requested: honestly i’ve lost track 
Pairing: Michael + Y/N
Words: 1.3K
Warnings: swearing of course, and some crying and overdue climbing and physical activity. 
A/N: this is beyond late but it was kind fun in a way to write?? I hope you like. please request a part 5 so I know you guys are still out there somewhere reading this garbage. 

Part 3 | Masterlist | Ask 

To say that in nearly 6 weeks Michael gave up trying to contact you would be the biggest lie of the century. A close second would be that you picked up whenever he called your phone. For 6 weeks his hair changed colour so fast you nearly did answer one of his calls to tell him to knock it off before you both went bald for real. Every colour you could think of you woke up with at some point; sometimes it was in the middle of the day while you were grocery shopping or spontaneously in the middle of a seriously important presentation that would mean your promotion from unpaid intern to paid employee. Needless to say, you went from unpaid intern to unpaid and unemployed that day and you had nobody to blame but that stupid fucking Soulmate of yours who was sporting navy blue hair.

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You and your three admirers

“Well we’re all shucked.” Thomas sighed.

“We have been since the day she showed up.” Newt groaned.

“So what are we going to do about it?” Minho asked.

Newt, Thomas and Minho were sat on the ground with their backs resting against the homestead. They were all looking at you chatting to Chuck at the bonfire. You had no idea that your three best friends were looking at you, nor that they were discussing the small problem of the fact that all three of them were head-over-heels in love with you.

“The only fair thing that I can think of is that none of us have her.” Thomas said.

“That’s not fair – I’ve loved her longer than either of you two!” Minho protested.

“You two spend all day in the maze, you don’t know her like I do.” Newt said.

“Er who is it that spends hours talking to her into the night?” Thomas countered.

“I think we’ve all done that slinthead.” Minho said.

There was a moment’s pause, then Newt spoke up again; “You know I’m starting to understand why the creators sent a girl here – they’re testing us. They want to see if we let her tear us apart.”

“They chose a hell of a good girl if that’s their intention.” Minho noted.

There was a pause as all of the boys admired you. Your cute smile, twinkling eyes and infectious laugh.

Thomas let out a long breath, “Okay, we’ll just have to agree – no one tries anything with her. But if she shows any interest in one of us, then the other two will just have to accept that, yeah?”

“Good that.” Newt said, although his voice made it clear that it wasn’t his ideal plan.

“Fine, but it’s not actually as though she’s ever shown any interest in us other than as mates. I think we’re all friend-zoned.” Minho sighed.

“Maybe it’s better that way.” Thomas said.

All three boys lapsed into silence and tried to look somewhere other than you – all three failed miserably. You finally felt their gaze on you, and glanced round at the three of them. You grinned at them.

“You know, I think that those three hate you.” Chuck laughed.

“What? Why?” You asked turning back to the younger boy.

“Because you made their friendship a hell of a lot harder when you arrived.”

You went to ask Chuck what he meant but Alby’s voice rang out “Right everyone to bed, you shanks need your beauty sleep.”

That night, despite the deal that they had made, Thomas, Minho and Newt all went to bed and came up with a plan to win your attention anyway. They had to do it in a way that the other two didn’t notice – if they could make it look like it was your idea to get together then the other two boys would just have to accept defeat.

The only trouble was that you’d never shown any romantic attraction to any of them.

The next morning Minho and Thomas got up at the crack of dawn and disappeared into the maze. You woke a little after and went to work in the med-jack hut. You loved your job, but there really wasn’t enough people in the glade to need three med-jacks, so you often had a lot of free time. You spent this time chatting to Newt in the gardens.

By three o’clock you’d tided the med-jack’s hut so you checked that Clint and Jed didn’t need you and then you wandered to the gardens. You found Newt tending a strawberry patch.

“Need a hand?” You grinned, sitting on the ground next to him.

“If you don’t mind – but here, have my gloves.” Newt said, handing you his pair of gardening gloves. “Wouldn’t want your pretty little hands getting all dirty.”

“Awh thanks Newt, but what about your pretty little hands?” You laughed as you slipped on the gloves and began turning over the soil.

“I’m sure that I’ll cope beautiful.” Newt replied. Your hands froze, had Newt just called you beautiful? You glanced up sideways at him, he was smiling at you. You very nearly melted on the spot; how had you never noticed how stunning he was? You quickly looked back down at the soil, he probably hadn’t meant anything by it, he was just being nice.

“You’re blushing.” Newt said.

“Your compliment caught me off guard.” You laughed, “Despite the fact that I live with 50 boys, none of them are gentlemanly enough to say things like that.”

Newt grinned, then he plucked a strawberry and passed it to you.

“What’s this for?” You asked.

“Well I didn’t have a rose, but I figured that that’s the same colour so maybe it would do the job.”

Newt could tell that his plan was working, he knew that you were interested, but what he didn’t know was that Minho was also hatching a plan.

“y/n!” Clint called across the glade.

You turned to face him. “What’s up?”

“Go and see to Minho, he has just come back from running early, something about a twisted ankle.”

You turned back to Newt, “Sorry Newt, but duty calls. I’ll see you later.” You said, and with that you took off the gloves, gave them back to Newt, popped the strawberry in your mouth and set off to see Minho.

Minho was sat in the med-jack’s hut, no one else was in there.

“Hey Minho. Let me guess, your shoelaces came untied and you tripped on them?” You grinned as you entered the room and sat on the floor in front of him.

“Nope, running from a griever.”

“What? Really?” You asked shocked.

“Er, no. Your guess was correct, but I just didn’t want you to think that I was an idiot. It was my left ankle.” Minho replied sheepishly.

You slid Minho’s left shoe off and inspected his ankle. “Oh Minho you know I’d never think that off you.”

“Not even the other day when I tried putting on your shirt thinking it was mine?”

You laughed at the memory. No one made you laugh like Minho did, the pair of you were so natural together.

“You ain’t half cute when you laugh.” Minho said.

You froze again, that was the second compliment to catch you off guard today. You looked up at Minho and felt (also for the second time that day) your heart rate speed up, your skin tingle and your cheeks flush.

They’re must be something in the air today. You thought, trying to brush off his compliment.

“Minho your ankle seems fine.”

“It is. I just wanted to see you.”

A quiet gasp escaped your lips, but you never got a chance to react any more before Winston came rushing in with a blooded arm.

“y/n, I need some serious help here.” He said.

“Oh god, yeah okay. Minho, I’ll have to talk to you later yeah?” You said.

Minho left grumbling something about bad timing.

You spent the next hour cleaning up Winston’s wound, and then the next two hours scrubbing the blood off the hut floor. You were hungry and aching from the labour, but you were nearly done so you kept going. It was lucky for Thomas that you stayed in that room, because it was perfect for his plan.

A knock on the door sounded, and you spun around to see Thomas enter, he held up a paper bag that smelt amazing.

“Thought you might be hungry.” He grinned.

“Oh Thomas I love you.” You grinned getting up and taking the bag and placing the contents on the little wooden table (which was blood-free.)

“There is enough for two here.” You observed.

“Yeah well I was hoping that you’d let me eat with you.”

You smiled, “Of course you can Thomas, have a seat.” You gestured to the chair on the other side of the table. You sat down opposite each other. An unlit candle sat in the middle, Thomas grabbed a match and lit it.

You laughed, “Well this escalated into a romantic meal very quickly.” You met Thomas’s eyes across the candle light and for the third time that day your stomach flipped. What was happening?! You had never had these feelings before, and now it had happened three times in one day with three different boys. “Er, well at least it would if it wasn’t for Winston’s blood covering the floor.” You rambled.

Thomas smirked, “Even with that it’s pretty romantic, but then again I could sit in Gally’s armpits with you and still find it romantic.”

You officially didn’t understand now; first Newt, then Minho, now Thomas?

“Thomas, what the hell is happening today? Are you guys pranking me?”

Thomas looked shocked. “What’d you mean?”

“You, Newt, Minho! All three of you have tried to make the jump from friend to boyfriend today. I don’t get it!”

Thomas sighed, “I knew them shanks wouldn’t keep to the deal.”

“What deal?”

“The one where we agreed no one was going to try and get with you.” Newt said from behind you.

You whipped around, Newt and Minho stood in the doorway. You stood up.

“What? Why’d you make that deal?”

“Because we’re all in love with you shuckface.” Minho said.

“Yeah, we made that buggin’ deal to try and stop you from coming in between our friendship – but it looks like we are all bloody shanks who can’t keep away from you.” Newt said.

You were at a total loss for words.

“Look y/n, we’re sorry, you don’t have to choose between us.” Thomas said.

“Choose between you? Of course I’m not going to choose between you – I could never. Today has proved that much, because each one of you got very close to winning me today. And who knows, maybe if the other two weren’t around I might have gone for it, but I would never come between your friendship. I won’t date any of you – you guys mean too much to me for me to let myself ruin everything for you, because that is all dating any of you would achieve.” You said.

There was a short silence, but then Newt spoke up. “Good that. Now we know that you won’t date any of us, maybe us three shanks can get over you.”

Minho and Thomas nodded in agreement. Then Minho eyed the food, “Any chance we can eat some of that?”

You laughed and the four of you crammed round the little table and enjoyed the feast. Everything was back to how it was. You had just eaten the last chicken leg when Chuck came running into the room.

“Oh my gosh, y/n, I just overheard Gally telling Nick how much he fancies you!”

Your mouth dropped open, but then you made eye contact with the other three boys and you all burst out laughing.


(yes, I have already posted this one, but I did it in two parts and I got a request to put it up as one, so don’t say I won’t do anything for you guys - send me requests)

Mixed signals

Fandom: The Hobbit

Rating: T
Character(s): Bofur
Word Count: 2,417
Prompt: Reader and Bofur butt heads ever since she’s joined the company with Gandalf, but then in the battle, she saves his life but gets injured doing so… And while she’s resting, asleep, he’s all worried she’s gonna die (it’s not that bad of an injury tho) and confesses he’s actually in love with her - only she’s not actually asleep and well fluffy fluff fluff lovey dovey and embarrassed Bofur happens.
Requested by: diaktoros-pandemos 

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Before your papa!Hak headcanons i didn't know i needed also hakyona couple life, wedding, parenting (and why not, first time too) headcanons. So, when (and if) you have the time...

Of course anon!! I’m always up for Hakona headcanons ♥


  • Their ceremony is small. Ik-Soo is the priest and just the dragons, family and a few close friends are invited. Even though the actual wedding is small, the party in the Wind Tribe afterwards is HUGE ;D
  • Hak stutters through his vows. Yona thinks it’s adorable. 
  • Despite Mundok, Kija, Shin-Ah, Tae-Jun and some others crying during the ceremony, Yona and Hak both manage to avoid tears. Well, that’s until Tae-Yeon runs down the aisle at the end and jumps into Yona’s arms crying “Sister!”. Yona tears up then.

Couple Life:

  • Yona and Hak aren’t too big on public displays of affection, so not many would guess that the Thunder Beast is quite the closet romantic.
  • Though they don’t use many endearments, Yona has made it a habit to call Hak “honey” whenever she’s feeling a little more intimate, because… Awa reasons.
  • Yona soon learns that giving Hak the silent treatment is the best way to get him to talk to her/apologise if they’re angry at each other. Hak can’t stand the silent treatment.

First Time:

  • Their first time is during their honeymoon. It’s slow and careful - less about being extremely passionate and more about just being as close to each other as they can be. 
  • The dragons and Yoon notice that Hak is in an extremely good mood when the two return from their honeymoon. Jae-Ha suggests that Yona sleep with him every night to keep his afterglow going for as long as possible. 


  • Both Yona and Hak are pretty lenient parents, and very open to letting their kids do what they want to. Of the two though, Hak is the stricter (his overprotective streak has been around for longer)
  • All of their kids go through a “Ma, why don’t I have red hair like you?” phase. Every time, Yona just smiles and tells them that she is jealous that they got such a lovely hair colour from their father. 
  • Neither Hak nor Yona would openly admit that they’ve spied on the other rocking their baby to sleep and singing, and that they’ve loved the sight.

I hope these are okay! X3

The Other Carter - Part 6

Originally posted by imagine-my-universe

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Carter!Reader
Warnings: Nope
Summary: You’ve heard of Peggy Carter? Well this is the story of her sister Y/N Carter, and the love between her and Bucky.         
A/N: Part 6! Please give me feedback as this is the first series I have ever done. Love you all! I hope you like it! Message me if you want to get tagged!
Word Count: 1608

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part5


The morning after the celebration party rolled around. I was currently pacing by the lab door as Howard was inspecting my blood sample. Bucky was currently sitting in a chair which was placed by the door of the lab, watching my every move. The tips of my hair were slowly turning white. It seemed it did that when I felt a strong emotion.

“Holy smokes…” Howard muttered. My head snapped up to him expecting an answer to my hairy situation. “What? What is it?” I asked walking over to him. “It seems Dr Zola altered your DNA in some way… There are fragments of ice mixed in the blood cells…” “Ice?” Bucky questioned walking over and wrapping his arm around my waist.

“That explains the temperature change… But what about the hair?” I asked feeling my heart beat out of my chest. “It seems when your emotions get too strong, your hair… Well it turns to ice…” “Well shouldn’t I be dead? A regular person’s temperature is 37⁰C… Mine is below 0… My bodily functions shouldn’t be working in the same way, surely?” I argued. My hair was turning white again, however I’m kind of used to it now…

“Is that snow?” Bucky questioned looking up. “What?” I seem to be saying that word a lot recently. He was right though it was snowing. Inside the lab.

I started to panic. What was happening? Why was this happening? Why wasn’t I cold- wait that’s not important. As I panicked more the snow fell faster, and soon there was a blizzard happening inside the lab, caused by yours truly.

“Hey, doll listen to me. We are going to figure out what’s going on, but first you need to listen to me. Calm down sweet heart. Okay? Calm down, shhh. That’s it look at me.” And before you know it the storm died down and Bucky wrapped me in a warm hug and kissed my head of hair. I looked over towards Howard who looked like a snowman. The sight caused me to laugh and the snow around us melted.

“What the hell happened?!” Howard exclaimed. I continued to laugh and when I did more delicate snowflakes drifted around us. “Y/N I think you might be the next Ice Queen, Can you control it?” Bucky questioned.

I focused my eyes onto my hand and felt a weird tingly sensation. The feeling was like you just played in the snow and your hands were going numb, though not unpleasant. The more I focused, the more snow built up in my hand, the more my hair turned white. It was a calming sensation as my fingers danced around each other, the wind picked up the snowflakes and danced along with them. Bucky watched in amazement. Howard’s jaw almost hit the floor and his eyes were pretty much glowing with excitement.

I heard a noise from outside the lab so I stopped all movement of the snow. All of the snowflakes dropped to the floor and my hair turned normal.

“Y/N?” I breathed a sigh of release as I heard my sister’s voice. “I’m in here Peg.” I replied. “You guys can’t tell Peggy about this okay? I will tell her when the time is right. I’m trusting you with this Howard.” I whispered. They both nodded.

“How’d it go?” Peggy asked Howard as she walked towards Howard. She hugged me and I returned it. Bucky re-wrapped his arm around my waist and Peggy smiled to herself.

“Nothing out of the norm Peg. Her DNA was changed, yes. But the only thing that it changed was the hair colour changing…Nothing to worry about.” Howard half-lied effectively. A sense of guilt washed over me.

“What about her body temperature?” Howard nodded. “That’s part of it too. That’s the reason her hair changed. It’s as though her hair got cold. Hehe. He chuckled at his own joke. I sent him a glare.

I could tell Peggy was a bit tense. “What’s up Peg?” She looked over to me and gave me a look. And I knew that look. It was the ‘I-need-to-talk-to-you-about-boys’ look. I rarely see it on her nowadays but I still know my sister.

“Alright boys out, I have to talk to my little sister okay?” I pecked Bucky on the list and shoved him and Howard out the lab. “But it’s my lab!” Howard shouted. Bucky continued pushing him out of the lab and I gave him a thankful look. He just winked and dragged Howard out ignoring his protests.

Peggy and I sat on two chairs face to face. I gave her a look to explain when it all came out. “Okay so I was looking for Steve to discuss the latest mission, which I have to talk to you about too, when I find him snogging the face of that whore, what’s her name? I don’t know but it was horrible and it made me wonder if I’m in love with Steve Rogers. Oh my God I’minlovewithSteve.” She said all in one breathe. I blinked then blinked again, looked up at her with my jaw a slack slightly. The given information was going through my mind like clockwork, or like Sherlock Holmes trying to solve a case, when it clicked.

“Steve kissed someone!-” I never thought he had the guts, “-That bastard. I told him to ask you to dance and this is what happens…” I muttered the last part.

“What was that?” Peggy asked. “Nothing. But I’m going to have to talk with stars and stripes. See you later Peg!” I shouted whilst walking at a fast pace towards the area where I know Steve would be.

“STEVEN GRANT ROGERS!” I hollered. He turned around looking slightly scared, holding what seemed to be a metal shield. My eyebrows were frowned, my teeth were gritted and Howard looked slightly scared as he knew what I was capable of.

“How do you know my full name?” Steve asked. “Bucky.” Was my answer. He nodded knowingly. I picked up a gun that was resting on the table. “Not this again” Howard muttered. I shot Steve’s shield 4 times and nodded in approval.

“Nice job Howard.” I told him, but not before turning back to Steve.

“What the hell happened?!” I shouted at him, Steve flinched. “I’m pretty sure our plan didn’t have: Step 3: Exchange saliva with a completely different woman?! That was supposed to be Step 10 but with the woman in target!” Howard watched in amusement, but his expression turned into worry when he noticed the room temperature decreasing and Y/N’s hair turning white. Steve noticed too.

“Y/N I think you need to calm down.” Howard warned me, but I was too mad to notice. The man in front of me broke my little sister’s heart. I wasn’t going to let that get away.

“I need to get Bucky.” Howard said rushing off to the nearest exit.

By that time my hair was already white and snowflakes started to gather up. “How dare you break my little sister’s heart!” I exclaimed to him. He didn’t move, due to worry.

“Well she’s fondue-ing with Howard so really she’s in the wrong.” I took a step back, bewildered. “You seriously have no idea about women, do you?” As I said that Howard and Bucky came in to see the commotion. Bucky rushed over to me.

“Doll, what happened?” He placed his hands on my shoulders making me face him and rested his forehead onto mine. “Breath with me doll, calm down.” He muttered. I did as he told me too and slowly my hair turned back to normal and the room temperature went back to normal.

“No mind telling me what happened.” He questioned. “Your  best friend broke my sister’s heart.” I answered.

“What happened to mission GSAPT?” He asked. “He kissed a girl.” For one moment Bucky looked at Steve bewildered. “I didn’t think you had it in you mate. Well done.” I hit Bucky’s chest. “But wrong girl.” I nodded. “He think Peggy and Howard are ‘fondue-ing’” Bucky was amused.

“Really Steve you have no idea about women do you?”

“Can people stop saying that?!”


It’s January now. The men keep complaining about the snow. I find it quite amusing really. Bucky and I work as a perfect team with the men.

Steve and Peggy still haven’t resolved their issues and to be quite fair it’s pissing both Bucky and I off. Steve even keeps a photo I gave him of Peggy in his compass.

The Howling Commandos are the best fighting group the war has ever come across. We have been infiltrating many Nazi and HYDRA bases across Germany, and I couldn’t ask for a better team.

Howard, Bucky and I have been secretly working to get my powers stronger than ever. We had to explain to Steve what happened, and surprisingly he was OK with it.

At our current post we were standing by a zip-wire staring at the long drop beneath us.

“Remember when I made you ride the Cyclone at Coney Island?” Bucky asked Steve.

“Yeah and I threw up?” Bucky nodded. “This isn’t payback is it?” I chuckled.

“Now why would I do that?” Steve asked with a hint of mischief lased in his voice.

“We were right. Dr Zola’s on the train. HYDRA’s dispatcher gave him permission to open up the throttle.” We all turned to look at Jones. “Wherever he’s going they must need him bad.”

“Let’s get going because they’re moving like the devil.”

Something is giving me a strange feeling about this mission.

And I don’t like it.

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