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The jacket origin story that no one asked for

  • Joonmyun: dammit I think we lost the others
  • Minseok: oh?
  • Joonmyun: CHANYEOL!
  • Joonmyun: BAEKHYUN!
  • Joonmyun: YIXING!!!
  • Joonmyun: JONGDAE!!!!
  • Joonmyun: KYUNGSOO???
  • Joonmyun: JONGIN???
  • Joonmyun: SEHUN????!!!!!
  • Joonmyun: WHERE ARE THEY???????
  • Minseok: *shrugs* i'm hungry
  • Chanyeol: WHO'S HUNGRY
  • Baekhyun: R U HUNGRY HYUNG
  • Yixing: ah hyung did you skip a meal
  • Kyungsoo: what do you wanna eat umin hyung
  • Jongin: hyung let's go have a meal
  • Sehun: ah hyung I want food too
  • Minseok: found them
  • Joonmyun:
  • Luhan: (in China) hey did you hear something
  • Kris: idk
  • Tao: ?

Happy Stormblood everyone!

“These sworn enemies buried their history for the sake of the future, and cast aside their vestments of black and white. Upon the remnants of their arts a new discipline was built, and the first red mages stepped forward with rapiers in hand to fight back against the rising tides of destruction.


Wes Bentley as Peter Hood in Gone (2012)

@missmoonchilde, if you’re there.


I wonder… What would this place be like ten years from now?



he was too shy to say it in person, so he wrote it in an email despite the fact that they’re on the same mission, standing a few feet from each other

Cloud Strife, you precious onion child




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do you write fan fiction? .3.

…Nothing worth reading. I could post fanfiction, but it’s not to a standard I would personally be proud of - therefore I’d feel anxious if I actually did put it out there. Despite my pretentious style of writing, I’m actually kind of insecure when it comes to other people reading my stuff. Even with just my simple text posts, I literally never look back on my old posts because it’s just…cringey as fuck. 

BUT-I-MEAN our community already has some fantastic fanfiction writers, you don’t need me for that kind of stuff :P 

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I've seen many anon asking good mark tuan ff. Here's just my fave acc that has lots of good ff for got7 or anything. - The-Porcelain-Doll-xo - yg-got7-scenarios

yes yes a lot of people have been needing some! So thank you!

Never before seen of my recovery from Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) on the top left and others are after(5-months Post-FFS)! Thanks for all the love and support! Means a lot to me! Thank you so much! 💗👏🏼💯😊 I’m a proud Transgender-Woman! ⚧🚺 Warm Hugs, Ramona ( @officialqweenmona )
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never doubt I love

Lieutenant Duckling AU. In a world where soul mates do exist and are marked with the same tattoo, a boy with a hook on his wrist falls for a girl with a beating heart on her chest.

(Just your typical soul mate au, except it’s different this time.

Rated M for sexy times (though more awkward first time smut but still) and oh, a little almost 6,000 words, hope you don’t mind - long author’s note at the end.)



It is said that back when the gods created the humans they had four arms, four legs and one head with two faces.

They were strong, so strong that the gods feared their power and decided to weaken them by splitting them in half.

They succeeded and the humans were left behind, incomplete, not really knowing what they were missing for quite some time, always searching for their other half.

They were miserable and unhappy and one of the gods finally had pity with them, forming a unique mark on their bodies that would eventually lead them to their other half.

To their soul mate.



To grow up as the child of the soul mate couple was a burden and a relief at the same time. It meant that she was never one of those people who doubted if there even was such a thing as soul mates. But it also meant that everyone was expecting her to find her own soul mate just as spectacularly as her parents had found each other.

A charity ball, a punch in the jaw, the discovery of the blood red apple mark on her mother’s shoulder and the happily ever after of the simple working class man David Nolan and well-liked billionaire’s daughter Mary Margaret Blanchard had been set in stone.

And indeed their daughter Emma Ruth Nolan found her soul mate about a year after she was born (or, to be more exact, her soul mate found her).

His name was Graham Humbert and he was Storybrooke’s sheriff, an honest, nice man in his early twenties and one of David’s best friends.

Of course the huge age-gap between the new-born and the sheriff led to countless discussions in the small town but it was a known phenomenon that people had to wait for the birth of their soul mates and that it could take an entire life time for the perfect match to be born. It was a paradox but it was far from unheard of.

Emma grew up knowing that Graham was the one she was meant to be with, the man who had the same small heart tattoo (a real heart, not one of the drawn ones, no, it was an anatomical correct one, red and beating and it was actually really pretty) on his chest. She grew up, knowing that Graham was her soul mate.

But when she was fifteen the sheriff was had a heart attack that sadly led to his death. She hadn’t been in love with him then but he had been her friend (soul mate thing aside) and his loss hurt incredibly. Emma knew that once one soul mate died the other was bound never to find love again.

She never thought someone else could fall in love with her (or that she could fall in love with someone else, that was impossible, her soul mate was gone and there was no one else for her), so for her it was more than easy for her to become friends with guys. It was uncomplicated, there were no feelings involved and she didn’t need to worry about anything.

That was why, when she met Killian Jones she didn’t understand - or rather, didn’t want to understand (because she understood all too well, knowing that it shouldn’t be like this) - why her palms became sweaty or her heart beat quickened its pace or why her knees grew weak.

He was only her best friend, not her soul mate, she couldn’t be in love with him.

(Except she was. And she knew it.)

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tbh something that annoys me a lot about how Batman is portrayed is that you can do so many interesting things with him visullay, with how he moves with his cape, hides with it and behind it and uses it to glide through the night, and what would work best for that would be a lean physique yet most of the time he’s envisioned as this bulky af dude who just happens to be wearing a cape

this works really well visually 

and yet most of the time we get this

like why is he as bulky as Superman?? how is that interesting??? how does that tell us anything about the characters???? it doesn’t, it’s just strict adherence to hypermasculinity and it frustrates me 

Batman is fucking sneaky, he hides, he’s quiet, he makes damn sure he has the jump on someone before he attacks - he’s not a bruiser he’s a fucking rogue okay. leaving him behind his cape tells us that much better than giving him an eight pack

like take these pictures

they’re doing something interesting with the cape, but to me the emphasis on his muscles really distracts from what could be something that worked quite well if rendered more simply. the constant emphasis on him being big and muscular detracts from an otherwise interesting visual design. 

this isn’t about any one installment being better than another, i’m still not a fan of the body type they chose for him in B:TAS and I do think the Arkham games portrays the cape gliding well, my only point is that I’m so tired of seeing him drawn with hypermasculinity as the main goal instead of with visual storytelling in mind. 

okay so we went to five gigs,,, charlotte was the first one, and oh my god. charlotte was my first proper FF gig (i’d only seen FFS) before and i was so excited to see alex after a year and a half. he came on stage and i grabbed onto gabe’s arm and i screamed “HE’S SO FUCKING HOT!” honestly kill me i was shook… after the gig i honest to god felt like i was born again in the best kind of way, i was so high, i was so euphoric, i had just been through the greatest experience of my life and i was so grateful for it.

then came raleigh. i was front row, center— i was wearing my red dress and i’d gotten a free $50 makeover from sephora, god i felt good, i was tipsy, i had my hand out the whole gig and alex came over and grabbed my hand twice… he has such soft hands… i told him something very personal at the stage door, i cried into his arms, he was wonderful to me, we talked about the singaporean cookbook i gave him in philadelphia, he was so great.

asheville, the next day. fuck me, i lost my mind in asheville. i was so exhausted from driving and i thought i was gonna collapse, but there was no barrier between the stage and the audience and alex took full opportunity of that to wild out… the whole “darts of pleasure” thing when he literally came and grabbed my hand and held on to it and sat on the amp in front of us and sang to us… fuck… FUCK!!!!

pittsburgh. eight hour drive from asheville. we had just enough time to rush into the venue as doors opened. i wasn’t near the front this time but alex still looked out for me during “walk away” and he saw me cry. he’s seen me cry at every gig to that song. but he knows why i do, and he always smiles at me. at the stage door he gave me a bag of vegetarian crisps ‘cause i told him i hadn’t eaten all day. and in pittsburgh he offered to put us on the guest list for another show.

enter new haven. it was a week and a half after pittsburgh and i was so ready to see them again. during “jacqueline,” the opener, alex immediately recognized me and smiled at me and in the “i’m so drunk, i don’t mind if you kill me” line he pointed right at me. what a time. to be alive. then we went backstage. then he drank a toast with us. then we shit talked theresa may together. then i gave him the note.

and then a few nights ago he DMed me. he told me something very, very, very nice that i’ll treasure for the rest of my life. i picked the best band in the world to follow. i’m so glad. i’m so, so glad.

I’m making this because this cat is gorgeous and I decided Andrew and Neil should own her

  • Neil and Andrew love their cats, it’s something they can admit when it’s met with the unconditional love only an animal can give
  • but occasionally they visit the animal shelter because Bee said it would be therapeutic to play with kittens  
  • one time when they’re visiting they notice a new cat in the adult cat room with white fur and gorgeous blue eyes
  • they don’t think much of it and continue to the kitten room
  • but each time they return which is more often than they’ll admit the cat is still there
  • and it’s just surprising because they’ve been going there enough they know the cat is the type to be adopted immediately
  • they decide to Investigate

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