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its nice to know that you had a great day, I’m happy for you! they are such nice presents and OMFG THAT TURTLE IN YOUR CABIN IS ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE I LOVE TURTLES SO MUCH AND THAT ONE IS TOO CUTE!! that dress material looks v nice do you know how to sew? its nice that your whole family got together mine did too back in 2011 but there were some people missing although it is amazing to catch up with family you haven’t seen. - maleeha

MALEEHA, my precious friend. Thank you. That turtle reminds me of sehun so i keep it close :D My dress? I usually buy everything i wear from Malaysia, the materials are so soft. Have you seen my FF? I’ve included you there. I hope you see it. You won’t get notification so i’ll just include link here :) (x) ily <3

Things I need to do

-update my carmilla fic (i started that today)
-add the merthur part two to the masterlist
-update my percabeth fic (which you guys havent seen its on my account)
-write some marauders era stuff

….i swear im working on it :)