as long as it disrupts the disaster

december prompts! ~ *~*~*~*~*~*mistletoe*~*~*~*~*~*

hux panics a little too fiercely at receiving his first mistletoe kiss on Life Day… half of the finalizer had to evacuate because of kylo’s unexpected holiday smooch


Black Hole Caught Devouring Star For An Entire Decade

“Normally lasting weeks or months, a new record has just been set for TDEs. XJ1500+0154, 1.8 billion light years away, is the largest, longest-lasting one ever seen. First detected in July of 2005, the X-rays from this distant source brightened by a factor of 100 over 3 years. They remain bright even today. Although dozens of TDEs have been observed since the 1990s, none have lasted this long. It may be caused by the most massive star ever observed creating a TDE.”

When any object passes too close to the event horizon of a black hole, the tidal forces acting on it can become so strong that they’ll tear the entire object apart in a spaghettification disaster. While most of the matter will get ejected from the encounter, a significant fraction can be accreted, absorbed and used to fuel the black hole’s growth. These tidal disruption events have been seen numerous times since the launch of our X-ray observatories, and are now known to come in a wide variety of magnitudes, at a variety of distances and to last a variable amount of time. So when you see the largest, longest-lasting one ever, you sit up and take notice! That’s exactly what’s happened with XJ1500+154, which is now in its second decade of X-ray signals.

Come get the full story on this amazing object, and learn how it might solve the puzzle of supermassive black hole growth on today’s Mostly Mute Monday!

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Could you do a finale baby bomb reveal?

Hi Anon,

Well there was a rare bout of cooperation from the muse this morning:

Defying Gravity:

“Robin!” May called as loud as she dared as she worked her way through the industrial complex they had tracked Talbot too.   Fitzsimmons had come up with a way to track the unique gravitational field his powers produced.   

They were here to rescue Robin and Polly who had been snatched from their safe house some hours before.  Guilt gnawed in the pit of May’s stomach as they wouldn’t have been in danger in the first place had they just been left in hiding.   Behind her Fitz had a tablet, that in theory would warn them if Talbot was getting close.   

She hadn’t wanted to bring Fitz on this mission either.   She’d pressed Deke about their promise to never split up and part of it broke her heart that they were that afraid of losing each other that even a temporary separation could spell disaster for them.   But the team had spread out and Fitz had a prototype for something they hoped would disrupt Talbot’s powers and knock him out until they could find a better containment option.

“Mom?” a tiny and scared voice called from the darkness and broke May from her thoughts.   

She rushed forward to find Robin huddled behind some pipes.

Seeing May, the little girl wasted no time moving into her arms where May pulled her close.   

May didn’t even have long enough to check the girl over or ask where her mother was before Robin let out a terrified whisper.

“He’s here.”

Not a second later Fitz yelped as he was hoisted into the air, out of May’s reach, and right in front of a floating Talbot.   The tablet and containment device clattering to the floor, the warning too late.   

In one fluid motion May pulled her gun out and shoved Robin behind her.  

“Put him down,” she ordered.

Talbot merely gave her a soft smile and turned his full attention to Fitz.  

“Hello Agent Fitz, we are so happy you could join us today,” Talbot purred.

Fitz struggled a bit in the gravity field.  “What do you want?” he finally asked as Talbot came even closer, his fingers turning a liquid silver.

“No,” Fitz cried immediately understanding his intent.

Talbot shushed him in what he likely thought was a soothing manner.   “We need you Agent Fitz, your knowledge of Gravitonium and tech will make us even more powerful with even more ways to harness our powers.   Dr. Hall is very excited to have another mind like yours join his.”   

As Talbot spoke the liquid began to spread, inching closer to the struggling engineer.  May didn’t hesitate any longer, unloading her full clip at Talbot, and to her horror watched them swirl harmlessly around him before dropping to the floor without him even blinking an eye.  

“Don’t try to stop me Agent May, this is a great honor for Agent Fitz,” Talbot said.  

May was ready to physically attack him, she had promised Jemma before she left to watch out for him as Jemma stayed behind to care for Coulson.  She had promised to bring him home.   It was only a small tug on her jacket that stopped her.

May was about to chastise Robin for distracting her but the little girl shoved a picture into her hands.  

May looked at the drawing and let out a small gasp.  The figures were Fitzsimmons, both dressed in the clothes they currently wore.  The Fitz figure holding Jemma, their rings prominent, and very clearly a baby inside Jemma’s stomach.

“Glenn stop,” May screamed again as the Gravitonium was millimeters from Fitz’s hand.   Using his given name gave him enough pause for her to continue. 

“Simmons is pregnant!” May shouted advancing and holding the picture up for him to see.   

“Jemma’s pregnant?” Fitz gasped, tears immediately making their way down his face as he looked at the picture.

May pressed forward again.   “Your a father Glenn, you know the joy that comes with that.  Of watching your wife carry your child, of holding them for the first time, of watching them grow up….do not take that from him…from them”.   

Talbots hand had reverted back to flesh and his head as cocked to the side as he studied the picture.   

“General,” Fitz said softly finally getting their old friend to look him in the eye.  “Please, we’ve lost so much, please don’t take my baby girl from me.”

Without so much as another word Talbot nodded and slowly lowered Fitz to the ground.  The younger mans legs giving out as soon as the force restraining him was released.  

“I’ll do you one better Agent Fitz, I’m going to save the world so she has a better world to grow up in,” Talbot said before he opened a hole in the building’s roof and flew out before either Fitz or May could try to talk him out of it.   

With the threat gone Fitz couldn’t help but pull Robin into a hug, “Thank you,” was all he managed to get out before he took the picture from May to study it.   

“Let’s get back to the Zephyr, we’ll need to track where he is going,” May said helping Robin put on her back back.  

“He’s going there,” Robin said pointing to a globe that lay in the rubble.  

Fitz tore himself away from the picture and picked it up, spinning the globe until he found the circled city.   “Call ahead and we’ll get the city evacuated…though with a city of this size I don’t think we’ll be able to get everyone out before he starts digging.”  

Less than an hour later they were back on the Zephyr and en route to help with evacuations.  As May got Robin settled and went to check on Coulson Fitz immediately ran to the med bay.   

Jemma met him halfway, tears streaming anew when she saw him.   They hadn’t told her the whole story but she did know that Talbot had tried to absorb him.   

She nestled herself in the crook of his neck and clutched his shirt so tight her knuckles were white.    “Never leaving each others side again,” she said in a shaking voice.  “And I mean it this time, never again.”

Fitz wrapped on arms around her, his own grip no less intense as he kissed the top of her head.  “Never again,” he agreed.   

His free hand pulling the drawing from his pocket.

“We have more reason than ever now,” He said showing her the picture.   

With a start Jemma realized it was a drawing of them, in this moment.  Herself wrapped in Fitz’s arms, looking at a piece of paper, a tiny baby drawn on her stomach.   

“I’m pregnant,” Jemma breathed as Fitz now free hand went to caress her stomach.   

“Never again,” he echoed.  “I am never leaving my girls again.”  

First Lines

I was tagged by the lovely @gellbellshead and @bugheadotp! Thanks, darlings!! <3

Rules: Paste the 1st lines of your last 10 stories. Then tag ten of your favourite writers to complete the challenge, too.

So, there are seven of my latest fics and then some tiny little sneak peeks of three future ones ;)

1. Scot and Bothered

A kilt. A traditional, all plaid Scottish kilt. Jughead Jones wearing said kilt. Jughead Jones wearing said kilt while poun—

“I think I need a drink!”

2. Fruit Punch Lips & Leather Jacket Dreams 
pt. 1: But Mama I Want a Bad Boy

Southside Elementary School was a rare example of fine architecture in the small town of Riverdale. Rebuilt at the outskirts of town, after a disastrous fire caused by a minor during a prank gone wrong a couple of years ago, and squeezed between Southside Kindergarten and Southside High, it looked nothing like the two crumbling, cement colored buildings on its sides that lacked any learning motivation. It was modern, pure white with splashes of green and purple and it brought a fresh air of change, a promise that maybe the next generation of Southside kids would not have the ominous fate of their ancestors.

3. Where The Wild Roses Grow

The snow is slowly melting under the heaps of rain and so is her will to contribute to life these days.The icy scenery that adorns Riverdale gives out under the rays of sun that stubbornly peek through the pine trees and white oaks, ridding their leaves from the coldness of nature, only to become shiny droplets of clear water that hold the whole kaleidoscope of colors, just like tears and their colossal scale of emotions. He is the ice, she is the stubborn sun; that’s what he tells her through the sad darkness of each night that they lay together but further and further apart.

4. Under (the) Cover

“Well, never thought I would be stood up by Jughead Jones but I guess there’s a first time for everything.” Veronica mused around the stripped straw of her milkshake, lopsided smirk intact and chocolate eyes shining in teasing, feeling Archie’s chest vibrate from light laughter besides her, the back of her arm brushing casually his pec.

5. Arsonist’s Lullabye

Bright, cold and impersonal. He had guessed two out of three right. What he never would have guessed was that he of all people would be sitting with the head hung low in this cold and impersonal room; the police interrogation room.

6. Love Is Not A Victory March

Silver heels clicked rhythmically down the brick steps of Pop’s entrance, halo blonde hair swaying in the wind and a sea of Evening Haze satin leaving a trail of feminine elegancy with every determined step she took. At that very moment Betty Cooper looked like a heroine straight out of a John Hughes movie; effortlessly beautiful, politely innocent and a heartbreaking damsel in distress, ready to be swiped off her feet by her lovely prince charming in the form of the misunderstood high school loner. However, reality was far from that.

7. #GirlNextDoor 

Betty could literally feel herself bouncing on her heels with nervous excitement, the velvet material of her blush colored pumps getting scratchy as they rubbed up against each other but, truly, right now, she didn’t give a damn about her potentially ruined shoes. She could only focus on the red digital numbers changing sequentially over the silver doors of the semi-packed elevator she was in, biting her lip nervously and counting mentally in her mind as if that way, somehow, the numbers would run faster and the silver cage would miraculously arrive on her floor in a nanosecond.

8. Hearts In Atrophy (multi-chaptered . coming soon)

“In the Garden of Eden, Eve showed more courage than Adam when the serpent offered the forbidden fruit. She knew that there was something better than paradise…”

9. I Found God, I Found Him in a Lover (one-shot . coming soon)

“Look who’s here again; Elizabeth’s boyfriend.” The sickening shrieks of girly giggles, hushed but still boisterous enough, disrupt the ceremonious silence in the wide study hall, the mocking words travelling with an eerie echo to the uptight blonde girl in question that sits alone on one of the long wooden tables, engrossed in yet another assignment destined to be marked with a perfect score.

10. I Do, Regret (multi-chaptered . coming soon)

“Deja-vu. I’m experiencing my very first deja-vu moment. Summer before junior year, you trying to set me up with that thick-headed, funny looking jock…Mouth was it? Dear God! I’m telling you, Archie Andrews, if today is even remotely close to that horrendous disaster, I’m breaking it off with you, childhood friendship be damned.”

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hey, you dont have to answer this if you dont wanna but do you mind telling me the difference between ptsd and c-ptsd? ive tried reading about the differences online but for some reason i cant wrap my mind around it and im not sure which one i have?

cptsd is developed from chronic childhood trauma that started at a young age and continued for a significant amount of time i think. ptsd is usually one event or events that happen in adulthood. i could be wrong but this is my understanding of it pls someone help explain it better thank u

also: “Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a psychiatric condition caused by severe, life-threatening trauma such as witnessing a death or natural disaster.

Complex PTSD describes a more severe and long-term condition that can occur after prolonged and repeated trauma, particularly in childhood. Trauma can cause problems with memory and disrupt the development of a person’s identity and their ability to control emotions and form relationships with others”

(from give it a look x)

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So I'm really not sure where to start with this one, but what would make an area devoid of ghosts and wights and suchlike? Can you think of something that would make a cemetery feel no different than a park? I was talking with my brother and we decided that what makes this town so very creepy is that it isn't haunted; there should be stuff here, but there's nothing. It's like something scared off or fenced out all the incorporeal folks.

There are a few things - sometimes simple geography can make it inhospitable to such creatures. Sometimes they’re asleep, because no one has interacted with them in a a very long time.

Other options include trauma - sometimes things can happen which render areas ‘null’ because all the wights have been driven out in the way animals flee a disaster. Or, they can be driven out by human activity - be that ritualised wardings, certain architectural arrangements which form bindings (whether conscious or not.)

In North America, in my very limited experience, there’s been a significant..disruption of spiritual ecology in places, I suppose you could say. The interplay between culture and the incorporeal is complex, in ways we as moderns don’t always comprehend. I’ll tag @theheadlesshashasheen and @bodaciousbanshee here, cause being on that continent, they may have more ideas.