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Detective Conan ~ Aoyama Gosho`s Character Trivia Corner......The thick headedness of Heiji!...(laugh)

So I decided to translate Aoyama`s interview! Here it is…

Since Movie 21 ~ The crimson love letter was a big success, we interviewed Aoyama-sensei who is supervising DC movies every year and asked him some questions about the characters.

“This year`s main character is me, Kudo!” ~ Hattori Heiji

Q: In the “crimson love letter” love story development. Having their own love story, who among Kudo Shinichi and Hattori Heiji is the most insensitive?

A: The most insensitive is Hattori Heiji. Compared with Shinichi, there are times when he is not even aware of his own feelings. (laugh). Besides, Shinichi has confessed already while Heiji haven`t done anything yet.

Q: When you`re doing Heiji`s character design which part do you pay more attention?

A: In terms of visual aspect, I pay more attention to his eyebrows. The angle of his hair is also important. Then, the reason why he became dark is to contrast with Shinichi. During that time there was no dark character yet, which is why I thought of putting him in. At first I planned Heizo (Heiji`s father) to be a dark colored character, but if you put a tone on him he became like…. "eee, what country is this person came from?!!!“ So, I decided that Heiji`s dark color is something he inherited from his grandfather (laugh). I cannot affix it to his mother after all. Do you want to see his grandfather?

"The most interesting part is the ponytail!” Heiji`s childhood friend ~ Toyama Kazuha.

Q: Where do you pay attention the most in drawing Kazuha?

A: When drawing Kazuha I pay more attention to her ponytail. Come to it of it, in the manga her ribbon is color red while in the anime it is color yellow. Also, Kazuha is more aggressive than Ran. She`s someone who says “I like you” easily after all. I guess there are also refreshing things about that side of her.

“The unexpected queen!” Heiji`s mother ~ Shizuka.

Q: This time, Heiji`s mother Shizuka will also make an apperance right?

A: Its been a long time since she last appeared. The story where she appreared so far are "The old photograph murder case" (that was aired in 2001), “Hattori Heiji and Kudo Shinichi`s deduction showdown” (aired in 2007). I wonder how many years it has been. The voice actress haven`t change right? It is still Ms. Masako Katsuki?

“Kazuha`s love rival” ~ Ooka Momiji

 Q: How did you came up with Momiji`s character?

A: Her character was made with a big influence from Chihayafuru (by: Yuki Suetsugu). Momiji was also made as the opposite of Chihayafuru`s queen Wakamiya Shinobu. Since Karuta is strong in Kyoto and Shinobu`s character is strong too. While Shinobu has black hair and black eyes, and is a girl who seems to be not interested in doing her nails, Momiji is truly the opposite of her. (laugh). I think that`s beacuse I`m a huge fan of Chihayafuru it has greatly influenced me in working on this project. (laugh).

“Even now it is still with great efforts!” ~ Edogawa Conan

Q: Are there parts where you pay more attention in drawing Conan?

A: When drawing conan, I pay more attention in balancing the eyes and eyeglasses. I draw the eyes first, then do contours, after that the eyeglasses. The eyeglasses are important you know!. I am in-charge of some of the original drawings this time, but the animator`s drawing are getting better too. Even in some of Heiji and the others part, there are places when I think “I didn`t draw it!?” (laugh).

“After all, I`m still conscious about the hairstyle!” Heroine ~ Mori Ran.

Q: Recently even in goods/Merchandise there are some awareness brought about Ran`s pointed hair, does Sensei also conscious about it when you draw her?

A: I am conscious of Ran`s pointed hair. If there is the pointed part you will absolutely figure out if its Ran or not. I think that is good in some ways. Previously it was an ordinary hairstyle with just a wave, but it was hard to tell so I think of gradually playing on her hairstyle.

Q: Even in this piece of work, Ran is still using a flip phone while the others are already using smartphones, may we know the reason behind this?

A: The reason why Ran is still using flip phones while the others are already using smartphones is because it was a request from the fans. There are lots of fan letters that came saying “I am also using a flip phone so please let Ran continue using one too”. So, I decided of leaving it like that. Also in the case of flip phones it is easy to use it in pointing out some scenes because we can discribe the phone when opening and closing it. Not to mention its hard to attach a strap in a smartphone. (laugh)

“The first look alike of the author!" ~ Mori Kogoro

Q: When drawing Kogoro where do you pay more attention to?

A: It is the character where I can draw with ease. He is the character who is closest to me so its easy to project him. After all his a "Charan poran” (side note: A Charan poran is a remark meaning that a person is unrealiable in what he says and that he gets out of a tight situation by telling the first lie that comes to his mind). I think Kogoro is someone to say something like this ~ “I`m not Kudo Yuzaku, I`m Mori Kogoro!” (laugh).

“The roles are properly shared” ~ The Detective Boys

Q: What you pay attention the most when working with the members of the Detective Boys?

A: Mitsuhiko`s words are difficult, Genta`s connection with food has been decided. And of course, the “awesome” Ayumi-chan. That`s why when they see a beautiful scenery, the first to comment with "wow" is Ayumi-chan while Genta end up saying “That persimmon tree looks delicious”. In the end Mitsuhiko will be the one to explain the details. It is becoming a three-step habit.

“Maybe there was a scene where she gets angry!" ~ Haibara Ai

Q: Please tell us if Haibara will get angry in this work?

A: Actually, it is not in this movie but in an episode where Conan made 2 or 3 request to Haibara that made her angry. There is this list of souvenirs like manju etc. too that I planned (laugh). But I thought that if there are things to cut its that part. Although it was unfortunate!.

Q: Haibara is a special character, right? Even her birth has meaning to it. There are lots of people who admire her too. Is there a possibility that she will fall in-love with someone?

A: Although she is a member of the Detective Boys and speak in a cool manner. Lately there is someone she admires, however that`s just admiration. But Haibara too is in love. (laugh).

"About the deception of sub-characters/police officers.”

Q: Even though they aren`t main characters the Police officers in Detective Conan are still important characters. Which part of them you pay more attention to when working on them?

A: I`m trying not to lie. For example, in old Detective dramas the detectives gives command like “Hand this over to the forensics”, however when I conducted an interview with the Metropolitan Police Department this wasn`t the case and they inform me that forensics are not Detectives subordinates. Which is why when I work on the detectives and forensics dialogues I always add “please” since the department is different.

Interviewer: Editorial Department ~ Imoto Saki

 That`s all guys, sorry if its a long post. Hope you guys enjoyed reading it. Thanks!

I wonder how all of those 2000’s animators that made Mario a racist, sexist edgy piece of shit to be ‘original’ feel when those videos they worked for hours on suck any joy or laughter out a room with their mediocrity, meanwhile a fucking video called ‘Mario PIssing’ featuring three whole frames of animation made in MS Paint that isn’t even 50 seconds long is pure comedy gold and captures the chaotic humour 2000′s animators wished they had.

Turns out I missed an issue of Champions. And since it’s change of the creative team, it’s more fitting I give them separate reviews.

So, Champions #18 is… weirdly paced. Like, there is this whole thing where the team thinks human Viv attacked robot Viv and not the other way around and the former runs away, then they find what happened, Vision finds Viv, she finds out robot Viv will never wake up from a coma so she decides to fuse with her somewhat, becoming a synthezoid again. All while Cyclops still has time to casually tell Ms. Marvel how SAVED AN ENTIRE SCHOOLBUS AT THE AGE OF SEVEN HOLY SHIT! (insert Cyclops meme of your choice here). Also, he quits the team because he needs to go back to his home planet…I mean the X-Men.

It’s a strange last issue of a run, full of heartwarming moments and touching on things I feel Waid didn’t feel like he fully explored. It also has that moment where Kamala complains that they were supposed to not fight supervillains but find different ways to solve the problems and yet all they were doing for a while was fighting supervillains. Considering last time I recall a character from a teen book voicing complaints about the book missing the point it was Robin apologizing Scott Lobdell’s Teen Titans failed to be a family to each other….I don’t think Waid is happy with how this book turned out is what I’m saying. but honestly, I think he might be a bit too hard on himself. You see, Champions are still teenagers, even Amadeus is 19. They are allowed to fail and screw up, not just in a big way but just a small one where you do the right thing but you still somehow stray away from your goal or principles. It’s a part of being young, you know? Waid’s Champions run kinda exemplifies that - just like the characters it is full of good ideas but not always manages to choose the right way to accomplish them or even manages to get to them at all.

Also, executive meddling being to blame is clear here. I mean, just by principle - I cannot name any specific title right now (it’s 3rd in the morning when I’m typing this) but I’m damn sure this is not the first time we had a book that had this kind of premise, superheroes solving crimes without fighting. And every time it got dragged into big events and crossovers and just lost its way. We will see if Jim Zub will have more luck, however long will Marvel give him before deciding to be dicks with this whole Fresh Start bullshit some more. I’m kinda disappointed Patriot, Falcon and Red Locust seem to be only going to be part-time members so not on the full roster in Zub’s run, but I’m glad they are acknowledged as members still.

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Clear your diaries for Downton the movie, stars are told: Mrs Hughes actress Phyllis Logan gives the biggest hint yet of the Abbey news every fan is longing to hear

By Patricia Kane For The Mail On Sunday
23:49 30 Dec 2017, updated 00:50 31 Dec 2017

It’s been a long-running drama all of its own: will there, or won’t there be a big screen version of Downton Abbey?

Now one of the show’s most popular stars, Phyllis Logan, has put speculation to bed – with the same dependable efficiency as her character, the housekeeper Mrs Hughes.

The actress revealed to The Mail on Sunday that a new script has been completed and filming dates arranged for 2018.

‘There’s a potential script coming our way, slightly rewritten,’ said Ms Logan. And she revealed the cast have been consulted about when they are available.

‘Everyone’s been asked what’s going on between this date and that date,’ she continued. ‘So we just hope that all the elements – because there are so many – come together. To have a last hurrah with all the characters, going back to the castle and seeing all the old muckers will be fantastic. I’m certainly up for it.’

It is understood Highclere Castle, near Newbury in Berkshire, where the original series was filmed, will be closed to visitors from May 30 to July 7, thought to be for exterior and interior filming.

‘It was a great show to do and a great character to play and I will forever think fondly of Mrs Hughes,’ said Ms Logan, 61. ‘In fact, it was one of the best gigs of my life and opened up so many other avenues and put a different spin on my career.’

Downton Abbey shut its doors for the last time on Christmas Day 2015, but millions of fans have been hoping for a movie version of the drama.

NBC Universal International Studios had hoped to start filming in 2017 with 20 of the original cast members, including Hugh Bonneville, who played Lord Grantham, and Michelle Dockery, who played Lady Mary Crawley.

All were asked to keep their diaries open but the project never got under way, leaving many wondering if the film would happen at all.

There was further disappointment when it emerged that Dame Maggie Smith, 83, who played the Dowager Countess of Grantham, had ruled out taking part, saying she was too old.

Such is the popularity of Downton that Mrs Hughes has fans around the world, including a woman from Boston, Massachusetts, who had the household keys to Downton Abbey tattooed on one hip. ‘I kid you not,’ said Ms Logan. ‘Though, unfortunately, she has them on the wrong hip. She also had the wig and the full outfit.’

For now, Ms Logan is appearing in a new comedy drama about ‘women of a certain age’.

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Hey!! ^u^ I've been a fan of your art for like um-- a year now?? Ugh! Sorry if that sounds creepy!! It's just your art is SO GOOD!! And I want to draw like you someday!! I've been following you for a long time but I'm just too shy to reveal myself to the public so I'm hiding as an anon!! >///< And I don't know if you still do requests or not but if you don't mind, could you draw Idate and Purim interacting with each other? ^v^ Thank you for existing!! <3 Sincerely, Your secret anon admirer!!

Oh my, really, this ask made me smile.

I feel bad because I can’t really keep the blog alive right now (well, until the 6th July), but I’ll do my best to become active again. ;;;

It’s ok to be shy, the anon option is here for that !! I actually don’t take request right now, but you’re too cute, and that big ask made my heart melt. So here you go !

it’s quite sketchy but— well.

Thank you for existing too ! ~ c:

First Imagine

|Thank you to everyone who said I should post an imagine, it not the best. I will try to get better, I promise. But this is just a quick little something I can up with, I would love if maybe you could tell me what I can do to get better. Tell me what you would like to see in a next imagine, again thank you!!|

Today was the Spiderman: Homecoming premier, y/n was really excited to see the movie. She has always been a big fan of Marvel and Spiderman. So when Sony announced that they would be coming together with Marvel to make the new Spiderman movie y/n was beyond excited.

Y/n looked at her phone for the time. 5:30. The Premier was at 7:00 and she would be leaving around 6:15 to get there in time but she could not wait any longer. Y/n was sitting in her beautiful red off the shoulder dress in the hotel loby waiting for the car that would take her to the premier to arrive. Y/n was on her phone stalking the star of Spiderman: Homecoming, Tom Holland, since the day they announced he would be playing Peter Parker/Spiderman y/n had “lightly” stalked him. She had a huge crush on the British star and was hoping well praying that she would get to meet him tonight.
“Y/n, the car is here.” Her manger Olivia said. Y/n got up with a huge smile on her face.
*skip drive*

Once they got to the premier y/n became a bit nervous but was excited to meet all the fans and see some of her friends here. The car pulled up to the red carpet, y/n got out and quickly people started screeming her name. With a smile she walked over to a coward of fans
“Hi!!” She said happily. Y/n took a couple photos with the fans and talked for a bit to them, then it was time for some interviews. Y/n went up to one girl in a short gold dress with long blonde hair. “Hello! Ms. y/n y/l” the interviewer said with a smile. After talking about the show y/n was on the interviewer said something about Tom and had all of y/n attention. “So I hear you have a big crush on Tom Holland who plays Peter Parker/Spiderman in Homecoming.” The lady paused and gave me a little smirk. “Is this true y/n?” Y/n couldn’t help but blush, she had been saying things on twitter about Tom and some fans made a ship name for her and tom. “Um, yeah its true. I can’t hide it! Look at me, I’m a blushing mess right now.” Y/n let out a nervous laugh and covered her face. The lady in gold let out a little laugh too and said her goodbyes to y/n and she was ushered away to the part of the carpet to take photos. As y/n was poseing for a photo someone came up behind her and yelled in her ear “Y/N!!” she let out a scream, only one person would do that to her. Y/n turned around to see her good friend Zendaya.
“Z!! Omg I hate you!!” y/n lightly hit her shoulder but then hugged her and laughed along with Zendaya. Y/n and Zendaya had been friend for a while now and Z knew about y/n’s crush on Tom, she always teased her about it.
“Zendaya!! Y/n!!! This way!! Pose together!” The camera men and women were yelling at then after a couple photos together y/n let Zendaya do her own thing and she went to the said to talk to more people when she saw him and the crowd got louder as they all saw what y/n saw too. Tom Holland get out of a black car, he looked like to be holding the Spiderman suit but then threw it into the car and went to talk to fan and take photos. God he’s so much more handsome in real life! Y/n thought, she was falling for Tom….hard.

The red carpet part of the premier was coming to an end and y/n had still not meet Tom, she was losing hope. But she was ready and excited to see the movie now as she was getting ushered into the theater where the movie was being showed.
*Skip to after the movie*
The movie was amazing, y/n thought. Everything about it was great and Tom did a perfect job. Now y/n was headed to the after party, she wasnt much of a party person but Zendaya said she sohld totally come to it. Y/n was standing talking to Zendaya telling her about how much she loved the movie and congratulating her on the movie. “Omg!” Zendaya said as she looked over y/n shoulder. “What?” Y/n said confused. Before Zendaya could say anything y/n heard a voice that was all to well known in her head. “Hello!” Said a happy cheery British voice. Y/n slowly turned around, there stood the man she had be stalking for over a year, Tom Holland. Y/n heart started racing,
“Tom! This is y/n, y/n this is Tom.” Zendaya said as she pulled away from the hug she gave Tom. The tall British man looked at y/n with a huge smile on his face.
“y/n its lovely to meet you. I’m a big fan of y/f/s.” Y/n’s smile was even bigger then Tom’s if possible.
“Hi! Thank you, thats really nice to hear. I’m a big fan of yours too, you were amazing in the movie tonight.” There was a sudden confidence in y/n, she thought she would be able to get any words out but she was glad she did. Tom looked at y/n there was something about her that he wanted to know more about, all he wanted to do was talk to her the rest of the night. And thats what happened. |Again sorry if it wasn’t good, im working on it! But thank you for reading. Xoxo|


My name is Bria Moore.Born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. I’m 23 going on 24 years old in a week. I’ve always been a plus size girl since I was little from elementary until now. My goals in life is to open my own salon not only in Las Vegas but in multiple cities like Atlanta, Jackson, Los Angeles, etc. I’ve always dreamed of becoming a business owner and being able to travel to the states I love to visit as well as giving reasonable prices for services within Cosmetology. I love my hips now a lot more then ever since I had my son I’ve gained a Lil booty back there and having that shape that makes me look EXTRA fly 😂. I’ve always been called fat, ugly, big, every name in the book that has knocked my self esteem to the lowest level of life and once I’ve came to a realization that I love me so much that whatever anyone says about me will NEVER matter as long as I love me can’t nobody knock my size or my body. Always proud to be a Curvy Qween. My favorite quote is never judge a book by its cover. You never know what’s going on with one another without talking to them and understanding one another. Best advice I would ever give someone to boost their confidence is to love yourself! Can’t nobody love you like you love you and don’t be afraid to flaunt what’s yours!

Thanks for your submission Curvy Qween Creator Cece

Superbat Big Bang: Weekly Art Challenge

Great news, everybody! The 2019 Superbat Big Bang is opening its weekly art prompt challenge. Normally, artists have a long wait before they get to be a part of the big bang…so in the interim, we’ve decided to run a weekly art prompt challenge!

The challenge runs from now until art claims previews are sent to artists (March 20th, 2019).

Each week, a main prompt and an alternative prompt will be posted. All you need to do to participate is make a creative art thing (drawing, painting, sculpture, MS Paint masterpiece, etc) to a week’s prompts, include the prompt in the body of your post (so we know which week it’s for), then post to tumblr/livejournal/art platform of your choice, and then tag it with superbat big bang (if it’s on tumblr), or drop us a link to it in our inbox. 

The SBB tumblr will feature every week’s participants. And with an artist’s permission, we’ll happily link to any and all non-tumblr fills.

For maximum fun, please feel free to combine prompts in a single piece, or riff on them in any way that makes sense to you. Prompts never expire, and the challenge will remain open until March 20th. Happy arting!


long live the queena mx for joanna wellick in season 2

for prompt #65 of @fanmixes​‘ mixfest 2016

01. the prayer - block party [is it so wrong to crave recognition?] // 02. pot kettle black - tilly and the wall [you can fake that smile / for a hollow while] 03. arsonist’s lullabye - hozier [don’t you ever tame your demons / but always keep them on a leash] 04. no guilt in pleasure - ms mr [a strange game / where the only winning move is to engage] 05. blackmail - the runaways [it took so long and I waited my turn / you pay your debt, i’m gonna make you burn] 06. jungle - x ambassadors feat. jamie n. commons [well it’s too long living in the same old lives] 07. laughing with a mouthful of blood - st. vincent [and i can’t see the future / but i know its got big plans for me] 08. castle - halsey [tired of all these cameras flashing, sick of being poised / now my neck is open wide, begging for a fist around it] 09. remain nameless - florence + the machine [call me anything you want / darling, believe me / nothing i haven’t done before] 10. (coffee’s for closers) - fall out boy [throw your cameras in the air / and wave them cause i just don’t care] + bonus. killer queen - queen [guaranteed to blow your mind]

  • "I wanna read a story with well developed and deep characters"
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  • "I wanna read a story with an unpredictable plot and with lots of plot twists"
  • homestuck got lots of shenanigans like those
  • "I wanna read a story where i can identify with the characters"
  • homestuck has over 30 different characters to choose from
  • "I wanna read a story w/ a bit of everything: romance, horror, sci-fi..."
  • homestuck is about a hella lot of stuff
  • "I wanna read an exciting and addictive story"
  • i read homestuck in six weeks (and is p long)
  • "I wanna read a story w/ queer characters"
  • guess what
  • "I wanna read a story with a big fandom so i can fangirl abt it"
  • read homestuck
  • "Wanna read a story with-"
  • homestuck
  • "but its too long"
  • read.
  • homestuck.

Long Head Cannon

I’ve been wanting to write this for a while, a head cannon about the Loud house’s set up. I’m basically going to go through each of the Loud siblings and put up some ideas on them, and how, based on age, age difference, name and gender, we maybe able to tell what the parents had in mind when they had a big family. Such as who was ‘planned’ and who was not.



At this point, I think its safe to assume that Mr and Ms Loud are hoping to have a big family. As they either have a very large libido between them (pun intended…sigh) and they don’t think to use any safety. (Unlikely in my opinion, as even if they are much younger at this point, I don’t think they’d be quiet as 'careless’ as this. Usually if you have two kids unplanned before, and that’s just speculation on Lori and Leni for now, they you tend to walk lightly and  try to not make a repeat, even if its just for a year or two.) OR they want a lot of kids…. there’s another idea I have on why they’d want more, but I’ll save it for later.

For now, Luna is a Fifty Fifty. She could have been planned and I think she was, but her parent’s could have wanted to wait a year to have another, when Luna surprised them.


BOOM! Luna’s in the house! How do you know? Cause the rafters as rattling with rock music! Luna is a loud Loud, and she proud of it! Unlike a lot of her siblings, Luna seems to be committed 100% to her music due to the inspiration she was shown getting in the episode 'For Bros About To Rock.’ That’s not to say that her siblings aren’t committed, but Luna seems set on making this her future. She knows whats she wants and wants to get it. This can show a kind of a stubborn side of her personality, which helps her dedication but also has effects at home. 

As seen in 'House Music’, when Luna learned that Mick Swagger was going to be at the Family Fun Fair, she immediately started a my way or high way situation, and when her siblings complained about this she refused to change her actions. Even when punished by her siblings, via kicking her out of their band, she wouldn’t 'change her tune’ and went solo. It wasn’t until she was reminded that she needed to play for fun that she realized she had hurt her family. Showing that Luna kinda lives her life above the commotion the house by making her own noise. 

What do I mean? Well she’s not observant. In 'Get the Message’ she play her guitar to block out what Lincoln is saying, not because she knows, but because she was just in the area. Had she heard him she may have tried to correct him. Also in 'For Bros About To Rock’ She doesn’t realize she’s bugging her siblings at their respective music shows until Lincoln has to point it out to her. Yet she doesn’t do any of this on purpose, she’s just not very good at noticing how she effects the people around her.

Course that could lead into her impulsiveness. Luna is an, act first, think later girl. In 'House Music’ she immediate changes the plan to impress Mick on a dime. She drops everything to join her sibling’s at their first concerts, even last minute. Not to mention she fashioned a disguise to break Lincoln and Clyde out of Mall Cop Jail pretty fast. Then in 'Changing the Baby’ She tries to stage dive Lily without think of what could happen when you do that to a baby. In fact a lot of Luna’s issues happen because she don’t think out the consequences of her actions, but to be fair hindsight’s Twenty Twenty and that drives a lot of Lincoln’s issues in the show. Its a trait everyone has. Only Luna seems to do this a bit more often than other, and when you mix in her stubbornness it doesn’t help. Imagine, if you will, that Lincoln was in Luna’s place in 'House Music’. Its more likely that when he was unable to write his own song for the show, he’d reflect on his actions and realize the problem very quickly, as he constantly thinks of other (for the most part). Luna doesn’t really, at least in the way her actions effect them.

Though it is kinda understandable. After Lynn there’s a two year gap where there was no new baby. That makes Luna the middle child at the age of three. At the age of three your not thinking of other people, and its likely with two siblings born in succession behind you that you didn’t get babied too often. If this happened when your an older kid, say Lincoln’s age, you tend to be a bit more understanding, but three? Oh no. Your in the middle of the temperamental toddler days. In order to get what she wanted, Luna likely had to learn to dig her heels in, and to just ignore the goings on around you to get through the day, with one, frazzled and angry eldest sister. One slightly dim older sister. One pranking and privacy invading younger sister, and one very energetic and  busy baby sister. That might be why Luna is so close to Lincoln in a lot of Fan fictions (And not just that way, you.) She knows hard  it is to be the 'hump’.

Course Luna has her highlights to. Out of everyone in the family she’s the one that makes the most attempts to bond with her siblings. Music has a wide verity of options so she uses it to her full advantage, weather it be pop with Lori, classical with Lisa or metal with Lucy. She wants to be there at all her sibling’s first concerts, even going as far as to go to the Blarney show with Lola and Lana when she’s fifteen. It also shows that she is clearly hurt when the Lincoln reveals to her that none of her sibling’s enjoyed her company during their concerts.She’s also seems to be the most physically connected of the Louds. She’d looks like she’d give out the most hugs or put her hand on your shoulder when your sad. She’s also the one most likely to carry Lily in her arms.

Luna is also very forgiving and apologetic. Once she’s figured out she’s messed up, by either working it out herself or having some one tell her to her face, Luna always admits her wrong doings and while everyone in the Loud house dose this (its a kids show, they have to) I feel like Luna would do it, even if the show didn’t mandate it. With Lori you feel like if the show weren’t controlled or age rated/ episodic, she might be the type who would still try and find a way to be right (Not all the time…. but…). Luna seems more likely to agree she was wrong, and while this may mix with her stubborn streak I stated before, I think that links more to her drive in music, not her relationship with others, which in the show is shown that she values more highly when it come down to it.

I’ll be doing more as I write them. Please feel free to add, contest or flat out rebuke my head cannon ideas. I wanna hear you guys! Also, as for why i’m doing this, it to try and flesh out the characters and why they do what they do for writing peruses. If you know WHY some one reacts the way they do, then you can predict a realistic response in new situations. That’s why it would help if you guys chime in!

(I feel like I maybe a bit off here with Luna. Any help would be great.)

  • Lori
  • Leni 
  • Luna -Here!
  • Luan
  • Lynn
  • Lincoln
  • Lucy
  • Lola
  • Lana
  • Lisa
  • Lily

Ms. Swift hasn’t been the type to ask permission in her career, but she has long seen herself as a stranger to the grand-scale fame that New York signifies. “Someday I’ll be living in a big ol’ city” she taunted a critic on “Mean,” from her 2010 album “Speak Now”; now here she is, making the New York spotlight her backlight. On this new stage, Ms. Swift is thriving. And crucially, she is more or less alone, not part of any pop movement of the day. She has set herself apart and, implicitly, above. -Farewell to Twang by Jon Caramancia.

blockmayus  asked:

I know its an extremely long shot, but I really hopé that Ms Maheswaran getting some character development means she might eventualy get to sing because her voice actress, Mary Elizabeth Mcglynn, is an excelent singer. The only songs I know of her are from Silent HIll though so looking them up might show some kinda disturbing stuff. (If any of you is interested, I really like "Room of Angel" and "Acceptance")

Yeah! I’ve heard a bunch about Dr Maheswaran’s voice actress from artemispanthar! Artie is a big Silent Hill fan and loves Mary Elizabeth McGlynn’s singing voice as well :)