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TitleViolets in the Field 
Author: casuallyhl
Pairing: Harry/Louis
Where: ao3
Word Count: 5k
Rating: E
Status: Complete
Summary: “What do you love about me?” Harry asks.

Louis glances up at him through his eyelashes, a slow smirk spreading across his face. Harry clicks away with his camera, his heart quickening at the sight of Louis looking so mischievous. “Who said I do?”

“You do,” Harry replies easily, capturing with his camera the way Louis’ eyes dance when he teases Harry. “You tell me multiple times a day.”

“Suppose I do,” Louis says with a lazy smile.

Or, Harry and Louis have a photo shoot in a field of violets.


Part One

When you tell someone you’re uncomfortable and they don’t make an effort to comfort you or remove you from the situation…

When you tell someone the thing they’re doing is making you angry and they continue…

Then they try to tell you that you’re being crazy because you got angry… if you hadn’t warned them it was pissing you off

Then they continue by saying you  must have started this fight because you like someone else

Then they continue to argue despite you saying multiple times you’re going to bed because you have to work tomorrow…..

i mean…….. if u go to multiple therapists and they all say there’s nothing wrong with you yet u keep being so hellbent on self diagnosing……maybe……you’re……..not mentally ill ? and jus want a gold oppression badge? l m a o

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well, i finished [watching a playthrough of] nier automata. im not saying anything about the multiple endings but i will say that i think you're gonna enjoy this one in both story AND gameplay.

Awesome! I’m happy you feel that way, I’m really looking forward to it!

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I'm cool with the three week cool down in the nursery because it will help stop breeding for edits (or at least slow it down). The only problem is for people who have ships with multiple people. Say you've got four different pairings and your partner for each pair decides it's time for kits. One of your partners will have to wait about 3 months which is a pretty significant amount of time. I honestly would have maybe pushed it to two weeks instead, that way you can only breed twice a month.

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That is Lindsey. On the Blackhawks Facebook page they posted game photos. And you can see it's her.

Awesome, thanks for the info! I thought it was but had multiple people say it wasn’t. Appreciate you clearing it up!

Never too prepared.

Here it is! The first smut I’ve written in my life!

Harry works somewhere where he has an office that connects to his own conference room when he has multiple people come in for meetings. You drop by to say a hello and bring him lunch, cause he called saying he didn’t have time to go out an eat with you like you’d both planned. Before you go to leave, he pulls you in for a kiss, which leads to more deeper, slightly desperate kisses.

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Okay, so here’s it is: Harry works somewhere where he has an office that connects to his own conference room when he has multiple people come in for meetings. You drop by to say a hello and bring him lunch, cause he called saying he didn’t have time to go out an eat with you like you’d both planned. Before you go to leave, he pulls you in for a kiss, which leads to more deeper, slightly desperate kisses....

“I really should get going…” You trail off as he pushes you back against his desk. “Mhmm,” he moans into your mouth. His hands begin to wander all over; through your hair, down your sides, between your thighs. You tilt your head to give him more access to your neck as he begins sucking and nipping at your skin, leaving you breathless. “Well, maybe just a few minutes…”…
He nods, both pressing forward and also pulling you closer to him, eliminating any and all space between you two. You begin to run your fingers through his hair, tugging a little when he nips at a sensitive area on your neck, almost falling apart when you hear him make a deep sound that’s almost a mix between a moan and a growl. His eyes are dark and completely full of lust when he pulls back…
“Strip, now,” he orders, and you could practically melt at the sight of that cocky smirk tugging at the corner of his beautiful lips. Then your eyes drift to the clock hanging on the wall. “Don’t you have a meeting today?” He looks briefly at the clock and nods. “What’s ten minutes? We can do a lot in that time.” His smirk grows and he winks…
It doesn’t take long before your bottom half is completely exposed, your top doesn’t take long to come off as he begins thrusting in you. He buries his face in your neck, grunting and moaning with each thrust. You revel in the fact that you’ve just made him shudder as you reached under his untucked shirt and rake your nails down his back. “So feisty…kitten,” he growls…You feel your climax coming as you clench around him, quickly making his own climax trail after you, when his phone rings…
Harry groans in frustration at the interruption and picked up the phone. You try not to make too much noise as you catch your breath. He hangs up and sighs. “They’re waiting in the conference room.” His eyes then sparkle and you know he’s got an idea when that smirk returns. “You don’t have anywhere you need to be right now, do ya?”…
You smirk as well. “I’m yours all day, if you want me.” He hisses as he pulls out and unlocks one of his desk drawers. “How did I ever get so lucky with you?” you hear him mutter. “There they are!” Before you can look at what he was retrieving, he leads you over to a smaller door next to his filing cabinet, your clothes abandoned on the floor and chair. He opens the door and turns to you. You freeze when he lifts the items in his hands…
His fingers play with the ends up the rope he holds in his right hand, along with the vibrator in the other. “Do you trust me?” he asks. You realize you’re staring at the items as your whole body tingles with nervousness but most of all excitement. “Y-yes…” He smiles as he begins to tie your wrists together. “That’s my girl.”…
He steps back to put his pants—you hadn’t realized he’d stepped out of them earlier—back on, looking at you like you were the most beautiful piece of art he’d ever laid eyes on. “Missing one more thing,” he says before pulling off his tie and wrapping it over your eyes…“Harry,” you try to say, but your voice is muffled by the fabric in your mouth. He presses a soft kiss to your cheek. “Don’t come until after the meeting, kitten,” he whispers. “We’ll pick up where we left off when I return. Promise.” You hear him step back and close the door, leaving you in the closet like his own little present. You’re not sure how much time goes by before the vibrator suddenly turns on…
It takes everything in you not to completely unravel as the vibrator practically tortures you with pleasure. You’re close to sobbing, wanting to release as you pull at the ropes. You can just picture Harry secretly smirking to himself as he turns the vibrator on and off during his meeting. You are so gonna get him back after this, but are desperate for him to return so you can finish…
It feels like an eternity has passed by the time Harry finally returns. He first removes the gag from your mouth. He chuckles. “Can’t believe you lasted this long, kitten.” “Please, Harry…” you say as the vibrator continues to stimulate you. “All right,” he says, turning it off. He comes close and wraps one arm around your waist as his other hand works on untying the ropes. “Let me take care of you now.”…
You blink your eyes to adjust to the light as he brings you back to the desk. “You’ve waited long enough,” Harry says, to which you just nod as you help him with his pants to find, unsurprisingly, he’s still hard. You gasp as he thrusts so easily into you once again. “Ah…so wet…” he says between breaths. “Feels so good…” You gasp when you feel him smack your bum. “Oh…Daddy…” He stops for a second before turning you and bending you over his desk so he can get deeper in you…
“Take me so well, kitten…” It doesn’t take long before your long-awaited orgasm finally rips through you, and he almost misses catching your scream as he presses his palm against your mouth so everyone outside of the office doesn’t hear. When his organs follows a few seconds later, he bites into your shoulder to muffle his own screams…
You both come down from your highs. You’re both still breathing heavily, and lying on the floor, practically in a daze. You’d never felt a more amazing orgasm in your life, and you’re certain that just putting your panties on would make you jump from how sensitive you felt down there…
You look at Harry to find him already staring at you, his eyes soft and glittering. “What?” you ask. “You’re just so beautiful,” he answers. A blush rises to your cheeks. “I’m all sweaty. I look like a total mess.” He hovers over you and presses a soft kiss to your lips. “Still, it’s true.”…
A chuckle escapes your lips and he looks down at you in amusement. “What is it?” “You were way too prepared for that,” you answer in your laughter. He smirks. “Impossible. I can never be too prepared when it comes to my girl.” ~*~ TADA!!! My first ever smut!

HOLY???? FuckIN SHIT???? You should be so proud because that was FUCKIN INSANE I’m crying

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nobody said you had to use the m!as holy shit. but the way you made that post sounded really shitty and thoughtless to all the other role players who interact/want to interact with you. you essentially said "your ideas aren't worth my time and i'm not gonna think twice about them"]

u seem like one person speaking for everyone whos ever thought abt interacting with me but ok

also thats so unrelated to what i said? ive made multiple posts saying “hey if you ever want to interact with me feel free, if you ever want to plot w/me feel free”. the post i made today just said “i didn’t ask for m!as and i’m not open to them.” would you rather i not say anything? also, imo, m!as have very little to do with interaction btwn roleplayers. theyre like plotting but one-sided & anonymous, and theres something going wrong if somebody sends me an m!a with the intention of interacting with me. (seriously– people can message me and i’d love to plot. i received an m!a today that seemed like it could be a p cool idea, but i deleted it bc i dont feel comfortable using m!as that were sent without my consent)

like im sorry if it came across as shitty and thoughtless but a) i appreciate the fuck out of plotting and b) i was literally just saying that i did not ask for this and im not going to use something i didn’t consent to, so *dont waste your time sending me m!as* because i dont want to throw away your ideas

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“🔪” bring on the murder

Send “🔪” for my muse to stab yours, on purpose or accident.

           “Aw, man, I’m sorry……..” FUNNY THING TO SAY AFTER YOU STABBED A WOMAN MULTIPLE TIMES & THEN LEFT HER BODY ON THE GROUND BLEEDING & VULNERABLE, so that she could SUFFER as much as you saw it was fit for her to. “…….for me, though. Really, why’d you have to be such a fuckin’ BITCH, huh? We coulda jus’ avoided this whole ugly mess altogether… like, really— look at this shit! I got fuckin’— I fuckin’ got blood on my nice new shoes!”

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Stereotype: You say y'all on a daily basis, multiple times a day. (From one Texan-of-sorts to another.)

Y'all is my go-to contraction to use when addressing any more than one person so yes. I also do say y'all’s, y'all'dve, and “all y'all” sometimes pfffft

Night In The Woods is….a blessing honestly. The main character is bi with two gay friends who love each other (with one being super dependent on the other bc he survived a lot of child abuse and he talks about it) and she hates cops and there are multiple times she says like “Its okay if you dont want to talk about it” and other characters talk about punching fascists and she goes off on this spoiled rich guy and I’m just….can’t believe this is real tbh?? I love this game so much

Beta Reader Needed

Hello everyone,

I am finished with my Caleb is a Robot AU for Ex Machina, and I need someone to beta read it for me. I feel like I’ve spent enough time writing it that I might have trouble doing a good job of self beta-ing.

If you are willing to help me out, please message me :)

I’ve seen this thing reblogged multiple times that says “NEVER make [a writer] ask you to read their work.” Well I’m fucking begging, because I’m kind of proud of this fic, and I want to make sure it’s the best I can do.

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Heartbreak Hotel.

Its funny we have this preconceived idea, about how we want life to unfold, how we want to live and how we want to fall inlove.

I have no idea about you, but for me, I desire a spontaneous life, one filled with passion and love. I love a lot of things, I love food, I love wine, I love the ocean I love the trees, you get my point.

I am a quirky girl, a mixture of stereotypes, a bohemian rock chick, with the heart of a hippie, the freedom of a gypsy but the attitude of 13 year old boy who just discovered Blink 182. In all of my ‘tomboy’ glory there was always the want to be loved.

I have convinced myself over the years that men only ever want sex. I have had conversations with multiple girlfriends with them saying “ oh but you have so many guys asking you out”.

no honey, I have many guys that want to sleep with me.

I never said yes, in my mind I knew their end game, and I was not some doll they could use and forget. If I got intimate with someone it was on my terms, not theirs. (to this day, I don’t see that as a bad thing).

As most of us have, I got lied to by a guy who I thought I could settle down with, he was a physio and seemed to have his life together. We started taking, hanging out, he  came and watched a karate tournament and I trusted him, he didn’t cheat on me, no, worse, he was cheating on his girlfriend with me. I had no idea as she lived interstate, but I was the one who felt gross and filthy. I couldn’t believe it and so I went back to the mindset of guys only wanting sex and checked myself into Heartbreak hotel.

Skipping forward to today, I still am a little haunted about that little relationship, it makes you see things differently. You only half open up to people, you give half of yourself to protect yourself.

I trusted a guy for the first time in 2 years, about a month ago. I was weak for him, he was and well still is hands down the most attractive man I’ve ever laid eyes on. He was a hot stranger for a while, I used to joke about marrying him because I didn’t think I had any chance at all, I am telling you, he is 2 meters tall, this lush hair and this jawline, ooof, and then there are those blue eyes. Like, come on…

The hot stranger asked me out. I now wish he never had. I wish it could of stayed a fantasy, because I trusted and became hurt again.

He didn’t lie, he didn’t do anything  wrong, I wish I could write what happened but even I don’t know, to be honest i’m not sure he knows either.

I spent about a week crying about it, my poor friends have been listening to me  whinging but now I am ok. I was hurting myself, I kept convincing myself he wanted to be with me, and so when he didn’t, it kept coming as a shock. I feel I should wait, until he is ready, as I know he is going through a lot, but if I wait, will he ever be ready?

I don’t think so, because if someone wants to be with you, when they look at you like you have just walked from their dream into their reality, they will be with you, they will want to conquer  mountains with you, they will want you to be there throughout every emotion they shed, and I think the most important lesson I learnt is that if someone does like you and want to be with you, they will act upon it urgently. They will love you urgently, because they know you shine the brightest out of all the god damn stars, they will know that if they don’t love you hard, someone else will.

There is someone for everyone, I know its hard when its not the one you thought, but we are young and we are free, so my single friends its just you, me and the sea.

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Sometimes you see these posts by fandom people saying “oh, I can’t wait until this thing happens. These people are going to be so disappointed and I will laugh at them.” You see multiple people on multiple sides saying contradictory things, very convinced that they are correct and select other people, who are also saying similar things, will be sad and cry. All I can think is, what if you’re all wrong? What if the plot goes in a direction that none of you can predict? Will you all cry and be disappointed? Will you all be happy? I feel like this must have happened at some point with some fandom in the past.

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i said hi

First of all I miss my fwend. Second of all listen here you little binch sending me multiple asks saying dumb shit. Use my cell phone. You probably just want to talk about how it’s so sad Arthur is old. Same old shit since he became a young adult. I told you yesterday that was the last straw.

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the rules here are so arbitrary when by your criteria i could argue for several characters to be taken down. just because majority agrees does not mean it is right. for instant, there are villains who did bad things but being a villain in a story is not the same as being an abuser. as a survivor i am tired of people conflating the two, it feels insulting.

idk what you’re really saying here because we’ve said multiple times that “being a villain” is not criteria for takedowns. like. literally tons of times.

what do you suggest we do. i’m all ears.

~mod wendy