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2-15, totally don't remember what they were but we'll go with it

2.Would you date an 18-year-old at the age you are now? yeahh

3.Do you prefer to be friends with girls or boys? girls, but my best friend is a guy..ha

4.Would you ever smile at a stranger? yes

5.Can you commit to one person? yeah

6.How do you look right now? ugly af

7.What exactly are you wearing right now? light blue v-neck with dark jean shorts

8.How often do you listen to music? very often

9.Do you wear jeans or sweats more? jeans

10.Do you think your life will change dramatically before 2016? probably

11.Are you a social or an antisocial person? antisocial af

12.If the person you like says they like someone else, what would you say? meh, it happened multiple times already

13.Are you good at hiding your feelings? yes to most people

14.Can you drive a stick shift? no

15.Do you care if people talk badly about you? yes

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U seem pretty ok with the idea that ppl r offended by ur current employment. It doesn't bother u? It doesn't make u reconsider what ur doing?

Anon, I don’t know what to say to you, or to the multiple messages you’ve sent me. If you find fault with the type of program I’m currently teaching for, you should contact either your local representative or a victims’ advocacy group. I signed a contract to teach the class that I am currently teaching, and both my code of ethics and professionalism demand that I teach it with the same level of dedication and care that I would any other class. That’s all.

ive said it before and ill say it again if you see multiple lizards doing something you see as cute in actuality its them fighting for dominance and trying to kill their competitors 

When a Narc keeps asking you to think about something over again even when you don’t hesitate to say No multiple times. It’s not even asking anymore.  

Paying for League of Extraordinary Misfits

Paying for League of Extraordinary Misfits

With a League of Extraordinary Misfits completed, I have to decide what I want to do with it. Do I want to release as something parred down – bare and functional? Do I want to include art? Maps? What are the costs?

Let’s look at the size. The rules themselves right now are 2,335 words. That’s a very basic “only what you need” rather than having examples and multiple explanations. Let’s say around…

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That post about FE:if Is fake and without the actual info, please do research before reblogging things like that and tagging them as ''fuck nintendo'' !

I actually have seen a lot of stuff saying more or less the same thing as that post, though (ie, her only showing attraction to girls and the mc drugging her) from multiple different sites
I’m not saying you’re wrong, but please give me some source that has the information you’re arguing for! Especially since you told me it was baseless/without any source, but did not include a source yourself which doesn’t really help.
Please send me a link/s if you have them, I would like to believe that you are right!!
I will delete the posts for now, until there is more information that has been confirmed, thank you.

Device Redirect Explained

One link to rule them all!

As the title is saying with the help of Hive you can send people to the device specific app without having the need to have multiple links. Lets say you have a mobile game/application and it’s on multiple platforms like IOS, Android, Windows Mobile, IOS for iPad, Blackberry, Palm or Kindle Fire we got you covered with Hive you can direct people to the correct address for the device with one link.

One dashboard to rule them all!

Why make 3-4 links when you can have one with analytics attached which can be customized with UTM codes for campaigns and geotarget for specific countries, all this from one easy to use dashboard.

Get in touch!

P.S - If you want to fully try out Hive send us an email via our contact page and we will give you a full PRO account for two weeks.

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[Wow those are all really good numbers, I'm honestly torn between some of them X3 um if you're okay with a single person sending multiples of different numbers and characters too you do say so, if not then um... I'll go with 10 since it seems the most creative one there] #10 with Ryne as a tiny Velociraptor [I'm still in fandoming over Jurassic World, sorry ^^; ]

((My characters only, and you can send multiple ones, just not on the same ask.))

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my chat logs, danisntonfire, dan + phil radio show :3

My chat logs: What does the last text you received say?

Multiple King of The Hill screenshots from highschoolphan aka ‘Daddy’ in my phone.

danisnotonfire: you can only save one item from your burning house, what do you save?

My laptop probs lmao fuck u mom i must save my half-assed gay fanfiction 

The Dan and Phil radio show: what’s your current favourite song?



Anything by Kimya Dawson idk I rly like ‘The Beer’ im indie folk trASH SHOUT OUT TO THE JUNO SOUNDTRACK

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their citizenship is literally ILLEGAL though. this is taking Political correctness to a whole new level. Illegal immigrants= immigrants who came to the US illegally????

hey anon, did you read my post?? I said it sounds horrible, and it would sound nicer if — You know English, the complex language, has multiple ways of saying stuff, I am saying its a friendlier and nicer alternative, besides people like Donald Trump use those words to insult people.

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Timer ball and love ball?(you can say multiple favorites if you don't just have one)

Timer Ball:Pokemon it’s taken you longest to catch

When I was playing Alpha Sapphire,it took me a solid 2 hours to find and catch a carvanha I’m pathetic

Love Ball:Favorite Pokemon

I love gengar,sylveon,groudon,and giratina

This is something that we need to address ASAP. Do not, I repeat, do NOT do the same plot with multiple people, you get one plot per person. Trust us when we say, that we do know who is sending what plots to who because people do ask us if certain plots are okay. With that being said, when you have a definite plot set down, you are to send the plot and whoever else is involved in the plot to tkoresource-page. If you don’t send the plot to that page, it will be invalid. We’re not going to deny any of your plots, we just want to make sure things stay interesting and no one is going around to get the same plot.

i think you migth be able to vote multiple times too so just keep doing it ! if you have multiple muses, say you’re voting for them like i just did with ike

A bit about sexuality

One of the most interesting things that I learned from GSA is that there are multiple ways to say your sexuality. You like guys? If you’re gay that’s homosexual, if you’re a women then you’re heterosexual, if you’d rather not state your gender/sex than you can say androsexual, simply I LIKE MEN. You like women? Gynosexual.

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As for "Greeks were also slaves and oppresed" that's a whole different topic. Ancient Greeks had slaves but they were /very/ different than black slaves kidnapped and sold to work in the Americas. Spartans were the harshest on their slaves, called Helots. Greeks had slaves from all over, as well as enslaving their neighbours, which is no better. To think of Ancient Greeks as white is also not really correct b/c they came from Asia Minor, now part of the Middle East. History is great!

Dude this is brilliant. I would have never known this, what course did you say you took or was it multiple?

Your Admin Mei

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The character I applied for has multiple apps and I'm nervous.. but excited. Are you able to say if the apps you've received are decent or not?

i know the feeling !! just know that whether or not you get in, we love that you did show interest in our rp. i’m grateful for every app we’ve gotten and honestly, we haven’t really taken a good look at them. still, even if we have multiple apps for a certain character your app could be the one that’s actually perfect for them. that’s why we’re urging others to apply for characters who already have multiple apps. try not to worry much though !! i do hope you get in, cutie. and if we aren’t able to accept you, just know that we are so so so thankful for your interest.

She hates me and sadly it doesn't sting like it should.
  • Mom:you're going to ruin my marriage.
  • Me:apparently i already have because you've told me that multiple times, so its not a like you saying it again is going to hurt.
  • Mom:you're the one with the mental issues, you're the reason why nothing good happens because you always act like this. You're the one that can't control herself and causes these problems. You're the one to blame. I can't wait til you move out so i won't have to pay for your therapy anymore.
praisevivec replied to your post “no offense but shut the fuck up”

is this because you suggested you had concerns regarding Bernie Sanders’ viability as an acting president, despite saying multiple times you agree with him? Because wow, way to make the point about the fanaticism, anon


I’ve also already lost several followers after posting the Bernie Sanders thing, but whatever I’ve been around politics enough to not be surprised at how fanatical people become when they start idealizing these candidates

on multiple occasions i have had cis men say to me  “You want to be a man? You’re going to get treated like a man.”

and what they mean when they say “treated like a man” is “beaten up”

it is a sentence which means “i want to beat the shit out of you to teach you a lesson for daring to not be a good little woman”