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I don’t and have never thought that otherkin was a mental issue. I think it’s a bunch of stupid people who want to be speshul. Also I’ve never once sent anybody an ask telling them to commit suicide, unlike you guys who have sent me multiple messages saying I should die. Nice one.

Oscars So White...

The #OscarsSoWhite.
That makes POC blue.

Fuck Charlotte Rampling.
Fuck Julie Delpy.
Fuck Michael Caine too.

Fuck Gerald Molen with his ugly ass face.
“It’s about talent,” they say “stop bringing up race!”

Yet mediocre white folk get to strut here and there.
You’ll find their bland acting literally EVERYWHERE.

They call us spoiled and say wait your turn.
You silly goddamn idiots, when will you ever learn?

You have all these privileges because of a social construct.
That’s why y’all get multiple chances even when y’all suck.

You say that it’s harder for women, that for gays, the skies aren’t so clear.
You forget WOC are a thing, you omit that POC can also be queer.

POC know the truth about the opportunities we lack.
Fuck your “Maybe all the best actors aren’t Latinx, Native, Asian, or Black”.

Why the fuck you lyin’, saying it’s racist against whites.
It’s racist towards POC, that’s why we stay having these fights.

I’m tired of “It’s always the blacks, they constantly scream and cuss.”
“Other POC have even less awards yet they never kick up a fuss.”

If you opened even one eye, then just maybe you’d see
Non-Black POC are just as angry as we.

We’re ALL pissed off because we know it’s not fair.
But you’re overrepresented so you really don’t care.

You don’t want to examine yourselves, so you often derail and deride.
Try to turn us on each other cuz to conquer, you must first divide.

Yet the jig is up, we’ve BEEN hip to the game.
The curtains are open, Wizards of Oz, and we’re broadcasting your shame.

We’re laying down the groundwork, building up progress brick by brick.
We’re breaking down the racist clock so it can no longer tick.

But diversity is something that POC cannot do on our own.
It has to start at the top with the ones in power on the throne.

It’s truly up to white people to eradicate this ridiculous racist blight.
Yet until you do, we’ll stay reminding you that the #OscarsStillSoWhite.

okay as a voyager and ds9 fan you know what’s been bothering me for-fucking-ever?

the fact that voyager didn’t consider heading towards the gamma quadrant instead of straight at earth. i’ve looked at a few maps of the trek ‘verse and there is no incredibly clear consensus of whether the wormhole would be closer. YOU JUST LEFT DS9 KIDS you have multiple Bajoran crew. Are you saying that no one that ship ever said ‘Hey, is the wormhole closer than earth?’

Also the entire concept of “bi women are in wlw spaces only because they’re attracted to women not because they’re attracted to women AND another gender” is so… wrong. Bi women are in wlw spaces because we’re attracted to multiple genders, including women. Like… when you say stuff like “check your attraction, leave it at the door”.. all I hear is “leave your straight half outside.”

What a babe. I love her and this picture.

Raven belongs to @purrincesu

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A lot of kids on Tumblr are making things worse for actual transgender people who actually have dysphoria and that saddens me. A bunch of kids coming along and saying they identify as "voidgender" is making a mockery of real trans people

this is exactly what I’ve pointed out multiple times… The same reason people who say you can be trans WITHOUT dysphoria are making it worse.

theoburr asked:

So, did people just choose to miss the shower scene? Pretty sure they had sex. But I guess anyone can convince themselves of anything if it's not explicitly in their face.

I think this is a reply to some asks (ask 1 & ask 2) on my side blog gailpeckholly. But no worries for sending this here, I’ll reblog it there, so that people that only follow my Golly blog can see it as well.

I think we could all see the chemistry with these two in this scene (and every other scene we got, because honestly, they just had that all time chemistry around them from the start), I mean come on, look at them!

They both seem pretty into it if you ask me.

I could definitely agree that something did happen that night. But I’m also okay with people saying they waited till the morning or later that week, because Gail was pretty wasted and upset that night (and Holly is a gentlewoman). Although I guess that cold shower sobered her up pretty quickly. Hihi. But honestly, if you ask me, everyone should believe what they want to believe, but the fact that they kissed on screen in like 4 other scenes pretty much says it all if you ask me. (-;

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So apparently Peyton auditioned with both Rowan and Sabrina before he was cast. This was definitely all planned from the beginning!

Well, of course. 😉 They’d have done screen tests beforehand. I mean, sometimes chemistry just happens (Barney and Robin just kinda happened and worked, for example), but when you’re casting a show with pre-planned romance arcs that start in the pilot and span multiple seasons…well, let’s just say you don’t leave the chemistry to chance. They knew what they were doing when they cast these kids, and no way did some (alleged) teenage crush take over the direction of a relatively intricate multi-million dollar production with lots of grown-ups involved.

shinozakeh asked:

UM OK. Your post? FALSE. My screen shots are legit and I've never scammed anyone before (successfully) so you saying I've scammed multiple other people and stolen Multiple accounts is FALSE I'd like you to get some facts instead of making up BS to make the trading community hate me. Now you're just spreading rumors that aren't true and I'd like to ask you to take down the post ;)

(pt 2.)  Also forgot to add… What’s the point of all these posts if I could just make a new tumblr? Seems pointless to make everyone hate me

okay, let me go through this part by part. because, as expected, you’re entirely lying. i’ll put it under a read more as to not clog up the dash.

tl;dr: you’re wrong. bye.

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Attention! The springirls network is holding the first editing contest. In the theme of valentines’ and because our monthly color is pink, we’ve decided to go with the theme of first love for this month’s contest.

How do I sign up?

✧ Firstly, you have to be a member. Click here to read about applying

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✧ Send us a message stating:

  • Your name
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  • The group/idol that you are centering your edit on (if you are doing an edit that requires more than one idol/group say “multiple”)

✧ Once we reply to your ask, you are now registered under the contest participants in our information page

Details about the contest

✧ You will have 2 weeks to complete your editing submission, meaning that the deadline for this contest is February 9th, 2016.

✧ Remember, it does not have to be strictly a gfx or a graphic! You can choose to do a playlist, a gifset, an edited fanart, typography, the options are endless, so as long as there is some factor of editing, you’re good to go. Let your creativity run wild!

✧ Your edit will need to be pink and obviously, will need to follow the theme of first love

✧ When you post your edit on your blog, you must mention the contest in the caption, and tag #springirlsnet and #firstlovecontest


✧ There will be one winner and one runner-up for this contest

✧ The prize for the winner will be a request from all three admins, which will be clarified in the winner’s post

✧ The prize for the runner-up will be a request from one admin of choice

Contest details for each contest are on this page, so please read it carefully. Good luck, and happy editing!

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So would you say say that Terra is capable of eating all the others you've mentioned? Any he won't eat?

“As far as anyone I won’t eat… Anyone who wears spiky armor, really; it’s hard to swallow and painful for my stomach, and it takes too long to strip it off. Though that’s really just an inconvenience; I’ll still eat them if I’m really hungry.”

To other martial artists. Do you mentally train yourself to be emotionally prepared to kill or viciously maim/cripple your opponents, likely for life if the situation called for it?

If you do train for the moment violence is needed how about mentally training yourself for the trauma and and emotional damage that can come with killing or seriously hurting other or that comes with having been the target of such violence?This is a question for anyone that trains martial arts with the possible intent for self defense, I say possible because you can train for multiple things like competition, exercise, social interaction and other self improvement things, mental or physical as well as self defense. So! Do you mentally train to have that “killing intent” be real? How do you personally train it? What are some methods you’ve heard of? Do you have any suggestions for people that want to look into doing this type of mental training? Books they should read on the subject? Do you have any stories, personal or otherwise, relating to having this mental prep or not having it when you needed it? I myself advocate learning and exploring this type of thing if the ability to defend yourself and other is important to you to explore your ethical and legal trappings so you don’t need to find out in the moment what you are and are not willing to do and if that is really for the best.

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hiya! i just wanted to say that even though youre 1 year younger than me, i was inspired by how maturely you answered multiple horrible racist asks. even the ones saying "no offense i love ur blog" are racist, and youre still replying with patience and kindness! thats amazing! you inspire me to be kind! im asian and i do fairly well in school as well, so i fully understand your situation, hang in there! your achievements are because of you, not because of your ethnicity!

omg thank you so much this made me smile so so much aH

i feel like i shouldn’t respond to asks like those with rudeness because that would just make the entire situation worse. i think there’s a saying that goes kinda like “don’t feed the fire more wood” ?? or smth like that ??
but anyways, i don’t want to make the situation even worse, and to be quite honest, racism is ingrained in all of us bc of society’s pervasive views and stuff, so it may just be a well-intentioned person with the wrong beliefs

thank you thank you <3 i’m sure that you’re a wonderfully kind person since you took the time to send such a sweet message!! thank you so much!