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left & right wing were so happy that they didn’t come in last for once :’)


There are a lot of people out there waiting to say thank you

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as a multishipper i gotta say its odd to see the differences. the day the cockles teapot kettle video was put out, the j2 was insufferable. so much hate on misha and general shittiness. today when the tough mudder vid was released, i went into the cockles tag expecting the worst but not one person was talking badly about jared and everyone was generally happy, some even joking about the vid. Good on the cockles fandom.

That’s lovely to hear, I can imagine that being a multi shipper is hard at times. D:

But in all honesty; I follow like 500 blogs, and 95% of them ship Destiel, and these days I’d say that 80% of my dash ships Cockles on the side as well. But when that tough mudder video came out the other day, I swear that half of my dash was actually gifs of that vid. :p Which I suspect has mostly to do with the fact that plenty of Destiel/Cockles shippers actually do like J/2 as a friendship. Hell, the majority does, and those who don’t are merely indifferent to it and simply don’t reblog it and talk about other things. I never see nasty comments about it on my dash. 

And seriously, whenever a J/2 vid comes out (which is quite often) literally no one in the Cockles tag talks about it. All there was to see yesterday was crack talk about tea kettles (looking at you @angrysouffle lol) but you won’t see comments like “I can’t stand J/2″ or “they’re just hanging out for PR”, or anything similar to that; nobody cares.

I barely see any negativity tbh, so that’s a good thing. :) 


Sam: How’s your research going?

Adam: I suspect some lacrosse players. Can’t say they act normal for their age.

Dean: Beware, kid. Don’t fall in love with someone. 

Adam: Who do you think I am? A fool?

Sam: Adam, we’re just trying to say that it’s possible at your age. We don’t want you to get hurt. Not like…

Adam: Don’t worry. That won’t happen. Not to me.

And then he meets you but Liam and Mason are your closest friends so he needs to get rid of them to get closer to you. To get rid of Dunbar especially.

Episode 2