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GD road trip AU | Alex is feeling stressed out after a busy month at the DEO, so Astra takes her on a road trip. Prompted (and prodded :P) by @foxx-queen.

There are so many conflicting opinions on my dash in light of the recent news article about Liam and personally it’s important to see the variation in interpretation, the possibilities of outcomes, all those things. It is important to some days to see the various opinions – even if they are incredibly biased, maybe in a good way maybe not so much.
However, it is really important to acknowledge that:

1. Mouthpieces present lies and exaggeration to sell narratives ( you can always skip over the unimportant bits, anyway) BUT EVEN SO, using that as some sort of a moral save to not be concerned over Liam is not a good way to go about justifying it, especially because,

2. Liam slogged his ass for 5+ years for a massive – in size as well in magnitude – ungrateful community. I’d say there is a lot of truth to his struggles

3. Besides, from what I have repeatedly observed over the years, it’s not like there was anyone questioning the veracity and relevance of authenticity of accounts vilifying Liam from these very mouthpieces. If anything, everyone is always ready with their pitchforks ready to attack Liam, so what gives? Is consistency not the forte of the season? 

4. Liam’s issues are his and his alone. Making this about the other members (past/present/current/former, whatever, for the sake of simplicity I’m using it as all inclusive term which considers all 5) does not exactly qualify as  being supportive, no matter how hard you try to convince yourselves it does. I mean if you couldn’t have made their issues about Liam and compartmentalized it just fine then maybe extend the same courtesy to Liam?

5. There is nothing that suggests Liam’s dropped brand new information. Yes, there might be an expansion but he has talked about his struggles on multiple occasions (pretty sure he was the first to talk about the issues too) and enough times to invite unfair and ridiculous hate, even. Reminds me of the multitude of comments under the “Drop the Mic” video expressing anger and sadness but more over shock over Derulo’s “it’s the one you never see” line. What befuddles me is why the shock? The fandom is comfortably guilty of ignoring everything Liam related – like oh, I dunno, the time he openly talked about his struggles but people were busy misinterpreting the comments to their ship – and so was/is their old team and consequently so was the media. At least Jason genuinely meant no harm…

Disliking Liam and remaining indifferent enough to not feel for Liam is one thing but can we drop these accessory excuses? It’s 2017, for crying out loud.

Liam’s love and passion for music and his love and commitment to fans tested his perseverance, really. And in spite of everything that went down, I can constantly say my guy was always the life of every show.

  • Ohba: I don't believe in life after death. I believe that once you die, that's it. Death Note reflects as such.
  • Me, sliding over a $1 bill: I see your concept of Mu, but I raise you this; Light and L being gay in the afterlife together.

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Not to be overdramatic but your hurt!steve and protective!tony fanfics are what keeps me alive

If You Fall, That's Ok (The Ground Will Catch You) - Hopeless--Geek (wuzzy90), Mystrana - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/8
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Relationships: James “Bucky” Barnes/Steve Rogers
Additional Tags: Slow Burn, Pre-Serum Steve Rogers, Ballet AU, First Kiss, lots of choreography, couple of bad puns, Illustrated, Oral Sex, Anal Sex

Steve knows there’s nothing wrong with a career as a corps dancer, especially in the highly regarded Marvel Ballet. But when a series of events result in a chance to dance the lead role of the prince in T'Challa’s choreography of Swan Lake, Steve’s not about to turn down the amazing opportunity.

There’s just a few problems: he’s not exactly as tall as most principal dancers. He’s only got a week to learn the entire part.

And he’s got a huge crush on the lead swan - one Bucky Barnes, who Steve’ll be dancing up close and personal with for the next week. It’s enough to make his legs forget how to work.


A collaboration by me and @hopeless–geek​! 

You guys. Hope and I have worked endlessly to bring this lovely little (I say little but it’s actually 40k+ words so…) ballet AU to you. Please enjoy! New chapters posting every Tuesday and Friday. 

Many thanks to our ballet beta @vix-spes

Huevember 2017 Day 18
This is a picture for @dicaxasinus who commissioned me (thank you!) to draw their OC Morgan and his Pokemon partner Lucario from their Fanfiction “A Story Half Remembered.” It’s a really great story! Be sure to check out their work!

Are you sure that she is just a friend, Adrien?

because in this shit video we can see that she is not

Sorry, I got in the Adrienette mood and I had to do this.

Beware with season 2 spoilers!

hey. all concerts are good concerts but sign me the FUCK up for small venue concerts over big arena concerts any day

Eleven’s first day of school
  • El’s so grateful Mike insisted on giving her a ride to school on his bike because it gives her a chance to review all the advice she’s gotten from the party over the last couple weeks
  • But a lot of their suggestions conflict (Lucas: “If you don’t know the answer when a teacher asks a question, don’t make eye contact with them or they’ll call on you” Dustin: “No way, you want to look the son of a bitch right in the eye to let them know you’re not afraid. Then, they’ll call on someone else. It’s a power move.” Max: “No, don’t listen to them, just pretend to be really engrossed in taking notes.”)
  • She gets her class schedule and it’s still a little surreal to see her name (Hopper, Jane) written down
  • She can’t believe how many people are at school and it’s a little overwhelming until she grabs Mike’s hand squeezes
  • He squeezes back right away and doesn’t let go as the walk to their first class
  • The class is English, which Eleven loves instantly (the teacher keeps talking about all these cool books they’re going to read—apparently one is about grapes and El can’t believe someone wrote a whole book on her favorite fruit)
  • She writes down everything the teacher says and fills up three pages in her notebook (although she wonders if she wasn’t supposed to because Mike didn’t take out a notebook at all and he keeps looking at her funny)
  • She has to part from Mike for math class, but Will sits in front of her and keeps passing her funny drawings and notes so the class goes by fast
  • After the bell for lunch rings, they exit the classroom and Mike runs up to them, panting, and starts asking El a million questions about how math class went
  • Eleven’s favorite part of the day is definitely lunch because she gets to sit with all of her friends and listen to them joke and argue and laugh
  • Everything goes smoothly from there until the last class of the day when the teacher asks them to pair up with someone they don’t know and then introduce their partner to the class
  • Eleven panics for a second, but Mike immediately turns to her, sticks out his hand, and says, “hi, my name’s Mike, short for Michael”
  • When the final bell rings, Eleven can’t believe after two years of begging Hopper she finally got what she had been asking for: a day of being a normal kid
  • And it was better than she ever imagined

Read Mike’s POV here!


Luffy & Labrador

Robin & Whippet

(From @blenheims ’s lovely dog headcanons)


i kept seeing tons of fan art of danny feeling way too bad about himself. made me kinda depressed, so i present to you: fanart of danny feeling way too good about himself


So I’ve always been obsessed with @modmad ‘s art style and her comics, and to sorta congratulate her on her awesome kickstarter for TPOH, I wanted to draw her a little MagicStone! (Also I just wanted an excuse to draw Gladstone’s hair but woah woops it turned into this, great)

Sleep snug just like Freyja. 

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Hey!! I wanted to tell you that I love your art so much!! I hate to be [that person] that requests something but,, if the master could say something to himself as a child, what do you think that he would say?