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Teasing: A Beginner’s Guide

You may wish to read: Mastering the Art of Teasing: Incorporating the 5 Senses first

Remember: the more senses you appeal to, the more it will drive your cuckold insane, and the more fun it will be for everyone. Mainstream porn usually focuses on watching, but that is only one of the five senses.  If you can incorporate smells, sounds, light touching, even taste in some instances, it will add to the experience and make it incredibly erotic. 

  • Make your cuckold participate in helping you get ready for your dates. This may include picking out lingerie, your outfit, helping you shave or put lotion on so you’re all “perfect” for your boyfriend. 
  • Have your cuckold put lotion on, and massage, your feet while you and your boyfriend make-out on the couch, or even while you have sex. 
  • Be very verbal when your cuck sees you with your boyfriend. You don’t have to jabber, but letting him know how much bigger and better your boyfriend feels inside you will make your cuckold squirm. 
  • While you are preparing for your date, every so often grind your ass against your cuckold’s crotch to get him hard, reminding him of what he’ll be missing. 
  • Give your cuckold a handjob while your boyfriend is fucking you, making your cuckold wait to cum until your boyfriend is done. 
  • Have your boyfriend and cuckold stand naked on either side of you. Hold each of their cocks in your hand and talk aloud about the differences, comparing the size, girth, and how much better your boyfriend is. 
  • Have your cuck pleasure you orally while you kiss your boyfriend (or suck his cock). 
  • Hold his hand while your boyfriend fucks you.
  • Make him kneel next to you while you suck your boyfriend’s dick. Every so often turn and give him a long, french kiss and ask, “Can you taste him?”   
  • At the end of your date, give your boyfriend a blowjob and let him cum in your mouth. When you come home shortly thereafter, make out with your husband and, without explicitly telling him what you just did, ask him to describe to you what you taste like and if he likes it.   
  • Kiss your cuckold, or make out with him, while your boyfriend fucks you doggystyle. Lay your head on his shoulder and whisper things to him about how good your boyfriend is, how big it is, how much better he fucks you, and how he has never make you feel that way. 
  • Make him face away from you and watch in the mirror as your BF fucks you. 
  • The imagination can be a powerful tool. Lock him outside the bedroom and make him sit with his back against the door, listening to the sounds as you fuck your boyfriend. Have your boyfriend lift you up and fuck you with your back against the door. Your cuckold will be just on the other side, not only listening, but also feeling the power of the thrusting against the door.  
  • Kneel in front of your boyfriend and have your cuckold kneel behind you, holding your head and hair from behind while you give your boyfriend a blowjob until he cums in your mouth. 
  • Tie your husband to a chair in the bedroom, and make him watch you and your boyfriend have sex in your marital bed. After some intimate foreplay with french kissing, and caressing, beg your boyfriend out loud to fuck you. The more desperate you appear to look, the more it will drive your husband insane
  • Have hubby lean against the headboard on the bed. Then lean against him while your boyfriend fucks you so hubby can feel each thrust. Few things will drive him insane as feeling your body against his while you’re being fucked. Lean your head back on your husband’s shoulder so he can hear you breath and moan. 
  • Another idea is to have your husband lean against the headboard or kneel at the edge of the bed while you get on your hands and knees in front of him. Then look directly into his eyes, and have your boyfriend fuck you doggy style so that hubby can feel the power of his thrusts while looking in your eyes. Take it further and lay on your husband’s lap, right next to his penis, almost touching it, but not quite. (You could even breathe or blow on his penis every now and then for added torture.)
  • Tie hubby to a chair in the living room, and disappear into the bedroom to have sex with your boyfriend, denying hubby the privilege of watching. After some time, take a break from fucking. Go out into the living room where your husband is waiting and have a glass of water. Say hi to your hubby, walk over to him and give him a long french kiss (to get him hard). Let him think for a minute he’s going to get lucky, then, grin at him mischievously, go back to the bedroom, close the door and lock it.
  • Make your husband drive you and your boyfriend to your date and pick you up afterward. Sit in the back seat, and on the way home, make sure he can see you cuddling, making out, and maybe even giving your boyfriend a blowjob. 
  • Spend time socializing with your boyfriend for 10 to 15 minutes in the living room, before any action, and while everybody is still fully dressed. Perhaps put on a porn movie to set the tone a bit. While socializing, or watching the movie, sit next to your boyfriend, kissing, teasing, stroking, unbuttoning and treating him like a new boyfriend while hubby watches from the other couch or chair. (Alternatively you could make your husband sit right next to you while you do this with your boyfriend.)
  • Have hubby put his face inches away from your pussy while your boyfriend fucks you, then tell him to masturbate while doing so. If you’re feeling especially naughty, have your boyfriend cum in your pussy with hubby’s face right there to see the mess. 
  • Sit in front of hubby and get yourself wet with your fingers. Hold your fingers up to his nose and make him smell how wet you are. 
  • Have your cuckold lie down, put a pillow between him and you, and then have your boyfriend fuck you either doggystyle or missionary (see picture below.) If you’re feeling especially naughty, do away with the pillows. 
EXO Reaction to: Trying Something New That They Seen in A Porno

Anon: Your blog is 💯💯💯 If you feel comfortable about it, can i request exo trying something new they saw in porn videos in bed? Only if you are all right writing about this, only! Have a good day!😌

a/n: nahh,, I’m 100% down with smut haha but thank you! and I hope you have a good day too ~

Xiumin: Hadn’t been afraid to bring the topic up; you’re both in a mature, loving relationship. You could talk to each other about anything. But he hadn’t been expecting you to agree. When you did, he excitedly showed you the porno he watched.

“Are you sure you’re 100% okay with this?”

With your consent, Xiudaddy brings out the ropes and silk ties and wastes no time getting to work ~

Originally posted by veriloquentmind

Luhan: He wastes no time putting the new position into practice. Lots of practice, actually. Since we all know that practice makes perfect.

Originally posted by psyrain

Kris: He keeps a cool exterior but inside he’s screaming. He didn’t want to pressure you but now that you’re on board, he can’t wait to try it out with you.

Originally posted by luedeer

Suho: He shows you the website that sells sexy outfits and toys like the ones he saw in the video. He’ll probably be too embarrassed to admit where he got the idea from,, and shy when showing you the website and pointing out outfits he thinks you’d look good in,, but not so shy when you agree.

Originally posted by kingjunmyeonn

Lay: Was shy when telling you what he wanted to try but turns surprisingly serious when you agree. “If you’re okay with it then what are we waiting for? Let’s go ~”

Originally posted by lullabyun

Baekhyun: Had suggested it to you, acting cute and innocent. But with your consent his act drops and he’s pulling you close, noses touching.

“You want to try it? Well, if you insist, baby ~”

Originally posted by littlebyuns

Chen: Loves your openness to trying new things. It’s this level of comfort with each other that makes the relationship so strong. After trying this new thing, he promises to try something else that you’re into. 50/50 is what makes a solid relationship.

Originally posted by exoxoolf

Chanyeol: The second you agree, he starts unbuttoning his trousers. But if you show any sign of discomfort, he’ll immediately stop and keep check that you’re comfortable. Sex should be fun but fun for all involved, so if you end up not liking whatever new thing you try, then that’s fine! Chanyeol would never pressure you into anything!

Originally posted by zutterxtrash

D.O: Will awkwardly bring the subject up,, not because he thinks you’ll judge but just purely because he’d seen it in a porno. He’ll show you the video, tentatively asking if you would be willing to try it out. Only with your consent will he initiate sex.

“If you don’t like it, we can stop,” he promises.

Originally posted by veriloquentmind

Tao: It takes him a while to bring it up. But when he does, he’ll smile and kiss you sweetly. “Are you sure? I don’t want to force you into anything.” Once he trusts that you’re okay with it, he’ll try it out. And keep checking that you’re comfortable throughout. Sure, trying new things out is fun but he hates the thought of pressuring his loved one!

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Kai: With your consent, he immediately sets to work. He takes a blindfold out and sits back, letting you take control.

“Do with me what you wish, Master/Mistress.”

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Sehun: Presents the idea very modestly. For as bratty as he can be, he would never force you to do something you didn’t want to.

“Are you sure you’re okay to try this out?”

“Sure! But where did you get the idea in the first place?”

“That’s not important - just take your clothes off.”

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2,500 Followers Oneshot

Summary: Jensen tries to convince the reader to be his pretend girlfriend.

Prompt: "You’ve given up being sexy a long time ago haven’t you?“

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Requested by: @starswirlblitz

Work today was fucking torture. It was too long, too boring and filled with too many morons. You can only fake being nice for so long, it’s exhausting.

Trying to get into a more relaxed head space, you decide to pamper yourself a bit. You down a much needed glass of wine then take a soothing bubble bath. Soon after you throw on a black mud mask that clarifies, it’s weird looking but it works awesome.

Deciding to give yourself a pedicure, you pick out a dark red nail polish and get yourself settled on the couch. Finally feeling a little more relaxed, you breathe a happy sigh for the peace and quiet.


Son of a bitch.

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Disgraceful Blood

Member: V

Genre: Smut / Angst

Series: \The Moon Child

Theme: Halloween

Part: 1 / {pt.2} {pt.3}

Description: With eyes like rubies and hair as white as the driven snow, you were a creature desired by all who were descendants of the night. A child born from the moon, somehow having landed in the greedy hands of a prince. And he, like all the others before him, craves the sweet taste of your blood.

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(Requested by Anon)

When your uncle Charlie asked you to watch over Bella, you did not think it would turn into a trip to Italy.

A trip to Italy to apparently save her ex-boyfriend’s life.

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ready to become a tiny planet explorer? prepare to dress the part!

+1! baseball tee (super soft, perfect for impressing aliens with its touch)
+1! beanie (to keep my thoughts close and warm for later use)
+1! a worn jacket (the smell of home can really help prevent barfing from homesickness)
+1! distressed jeans (because i have to show how i feel in case they don’t speak the same language)
+2! mismatching socks (in case you can’t pick a favorite)

BONUS: be bright! bring some lights to track your trail! it’s dark out there in space, so you gotta stand out! have an adventure! who knows what kind of planets you’ll find?

I never imagined death before my Master, but it does seem rather poignant. 

Taryon, it was a blessing to be your loyal construct through thick and thin. Thank you for enlisting me as as your faithful scribe.

Dream of Me (Padawan!Reader x Master!Obi-Wan Kenobi)

A lot of y’all have requested an imagine like this, so I hope you enjoy! Have a good Valentine’s! Just as a warning, here be smut!


You hadn’t started out as Obi-Wan’s padawan. For the first ten years or so of your training, you’d been under Master J’Org. But after you turned 18, your beloved master died, leaving you only partly trained and devastated. Your friend, Obi-Wan, though, put a stop to this.

He’d lost his master, too, and was there for you when you needed a shoulder to cry on or some friendly advice. He helped you to be strong, and therefore the council thought that he would be a good candidate for finishing your training. His padawan, Anakin Skywalker, had recently become a knight, so he was able to take a new apprentice on at any time. He was kind enough to choose you.

That was two years ago. Now, the two of you had become even closer friends, and, if you were being honest, your feelings for him were beginning to grow even stronger than that. He was so kind and handsome, and you were so lucky to be learning from him. It would be easy for anyone to fall in love with him, and you were no exception.

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anonymous asked:

AU where Obi-Wan is assigned to the Agricorps, but is first stolen by a Sith. The temple assumes he ran away. Dooku is charged with finding a darksider, but finds a tortured Obi-wan. Dooku, impressed by Obi-Wan's strength, takes him as a padawan.

Marching into the temple, Yan Dooku kept his head held high as he moved with firm steps and a slight arrogance that was almost to familiar to those who knew him despite being a Jedi. However the older man suddenly stopped and turned, peering behind himself with a small frown as if he had lost something.

“Padawan!” He called out sharply to several Jedi’s surprise. Yan Dooku had a padawan, after swearing he’d never again have one after Qui-Gon Jinn?

Since when, didn’t he just return from being sent out on a mission!?

A boy, dressed in slightly ragged but clean Initiate clothes and a poncho over that hurried to Dooku’s side, several bacta patches covering his face as he moved to the mans side with a limp. “Yes Master!” He smiled up at the man.

“Isn’t that Kenobi?” A knight whispered to their friend. “Didn’t he run away from the Agricorps?”

“Doesn’t look like he ran away as much as perhaps was grabbed…he looks like his face went through the trasher.” The other whispered back, watching Dooku carefully rest a hand on the boys shoulder and move at a slower pace then he had in the start, guiding the redhead along.

The touch was almost gentle looking as was the pace that the older Jedi now had, Obi-Wan limping away beside him.


“I found him in the cells there and rescued him. After a few questions I learned that Obi-Wan was suppose to go to the Agricorps but I have decided he is now my padawan.” Dooku offered blandly and raised his eyebrow at the council while keeping Obi-Wan at his side a careful hand. “Other then that I lost my trail on the Fallen but Obi-Wan has already described him as a dark haired man with a circular scar on his cheek.”

Beside Dooku, Qui-Gon finally jerked too in realization as to why he was in the room, though he had been busy staring at the boy who had wanted to be his padawan.

When he heard that he had supposedly run away…

Well his thoughts hadn’t been kind precisely.

Now that same boy stood with his former master, leaning slightly against Yan’s side with bacta patches on his face. Something told Qui-Gon that if it wasn’t for Yan, the boys clothes would have been quite bloody.

“You think it was Xanatos?” He broke in quickly.

“More then likely yes. But that’s only my suspicion and Obi-Wan did not see more then the dark hair and circular scar, the other features were covered up.” Dooku glanced down at the boy and gave a small half smile. “Considering he must have been half blind from the blood in his eyes, its impressive enough.”

Obi-Wan looked up at him, struggling to hold in his pride at his Master’s words. Someone found him enough, someone found him capable and strong and…and wanted to make him a Jedi!

“To be his master you wish to?” Yoda’s ears were twitching, watching all his carefully laid plans being broken.

He knew there was no way he could talk Yan out of taking Obi-Wan and he felt a strong tug inside him, the strong bond he knew Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan could have had falling apart in the Force already.

“Yes. Obi-Wan is capable, he’s skilled, he follows direction well and Force forbid me, I don’t understand why this boy was sent of to the Agricorps at all. He’s going to make a marvelous Jedi Knight.” Yan favored Obi-Wan with one of those rare smiles Qui-Gon remembered from his own apprenticeship. “He has some to learn, much to learn, but I can teach him that.” He pulled Obi-Wan in front of him, hands gentle on the boys shoulders.

The council looked between each other, some of them looking more then pleased to see the boy back among them.

“Then so it shall be. Obi-Wan Kenobi is now your padawan Master Dooku.” Mace quirked a small smile. “Welcome back to the order young Kenobi. I look forward to seeing your future missions with your master.”

Obi-Wan blinked then stood a bit straighter. Yet he couldn’t help the wide grin that crossed his face, pulling on the bacta patches on his face. “I won’t let anyone down Master Windu!”


“Well Yan, you’re lucky, I can fix his ankle.” Che carefully used healing Force on the ankle.

“I’m lucky?” Yan raised a brow as he observed his new padawan on the examination bed.

“Yes because if you honestly took him to a council meeting before taking him to the Halls and he suffered permanently from it, I’d be forced to surgically attach your hands to your ass and your head to your crotch.” She sniffed and smirked a bit when Obi-Wan struggled to hide an outraged little giggle.

“I see, I will endeavor to bring him to the Halls sooner next time.”

“You should, Padawan Kenobi has a history of getting properly injured as an Initiate.” She smirked at him before focusing on the ankle again. “Mostly from doing lightsaber forms he was not ready for but also some minor shuffles.”

“Something I will be speaking to him about.” Yan promised before giving Obi-Wan a reassuring smile so the other knew he wasn’t annoyed at him. He had a feeling that Obi-Wan was not the one to initiate those shuffles as much as the one to end them.

“Masters?” A healer stood at the door, with a padawan braid and a set of clothes in his arms. “Someone requested me to bring a humanoid padawan uniform?” He lifted the clothes.

Yan stepped forward and took it. “Yes, thank you padawan. You may leave now.” He turned and smiled slightly at Obi-Wan’s excited eyes. “Yes, this is your uniform.”

“…Thank you Master.” Obi-Wan whispered, staring at the other, excitement thrumming through him and Yan smiled a bit wider.

He was going to train this promising spark in the Force and make him a great duelist and negotiator. Qui-Gon would always be his first padawan, a huge success for all his faults and mistakes.

But Obi-Wan would be his greatest accomplishment.

And in a moments flash, a young knight of twenty five smiled at him from the examination bed, with a strong jawline and a winning smile.

Yes, Obi-Wan would be his best student.

But for now he was a thirteen year old in need of a shower and clean clothes.

Mr Thesassygandalf got me a present *-*

anonymous asked:

Could you do a fic where Sebastian (from Black Butler) is always hitting in the reader and making her flustered until she snaps and they kiss?

He was the devil.

That was the only explanation. It must have been for him to torture you so. He was the manifestation of the literal monster underneath your bed you’d thought you’d gotten rid of as a child. Your grim reaper, the skeletor come to claim your begotten soul-

“Miss Y/N?”


You froze in the middle of the conversation you’d been having with Bard at the call of your name. That voice was unmistakable.

“Bard!” You hissed, the hairs on the back of your neck stiffly rising as if you were a frightened feline. The useless chef rose an eyebrow at your display, a wisp of smoke escaping his pale lips from the loosely held cigarette between them. “I wasn’t here!”

Bard blinked as you frantically glanced around the room for a hiding spot, your body twitching like you had been possessed. Time was running short and you finally settled on diving into the pantry, slamming the doors shut just as you heard his voice a second time.

“I’m sure you know who I’m looking for, yes?”

A nervous chuckle.

“Ah, Y/N? No I don’t know where she is - that is if you’re even searching for her anyways, though I don’t know why you would - but I can definitely tell you that she is not in here.”

You stifled a groan, pinching the bridge of your nose. Your friend was a terrible liar, maybe even worse than his nonexistent cooking skills.

“I see. I must say, it would not hurt to look.”

When you had closed the pantry doors you had enclosed yourself into total darkness. This just made your other senses that much more sensitive, and you could feel your pulse racing as you registered movement outside. His footsteps were light, impossibly light - as if he were walking on air - but you could still hear the faint scuffle of his shoes on the kitchen floor. They were completely in time, sustaining a tempo you found to be ridiculously rhythmic for the simple act of walking.

The footfalls increasingly came closer to your shelter. If you listened hard enough, you swore you heard the chains dragging behind him, links and cuffs chinkling - your jailer - the drag of metal across the tile promising your inescapable future.

A moment of silence.

Another, and you sighed in relief.

Then light.

Bright crimson eyes split through the darkness, then disappeared into that close-eyed smile you were all too familiar with.

“Ah, there you are.”

You gulped.

This was it. This was why you ran away from him the moment you even caught a glimpse of silken gloves, of all black. You liked to consider yourself a spitfire, a blistering ball of courage. A fierce personality that could take down anyone in your way with your bare fists. After all, you did have to have a talent to be on the young master’s staff.


“H-Hey t-there haha….w-were you looking for me?”

But the moment this guy’s eyes met yours you found yourself turning into a puddle.

Sebastian tilted his head, observing you, before he outstretched his hand.

“Indeed I was. I merely wished to tell you that the young master has requested your presence. Do you need assistance?”

You attempted to keep even a shred of your dignity and shook your head. “N-No that’s alright. I’ll b-be fine.”

You were quick to get up, maybe too quick. The close proximity of your bodies made it hard for you to find any space to maneuver yourself, and consequently you tripped over your own feet in the act.

Quicker than you could comprehend, Sebastian caught you, one hand wrapped around your wrist, the other pressing into the arch of your back to steady you against his chest.

You swear you heard angels singing in the distance.

“You should be more careful,” He spoke calmly, the smooth, deep baritone heard clearly in your ear.

You wondered if someone could die from being overly embarrassed, and if not, there was always a first for everything, right?

“No - I mean yes, I mean uh,” You were sure you were going to pass out in five point nine seconds. “I will.”

“Good,” He said, holding you for longer than necessary, the corner of his lips twitching upwards. The bastard, he knew exactly what he was doing to you!

Before you could jam your knee up into where the sun doesn’t shine, he let go, walking away like nothing had happened.

Your hands fisted, and you returned to normal as you fought off the sensation of your knees turning to jelly.

“That arrogant little-”

“- piece of crap!”

The duster in your grip nearly snapped in two as you brushed it violently against the surfaces of the porcelain statues in the glass case you had been admiring. It was only when you nearly knocked over all the precious figures in your anger that you moved on from them, stopping at the piano in the corner.

“Thinks he’s so great,” You continued to mutter underneath your breath, lifting the fall-board to lightly dust the black and white piano keys beneath the cover. “With his crazy reflexes and ridiculously flawless skin. Stupid fairy. Has the audacity to mess with me. The next time I see him I swear I’ll-”


A sound equivalent to that of a dying hyena emitted from your throat as you jumped almost fifteen feet into the air. If not for the buttons on your clothes, you were sure you would have escaped them as well. The duster went flying from your fingers, but it was not a surprise to you to see that the bane of your life had caught it as easily as one would swat a mosquito.

Freaking ninja.


He shifted, his voice taking on that scolding tone he often used with hte rest of the staff that made them run with their tails behind their legs.

“Why, you did not quite finish your thought. You’d what?”

I’d take that tie of yours and shove it down your throat then hang you up by your coat tails you insufferable twat. See if you’d laugh then.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Was all you said instead. You’d chastise yourself later on your cowardice when the literal embodiment of perfection wasn’t standing three feet in front of you.

“I think you do,” He smiled again, but the expression did nothing to calm your nerves. If anything, knowing him, it made them worse.

He took a step towards you.

Naturally, you took one back.

Then he took another.

You followed suit.

Another, and you turned to leg it out of there as quickly as possible.


Turns out you had been backing into the piano you’d been cleaning, and as such ran right into it. Within the time it took for you to register this, Sebastian was behind you, so close you could feel the collar of his suit brushing the back of your neck.

“I thought I told you to be more careful. You have a way with disobeying good advice.”

He pressed closer to you from behind and you leaned away, your hands flattening down into the piano keys and creating an unpleasant, chaotic series of sounds.

“It’s not like I do it on purpose.” Pest.

Sebastian hummed. “Somehow that doesn’t make it better. Will I have to punish you?”

You ignored the way your stomach turned to goo at that comment.

“You demon,” You mumbled bitterly.

The hand hovering by your waist landed, and you heard a faint sardonic chuckle. “You’d be surprised.”


He gave you no time to even dwell on that thought, twisting you around to face him. He dipped down even closer, and all you could see was the tunnel of red that was his eyes, sucking you in.

Wait, closer?

“H-Hey!” You lifted a hand to push at his chest but found that it only trapped you further. “Wait!”

Your cheeks burned brighter, breath hitching in your throat as his nose brushed yours. Close. He was so close you could count every eyelash framing that unnatural crimson gaze. You’d have thought you would be able to feel his breath but there was none? His skin was ice to the touch where it skimmed yours, a good contrast to how high your temperature was running at the moment.

You shut your eyes tight, waiting for something, anything.


And waiting.


Your eyes opened in confusion only to see that he had backed up, amusement dancing in his expression again.

“There,” He said simply.

“What?” Was your intelligent response.

He lifted the duster you’d forgotten he even had, pointing it towards a section on the piano, before placing it down. “You missed a spot; I fixed it. That was all.”

You resisted the urge to let your mouth fall open.


“Me?” He questioned innocently. A tsk left him. “Why, Y/N, were you perhaps expecting something else?”

You were speechless, the flush crawling up your neck and spreading across the apple of your cheeks now becoming uncomfortably hot. A splutter left you in anger, but you knew you couldn’t even argue.

“Now if you’d excuse me.” He walked away yet again, leaving you a mess. Before he was completely out of the doorway he paused. “Oh and before I forget, your punishment. An extra hour of helping Finnian in the gardens should suffice.”

The moment he left, the duster was flung into the wall, truly snapping in two this time as an enraged shout filled the air.

“I’m going to kill him!”

The spoon left the cup of ice-cream to land in your mouth.

You melted with a delighted hum around the metal on your tongue. Usually any and everything sweet in the household was used for the young master and him only, but you’d managed to be rewarded the rare delicacy that day on your lunch break.

You ate another scoop, stepping outside to enjoy the breeze. The sky was bluer than you’d ever seen it, and you sighed happily. Nothing could ruin your mood now.


Was that a cat?

You turned, only for the cheerful song playing in your mind to come to a sudden halt, like a record malfunctioning. There was a cat yes, but next to the kitty was a certain butler. Your first reaction was to run, or perhaps become one with the side wall of the mansion, but everything changed when you cleared your panicked thoughts to actually just look.

It was not one cat like you originally thought, but three that crowded around the man. His face was content, and you were shocked at the fact that he was letting the felines rub their heads into the palm of his hand, one of them merely curling up by his foot.

It was, dare you say, cute?

Nope. Nope, nope. You would not fall prey to his manipulative charms. You were stronger than that, a feared, respected member of the Phantomhive mansio-

Okay that cat just yawned and cuddled his shoe and you were gone.

“I didn’t take you for someone that would spy on others.”

You were knocked out of your fantasy by the words, and you took a startled step back. Sebastian’s focus was still on the affectionate kittens, but you knew he was talking to you.

“I am not!” You found you were quick to defend, and cleared your throat, calming. “I was only out here to enjoy the breeze. Don’t act like you own the garden, Sebastian.” You took another bite of your treat in defiance.

He lifted from his crouch, in front of you with only three long strides. You stayed rooted in your spot. He narrowed his eyes, as if looking at something, then nodded to himself. You could only stare as he removed one of his gloves, pinching the fabric in his teeth and pulling it clean off.


That was not needed. Why couldn’t he just take it off like a normal person?? Did he want you to faint??

“You’ve got something…right here.” He reached upwards to brush his thumb across the corner of your bottom lip. When he removed it, it came away with a pink, milky substance. It must have been a trick of the light, but his eyes seemed to flash the same colour as he slowly licked his thumb.

A smirk. “Delicious.”

Everything stopped.

In the distance, you think you heard something cracking, but maybe that was just the dam of restraint snapping within you. 

It was as if you were watching yourself from outside your own body as you saw your hands reach out to grab his collar. The motions felt distant, detached when you yanked him down, but you were spun widely into control again once your lips connected harshly to his.

The cup fell to the floor, spilling its contents.

He froze, but you were not stopping, not now, and you took this rare chance to tangle your fingers in that soft mass of midnight hair you’d always wanted to touch. Heat seared your lips as you pulled yourself into him, forced his mouth open under yours, a long shiver rolling down your spine.

It was only when you felt him get over his initial shock and begin to respond - which must have taken what, four seconds? - that you disconnected.

That,” you growled, chest heaving. “is for antagonizing me. Feel free to forget I ever did it, please do.”

He stared.

With that you whipped around and stormed away, face red but your steps hard and infuriated. “And you owe me ice-cream!”

Sebastian’s eyes contracted into fuchsia slits, predatory excitement conflicting with another emotion that had him tightening his hold on his glove.

This was the first time he could honestly say in the last hundred years, that he had been made utterly, completely, surprised.



(Requested by ateliefloresdaprimavera) (Part 1 of this imagine here)

You hummed as you combed your hair into a neat style. You had to look presentable for when master Aro sent Jane to- 

Knock knock

You dashed to the door and greeted the young girl with a smile. “Good evening, is it not?”

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Popular | Chapter 1

Pairing: Bucky Barnes X Avenger!Reader

Prompt: Tony has made a bet to see who could end up with the most fans, out of the Avengers, by the end of the month. Bucky takes it just to piss Sam off and Reader really wants to prove that she isn’t the least popular. Bucky and Reader team up to be a fake couple in order to beat the other Avengers, agreeing to split the prize at the end. Will it all work out?

A/N: My first planned out series!  I hope you all like it because there are going to be a lot more parts. This will probably be the main plan for most of July and August. Feedback is always appreciated.

Warnings: None

Series Masterlist

Originally posted by sexy-stan

Tony’s Game

On simmering hot summer days, people tend to get creative. Much of the most brilliant inventions created were made out of boredom. At least, you assumed that to be true. Searches on Google to prove the validity of that statement drew a blank, but you still stand by it. Today was one of the many many boiling July days that forced you to stay indoors all day long. Going out in hundred degrees weather was hard enough. Going out in Manhattan in hundred degrees weather? You’d rather watch Steve try to take dance lessons again.

“Remind me why I even bothered to come here instead of staying in my room again?” Sam asked. He and a few other fellow Avengers were sprawled out on the couch of the communal rec room. Namely Steve, Wanda, and Bucky.

“Tony said he had a special surprise for us,” you shrugged. You were already sprawled out on another couch, taking up the entirety of it. You had been watching TV while snacking on chips since there was nothing better to do.

Nat walked in right as the commercial break came on. “I see I wasn’t the only one to get Tony’s message.” Clint followed right behind, still in uniform from his latest mission.

“What do you think he’s got planned?” Wanda wonders.

“Hopefully not another deadly world-dominating robot,” Sam snickered. Steve elbowed him, a stern fatherly look on his face. Bucky laughed as Sam recoiled from the hit. “What’s so funny?”

“Clearly not you,” Bucky replied. Sam feigned offense and punched the soldier on the arm, only to hear the sound of metal.


Bucky only laughed harder and smirked. “Wrong arm, birdbrain.”

“I thought that was Clint’s nickname,” Nat observed.

Clint’s voice could be heard as he rummaged through the fridge for food. “Hey, don’t drag me back into another one of their squabbles.”

Steve opened his mouth to interject, but another voice interrupted. “That’s enough!” He blinked twice before closing his mouth and leaning back on the seat. “Couldn’t have said it better myself, Tony.”

The coordinator of the meeting waltzed in like he always did when he had an invention to reveal. Vision trailed after, conveniently taking a seat next to Wanda. You thought it was funny how Wanda could seem to read everyone’s mind except her own.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Wanda said out loud. You must have been thinking aloud again. She looked at you, eyes narrowing. All you could do was shrug and look expectantly towards Tony.

“Are you children done yet?” Tony crossed his arms.

“Just get to the point, Stark.” Nat tapped her foot impatiently.

“And hurry! House Hunters just came back on,” you inform everyone.

Sam rolled his eyes. “I swear only you and Tony would enjoy watching home renovation and real estate television.”

“I have an announcement if you haven’t forgotten!” Tony interjected for the umpteenth time. “And don’t worry, Y/N. You know I have it all taped ahead of time. Anyway, I am here to reveal…this!” He held up a small metallic box about the size of an iPhone. The A single, shiny golden button was the only thing on it. As soon as it was pushed, a robotic voice sounded through the room.

“Calculating statistics of Avengers…Captain America…Iron Man…The Hulk…”

Everyone looked at each other, then at Tony. “What is this?” Steve sounded quite concerned.

“Hush, Cap. You’ll see soon enough,” Tony shushed. The voice continued to rattle off names as the TV was replaced with a white screen, a circular loading icon in the center spinning and spinning.

“Calculations, complete.”

The screen faded into one filled with a ranking list, a few photographs, and a lot of numbers. The room was silent as everyone scanned the list, not leaving out a single detail. It was bizarre, even a little extraordinary. There for all to see was an “Avengers By Popularity” ranking list of you and your fellow teammates.

  1. Captain America (Steve Rogers) 
  2. Iron Man (Tony Stark)
  3. Hawkeye (Clint Barton)
  4. Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff)
  5. Falcon (Sam Wilson)
  6. Thor (Thor Odinson)
  7. Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff)
  8. Vision (Vision)
  9. H/N (Y/N L/N)
  10. James Barnes (Bucky)

“I decided to take some liberties and exclude any of the Avengers who are otherwise too busy for this activity or not available,” Tony shrugged.

Steve looked around, surveying everyone’s faces. “Tony, explain the meaning of this. I don’t see why this invention was necessary and is doing more harm than good at this rate.”

“Aha, that’s part two. I’m announcing a competition!” Tony beamed. “You see, each one of you has come to me within the past month just asking for some. ‘Tony, I want a new computer’, ‘I want this I want that’ well I’m going to give it to you in a sense.”

“That makes no sense whatsoever,” Sam frowned.

“Let me rephrase, I’ll give you all an opportunity! This list is calculated based on all the stuff that makes people popular. I’m talking photo ops, advertising gigs, social media followers, you name it and it is counted. I’m proposing a competition to get rid of all this boredom nonsense and to finally get some of you off my back. Let the timer begin!”

He pushed the button again, and it revealed a countdown clock. Thirty days, twenty-three hours, fifty-nine minutes and counting.

“Whoever ends up being the most popular by the end of the month gets whatever they originally asked me for. If by some rare chance you didn’t ask for anything, I’ll give you anything you want within reason. And if I win, which I probably will, then it’s just less work for me. How does that sound?”

The room immediately burst into questions.

“Why did you do this?”

“Do I finally get a private jet?”

“I bet I could beat Tony.”

“Wait, so we can get anything?”

All the clamor died down as Steve approached Tony. His chest was puffed out like it usually was when he was going to confront someone. “Tony. Explain yourself. Now.”

“Listen, I think it’ll be a great learning experience for everyone and be a lot of fun. You always talk about improving ourselves and motivation. Think about it. We’ll be able to get out there and just be present! Help others and all that nice stuff that you always like. Doesn’t that sound nice?” Tony pointed out.

You could’ve heard a pin drop in that room. All eyes were on Steve. You knew if he was on board, then everyone else would be too. You could already see the excitement in their eyes. Nat and Clint probably already had their own competition going on with the way they were communicating with just facial expressions. You weren’t so sure about the whole thing yourself. You were pretty much tied last, only since Bucky was the actual last. But…the idea of getting what you wanted did sound awfully appealing.

“Only if every single person is one hundred percent okay with this.” Steve looked around the room, eyes stopping on Bucky. He looked conflicted, switching from staring at his score to Steve.

“I’m okay with it,” Bucky answered. Steve’s eyes widened. Clint almost choked on the water he was drinking. “If…”

“We’re adding in 'ifs’ now?” Sam muttered. Bucky narrowed his eyes at him.

“If I beat him, Sam will wear a 'loser’ shirt and not bother me for two weeks,” Bucky finished. Sam burst out into laughter, but Bucky didn’t seem deterred. “Do we have a deal or what?”

Sam wiped a tear from his eye. “Oh, you got a deal alright. Good luck catching up, Barnes.”

“Well if he’s agreed to it I think I am too,” Nat cuts in. Clint nods in agreement. Steve surveys the room, making sure everyone was comfortable with the contest. That only left you.

“Well, Y/N?” Steve looks to you. “You in?”

You look around. Everyone is just waiting for your answer. You glance at the screen again. Big letters shouting out at you. Number nine. Second to last. If you do this, you can’t go down. You need to improve. You need to get out more. You’re going to get that prize. “I’m in.”

Tony clapped his hands. “It’s settled then! You should all probably start booking your schedules instead of waiting for second-rate missions. We just wasted the last ten minutes or so squabbling.”

In an instant, the dead room was alive with scurries and chatter. Nat and Clint raced out as fast as possible, shouting to each other about all the popularity-inducing activities they were going to do. Tony exited like he entered, with grandeur and a knowing smirk. Wanda and Vision were still talking quietly, probably to do some planning and flirting like they always did.

Sam gave Bucky one last look and got up laughing. “Good luck.” He gave him a fake salute. “You’ll need it!”

You could hear Bucky growl. The TV screen flashed back to House Hunters. The couple finally decided on a nice beachfront condo. It looked amazing. You wished your room could look as nice as their master bedroom.

“So,” Bucky spoke first, a surprise to you both. “What do you have planned?”

“Trying to steal my ideas, Barnes?” You tease. Bucky sighed, rubbing neck.

“We’re not getting anywhere, are we?” Bucky frowned. You tilted your head in confusion.

“What do you mean?” Sure you weren’t the first person that comes to mind when people think of the Avengers, but you could improve…somehow.

“Listen, Y/N. We’re both pretty much dead last, and there’s no way we can beat anyone else working alone. I mean, you don’t have a plan. I know because you didn’t run out to hatch schemes like everyone else did. The only way we can win is if we work together,” Bucky proposes.

“Hey, I can be plenty charismatic and attention-grabbing on my own,” you argue. Bucky raised a brow.

“You spent the last week watching HGTV.”

“The houses just look so nice!” You slump into the couch. “Alright fine, we can work together to climb the ranks, but how? I mean, Steve is already America’s favorite golden boy. Tony has infinite riches. Nat and Clint will come up with something to try and beat each other out. Even Wanda and Vision have attracted a huge shipping following online!” You toss your hands up in the air. “How can we compete with shipping?”

Bucky rubbed his chin, thinking hard. He finally snapped his fingers. “That’s it!”

“What is?”

“Date me!” He said it like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“Listen Bucky, I think you’re really hot but-”

“No, I mean like we should pretend to be a couple. You said shipping was the thing that gets the fans, right? Well, if we just become a better couple than everyone else, I’m sure people will flock to us!” Bucky explains. “Wait, you think I’m attractive?”

“That’s beside the point,” you wave his comment off. “You really think we can pull this off? Vision and Wanda are adorable!”

“But they’re not dating yet. We can beat them to it and become like a power-couple! Like the ones on TV,” Bucky pleads.

You laugh and shake your head. “You and Steve have been watching way too much reality television. Is this what Stark told you to research this time?”

Bucky looked a bit embarrassed. “Well, are you in or what? Come on, I know you’ve been asking Tony for room upgrades.”

You bite your lip and think hard. You do really like the idea of getting a sweet new suite. Plus, this was the first time Bucky has actually tried reaching out to you. You’ve tried making progress, but he’s always been so reserved up until recently. This could be the strange start of a beautiful friendship.

“I’m in, Barnes. Steve did always say you were a ladies man,” you chuckle.

“Great!” He beams. Just seeing him this excited made you a lot more motivated to win. “Because I already have a few ideas for our first date…”

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For all of you lovelies who wish to have a master list for your reference either via the mobile app or just to reblog, I have created a work in progress list for you!

This consists of drabbles, stories, and requests, and is constantly being updated!

M-Rated/Mature Content = **

Min Yoongi

→ love like religion series**

maybe it’s time**

winter’s kiss

coffee shop au

stuck in the rain

first snowfall

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Kim Taehyung

hold onto your heart** [ft. min yoongi] pt. 1 / pt.2 pt.3 / pt.4 [final]

l’appel du vide**

→ satisfied** [sequel of sorts to l’appel du vide]


Kim Seokjin

as you are**

hot chocolate

→ missing you**


Jeon Jungkook



Kim Namjoon

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trigger** (hitman!namjoon) | 1 | 2 |

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Jung Hoseok

what I wouldn’t do

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Bangtan Sonyeondan OT7

first kiss


Master Ryan wishes to inform you all that he uploaded a new video. He wished to tell you all that he put little effort into it and that he hopes it “makes up for the Everybody”. Granted this was after he drank half of a $45,000 bottle of wine and jumped into a pickup truck made of gold saying “because I’m rich and can do what I want! why is this drank so expensive it taste like garbage”

Enjoy, and cheers to you,

“Is it truly for safety’s sake that you wish to pass through the forest, Master Elf?” Gimli queried knowingly.  “Or is it because you perhaps seek a semblance of peace among these… mallorn, do you call it?”

Legolas inclined his head in acknowledgement of the halting, awkward use of Sindarin.  “I know that the woods do not bring you comfort, mellon nin.  You need not endure it for my sake.”

“Yet the woods bring comfort to you, stubborn elf,” Gimli pointed out.  Indeed, as Arod moved steadily into the heart of the forest, Gimli could feel from beneath his hands the way the elf relaxed at the sight of the trees enfolding them.  A certain weariness seemed to lift from his shoulders, and even his breathing deepened and slowed.  Gimli squeezed the elf’s arm partly in reassurance, partly in sympathy.  “You need not pretend for mine.”  

Legolas turned to him then, and Gimli’s breath hitched at the look of open gratitude the elf was giving him.  “Must we parry with words even in this, Master Dwarf?” Legolas teased, though his tone was soft.  

Feeling strangely exposed at the elf’s prolonged gaze upon him, Gimli rolled his eyes and focused his gaze instead at the shadows dancing upon the ground as the sunlight streamed through the swaying leaves.  “I dare you to deny that you enjoy it,” he returned glibly.  

The dwarf felt the vibrations through the elf’s back as he chuckled.  “I shall not, as I’ve discovered how surprisingly fearsome a dwarf’s temper can be when challenged.”

Gimli huffed.  “I’ll have you know, Master Elf, that the Khazad are a patient race, and our temper is only tried by bad company.”

Legolas cocked his head thoughtfully.  “Oh?  Do I pass muster then?”

The elf was looking at him from beneath half-closed lids, managing to look both innocent and coy at the same time, and Gimli’s stomach knotted.  “I have endured a great many trials in my lifetime, Master Elf, and your presence has unfortunately been one of them.”

At that, the elf merely smirked.  “I dare you to deny that you enjoy it,” he casually threw Gimli’s own words back at him.

When the dwarf was apparently too flustered to come up with a rejoinder, Legolas laughed out loud.  “Can it be that I have finally beaten a dwarf in a battle of wits?”

“Just this round, laddie, and only because I let you!” retorted Gimli, and quickly sought to change the subject.  “Now let us stop and rest here a moment.  The journey has been long and our steed might be weary.”

Legolas grinned.  “I knew it.  You secretly care for Arod.”

“Blasphemy!  I do not!”

Gimli’s vehement denial was met with a pleased whinny from their horse, and the dwarf muttered darkly, “Oh shut up, you overgrown pony, see if I give you the extra carrots next time.”

“You feed him behind my back?” Legolas was positively beaming now.

“… One more word from you, you pompous elf, and I swear you will find your golden head severed by my axe faster than you can blink.”

Legolas merely laughed again, and Gimli sighed.  The elf did not take any of his threats seriously anymore.

Still, as they dismounted and settled underneath a great elm to make camp, Gimli was glad to hear a note of joy in his friend’s voice again, even as shadowed as it was by the war that loomed ahead and the grief that laid behind.  He suspected that the forest had indeed done its magic in easing the elf’s troubled mind, much in the same way that earth and stone could lighten a dwarf’s.

Even now, as Gimli rested his back against the elm and he quietly smoked his pipe, Legolas was wandering around as if in a dream, reverently touching each of the trees in turn as he sang to them softly.  Not for the first time, Gimli wished he could understand the elegant words streaming out of his friend’s lips, and he wondered what he was singing about this time.

Gimli tilted his head as Legolas neared and he heard the elf’s song take on a melancholy tune.  With a sudden flash of recognition, he realised where he last heard the familiar elven melody — in Lothlorien.

Gimli’s grip on his pipe tightened as it dawned on him that the song was a requiem, and he felt his heart clench as he slowly lowered his hand.  

“For Boromir?” he whispered.

For a long moment, Legolas did not answer.  Gimli watched quietly as he allowed his friend to finish the final meandering notes until at last Legolas inhaled sharply and squeezed his eyes shut.

“I wanted—” the elf’s voice broke as he shuddered a sigh.  “I wanted the trees to remember him, for he could never return now.”

His gaze sought Gimli’s then, and the dwarf felt his chest spasm in painful empathy as the elf made no move to mask the sorrow shining plainly in his eyes. “I wanted this land to always remember the fallen Son of Gondor.”

“It will,” Gimli declared firmly, even as his own hands shook with his own neglected grief.  He had thus far been successful at keeping it at bay, but now it threatened to overwhelm him suddenly.  He curled his hands into fists.  “We will make sure of it.”

The haunted look was still in the elf’s eyes, but now it was tempered with a gentle smile.  “I marvel at the strength of Dwarves,” he murmured.

He folded his legs to sit beside his friend, and Gimli moved over to make room for him.  “I can only wonder…” Legolas hesitated for a moment before continuing, “I can only wonder how it was for you in Khazad-dûm.”

Gimli smiled in appreciation at the effort to speak of the Dwarrowdelf’s proper name in Khuzdul, rather than the blackened name of Moria.  “Truth be told, lad, the cold terror the Balrog brought upon us was nothing compared to what I felt when I saw my cousin’s tomb.”  It was his turn now to close his eyes in remembered pain.  “They were my kin.  All of them.”

His Khahay were now forever lost, the desecrated bodies not even given the proper burial they deserved.  Gimli took a long, deep breath as he viciously fought back the despair clawing at his heart, and he turned to Legolas with a small smile as the elf touched his knee worriedly.  

“Thank you, Master Elf, for saving me then,” said the dwarf softly, sincerely.  “For pulling me out not only of that cursed place, but out of my own grief.”

Legolas shook his head.  “Nay, you amaze me, my friend.  For you to have faced such unimaginable loss and still have survived… Aulë must indeed be hailed for his creations not only of understated beauty, but of indomitable spirit.  Even the most enduring mountains of Arda cannot hope to match your might.”

Gimli stared at him in surprise.  He never would’ve imagined an elf, of all beings, openly praising not only the Dwarven race, but also their Maker.  “You flatter our kind far too much, Master Elf, for we can only be humbled to receive such praise from Eru’s Children.”

“Yet isn’t it a wonder, Master Dwarf,” Legolas murmured, “How one of the very few things that can kill the Firstborn is grief?”

Gimli’s eyes widened as the light in the elf’s dimmed.  “Isn’t it such a curious irony that the mortal beings can survive what the immortal ones cannot?”

Legolas gave a start as he found his arm being gripped tightly, and he looked in surprise at the face of a very determined dwarf.

“If this strength is indeed one of the greatest gifts Mahal has given us,” Gimli whispered fiercely, “Then allow me to lend this to you.”  His fingers trembled.  “As long as I draw breath, I will not allow grief to take you.”

As the elf stared back seemingly in shock, Gimli belatedly realised that he must have overstepped an unspoken boundary.  Shamefaced, he shrank back, but before he could move away, he found himself being held fast and sure by hands as strong as steel.

“You…” Legolas stammered, “You cannot make an impossible promise.”

And Gimli, son of Gloin, the last of Durin’s line, only smiled resolutely.  

“You would do well to remember, Master Elf, that you should never underestimate a Dwarf.”

anonymous asked:

Could you possibly write a HC where it's similar to Black Butler? And Phil's young master Dan asks to be pleasured when getting himself off is not enough? Xxx it would be much appreciated xxx

Yoooooooooo this the shit fam (also we hit 1.4k??? thanks so much guys!!! <3)

*chants* SHORT DAN SHORT DAN SHORT DAN (like 5′4″) 

jfc this got long


- In daily life, Phil does almost everything for Dan. He oversees the manor, helps Dan get dressed and bathed and taken care of for almost everything. The one thing he doesn’t help with is when Dan masturbates. It’s not that he doesn’t want to, and god, does he want to, but he’s determined to wait for Dan to ask him. After all, Phil’s favorite thing is when Dan gets frustrated and all but begs him for help. Right now, about five months after turning fifteen, it’s the seventh time Dan’s tried to jerk off but simply can’t get there, oblivious to the fact that Phil’s in the shadows, keeping Dan right there, but making sure it’s not enough to send him over the edge.

-Finally, hard, whiny, and downright annoyed, Dan comes to where Phil’s in the Great Hall, dusting random knick-knacks. “Phil,” he says impatiently, crossing his arms over his deep red button-up.

-”Yes, young master?” Phil answers without turning around, a smirk playing at his lips.

-”Come take care of me.”

-”Don’t I always take care of you?”

-Dan blushes. “That- that’s not what I meant.”

-Now, Phil turns around and runs his eyes over Dan’s body, most notably the bulge in his skinny jeans. “You want me to help you, hmm?” Slowly, Dan nods, almost entranced by the way Phil’s gaze flickers between Dan’s lips and crotch as he steps closer. “Well, if you want that, you’ll have to give up control for once, baby boy. Can you do that?”

-Looking down now that Phil’s close enough to touch him, Dan bites his lip. “I take orders from no one.”

-Raising an eyebrow, Phil tilts Dan’s face up by the chin with one gloved fingers. “What a shame,” he says softly, before stepping away again, returning to his task of cleaning, watching a very frustrated and annoyed Dan out of the corner of his eye.

-”I command you to touch me!” Dan says, stomping his foot like the petulant child he is.

-”As you wish, young master.” 

-Swiftly crossing the room, Phil picks Dan up and carries him to his room, dropping him on the cream colored duvet. Phil deliberately slowly undoes each button on Dan’s shirt before easing off his skinny jeans. As he runs his hands up and down Dan’s ribs, Phil thinks about what exactly he should do to Dan- rim, fuck, blow, edge, overstimulate, or some combination. He knows Dan’ll sound so pretty wrecked and begging for release. 

-”Do you have any idea what I’m going to do?” Phil asks in a quiet voice.

-Making eye contact with Phil and then unable to look away, Dan shakes his head.

-”Well, first,” Phil purrs, getting on the bed himself and straddling Dan. “I’m going to kiss your lips until they’re swollen and bruised. Then I’m going to make my way down your throat and leave marks in my wake. After that I’m going to rim you. Finally, when you’re begging me to fuck you, begging me to let you come-” Phil breaks off in a dark laugh. “I think I’ll tease you a little more.”

-”Fuck,” Dan swears softly before Phil’s lips are on his, insistent and rough. By time Phil moves away, he’s gasping for breath. Dan doesn’t have time to recover because immediately Phil’s attacking his sensitive neck and Dan just wants Phil to touch him, really touch him.

-Soon, Phil’s done there and roughly turns Dan over, grabbing his hips to pull his bum into the air. Without hesitation he licks a broad stripe over Dan’s hole, smirking when it earns a breathless sigh. He follows it up with a bunch of kitten licks in quick succession. Phil’s grip tightens when Dan starts pushing back onto Phil’s face. “Still, baby boy.” Dan whimpers but obeys, clenching his fists as Phil starts to push his tongue into Dan’s hole. Teasingly slowly he starts to fuck it in and out, soon wiggling one, then two fingers in beside his tongue, using them to hunt out Dan’s prostate. He knows he’s hit it when Dan cries out and starts rocking his hips back again. As soon as he moves, Phil pulls away, and stands up, staring down at Dan.

-”On your back.” Dan complies. “Do you want me to continue until you come?” Phil asks, unbuttoning his slacks and pulling out his cock to start jerking off above Dan.

-”Yes,” Dan whimpers.

-Smirking, Phil cocks his head to one side. “Beg, pretty boy.”

-”I most certainly will not!”

-Phil just shrugs and keeps stroking himself as Dan watches, seemingly pinned into place. “Getting close. Last chance,” Phil sighs, but Dan remains adamantly silent. Quickly, Phil on Dan’s body, marked up with hickeys. Now he looks thoroughly ruined, especially with his cock red and swollen and leaking against his stomach. Phil raises an eyebrow, dragging his finger through the mess and holding it to Dan’s lips. On instinct, Dan opens his mouth and sucks it off. “Such a good slut, maybe next time you’ll get my cock.” At that, he buttons his slacks back up and leaves the room.



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"Please... please just wake up. We--I need you."

ao3 |

Summary: Richard Grayson may have just been shot in the back of the head, but Damian refuses to believe that Batman will die. He doesn’t care what his father thinks. Richard will make it.

Prequel to Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep

“You can save him, right?” Damian demands the moment Father walks back into the Cave. Richard is lying on his side on the medical cot, face pale, eyes closed, and breathing labored. Pennyworth works over Richard’s wound, but his face is grim. Hurt had said twelve hours until permanent damage, and it’s already been far longer than Damian would have hoped.

But with Father back, maybe they have a chance. A chance to save Richard from the fate Hurt hoped to give him.

Father frowns. “I’ve called the top neurosurgeon in the world, and she’s on her way. She’ll save Dick.”

He doesn’t sound convinced, and if Damian hadn’t been so focused on the sudden hitch in Richard’s breathing, he would have called his Father out on it. As it is, though, Richard’s face tenses in pain, and then Pennyworth and Father are both bursting into action taking vitals, attaching needles monitors.

And Damian? Well, he can only sit here and watch as his Batman slowly dies right in front of his eyes. He hopes that neurosurgeon gets here soon. He will not let Richard die. Not on his watch.

Keep reading

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Obi-Wan calling out Dooku for what he really is? I mean this is supposedly his grandmaster and he's gone really wayward and he dares to claim that Qui-Gon would have understood him Falling? I mean we all know what happened with Xanatos.

“Ah, Obi-Wan, its such a sha-”

“I have nothing to say to a linage traitor and I do not appriciate your familiarity with me.” Obi-Wan’s cold voice cut through the cultured tones of Count Dooku’s speech, the coldness of his voice even startling Anakin who snapped his head to stare at his master in shock.

Dooku looked practically unbalanced, staring at Obi-Wan too. “I am sor-” The man spluttered out but once again Obi-Wan’s voice cut in.

“You should be.” The redhead shifted, his whole demeanor icy fire as he settled one arm behind his back and grasped the wrist of it with the other. “This is how you honor Qui-Gon’s memory? Become a Sith and cut of your grandpadawan’s arm?” His lip pulled back in a little snarl. “Shame on you. If Qui-Gon could see you, he’d be driven to be brink of desperation, Xanatos Fall was one thing, your? Your even worse and I will have nothing to do with you. If you wish to speak to anyone, I leave you to Master Windu.” Obi-Wan gave a mocking bow then turned on his heel, marching out of the tent with purpose. Just as some warmth was starting to recover in Anakin’s bone from Obi-Wan icy speech, the man turned to him and gave him a sharp look. “Anakin? Come along.”

The blond jumped a bit then quickly followed his master, not even daring to throw a look back. Force knew that Obi-Wan was serious if he was willing to call out Dooku as a linage traitor.

The tent flap fell shut behind the young knight and Mace rolled his shoulders before looking at Dooku, raising brows at the man. “What did you expect? Master Yoda might not be willing to call you out and Skywalker doesn’t know how to but Obi-Wan has ever been his own person.” He drawled.

Dooku sent him a full teethed snarl and the comm shut before he could even continue the taunt he had started.

It was vindictive but Mace couldn’t help the smile that crossed his face.

A taste of his own medicine for Yan Dooku.


Swallowing, Anakin stopped by Obi-Wan’s side peering down at his former master with a small frown on his face.

“I know you don’t have many memories of him.” Obi-Wan started, staring at the troopers rushing about the camp with their tasks. “But Qui-Gon fought for justice, for peace and for those who couldn’t fight for themselves.” He touched the saber on his belt, frown growing. “He wield his blade as the last option and never initiated a fight if he could help it.” He let out a deep breath.

Watching the other, hungry for the information Obi-Wan for once was volunteering past the pain of loss, Anakin gave him his full attention.

“Yan Dooku is betraying everything his padawan once was, claiming Qui-Gon would join him and Master Yoda can do whatever he wants about his wayward padawan but I call him lineage traitor and I urge you to take heed of that Anakin because I am not afraid to call out what I see.” Obi-Wan looked up at him.

Anakin stared at him.

He’d once heard Windu call his master a window into a meadow of the Force with sunlight.

This wasn’t a meadow, this was fire, burning hot and glowing white and tempered only by the smith who wielded it.

“I understand Obi-Wan…um… do you want to spar? You seem…” Anakin searched for the right word. Unbalanced was not it because that was certainly not what Obi-Wan was at the moment.

But the other beat him to the punch with a small smile curling his lips. “Not right now Anakin, I’m going to meditate. But if you have time later, I would appreciate a spar.” He patted the other on the shoulder before moving away, hands falling to rest behind his back as he went.

Anakin watched him go, taking a deep breath before smiling faintly.

Dooku’s shocked look had been quite amusing.