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Scenario where Ritsu gets jealous of his boyfriend Izumi fawning over "Yuu-kun". I love these two losers but I'm a terrible writer. I wouldn't be able to do this pairing justice like you can.

nnnnno!!!! excuse me???? shoosh my writing is like 60% crack and now im salty and i wanna read your writing!!! so bad

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Steve x reader 

Notes: Smut, fluff, swearing, just smutty rly. 

A/N: Steve x reader. I know, right? Didn’t know I had it in me (that sounds wrong. So, so wrong), but here we are. And lets be honest. The man is fucking adorable. And.. ever seen him in a suit? Hot damn. Enjoy! x

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“Can’t sleep?”

You looked up from the files in your lap and smiled, Steve stood next to the couch, holding out a mug to you with a similar smile on his lips.

“Never” you answered, only half-joking and took the mug from him with a soft ‘thanks’. “Why are you up, Cap? Don’t you have an early training session with Sam tomorrow?”

Steve shrugged, “Yeah, I do..” he took a deep breath but didn’t seem to let the air go when he spoke, “but sometimes I just can’t get my brain to shut off. And my mom used to say that a bed is for sleeping, not thinking”

You chuckled softly, “Meaning?”

Steve shot you a lopsided smile, “Meaning, if you can’t catch sleep because you’re thinking too much, get out of bed for a while and try again later”

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Yuri warms up to Victor a little faster than Yurio, but that’s just a cat thing. It takes cats about 2 to 4 weeks to grow used to a new environment. Victor just happens to have the softest blankets to sleep on.

Victor is ecstatic when Yuri starts to warm up to him! He wakes up with Yuri snoozing away at the foot of the bed and just internally screams while reaching for his phone for photos.

Victor’s definitely the type of owner who, if Yuri were to curl up on his lap, would think “I can’t move for the rest of my life” and probably be happy with that decision.

Yurio warms up to Yuri with a stubborn “fine asshole I’ll just ignore you” attitude. But then it becomes apparent that the new cat is soft, and actually really nice. Also Victor likes him, and bengals are nothing if not super loyal to their families.

boyfriend bangtan

 boyfriend namjoon;
- neck kisses
- shopping trips
- enjoy having you just sitting on his lap
- “i lost my teddy bear, can i sleep with you?”

boyfriend seokjin; 
- cooking together with you
- cheesy pick up line
- thigh hugs
- “did the sun come out, or did you just smile at me?”

boyfriend yoongi; 
- forehead kisses
- arm over your shoulder
- flowers on anniversary
- “let me show you my tongue technology”

boyfriend hoseok; 
- thight hugs
- coffee dates 
- doing aegyo whenever your sad
- “here, come to my lap and hug me!”

boyfriend jimin;
- waist holding
- matching outfits
- travelling together
- “your lips look lonely. would they like to meet mine?”

boyfriend taehyung; 
- protective boyfriend
- asking you not to go out with other boys
- worried about you 24/7
- "where are you now? don’t you miss me? i miss you”

boyfriend jungkook;
- like to cuddling with you
- call you every morning
- reply your text with video
- "can i borrow a kiss? i promise i’ll give it back”

AU in which A and B are childhood friends. A is a werewolf, and at some point he gets de-aged. B obviously has to take care of his dear A until they find a cure/the magic wears off. he thinks that’s going to be difficult because he remembers A being a menace when they were young, and, yep, he’s right, but A is also adorable - he’s always been, even now that he’s 17 - and he sleeps on his lap, loves being pet on the head, and hugs.

one day, C, a close friend, comes to visit them, and, OH MY GOSH, A turns into a little puppy, and A) refuses to turn back, B) tries to steal their friend’s phone, C) whines everytime B is not next to him, D) growls at their friend when B’s not watching, and E) “did you really pee on my shoe????”

(later that night, when A’s back being a kid, B asks for an explanation for his behavior - especially for the last incident - A kicks an invisible stone, and pouts, “ ‘cos you’re mine”)

Santa's Got The Goods

me: *sits on santa’s lap*

santa: what would you like for christmas this year?

me: a pork cutlet bowl.

santa: … i got you, fam.


me: *see’s abnormally large box from santa*
hM i wonder what this could be ¿

me: *opens box to find yuri katsuki*

me: Wow SanTa YoU hOokEd mE uP wiTh thE GooD ShiT This YeaR tHanks My doOd.

Frustration. [Smut]

Requested: Where you’re a virgin and Luke needs to take his anger out so he completely wrecks you -Anonymous

Warning: Smutttttttttt.

Requests: OPEN.

Word Count: 2000.

“God! I hate biology!” Luke yelled kicking his pile of laundry, as much as you tried to calm him down he just got more pissed off, it’s not like it was a big deal, Luke was just getting mad at anything he could be mad at.

Luke was your boyfriend of two months, you were complete opposites,  he spend all of his time singing or with a guitar in his lap or before you met him fornicating/sleeping with the majority of the school, as I spent most of my time working or sitting in the back of the library, you met him when he begged for anyone to help him get his grades up.

“We all have our strengths Lu.” You laid a soft hand on his shoulder, only calming down for a second before heavily sighing and stomping in the opposite direction.

Getting used to his wild temper was weird, he most of the time kept it to himself … but you stayed in his room, you weren’t going to leave him, normally Luke used to get laid on the daily, but you weren’t quite ready to give up your virginity, he respected that, and you could tell he was getting tired of his right hand.

Luke didn’t need the comfort of cuddles and hugs, he felt comforted when his dick was getting hugged, you were starting to get tired of Luke forever pending frustration, stomping around like a baby as he wallowed in self-pity and anger.

“Luke! it isn’t the end of the world, you can get your grades back up easily we just need to work some more-”

“I don’t want to work anymore! I want a break! okay, and… I. Just leave me alone!” He shouted, trying to find words to put together.

“Luke, I know your upset baby, but what do you want me to do?” You sat up from his desk chair cornering him, his breathing becoming more rapid, he looked away from you his face flushing.

“You . .  -  You can’t do anything about it.” He shook his head.

You paused, you knew exactly what he was talking about, his friends also filled you in on this, on how he started sleeping around when he used to get bullied by some kids, and it ‘helped’ him cope, even though it wasn’t the healthiest coping mechanism, you knew some habits you just couldn’t quit.

And you began to wonder why not? you had to admit you never felt this way about someone, wanting to do anything to make them feel better, you knew you should put yourself first in this situation, but you didn’t see why not, and you… you loved him.

“Maybe I can help.” Your voice came out smaller than expected, maybe Luke didn’t even hear you.

“W-what?” His voice dropping the anger gone now switched with confusion, bringing his large palm to your cheek staring down at you.

“Lu, why not? I-I.. I mean I Like you and you deal with your emotions differently.” You didn’t know how to explain, your eyes drifting to the floor in embarrassment, what if he didn’t feel the same? Was this weird? he had girls lining up for him practically you didn’t understand why he liked a bookworm like you.

“You mean it? you don’t have to Y/N … I don’t want you to waste your virginity on someone like me.” his thumb gently tracing your jawline.

“How could you say that? you’re perfect, and I want to.” tiptoeing to press both of your lips together, his eyes hooding over with the dark look you’d seen a couple of times.

He pushed your hips a little bit, as you walked backward’s trusting him, your bum hitting the back of his bed, as you gently laid back.

“Are you positive?” Luke asked hovering over you his legs trapping you below him, you could see the concern, the lust, the frustration, and anger all their, in his blue eyes and the way his face contorted.

“Postive,” you mumbled pressing your lips back against his, and your hands wrapping around his neck feeling the back of his blonde curls.

his hands slid down your waist feeling all your curves, you sucked down onto his warm bottom lip and then bit down on it, a low moan coming from the back of his throat, you squirmed underneath him as his rough fingertips went to your waist and down to your plump butt.

“What about your mom?” you whispered breaking the kiss, staring up into his eyes.

“You’ll just have to be quiet then.” His eyes dancing with mischief, in a way it turned you on, knowing that you could be caught.

You didn’t know what to do but as Luke’s tongue entered your mouth you pulled harder down his blonde locks, his hips brushing up against your thighs, feeling his hard bulge, you found the bottom of your panties getting even wetter.

“Lu.” you moaned tugging on his shirt, wanting it gone, along with the rest of his clothing.

“Patience.” He grumbled his lips detaching from your lips to your neck sucky and nipping softly, until he reached a spot just above your collar bone, a sharp whine echoing through the dark room.

a smile lit his face he sucked harder, you had to bite down on your lip to prevent yourself from moaning, his hands sliding up your shirt as he continued sucking, he cupped your boobs squeezing them, your hips bucked meeting his own, he hissed in pleasure making you smirk.

You pushed your butt from off the firm mattress, rubbing yourself up against his semi-hard on that was getting, even more, rock hard as you continued to rub up against him.

“No, I’m in control.” pushing your hips back down, you groaned, it felt so good to grind up against him.

He took off your shirt it landing on the floor, his gaze going to your chest, the large palms squeezing harshly again, you wish he could do that all day.

and then went your leggings, as you helped unbuckle his jeans as he threw his shirt in another direction, both of you now just in underwear, Luke’s thirsty eyes trailing up and down your body.

“What now?” You asked, you couldn’t help but twist your fingers in anxious nerves, what if you messed up?

“Well, I usually have sex with the person.” Luke chuckled, his hand caressing your body.

“I mean.. specifically? is there a series of steps I have to follow?” You weren’t so educated in the sex world like him.

“No, you just do what feels natural, and if you feel uncomfortable in the slightest don’t hesitate to tell me okay?”

You nodded, his lips colliding with your as he held himself up from crushing your body, his lips were amazing, you moved your own hands down his toned chest and to his soft tummy, feeling everything about him, and down to his boxers, playing with the elastic line, he groaned his own hands going down to yours.

“Like this.” grabbing your left hand softly and inside to his boxers, you could feel your cheeks heating up as you cupped his cock in your hand, you slowly slid your hand to his tip to his abdomen, and then back up the light precum dripping down your thumb.

“Fuck, okay, enough of that, I’m not gonna last with a hand like yours.” you pulled back, not knowing what to do with your hand still sticky with his own cum.

He pulled you closer, you kissed him back finding yourself aroused and sweaty, he panted slightly getting off you and reaching into his bedside table digging through several of his stuff finding a black little square package, that you knew was a condom.

Luke leaned back on his knee’s his bare knee’s digging into the mattress inches away from you, as he pulled down his boxer briefs his dick hitting his stomach, you couldn’t help but stare at how beautiful he was, even bare Luke had this beauty that was untold, in a way you wanted to share with the whole world how gorgeous your boyfriend was but the selfish part of you wanted to keep his beauty all to yourself.

He slid the condom down his tall length slowly, being pleasured by even the small friction of the lube and latex hugging him tightly, you reached over kneeling on the bed too and sliding your hand over him helping him slide the condom all the way on.

“Hmm, I can’t wait to fuck you.” He grinned, kissing you again, mumbling small 'thank you’s’, as you took your own hand off of him, Luke pushed you down on the bed crawling over you his hands squeezing your boobs again.

“This is going to hurt sweetheart.” He growled out, biting down on your lip, you loved when he did that, you nodded, reaching down to line up with him nerves butterflies everywhere inside you, but looking at his physique again you couldn’t help but not believe this was real, cashing in your v-card to such a beautiful boy.

He pushed your panties down past your feet somewhere laying at our feet, and then unclasped your bra, now both of you fully naked on top of his duvet, knowing what was about to happen next.

You whined as his tip rubbed up against your wet clit, already plenty wet, he restrained himself from slamming deep inside you as the burning pain of him stretching you out made you unconsciously start to close my legs, you whimpered adjusting to his large size him cooing softly in your ear somewhat easing the pain.

“Don’t move.” He growled pushing your thighs back apart.

He held himself still when he bottomed out both your hips touching him buried deep inside your velvet walls, you knew he was struggling not to thrust into you, again and again, you knew this pain would be there for a while.

“Lu, don’t … stop, please fuck me until I see stars.” You whined begging him to not hesitate to fuck you into oblivion.

Looking at you one more time he decided to not hesitate, pulling out of you and harshly thrusting his hips back inside you, you gripped his shoulder deeply your head buried into his shoulder, as he moaned lowly, and did it again and again.

His anger came back and before you knew it he was thrusting into as if he was a porn star, your core burning in pain but pleasure, you didn’t know how you felt about this but his cock hit something deep in you that made you mewl in pleasure your thighs shaking.

“does that feel good Princess?” Luke smirked, his voice teasing as he thrust into the exact same spot your nails trailing down his back, making him thrust harder, the pain both of you were experiencing was caused by one another but each time one of you felt this pain it seemed to egg the other one on.

“Luke!” You let out a little too loudly you tried to quiet your moans by biting down on his collar bone, his body rocking into yours over and over again.

“So close.” the words tumbling out of his mouth along with a gasp.

He knew you were almost there along with him, bringing his hand lower from gripping your hips to your clit his finger rubbing fast sloppy circles, and the feeling of his tip hitting that spot threw you over the edge, your legs shaking in pleasure, and your face contorting in pleasure making Luke release deep inside the warmness of is cum inside the condom was all there.

and you couldn’t have been gladder to give your virginity to the person you loved, he thrust a few more times slowly your sensitive core begging for him to stop, your hips stuttering up into his as he was pulling out.

“Fuck, Princess, that was amazing, you did so well.” he mumbled breathing in your scent that was like a sweet sugary snack he was addicted to, your nails releasing the hold you had on him, hearing his soft pants.

“I love you so fucking much.” your heart stopped at Luke’s words, and the butterflies were back again.

“I love you too.” placing a soft kiss on his collarbone that had small teeth marks from where you had endured the pain.

“You do?” Luke grinned, pulling off the condom.

“Of course Lu, you really think I would have had sex with you if I hadn’t?” He thought about it for a second throwing the condom in his trash can below his desk.

“You’re right about that.” He crawled back on the bed with you, you could feel your wetness still their most likely leaving a small wet spot on Luke’s bed.

“Hmm, you should probably use the bathroom if you don’t want a urinary track infection.” He mumbled kissing your neck pulling you off the bed, your legs slightly swaying.

“Really?” You asked raising your eyebrow, he knew more about woman’s health than you.

“Yeah, I don’t want you, sick Princess, you should always pee after sex.” He patted your naked bum pushing you gently towards his connected bathroom, you couldn’t help the smile that grew on your face he cared not just about your naked body, he cared about you.

I hope you liked this, I’m still on my period so a lot of this is fucking emotional I’m so sorry.

  • Yuri and Otabek at a cat cafe.
  • While Yuri sits on the ground a cat goes up to him and sleeps in his lap.
  • Otabek: Yuri... why are you crying?
  • Yuri: This cat is so cute while sleeping in my lap.
  • Otabek: Aw.
  • Yuri: But I also need to pee and I. CANT. DISTURB. THE. CAT.
  • Otabek: You might wake up the cat. I can't help you there.
Fake Chats #152
  • Jimin: Kookie, look.
  • Jungkook: those your favorites from the fansign?
  • Jimin: uh huh. Look, this bunny is you and the bear is me.
  • Jungkook: the bunny is smaller than the bear.
  • Jimin: uh huh. The bunny loves his big, fluffy bear friend. See? He sits on his lap and everything.
  • Jungkook: I see.
  • Jimin: do you want the bear and I'll take the bunny? We can sleep with each other.
  • Jungkook: we already do that.
  • Jimin: do you want the fluffy bear or not?
  • Jungkook: I don't know! Are we talking about the actual stuffed bear or the actual fluffy you?
  • Jimin: the actual stuffed bear!
  • Jungkook: okay! Yes, I'll take it.
  • Jimin: but you can have the actual fluffy me too. It was cold sleeping by myself in that hotel bed.
  • Jungkook: I woke up to your fluffy hair in my face.
  • Jimin: are you complaining?
  • Jungkook: I'm just wondering what the point of this conversation was.
  • Jimin: isn't it cute how the bunny fits in the bears arms?
  • Jungkook: and there it is.

god dammit. every single time I see torb now I can’t get the image of that blonde lady sitting on his lap and reinhardt surrounded by his 87 kids. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, this image haunts my dreams. f uck you blizzard…fuck you….

Imagine: SingleDad!Ashton inviting you to the BBQ Luke & his girlfriend throw every summer and you meet everyone.

“I’m not so sure about this Ash,” you muttered from the passenger seat of his SUV, trying desperately not to wake up the sleeping three year old in the back seat.

“Babe,” he chuckled, grabbing your hand from your lap and lifting it up to his lips.  “Stop stressing.”

You shook your head some, trying to fight the nerves in your stomach.  “That’s easy for you to say, these are all of your friends.”

“And you’re my girlfriend,” he grinned, lacing his fingers with yours, placing them comfortably on his thigh.  “They’ve been dying to meet you for months now.  To be honest, I’ve never seen Calum more offended than when he found out you’d already met Fletch,” he said, flicking his eyes to the rear view mirror where he watched his son continue to sleep peacefully.  “I think he was more mad that Fletcher had a new favorite person.”  Your cheeks flushed at his statement as a warmth grew in your heart.  Fletcher was by far the cutest kid you had ever laid your eyes on and although he seemed to practically adore you, the feeling was very much mutual.

“Okay so there’s Luke and Eliza, right?” you sighed, trying to distract yourself from the nerves by trying to memorize names in advance.

“Yeah, and their little girl Emily,” Ashton nodded.

“Then Calum and… Nadia?”

“Mhmm, and they’re-”

“About to have a boy,” you finished his sentence, already knowing the answer from how many times Ashton had excitedly returned home from nights with Calum who was anxiously getting dad advice from him.

“And Michael and Steph have the twins?” you wracked your brain to try and remember their names.

“Alex and Rebecca,” Ashton smiled, giving you an encouraging look.  “They’re going to love you.”

“I hope so,” you sighed, as Ashton slowed in front of a large home, turning into the already crowded driveway.  “How many people come to this thing?” You questioned as you counted the amount of cars.

“We’re here?” you heard Fletcher ask in a groggy voice from the back seat.

Ashton stifled his laugh at your clear terror and turned to face his son.  “Yeah bud, you ready?”  Fletcher nodded, fighting against his booster seat as you and Ashton stepped out of the car and assisted him with the buckles before he went barreling towards the house.

“You ready?” Ashton questioned as he shut the car door and reached for your hand, which you instinctively laced with his.

“Let’s do this,” you sighed, as he pulled you closer and placed a gentle kiss to your temple.

The two of your made it through the large home as you soaked in the feeling of family.  There were pictures of the band scattered among pictures of a sweet looking little girl and her two parents which you immediately noted were the famous Luke and Eliza you’d heard so much about.  As you made towards the back of the house, the sound of people talking became louder.  The second your two stepped into view, the crowd of people turned towards the door, followed by a warm welcome.

“There he is!” Luke smiled wide as he walked away from his post at the grill, and made his way over to the two of you.

“Hey man,” Ashton returned his smile and gave him a quick hug before Luke turned to you.

“You must be Y/N,” he smiled, holding out his hand for your to shake.  “I’ve heard so much about you.  I’m Luke.”

You shook his hand lightly and laughed, hoping Ashton hadn’t said anything too crazy.  “It’s nice to finally meet you.”  The tension you had felt before started to fade as Ashton introduced you to what you now realized was practically an extension to Ashton’s family.

“So you’re Y/N,” you heard a voice state from behind you.

Turning around you made eye contact with a tall tan man who had his arm wrapped around a very pregnant woman.  Calum and Nadia, you noted, finally putting faces to the names.

“And you must be Calum and Nadia,” you smiled, as Calum practically engulfed you in a hug.

“Good to finally meet the woman Fletcher never stops talking about,” Calum grinned as Fletcher came sprinting into view for an instant, being chased by two other little kids.

“Ashton likes talking about you too,” Nadia giggled as Ashton wrapped his arm around you from behind.

“She’s pretty likable,” Ashton grinned, as he handed you a drink.

Michael was the last to walk over, mostly because he was trying desperately to capture the two balls of energy that had been chasing Fletcher around the yard since you’d arrived.  “Hi,” he sighed, clearly out of breathe.

“This is Michael,” Ashton laughed, patting Michael on the back as Michael tried to catch his breath.

“Mike, this is Y/N,” Ashton gestured to you as you gave a small wave.  “And this is Steph,” he stated as a woman, handed Michael a beer and kissed his cheek.

“Nice to meet you,” you smiled some, as they embraced you in yet another hug.

“You’re just as gorgeous as Ashton said you would be,” Steph stated, causing the heat to rise in your cheeks again.

The rest of the day was spent lounging around the yard as the children ran back and forth, playing some make believe game that had captured their attention for hours.  You’d sufficiently been accepted into this little piece of family Ashton had formed over the years.

As the night grew to a close, Fletcher had found his way onto your lap and had dozed off as the parents continued to have “grown up talk,” as the sun set and the stars came out.  You hadn’t realized how long it had been until you had felt a yawn fall from your own lips.

Ashton stood from his chair and helped you out of yours with Fletcher’s arms wrapped around your neck.  You’d never felt so at home than with these two boys in your life, and after today your little family had expanded as well.  As everyone gave you a farewell hug and you shared contact numbers in order to plan further play dates and shopping excursions with the girls later in the week, you knew you’d found a place for yourself in this growing group of people Ashton liked to call “home.”

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"Wait, how was I not aware that i'm dating all three of my best friends at the same time?"

“Wait, how was I not aware that I’m dating all three of my best friends at the same time?”

Marinette shrugged and stole a bite of Alya’s lunch. “I mean, you sleep over and hang at my house more often than you do at yours, you’re always sitting in Nino’s lap at every available opportunity because, and I quote, ‘he’s the one consistent source of comfort in your life’, and you send Adrien kissy face emojis when he says how wonderful you are because, and I quote again, ‘he’s the most beautiful and wonderful love of your life.’” 

Alya blinked in confusion and stared down at her hand that was interlaced with Adrien’s as he sat next to her and did his physics homework. “Okay, I think you’re exaggerating just a little bit, I mean it’s not that intense.”

Nino peeked around her and said, “Babe, you’re literally sitting in my lap right now.”

[leave the first sentence of a fic in my askbox and i’ll write the next five]

my favourite example of Goodnight and Billy being blatant husbands is in the dinner conversation where everyone is talking about women, women they’ve been married to, women they’ve slept with, women they want to sleep with…

and Goodnight and Billy spend the entire conversation practically in each other’s laps, slung all over each other and sharing cigarettes, and just generally putting out vibes of “I am enjoying listening to this conversation, but don’t in any way expect me to be straight enough to actually participate in it”


These are cats that live in the park near my house!
I feed them every day, and they like to make me their bed every night! I let them sleep there till I need to go home! 🙈
And it’s very hard to put them down! By the time you are putting down the third one the first two climbs up again and curls up in the lap! 😂
I love them! 💜

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5 ways to say “I love you”

Fluff drabbles with Hanamiya, Murasakibara, Imayoshi, Midorima, and Kuroko.(´ω`♡)Please smile, I give you all the hugs, my awesome readers! ♡♡

The weather was warm and sunny, you had a long break, and you ended up loitering at the school rooftop. Himuro was sipping on his orange juice, you were playing with Murasakibara’s hair, and Murasakibara himself was napping with his head on your lap.

“Did you know that Atsushi talks in his sleep?”

“Does he?” You frowned, trying to decide whether Himuro was joking or not. You looked at Murasakibara’s peaceful face. “I’ve never heard anything.”

“That’s because you have to talk to him first,” Himuro explained. “Watch.”

Himuro leaned down, bringing his face right above Murasakibara’s ear.

“Atsushi,” he whispered, “did you filch Liu’s mochi yesterday?”

For a moment, there was silence.


Your jaw dropped and you stared at Himuro with wide eyes. Murasakibara didn’t open his eyes and he went back to his light snoring right after he muttered that confirmation. There was no doubt that he was asleep.

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BTS REACTS TO: You writing a song about them

Anon Asked: Could you do a reaction to BTS members finding out you wrote a song about them? <3 - TT (my nephews call me that so why not use it as my anon name?)

Bippity boppity boop - that’s what Cinderella’s sugar mama said when she made her dress and shit right? Or was that sleeping beauty’s??? IDK anyways, here lol - Admin Dayna


On the way back home from a successful anniversary date, Jin had been driving with his eyes focused sternly on the road. One hand on the wheel, the other hand on your lap, fingers entwined with your own. Meanwhile, you held your phone with your free hand, bluetooth connected to the Car radio. You were playing music off your phone and was preparing a surprise for him. You played some of his favorite songs before it finally shuffled onto the one you made about him behind his back. You smiled the second you heard the first part of the melody. You looked to check Jin’s face. He furrowed his brows, obviously unfamiliar with the song, but the second he heard your voice singing he perked up. He had been smiling ear to ear after it dawned on him it was about him.

“When did you make that?”

“Not too long ago.”

“Ahh… ahhh! [y/n]! It’s so well done!”

“You recorded this on your own?”

“Oh no, Yoongi was big help, honestly.”

“Ah… [y/n]…”

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Percabeth Headcanon: Tired

(Happy Valentine’s Day guys! Whether you have a Valentine or not, I hope you have an excellent day! Here’s from Percabeth Tired for you :P)

  • When Annabeth comes home, tired from a long day, she’ll find Percy and move into his lap, napping curled up against him as he easily continued to do his work.
  • The couple was suppose to join their friends for a late night get together. It was around 2 in the morning when they woke up on a bus, leaning against one another. They fell asleep on the way there, riding around for hours. The bus driver didn’t have the heart to wake them up.
  • Annabeth is the first person who can tell if Percy is tired, even if he insists he’s perfectly fine.
  • Both Percy and Annabeth have a habit of squinting when tired, Annabeth out of an almost unclear confusion, and Percy out of sheer annoyance.
  • Percy has come home many times to find Annabeth completely passed out on their couch, a book falling off her lap and her mouth just barely open, her head propped against the arm rest.
  • Annabeth doesn’t allow Percy to use any electronic items in the morning around the kitchen until he can at least form one completely coherent sentence.
  • Percy grows very quiet when he’s tired, answering most of Annabeth’s questions with a nod or shake of his head.
  • Whoever doesn’t get in the shower first has to make the coffee for the day. Percy is almost always left to the task of making coffee.
  • Annabeth can take twenty minute naps and feel completely refreshed. Not a single one of Percy’s naps are less then an hour.
  • One day, both demigods came home completely worn out. Annabeth found Percy totally asleep on the carpet right out side of their bedroom. Instead of even attempting to move him, Annabeth simple grabbed their blanket from their bed and joined him on the floor.